BOOK REVIEW – Only With You (The Best Misake, #1) by Lauren LayneOnly With You (The Best Mistake #1)
by Lauren Layne
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*5 I love Gray stars!*

This is my first 5 star book by Lauren Layne, I Read Isn’t She Lovely and Broken Redemption and even though they was both good and very different reads they both had something missing, when I started Only With You, I wasn’t sure if I would love it, I knew I would enjoy it I think any book by Layne would be impossible not to enjoy, I never imagined to love this as much as I did. This book had every single thing I love in a story, love/hate relationship, funny family and friends, a tiny love triangle (nothing angsty or big), jealousy, swoon moments and a lonely, broken hero that I just fell totally in love with.

This book was perfect for my mood, after reading a really sweet, fluffy series I was craving the angst of a hate to love relationship and this well it actually started from enemies which if anyone knows me had me squealing in delight!

Sophie and Gray first meet in Vegas, in a top hotel where Sophie has, urm, dressed up slutty for her cousins hen party, she meets Gray in the elevator on the way to the party and because she is wearing fabulous but very trashy boots Gray mistakes her as a prostitute *gasps*, I know can you not dress up anymore without people thinking you’re a hooker? I suppose it doesn’t help that she is dressed like it in Las Vegas! Sophie walks out feeling lower than low, not only does her family make her feel second best to her prefect sister and that she’s wasting her life as a cocktail waitress but now has been named a prostitute by a very gorgeous man.

She’d thought herself immune to surprised disdain and friendly condescension. She’d learned to deal with the label “law school dropout.”
But this?
A prostitute? It was a whole other ball game of embarrassment.

Sophie never thinks she will see Gray again but she’s wrong and it only gets worse when she lands a job as his assistant! He’s the CEO of a hotel acquisitions and let’s just say he’s cold, has no sense of humour and is awful at social situations. Working with Gray, Sophie knows it’s going to be hard they hate each other but with money tight she needs this job.

“And I’m not working in a godforsaken office.” “Now, Sophie,” her mother said, apparently coming around to the idea, “it could be a great opportunity…” “An opportunity to what, learn how to staple?” “You don’t know how to staple?” Will asked.

Sophie is the opposite to Gray, she’s fun, bubbly, warm and very chatty. She winds Gray up and get’s under his skin like no one has before. He wants to hate her but Sophie and her company gets addictive. Gray broke my heart although at times he was a jerk and mean, he was lonely and sad, he doesn’t really have anyone there for him and when he goes home he goes to an empty house, he spends his Saturday nights working in his office and he hates it. This guy brought tears to my eyes. He had his heart broken once and that’s why he’s so guarded he never wants to fall in love again, he doesn’t want to risk his heart getting broke all over again and so he tries to keep people away and especially Sophie she’s a threat to his mind, body and soul, so he hurts her and tries his damn hardest not to like her.

Sophie stood outside the condo building of one grumpy Grayson Gregory Wyatt and wondered at what point she’d completely lost her mind.
“Yeah?” “It’s me,” she said. “Sophie?” “Um, no, this is Mimi, the hooker from Vegas? You called for a genital massage?” She smiled at the elderly couple approaching the building, hoping they were hard of hearing. “I’m so amused,” Gray’s voice crackled through the intercom.

Their back and fourth arguing was hilarious but at times so frustrating because you knew they had feelings for one another although it took Gray longer to realise it and stop pretending. The sexual tension in this book was at boiling point. With so many near kisses and tender moments, you end up wanting to shake Gray and tell him to sort his shit out. Thankfully after a long time (feels like it anyway) he finally realises he can’t pretend to hate Sophie anymore he doesn’t want to hurt her and realises he just wants her.

“You don’t embarrass me,” he said, reaching for her hand. “You couldn’t. You’re the best part of me.”

This book had everything I needed and more, I laughed and I cried. Sophie was a fantastic heroine and although Gray was a jerk at the start he won my heart. All the other characters in this book was hilarious and I can’t wait for the next one!! Anyone who wants the feeling of so many butterflies that you nearly choke on them then I would recommend this amazing book!

Thanks, Chelsea for begging me to read this, if it wasn’t for you I would never of met Sophie and Gray! ♥

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