BOOK REVIEW – Rival (Fall Away #2) by Penelope DouglasRival (Fall Away #2)
by Penelope Douglas
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“I see a beautiful woman with a knockout body and the guy she drives insane with wanting her.”

After reading Bully last year I couldn’t wait for Madoc’s story, even though at times in Bully he wasn’t exactly a likable character I still had a soft spot for him and couldn’t wait to find out more about him.

This book was definitely a journey, we have a forbidden love with two step siblings that deep down love each other but have been lied to and made to feel just hatred and bitterness.

Fallon, is in love with her step brother Madoc she gave him her firsts and thought she meant nothing to him. She leaves to go to a private school but now she’s back two years later and is after revenge, she wants to destroy the people that broke her and made her feel empty, first person on that list is Madoc, she hates him and wants to ruin him and make him feel as small as she did. What happens when lines get crossed and you find out the things you was made to believe may not be right? I loved Fallon she was lonely and overcome with bitterness but she was funny and spunky. Fallon wanted to hate Madoc and at times she did but loved him and wanted him so much as well. The banter between these two was hilarious. They went from anger and wanting to kill each other two not being able to rip each others clothes off quick enough, the steamy scenes in this book was so hot and delicious but also tender and sweet. They both gave me whiplash with their mood swings but I loved every second of it.

Madoc, was angry, so angry over how things was left two years ago and when he gets the phone call to let him know Fallon is back he doesn’t know what to do or how to react, he’s told he isn’t aloud to stay at the house while Fallon is home but he wasn’t going to let people order him around, yes he wanted to stay far away from Fallon but he couldn’t he needed to see what she looked like now and find out what the hell happened. The things these two said to each other was borderline nasty and spite full and my heart hurt while reading it because I knew neither of them meant the things they said and would later on regret it.

And then he closed his eyes and laid his head back, his voice shaky. “You’re going to ruin me, Fallon.” No more than you ruined me.


“Do you think I’d even touch you now? You know what I used to call you? Pussy-on-the-premises. You were convenient when I needed to blow a load.”

^^^ Nasty right but Fallon would be waiting to say something equally horrible. They was at each others throats when really it was other people they should of been aiming the blame at. Madoc was so god damn swoony at times and he just made me melt, I loved him and thought they made an awesome team once they got their shit together.

I touched her face, my thumb running along her bottom lip. “You’re a dream.”

I adored this book and at times actually loved it a little more than bully. I also loved that we saw a lot of Tate and Jared it was nice seeing how they was getting on and how in love they still was. Another person we saw more of was Jax and it just made me even more excited for his book, he’s just as gorgeous and loveable as Jared and Madoc!

The reason I gave 4.5 stars and not 5 is because it all got very crazy in the last 60% we had so much more drama and it was all good but for me it got a little too much and my head started spinning but apart from that I felt everything was perfect.

I have been in the worst book slump the last couple of weeks and even felt my passion for reading was slowly leaving me. This book couldn’t of come at a better time, it made me happy and giddy, I got excited to pick it up and I was swooning and smiling again! Finally I feel like I’m excited for more books thanks to this crazy and amazing story! Was totally worth the wait and I knew a lot of my GoodReads friends will love this as much as I did.

“You were my first everything. And my only love.”

*ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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