BOOK REVIEW: Some Kind of Blunderful by Livy Hart

BOOK REVIEW: Some Kind of Blunderful by Livy HartSome Kind of Blunderful by Livy Hart
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Fate doesn’t play fair in this hilarious and sexy comedy of errors from the author of Planes, Trains, and All the Feels.

If you ask Mia Madden, the road to dating hell is paved with suspiciously hot online profiles. Take tonight’s date, for example. Alex Conroy’s whole “boardroom in the streets, lumberjack in the sheets” thing totally works for her, but his profile did not convey that he represents everything she loathes about corporate hustle culture. He’s not even worth her bottle of purse wine.

Imagine her horror when it turns out that Alex is also the hot-shot new boss her dad can’t stop complaining about—the Forbes 30-under-30 company fixer of his nightmares. Worse, their respective best friends are dating. Mia and Alex are constantly thrown together, whether it’s for corporate volunteer hours at the animal rescue, squaring off at the company picnic, or literally trapped in an escape room. It’s one nightmare after matter how sexy the company is.

Mia’s life is now a romantic-comedy of errors, complete with her kinda, sorta, accidentally sleeping with the enemy. And she’s not sure which is worse: that Alex could ruin her dad’s career, or that she might actually like him.


Some Kind of Blunderful was an opposites attract romance that was laugh out loud hilarious! With the most fabulous banter, this smile inducing book was so much fun! And I loved that the writing was seamless and so easy to devour. After finishing this book, I went and added Livy Hart’s other books to my tbr.  This book was easily my top favorite steamy romantic comedy for 2023!

Our laughter falls away all at once. My thumbs slide over the warm flesh of her healing palms, landing in the center. I trace circles over her skin, waiting to see if she’ll pull away. One of us should.

Mia Madden was trying her best to get back into the dating world, after being left at the alter by her high school sweetheart. I was so happy she had her bestie Josie in her life, she had her back and was so positive. When Mia found herself going on a date with Alex, who she met through a dating app, she definitely needed her bestie’s support. Mia’s date with Alex was a horrific, awkward disaster. From their first few moments together, I couldn’t help laughing out loud. They were the polar opposites from each other and were fumbling towards being the worst date ever. Yet after they parted ways, they would soon discover that wouldn’t be the last time they saw each other. Not only were their best friends dating, but Alex was the new boss Josie’s father loathed and ranted about. As the pages unfolded, we got to watch as they couldn’t seem to escape from each other.

“Don’t sell yourself short, Mia. Look at you. Your bar for men needs to be in fucking space.”
My heart vaults into my throat.

Alex had the cards stacked against him. Not only did he get the job Mia’s dad wanted, but he came across as a shark. I wasn’t sure I would like him, yet it wasn’t long until I was proved wrong. As Alex blundered around Mia, Fancy Nancy disaster lol, I felt bad for him. Especially since he seemed so alone, except for his best friend Ezra. Since we also got this story from Alex’s point of view, it was impossible not to fall in love with him. As we watched him spend more time around Mia, he couldn’t seem to escape thoughts of her afterwards. And it wasn’t that far into the story that I was already saying out loud oh my gosh I love him so much! Alex was thoughtful, kind, patient, protective and had a way with words that were sigh worthy. I loved that he knew what he wanted in life, but Mia definitely was struggling in that area.

I believe every last promise his eyes are making me right now, and he hasn’t even kissed me yet. I’m already antsy at the faintest of touches outside my clothes.

Mia was so easy to adore and someone you would want to be friends with. I loved her oversharing. I absolutory loved her close knit family and the time she spent with her sisters! So as the story progressed, my heart felt for Mia. Disliking Alex was what she should do, in solidarity of her dad’s feelings. Yet the more time she spent around the man, the more she saw into who he was. It was impossible for her not to having conflicted feelings when Alex was concerned. She saw a fun, caring side of Alex that others didn’t. And she also couldn’t ignore the sexual tension that was like electricity between the two of them.

My eyes fall shut as my hand drifts down her spine. I may be confused as to what comes next for us, but not about the fact that I want her . That part is out of my control, and it’s terrifying.

This story had so many memorable scenes, and I fell in love with Mia and Alex each step of the way. One of the things I loved most about them was that they acted like adults and were able to realize the mistakes they made, and own up to them. Plus their banter was phenomenal! I couldn’t stop smiling when they were together! So as their story went from sexual tension to more, their moments together were hot and so steamy! Yet, it was hard to not be nervous for them. What would happen when her dad found out that Mia wasn’t feeling hate towards Alex anymore?  Or that their relationship had moved to more?  The only thing I’m going to say about this is that I loved seeing how Mia’s family could struggle but still love each other at the end of the day. It was such a beautiful and healthy portrayal of families that made me so happy.

I think about what he told me on the boat, his gaze cast down . I’ve never been anything to anyone, let alone everything to someone.
“You’re something to me, Alex.”

Some Kind of Blunderful brimmed with humor and romance! If you’re looking for an adult romance story to read, definitely pick this one up! This story made me fall in love and cry twice. I closed this book with a smile on my face and I can’t wait to see what Livy releases next!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Flight by R.V. Wilbur

BOOK REVIEW: Flight by R.V. WilburFlight by R.V. Wilbur
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As an invisible battle rages…
The Balance preventing the world from falling into the hands of either good or evil has fallen, plunging the world into chaos. Ripped from their home behind an unseen Veil, the forces of both Darkness and Light find themselves exiled to earth—free to rise up and claim it as their own.

Hundreds of years later…
Lacey Talanton has lived alone in the city of Anatoliene for years despite still running from her past in her dreams every night. When she unwittingly enters the Veil and thwarts an attack on the leader of the most notorious gang in the city, she finds herself caught at the center of the war between the Light and the Darkness in a world she never knew existed

But all is not as it seems…
The deeper Lacey immerses herself in the battle between the forces of Light and Darkness hiding in plain sight, the more her nightmares begin to awaken. As new revelations and a traitor in the midst threaten the love, family, and home she has found in Anatoliene, Lacey faces impossible choices with deadly consequences that force the question:

How long can you endure the fight when all you know is to take flight?


Peace did not exist here. Only nightmares. And it was getting worse.

Flight whisked me away to a world that I got lost in. I was not prepared for everything these characters made me feel. Or that ending. If you’re looking for a dystopian story that is laced with magical elements, then Flight is definitely your book!

“What happens if we don’t win?”
Silence stretched on for so long that she began to wonder if she had imagined his responsive grunt, or if maybe he had simply muttered in his sleep.
But then, finally, he spoke. “I don’t think the outcome matters. I have a feeling we’ll all find out that we’ve both won and lost before the end.”

Lacy was a woman who was struggling. She wasn’t happy with who she had become and her past was haunting her thoughts. It seemed like the only way she could muffle those voices and images was with alcohol and wild nights with her friend Becca. Living in a dystopian world 100 years after the devastation took place added to an eeriness that could be felt in the pages. There were only a handful of cities left on the continent, and it seemed like so many were just struggling to survive. And stay safe. Like Lacy who didn’t always feel safe.  She had secrets that no one could know about. So when she witnessed a meeting of the Unseen, which should be impossible for a human, her whole world was flipped upside down. And she found herself in the middle of two warring gangs. The Darkness, Tzel, and the Lightness, Liorah.

“If you believe anything you’ve heard here tonight, believe me when I say there is only one thing that should be feared in this city. And that is you.”
Lacey stared at him a moment more, trying to process what that even meant before she shifted toward the door.

This book took some dark and twisty paths. Murdering their own wasn’t given a second thought. And doing whatever it took to take out the enemy wasn’t even blinked at.  With life and death situations commonplace, there was a slow burn romance that helped balance this book perfectly. As the story unfolded, we met characters that I have so many thoughts on. Here are a few….

How good would it feel to stop being the victim? To be the villain for once?

Jackoby was the definition of morally gray. I was traumatized from that torture scene eeps. Yet Jackoby also showed us moments of compassion and his heart. So I had questions about his past and what he wanted. I always felt like we got pieces of him, since he was so complex.

Becca was Lacy’s friend, who helped her make interesting life choices. My feelings for her changed as we got to see more of who she was. But my lips are zipped about what those feelings are!

The housemates were a group of woman who loved and supported one another. I’m looking forward to getting to know each of them in the future books!

Finn was a book boyfriend many will fall for. I was always questioning what his thoughts were and desperately wanted to hear his voice. I loved watching him connect with Lacy, their relationship warmed my heart!

Finn glanced back at his cup, suddenly looking uncomfortable as a prickle of nervousness rose around him. “I thought they were the only family I needed in my life. And then I met you.”
Lacey’s eyes widened, and she felt her mouth gape open before jamming it shut.

There was a lot of world building in this story. I still don’t have a firm grasp on it and Lacy’s powers, but I’m hoping to in the future books. There was also lots of political intrigue for those who love that! So if you adore morally grey characters, dystopian worlds, slow burn romance, found family and the chosen one, you definitely need this book in your life! The storyline felt so unique and that ending left me excited for what is to come next!

There was no use in staying strong now. She would grieve. She would accept. And then she would get up. And she would keep going.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: One More Secret (Carson Brothers #2) by Stina Lindenblatt

BOOK REVIEW: One More Secret (Carson Brothers #2) by Stina LindenblattOne More Secret (Hidden Secrets Trilogy #1, )
by Stina Lindenblatt
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A steamy, dual-timeline romance about a survivor of domestic abuse starting her life over in a small town and the protective ex-Marine determined to save her…

After being wrongfully imprisoned for the death of her abusive husband, all Jessica Smithson wants is to start a new life where no one knows her true identity. Maple Ridge is the perfect place to hide from the media circus battling to know who really rid her of the man. A question she can’t answer.

The last thing she expects to find in the small idyllic mountain town is the good-looking and very persistent Troy Carson. From the moment he sees her, the ex-Marine is determined to help Jess with her anxiety attacks and to get to know her better. He’s determined to help her renovate the old house she bought—a house with secrets hidden behind the walls.

Heat simmers and grows between the pair, but Jess can’t risk getting too close to Troy. Can’t risk her own secrets being revealed.

So much is at stake if the truth gets out.

ONE MORE CHANCE (Lucas & Simone, standalone)
ONE MORE SECRET (Troy & Jessica, book 1 of the Hidden Heart Trilogy)
ONE MORE BETRAYAL (Troy & Jessica, book 2 of the Hidden Heart Trilogy; coming Jan 2024)
ONE MORE TRUTH ((Troy & Jessica, book 3 of the Hidden Heart Trilogy; coming May 2024)


One More Secret was a small town romance that was filled with new beginnings, struggle and hope.  While this is the second book in the Carson Brothers series, you can easily start with this book just like I did!  After finishing this I bought One More Chance, so I’m excited to go back and read one of the other brother’s story!  One More Secret brimmed with heart, second chances, and was an emotionally gritty and rugged read.

Savannah Townsend was gorgeous. Unforgettable. The two words my husband called me the first time we met.
Jessica Smithson is the one with the scars on her face. The scars the media never found out about.
I’m safe now. They’ll never find me.

With Jessica leaving prison, this story started off with a bang.  She had served 5 of her 25 year sentence, since she had been convicted of killing her abusive ex-husband.  The glimpses we got of her thinking about the past was beyond heartbreaking and more cruel and frightful than I ever could have imagined.  Upon release, she moved to a quiet little town to start her new life. Somewhere that no one would know her, hopefully. The media had swarmed around her story, and she just wanted to disappear. As Jessica slowly started to put roots down, I was so proud of her.  She tried to work, while avoiding triggers, and bought a house.  But within that house, she found a box filled with items and journals.  The journals told the story of Angelique D’Aboville who was a SOE agent in France during World War II.  As Jessica and Angelique’s stories unraveled, I saw so many similarities between the two of them.  And there came a point where I was just as invested in Angelique’s life and desperately didn’t want to leave my time with her.  I had to know what happened next.

He puts his hand gently on my arm. My muscles instinctively tighten under his touch. He’s not my dead husband. He’s not my dead husband. He’s not my dead husband.

Jessica, previously Savannah Townsend, had so many insecurities because of how she was physically and emotionally damaged. Not only from her ex-husband, but also from her time in a maximum-security penitentiary. So each time she took the tiniest step forward, I was so nervous for her.  That she would have another PTSD episode.  That someone would figure out who she was.  That her whole world would get blown up all over again. So I got why she was terrified of everything. I understood why she was so challenging for others to get to know her. And why her walls were higher than almost anyone I have read about. I wanted to connect with her, but it was challenging. Her past wasn’t her fault. Yet it was embedded into every single aspect and moment of her life. Thankfully Troy stepped into her life, and was the hugest of help.

But the effect Troy has on me makes me wonder if I was wrong. Maybe I’m not quite as broken as I believed. Not all my bits were smashed into a million tiny pieces and discarded.
And that’s… that’s kind of a relief. Not that I’m in any rush for that. Not yet.

Troy was someone that was so easy to fall in love with.  He was kind, patient and had the most wonderful heart.  He noticed signs of Jessica suffering from PTSD, and as someone who lost their friend to the battle of it, he wasn’t going to walk away from her.  He tried his best and did everything he could to help her with it.  It was beyond amazing the lengths he went to, to help Jessica mentally.  And all the while, he tried to be just her friend.  Even though he was attracted to her.   Yet Troy definitely took some routes that make me nervous for him. And will probably bite him down the road. So I’m thinking all of my happy thoughts for him!

But even after what we just did, I don’t feel any closer to her. There’s still the wall between us.
And I’m not sure how I feel about that.

We also got the story from Troy’s POV, and he had an uphill battle trying to get to know Jessica.  This story took place over several months and I loved watching an acquaintance slowly start to turn into a friendship between them.  And as more time passed, that friendship started to slowly blossom to more. The length that it took to get there felt realistic to me. But even when Troy and Jessica pushed the limit of their friendship, and that was steamy!, Troy still didn’t feel like he completely knew her.  And I understood his sentiment.  I felt the same way in regards to being able to connect with her.  It took me till about 4/5ths of the way into the story till I made that connection with her.  And I’m so grateful I did!

I can’t see him right now as the enemy. He’s just a man who looks as though his own world is caving in on him in a way I hope to never understand.

This book wove two stories together.  One of Jessica in the present, and another from the journals that Jessica found about Angelique the SOE agent during World War II.  The lengths Angelique would go and risk her life left me terrified. There were moments that were so terrifying that it felt like if she took a breath too big, she could die. Nowhere felt safe and I questioned all of those around her. So by our 4th chapter with her, I was obsessed.  I officially didn’t want to leave the past and had to know what happened next in her story.  Angelique was so easy to like and connect with. As we got to know those around her, I became obsessed with Schmidt.  Yet he was a part of everything she hated and was working against, but I kept holding out hope that there was more to him the meets the eye.  I kept my fingers crossed that he would be one of the good guys!  So where their story ended left me so excited for that next book!  And I’m keeping my fingers crossed that sparks start to fly and that they can be more.  The romantic in me just can’t help but wish for that haha.

“Please be okay. Please be okay. Please be okay.” My voice is a shaky whisper, a prayer, a plea.

Suspense wove its way into the end of these two stories, and one scene even made me cry.  And that ending?!  It was a brutal cliffhanger for both Jessica and Angelique!  We’re left mid scene in perilous situations for both of them and I need that next book now please! If you’re looking for a memorable journey that intertwines the past and the present, definitely pick this one up! It brimmed with feelings that were both raw and real. And I’m looking forward to continuing this series! 

PS I adored Butterscotch and Bailey! They were the cutest!

PPS There was a festival scene that had me screaming out loud because I was so happy with something Troy did haha!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Fall of Ruin and Wrath (Awakening #1) by Jennifer L Armentrout

BOOK REVIEW: Fall of Ruin and Wrath (Awakening #1) by Jennifer L ArmentroutFall of Ruin and Wrath (Awakening #1)
by Jennifer L. Armentrout
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Long ago, the world was destroyed by gods. Only nine cities were spared. Separated by vast wilderness teeming with monsters and unimaginable dangers, each city is now ruled by a guardian―royalty who feed on mortal pleasure.

Born with an intuition that never fails, Calista knows her talents are of great value to the power-hungry of the world, so she lives hidden as a courtesan of the Baron of Archwood. In exchange for his protection, she grants him information.

When her intuition leads her to save a traveling prince in dire trouble, the voice inside her blazes with warning―and promise. Today he’ll bring her joy. One day he'll be her doom.

When the Baron takes an interest in the traveling prince and the prince takes an interest in Calista, she becomes the prince’s temporary companion. But the city simmers with rebellion, and with knights and monsters at her city gates and a hungry prince in her bed, intuition may not be enough to keep her safe.

Calista must choose: follow her intuition to safety or follow her heart to her downfall.

Breathtaking suspense and scorching romance meet in this immersive new fantasy from a mega-bestselling force, Jennifer L. Armentrout.


Fall of Ruin and Wrath was a dark and sensual romtansy that was so easy to get lost in.  Within those first few pages I had no clue what was going on, but I was terrified.  So take those first few chapters to immerse yourself in this new world.  It’s lethal, archaic and shrouded in mystery. With a dystopian background, that was laced with high fantasy, Fall of Ruin and Wrath easily became an instant favorite!

“We keep meeting under the strangest circumstances,” he noted. “I’m beginning to think fate is afoot.”
“Fate?” I laughed. “You believe in fate?”
“You don’t?”

Calista aka Lis was a paramour to Claude who was a Caelestia; half Hyhborn and half lowborn.  And while I’ve read almost every single book by JLA, over the last decade, Lis was unlike any other heroine that we have met from Armentrout.  Her intuition guided where she went in life and the decisions she made.  She also had the ability to see things happen before they did.  Like how someone would die, or horrific events on the horizon.  And I was fascinated to watch her listen into others thoughts, without needing to touch them.  Yet my heart twisted for Lis.  I questioned whether she truly knew how to have a strong mental bond with others.  She seemed to struggle with that outside of her “brother”, Grady.  Maybe it was because of her gifts?  Or maybe it was because of her childhood?  Or maybe it even had to do with how she ended up as a paramour and nothing truly felt like hers?  But regardless, she seemed to have connections with those around her physically, instead of emotionally. 

“Hold still.”
“I am holding still, but . . . you’re on your knees, your fingers are near my dick, and you’re currently gloriously nude, so . . .”
Undoing the final button, I rolled my eyes. “You can’t even stand on your own two feet and you’re currently regrowing eyeballs. The last thing you need to be thinking about is me on my knees, your dick, or my nudity.”
“I’ve regrown my eyes, na’laa.”
My chin jerked up.

Lis’ intuition one night led her to rescue a Hyhborn.  Hyhborn’s weren’t mortal, they were scions of the Gods.  And the scene she was led to was terrifying, yet I couldn’t help but noticing that I loved her thoughts.  They were real and honest, making it so easy to connect with her.  And the Hyhborn we met?!  I. Was. Obsessed!  Thorne was a book boyfriend many will fall hard for. I loved that he could be sarcastic and also oh so polite.  His manners as he murdered those to keep Lis safe had me cracking up.  Thorne was truly lethal, yet at the same time he was so much fun. He loved to push Lis’ buttons and get a rise out of her while being addictively possessive. Add to all of that that he was capable of admitting when he was wrong. Well. It was impossible not to love everything there was about him.

I stopped as something . . . something like hope swelled inside me. Hope for what? I really couldn’t say as I looked over my shoulder at him.
The Lord stood with his back to me, shoulders a tense straight line. “Be careful.”

Around Thorne, Lis could touch him and just be in the moment.  She never got pulled into her brain or saw future events she would prefer not to see. Like she did when she touched other lowborns and Caelestias. So the sexual tension between Lis and Thorne was done fabulously.  It was a slow burn that was filled with the most fabulous banter.  It was impossible not to smile at so many of the moments between them.  And while Thorne and Lis were worlds apart, it always felt like there was something pulling them together. As though there was a higher power connecting them. So because of that, I loved watching the tentative trust build. That they could be comfortable with each other.  That it felt like Lis was finally making an emotional connection with someone. And of course how steamy they could be together too *fans face*.

I connected with him, and my intuition came alive, showing me the future— the excruciating crack of bone in my right arm, then my left. The phantom pain traveled to my throat. I felt it all.
His death.
And I . . . I smiled.

Yes there were other characters outside of Lis and Thorne, but I am rather obsessed with those two. I’m still unsure of how to feel towards Naomi, who was her first friend outside of Grady. And I would love if Lis threw an apple at Claude’s head, like Alex. Yes he took care of Lis as he used her as his own personal lie detector, but I loathed that he called her Pet. There was also a man named Hymel that I kept hoping would die on every page he appeared lol.  Ohhh then there were two friends of Thorne that we didn’t spend a lot of time with, yet I adored both of them.  I can’t wait to get to know them better!  They had found family written all over them!  But on top of those we met, there was a whole world and political intrigue that I’m not even touching on.  It was fascinating and better left for you to discover on your own!

My gaze flew back to him.
“I would warn against attempting to run,” he advised, walking past me.
“Because you will stop me?”
“Because I will give chase.” He unhooked the straps holding the short sword to his back as he crossed into the bedchamber. “And I will capture you.”

Fall of Ruin and Wrath was laced with a fascinating world, characters that will steal you heart, mysteries that are intertwined with secrets, and moments that will leave you on the edge of your seat! There were so many moments that were impossible to stop smiling or screaming from excitement. Especially when it came to Thorne. That last page was the most perfect stopping point. Yet I am definitely counting down until the next book is released and we can be back in this world!

PS The shower scene was one of my favorite moments.  Nope, it’s not what you think it is *side smirk*.

Other Favorite Quotes:

My senses opened to him. I saw nothing in his eyes or in my mind.
But I felt something.
A warning.
A reckoning.
A promise of what was to come.
And I knew.


“Apologies, my pet. I do get a bit animated when I speak. Got it from my mother.”
“‘ Pet’?” Prince Thorne queried softly.
The back of my neck tingled, and it had nothing to do with intuition.


I froze. Tiny hairs lifted along the nape of my neck as the air thickened and the flames stilled. That mouth of mine had surely gotten me in trouble this time.
But Prince Thorne . . . he smiled.
My stomach dipped.
The smile he bestowed was not tight or cold. It was wide and real, showing a hint of teeth and softening the icy, unreal beauty of his features.


“Do you finally think of me as a monster?”
I closed my eyes.
“You should,” he said softly. “The blood that is on my hands will never wash off. I wouldn’t even attempt to do so.”

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Aloha: An Anthology for Maui

BOOK REVIEW: Aloha: An Anthology for MauiAloha: An Anthology for Maui Purchase on: AmazoniBooks
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ALOHA is a charity romance collection of swoon-worthy, never-before-seen short stories from over FIFTY of your favorite bestselling authors, all with a twist of Hawaii. All royalties from the collection will be donated to Maui Food Banks and the Maui Fire Relief Fund to help support the survivors of the devastating fires. ALOHA will only be available for a limited time, so one-click your copy before it's gone.

AUTHORS INCLUDE: K.A. Linde, Adriana Locke, Alessandra Torre, Penny Reid, Rachel Van Dyken, Willow Winters, Brittainy Cherry, Aleatha Romig, Heidi McLaughlin, Crystal Perkins, Helena Hunting, Jessica Ashley, L.B. Dunbar, Ren Alexander, Skye Warren, Tara Brown, Tia Louise, Diana Peterfreund, Jamie K. Schmidt, Alexandria Bishop, Maria Luis, Kasey Metzger, Julia Kent, Karina Halle, Trilina Pucci, Carly Phillips, Aarti V Raman, Jill Ramsower, Amber Kelly, Eric R. Asher, Julie Leto, Lucy Eden, Kimberly Reese, Kayti McGee, Lauren Rowe, Pepper Winters, M. Robinson, J.L. Baldwin, Brittany Holland, Angelina M. Lopez, Jiffy Kate, Lex Martin, MJ Fields, Emma Louise, Catalina Snow, Dee Lagasse, Cary Hart, Aly Martinez, Fiona Cole, Jay McLean, Jana Aston, Emma Scott

All royalties from this project will be donated to organizations working in Maui to bring relief to the survivors of the Maui fires. We aren't affiliated or endorsed by these charities. We are authors who are helping the best way that we can.


Amber Kelly: Changing Tides

This island changed me.

Changing Tides was a beautiful story of finding oneself after your heart is broken.  Avie was dumped the day before their Hawaiian vacation, so she went on the vacation with her best friend Amiya instead.  Of course the setting was breathtaking and I could see it all unfolding before my eyes like I was watching a movie.  While snorkeling she met Sebastian who stole my heart.  Sebastian and Avie clicked and there was no denying the chemistry between them.  I loved their brief time together and how steamy it was.  And there was even a moment that was so sweet *cries*.  Yet those final few sentences, oh my heart!  I will desperately be counting down until Sandcastle Cover Series is released in 2024!

Our night of passion will forever be a beautiful memory of my time here in paradise, but that’s where it needs to stay.
In my memory.


Jana Aston: Crazy Little Meet Cute  

Georgina Reeves made me laugh from that first page!  Her thoughts were absolutely hilarious and I felt for her.  She was attending her ex-boyfriend and stepsister’s wedding.  And wellllll, she said she had a plus one yet her boyfriend didn’t exist.  So her attempt at finding Ben were laugh out loud funny.  But OMG Jana I NEED MORE!  This story was adorable, cute and so much fun!  I laughed, smirked and the world around me disappeared.  Can this please be a full length book?!  Please?!  I would love more of these characters!

I eye him. I want to believe I’ve had a change of luck, so very badly. “What’s your name?”
“Ben,” he quips, a playful smirk on his face.
“It’s not,” I reply, snaking my hand into his jacket pocket to nab his lanyard.

He doesn’t stop me.


Lauren Rowe: Horny and Healing in Hawaii

This story started off with a bang!  Julia was supposed to marry the love of her life, but before the wedding she found out he was cheating on her.  And the texts she read out loud?!  Wow lol!  I was cheering her on!  Julia ended up going on her honeymoon alone, yet there was a man in her bungalow.  Since they were double booked, Mateo and Julia decide to make the best of it.  Their time together was steamy and I was so happy that their story ended with a HEA!

“What happens in Hawaii stays in Hawaii?”
“Exactly. A fun distraction to make us forget . . .” I stop speaking, as emotion unexpectedly rises up inside me. I take a deep breath and finish my sentence. “All the lies and deceit. Even if it’s only for one night.”
His chest heaves. He rises from the couch and extends his hand.


I will update my post as I share more reviews from this book ♥.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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