BOOK REVIEW – Captured (The Captive #1) by Erica StevensCaptured (The Captive #1)
by Erica Stevens
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This book really surprised me I wasn’t expecting it to be as good as it was, I couldn’t put it down once started. I found captured had a quiet undertone to it, yes it was about vampires and blood slaves but to me I found it an actually peaceful book to read, although yes there was a lot of drama, angsty, and intense moments. I love where a relationship is drawn out and frustrating which this one definitely is. Everything was put together and flowed so nicely!

In this world Vampires rule which makes humans only useful by doing exactly what the vampires wants/asks. Humans are ordered to work for and provide blood for the vampires no questions asked. Once humans are captured the vampires get to choose if they want a certain person as their blood slave which means they do what ever the vampire chooses from giving them their blood to anything physical. The humans not chosen will get killed. Out of the two choices the humans would rather get killed than become a blood slave for however long that vampire wants them for.

Ariana is a strong heroine character for only being seventeen, she lives in the forest with her father, two brothers and the rebels which is lead by her Father. They hunt and sleep wherever they can but ultimately they have chosen this life to eventually destroy the vampires and bring back normality for the humans. Arianna is quick and clever which makes her a strong fighter for the group but she’s missing the love she has never really had from her family. Arianna splits up with some of the group to find food while this is happening a young boy nearly gets caught by the vampires so instead of him getting caught and ultimately getting killed or becoming a blood slave Arianna gets in the way and ends up getting captured herself. while queuing and waiting for either being killed or being turned into a slave she never would of thought she would be the one to be chosen by a vampire prince.

– Arianna

“I brought you here because for the first time in almost 900 hundred years I was able to see something, and that something was you.”

Braith is one hell of a possessive, hot vampire. When he first sets eyes on Arianna he knows straight away he has to have her but he just doesn’t know why. He is so unsettled by her and doesn’t understand all the feelings and emotions he gets while around her. He is the oldest prince out of his siblings and this is his first ever blood slave. He doesn’t know what to do but knew he couldn’t let her go with any other vampire. He hates anyone else touching her and becomes very protective. There is hell of a lot more to this story and their relationship which I cant say without spoilers.

He smiled at her, pleased to know that he affected her as much as she affected him.

– Braith

I loved everything about this book how intense it was and all the twist and turns, the only one thing I wish for was that there was more dialogue between Arianna and Braith I found there was a lot of description which was great but a few more conversations between the two would of been nice.

I’m not one for vampires as I find the books are usually the same but I have finally found one I love. The ending was left on a killer cliffy and I just cant wait to find out what will happen next!

He pulled her forward. Kissing her forehead as he held her flush against him. “You’re beautiful Arianna.”

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