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REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Prom-Wrecked by T.H. Hernandez & Jennifer DiGiovanni

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY:  Prom-Wrecked by T.H. Hernandez & Jennifer DiGiovanni

I’m so happy to be on this tour because I LOVED every single thing about this book! So check out my 5 Star Review below and enter a fabulous giveaway! Enjoy!

REVIEW & GIVEAWAY:  Prom-Wrecked by T.H. Hernandez & Jennifer DiGiovanniProm-Wrecked by T.H. Hernandez, Jennifer DiGiovanni
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Their prom night ended in a jail cell with forty of their closest friends. But that’s hardly the worst thing that happened to them…

When the principal announces prom is canceled this year, senior Riley Hart is determined to save it. Armed with little more than her own enthusiasm, she ends up working closely with Owen Locklear, who is more than completely off-limits. Because he’s the boyfriend of her ex-BFF, Catherine Reed. Still, Owen knows Riley better than almost anyone, and his charming ideas for turning the prom upside-down and backward win Riley over.

Catherine is willing to join Owen and Riley on the prom committee, but only because her legacy as prom queen is at stake. She’s already suffocating under the weight of her parents’ expectations for after senior year, and compared to that, ensuring prom happens should be easy. At least until everything starts to go wrong.

First they lose their deposit. Then they book a band full of octogenarians. And lose their venue... Twice.

Riley will have an unforgettable teenage experience, damn it, if it’s the last thing she does…


Prom-Wrecked was absolutely adorable and impossible to put down!  The characters leaped off of the pages and the story constantly had me wondering what was going to happen next.  Between the characters and the scenes that made me smile, I loved this book!  So if you adore ya romance with complicated friendships, swoon worthy guys, epic disasters and a story that will touch your heart, then definitely pick up Prom Wrecked!

“Please tell me prom isn’t destroyed. Again,” I whisper to myself – Riley

On that very first page was a group of high school kids in jail.  And it was all because their Prom night went horribly wrong.  From there we jumped back two months and watched how it all lead to that fateful day.  It was an insanely crazy ride getting there!  Friendships, betrayal, jealousy, love and finding their true selves was splashed across the pages.  But one of my favorite things was that this book was unlike anything I’ve ever read before since we alternated between two ex-bffs, Riley and Catherine. 

So many people are invested in this prom, and I can’t handle the idea of disappointing them. I stare at Owen, the person I want to disappoint least of all, even if he’s going to the dance with someone else. – Riley

First off we met Riley Hart.  She was passionate, tried her hardest, but she was self-conscious at times.  And while she kind of faded into the background around her classmates, to me she felt like the girl next door.  She was super involved with activities at school, but she had never officially been in charge of anything.  So when Riley found out that her Senior Prom was cancelled, for the first time in her life she took charge of something.  She was going to give her classmates a Prom. And her childhood friend aka the guy she had crushed on forever, Owen, promised to help her out.

The small amount of beer in my system starts to have its way with me, and my eyes sting with tears. “You’re so—” I stop before saying something I’ll regret. I’m not even sure what word would’ve come out if I hadn’t hit pause. Loyal? Good? Beautiful? Super-hot?
Smiling, Owen leans over the arm of his chair and tugs on a loose lock of my hair. “So are you.” – Riley

I absolutely loved Owen Locklear!  While he came across as popular and a great baseball player, I loved that he’d geek out and game with Riley.  They’re gaming talk and banter made my heart race.  And the way Owen and Riley connected had me smiling and swooning.  Especially when Owen tried his hardest to help Riley with Prom.  But there was one tiny problem when it came to Riley and Owen.  Owen was Catherine’s boyfriend.  While I definitely shouldn’t have been lusting for Owen and Riley to kiss, the heart wants what the heart wants…..

His eyes soften, and he reaches over to squeeze my hand. “You’re not a bitch, you know that, right?”
My laugh is more genuine this time. “No. I just play one on TV.” – Catherine and Owen

Ironically, I didn’t connect to Catherine Reed at first.  She came across as a little prissy and she tried so hard to be perfect.  But before I knew it, Catherine became my favorite.  While she was a cheerleader, who seemed destined to be her school’s Prom Queen, there was so much more to her than she showed the world.  Underneath it all was a girl that made my heart clutch for her.  Her relationship with her mom, her relationship with Owen and even her relationship with her friends pulled at my heart.  Catherine was flawed, loveable and I kept rooting for her to figure out her life and truly be happy.  So as the story progressed, I loved watching her grow.  And I loved even more that Jordan had a huge role in helping her out with that.

He’s quiet for so long that I lift my head to turn toward him. He’s studying me with both amusement and something else I can’t quite place.
“Just now. You. This is the most real I think you’ve ever been with me. I like it. It looks good on you.”
I turn my face to hide my blush. – Jordan and Catherine

Jordan Oswald snuck up on me, just like Catherine.  Before I knew it, I was obsessed with him and added him to my book boyfriend list.  Jordan was sexy, charming and also inconspicuous at the same time.  He easily captured my heart and it was impossible not to smile when he was around.  So when Jordan and Catherine started to work together, for Prom, I loved their interactions and seeing how their friendship grew.  And again, I found myself wishing for a different couple to form.  This time I was rooting for Jordan and Catherine.  You could feel the electricity and sparks between them, any time they were near each other.

We’re in a jail cell with dozens of our classmates, but somehow all of that fades away until it’s only me and Jordon. He’s solid, safe, and the heat from his body so close to mine erases the goose bumps covering my arms. At least until his dark gaze, serious with intent, locks on mine. Then I get goose bumps for an entirely different reason.

While Riley and Catherine told us this story, Owen and Jordan played such a huge role too.  And I loved all of their dynamics, especially when you threw some jealousy in the mix.  But one of the things I loved most about this group was their perseverance.  They got knocked down again and again, yet we watched them slowly find strength in not only themselves, but with each other.  And by that very last page, I loved seeing just how far Riley and Catherine had come.  Especially since that ending left my heart feeling so happy.  So if you’re a fan of ya romance, that pulls at your heart and has fabulous angst, then you definitely have to check out this book!  It flew right onto my favorites list!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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About the Authors:

Jennifer DiGiovanni writes light fantasy and contemporary fiction for teens. You can find out more about her books by visiting www.jenniferdigiovanni.com or following her on Instagram or Twitter @jendwrites.

Website • Twitter  • Goodreads

T.H. Hernandez is a young adult author of six novels, spanning the contemporary, post-global warming/dystopian, and urban scifi genres. She lives in San Diego, California with her husband, three kids, and a zoo-worthy collection of animals. Her latest release, PROM-WRECKED, was co-written with Jennifer DiGiovanni and releases May 2019 from Entangled Teen.

Website • Twitter • Facebook • Goodreads


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BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad by Cookie O’Gorman

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY:  The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad by Cookie O’GormanThe Good Girl's Guide to Being Bad by Cookie O'Gorman
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Seventeen-year-old Sadie is tired of being a good girl.

Her Career Aptitude Test results say she's ideally suited for a career in the clergy (aka a nun), and on top of that, she receives yet another rejection. An aspiring dancer/choreographer, Sadie dreams of being featured on Dancer's Edge—but they say she's too sweet, needs more life experience. Her BFF, Kyle, and her oldest friend, 79-year-old Betty, agree: Sadie is in desperate need of a life makeover.

But she'll need a coach.

Sadie doesn't lie, cheat or steal--heck she doesn't even curse (part of the reason she hasn't checked off anything on her "Carpe Diem List"). Sadie doesn't know the first thing about being bad. But Kyle's twin brother, Colton, does. And he's willing to teach Sadie on one condition: she has to do everything he says for the next month.

A dazzling first kiss, two smokin' hot brothers and a bet that changes everything. In this enemies-to-more YA romance, Sadie learns:

Breaking the rules can be fun—especially when it leads to happily-ever-after.


The Good Girls Guide To Being Bad was fun, flirty and absolutely adorable!  Friendship, kisses, lists, banter, first love and jealousy were wrapped into the pages and I loved every minute of it.  With a hate to love vibe and moments that made me laugh so hard I cried, this book easily flew onto my favorites list. So if you’re looking for a YA Romance that is swoon worthy and smile inducing, then this is definitely your book!

Don’t fall for his brother?  Colton Bishop?
That was one promise I was sure I’d have no trouble keeping.

Sadie Day found out she was destined to be a nun, or at least that’s what the aptitude test from school told her.  As if that wasn’t enough, Dancers Edge rejected her. Again. They said she was too nice and in need of life experiences.  Which she kinda did, since Sadie was the ultimate good girl.  She didn’t drink, cuss and and she had never been kissed.  Plus she had been madly in love with her best friend, Kyle Bishop, since the 5th grade.  But her gorgeous best friend had a twin brother. And while Kyle was preppy and clean cut, his twin Colton was a bad boy.  Sadie wanted to change her good girl ways, and Colton could be the perfect person to help her out.

“Gah!  Will you stop calling it that?”
“What?  Your naughty list?” he said innocently.  “I don’t know what you’re so ashamed about.  It’s natural for repressed good girls like you to want to take a walk on the wild side.”

I absolutely loved Sadie!  She was sweet and innocent, but at the same time she could be brave and fierce.  She was someone I’d love to have as a friend!  But watching Sadie try and crack out of her good girl shell rang me through the emotional ringer.  I actually screamed out loud for her, from embarrassment. Where’s a hole in the ground when you need it?!  And then there were times when Sadie’s naiveness had me shouting nooooo and then laughing so hard I’d cry. The whole time, I kept finding myself cheering for Sadie and her journey.  It was impossible not to be glued to the pages.

“Colton?” I said.
Okay, deep breath, Sadie.  You can do this. Time to swallow your pride and carpe freaking diem.
“I was hoping you might want to be my kissing partner.”

When Colton finally agreed to help Sadie work on her list, to gain life experiences, I just knew fireworks were in their future.  You see, Sadie’s relationship with Colton wasn’t anything like what she had with Kyle, his twin brother. Colton was Sadie’s arch-nemesis, so there was a strong hate vibe between them.  Banter was ensured and it was impossible not to smile or laugh when they were around each other.  But every once in a while something would happen between them that would have me sighing out loud.  And I’d find myself wishing that they could be more.

When I finally worked up the courage, I followed my instinct and pulled the ring into my mouth, giving it a short tug.
That was when I realized just how much he’d been holding back.
With something like a growl, Colton slanted his mouth over mine, and the kiss went from a slow burn into a wildfire.

It didn’t matter to me that Sadie had been in love with Kyle for forever. That’s because Colton was my favorite type of guy, sigh.  He’s one of those where you have to dig and look for clues, to see who he truly was.  And while he came across as a conceited, cocky, jerk who got into fights and skipped school, he could also be so sweet to Sadie.  So when he stood up for his brother or did things that would steal my breath, how could I not love Colton with everything I was. Colton was the ultimate pierced, bad boy who quickly captured my heart.

The thoughts I was having right before ending the kiss…they were trouble.  The dangerous kind. My heart was getting confused. This was Colton, not Kyle.  I was in love with Kyle. I’d always been in love with him—but then why was my heart still beating so hard after that kiss with his brother?

I love that Cookie O’Gorman writes swoon worthy stories that make you fall in love, laugh and want to be friends with the characters.  I couldn’t stop smiling while I read this book, I cant recommend it enough!  So if you love stories with bad boys, girls you want to be besties with, an adorable storyline and a hate to love vibe then you should definitely check this book out.

He chuckled, the air hitting my neck as he ducked his head.
When Colton leaned back, it was almost worse because now I could see his eyes, and they bore right into mine, seemingly cool and unaffected.  I had no idea what mine revealed, but I hoped it wasn’t too much.

PS If you’ve read Ninja Girl then you may recognize Sadie.  She was a friend of Ash, so yes, we get to see our favorites from not only Ninja Girl, but Adorkable too!

PPS I LOVED Sadie’s other best friend, Betty.  She was hilarious, that woman cracked me up!

About Cookie O’Gorman:

Cookie O’Gorman writes stories filled with humor and heart for the nerd in all of us. Fiery first kisses, snappy dialogue, smart girls, swoonworthy boys, and unbreakable friendships are featured in each of her books.

    Cookie is a hopeless romantic, a Harry Potter aficionado, and a supporter of all things dork. Chocolate, Chinese food, and Asian dramas are her kryptonite. Above all, she believes that real life has enough sorrow and despair—which is why she always tries to give her characters a happy ending. She is the author of Adorkable, Ninja Girl, The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder and The Good Girl’s Guide to Being Bad.

Website / Amazon / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter


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REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: To Dream Is To Die (Dead Dreamer #1) by Sarah Lampkin

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: To Dream Is To Die (Dead Dreamer #1) by Sarah Lampkin

I was so happy to join this tour because I adore Paranormal stories! So check out my review below and enter a fabulous giveaway. Enjoy!

REVIEW + GIVEAWAY: To Dream Is To Die (Dead Dreamer #1) by Sarah LampkinTo Dream Is To Die (Dead Dreamer #1)
by Sarah Lampkin
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Eighteen-year-old Brenna Whit is entering college as a freshman and starting to meet new people, but she hides a dark secret. Because of an accident that happened three years ago, her spirit wanders the Fade whenever she falls asleep. It's something she wants to keep hidden from the world, but when she sees someone watching her in spirit form, she fears the secret's out. With new friends, possibly new enemies, school, and a new crush, Brenna has too much to worry about for just her freshman year of college.


To Dream Is To Die was a story that kept me turning the pages.  It all unfolded so effortlessly and each time we were given a piece of the puzzle, there was still so much I couldn’t wait to learn more about.  There was a few different mysteries along with some twists and turns that kept me guessing. So if you adore paranormal stories, set in college, then definitely check this one out.

Brenna Whit was a dark, snarky college student who ended up dying three years ago. She came back from the dead and her life had been different ever since.  Now, when she was supposed to be dreaming, she wandered the fade instead. Brenna moved into the college dorms for the first time and I loved watching her friendship unfold with Aeria.  They were kindred souls and friendship definitely played a central theme in this story.  And while each character was unique, I wasn’t able to connect with any of them.  I tried my hardest, because the story line was a ton of fun, but sadly I couldn’t ever make that connection.  Regardless, I still enjoyed reading about Brenna and her journey.

As the story unfolded, we learned more and more about the world that Brenna wandered while her body slept.  I was beyond fascinated, especially since some of it seeped into the times when Brenna was awake. It was entertaining watching how it even affected those around her.  So when I reached that final page, I was so happy that some of my questions were answered. Yes there is still so much for us to learn, but we stopped at the perfect waiting spot until the next book in this series releases.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo


About Sarah Lampkin:

Sarah Lampkin is a New Adult/Young Adult fiction author from Southern Virginia. She currently resides in Northern Virginia with her cat, Fox (who is practically a dog). When she’s not writing, she’s playing video games, rock climbing, or getting ready for hunting season. Sarah began writing over a decade ago with her first novella called Angels: Moon and Sun, which is now being rewritten as Tainted Wings on Wattpad. She draws inspiration from Celtic mythology in her stories and aims to create unique worlds following strong female protagonist. In 2015, Sarah was able to utilize her Dead Dreamer series in her graduate program and graduate with an MA in English.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT: The Ruins (The Union #2) by T.H. Hernandez

The first two books in one of my favorite series are currently free!  So check out what this series is about, go grab two of my favorite books for free and enter a fabulous giveaway!  Enjoy!

The Ruins
T.H. Hernandez
(The Union #2)
Publication date: June 16th 2015
Genres: Adventure, Dystopian, Romance, Young Adult

Heartbroken, grief-stricken, and wracked with guilt, seventeen-year-old Evan Taylor returned to the Union, leaving behind the boy she loved.

Now, she and her friends must find a way to do the impossible – warn the citizens of the Union about an impending rebel attack without alerting the government and risking retaliation against her friends in the Ruins.

When every move Evan makes is thwarted, it soon becomes clear she’s being watched. Faced with a daily fight to stay one step ahead of her pursuers, she returns to the Ruins. But life in the Ruins has its own dangers, and soon she’s fighting a different battle – to stay alive long enough to discover the truth.

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I slide the zipper of my duffel bag closed just as a knock comes on the front door. Eddie answers it, and I see my friends on the porch over his shoulder. Eddie greets them with a nod and pulls the door open to let them in. He met Lisa and Colin years ago in the Eastern Province when he was attempting to connect with his long lost daughter. Recognition replaces the indifference on Eddie’s face, and he smiles, shaking their hands.

“Eddie, you remember Bryce. This is Jack. Jack, this is my…my Eddie. Eddie McIntyre.”

Jack shakes Eddie’s hand with genuine enthusiasm. “It’s nice to meet you, sir. I’m a big fan.”

Eddie’s smile grows wide. This is his world, the one he knows how to live in — the one with adoring fans. “Good to meet you, Jack.”

Great, he can turn it on for a complete stranger, a fan, but his own daughter? I get stony silence.

Bryce reaches out and takes my bag, slinging it over his shoulder. I stand next to Eddie, not sure if I should hug him goodbye. He makes the decision for me, reaching an arm around and giving me an awkward pat on the back.

“Have fun,” he says, closing the door behind us.

We make our way to the express elevators in silence, no one finding it necessary to clue me in. Gliding down one hundred levels without a word spoken only increases the already building tension spiraling inside me, but asking questions when everyone else is quietly clenching their jaw, won’t get me anywhere.

Once on the ground, we take a commuter train the twenty-five miles out to the coast, emerging from the dark station into bright late morning sun. It’s a perfect Western Province day, all blue cloudless skies and yellow sunshine. We walk out to the boardwalk, a cool ocean breeze skating across my skin, fluttering strands of hair. The crashing surf is interspersed with screeching seagulls and children’s laughter. This is the most I’ve felt at home since getting back to the Union. Cleanliness aside, this is as close to being in the Ruins as I’ll get here.

A four-wheel-drive sand cruiser shuttles us to the check-in tent. We step out onto a path of groomed sand lined with solar luminaries that will light up at dusk, creating a glowing walkway. A campground employee leads us to a grouping of three white canvas tents adorned with strands of solar lights. Each tent has two cots, a small table with a vase of fresh honeysuckle and gardenias, and two folding chairs. Lisa and Jack dump their bags in one tent, and I follow Colin into another, setting my bag down. I suppose I could have let Colin and Bryce bunk together, but I don’t want to be alone.

The flap from the tent falls into place, and I spin around. “Colin, what the hell—”

He cuts me off, putting a finger to his lips. I’m trying hard not to freak out, but he’s making it difficult. His eyes roam over my face, his mouth pressed in a tight line. “I’ve got my ticket for the Northwest. I leave in a week.”

“Oh.” I drop into one of the chairs. Over the past couple of days, I haven’t thought much about him leaving. We both lapse back into silence. After a few minutes, I get up and go peek outside, looking for the others. Jack, Bryce, and Lisa head toward us with grave expressions. Turning back to Colin, I realize it’s the same expression he’s had the whole time we’ve been in here. Something really bad is going on.

They file into our tent, and Jack pulls a palm-sized electronic device from his pocket, moving it over the seams of the tent, the cots, the table. After glancing at a display on the front of the device, he motions for me to approach and sweeps it over me from head to toe. His shoulders relax and his jaw loosens for the first time since he arrived at my door this morning.

I raise both eyebrows, waiting for someone to clue me in, not sure if I’m allowed to speak yet.

Jack glances at Bryce before turning to me. “Someone bugged Lisa’s apartment.”

“What do you mean ‘bugged’?”

“I was helping her put up some speakers when I found a tiny Union-issue listening device. I swept her place with this and discovered twelve in total.”

“That’s insane.”

“We checked our place, too, and found another dozen there,” Jack says. “We need to check your dad’s place.”

“Why would anyone do that?

“You were gone a long time and so were we,” Bryce says, hands stuffed in the front pockets of his jeans. “Apparently someone noticed. We checked everyone’s clothing because we don’t know who planted the bugs, what all they had access to, or how long ago. We figured we’d be safest out here.”

A sliver of fear pierces me. “What did we say in Lisa’s apartment?”

Bryce shifts, pulling his hands from his pockets. “I don’t think it was anything specific. What about you at your dad’s?”

I shake my head. “Nothing. What about you guys at Lisa’s place before I got there?”

“Nothing much I can remember,” Jack says, dropping the device into his shirt pocket.

“What’s going on?” I ask, sinking onto my cot, my voice barely above a whisper.

“I don’t know,” Jack says. “But we’ve stumbled onto something even bigger than we realized.”


Reading Order & Links:
Amazon (click on covers), & Book Depository (click on book #)
The Union by T.H. Hernandez
The Union #1
the ruins th hernandez
The Ruins #2
The Uprising (The Union Series #3) by T.H. Hernandez
The Uprising #3

The Invasion #4
About T.H. Hernandez:

T.H. Hernandez is the author of young adult books. The Union, a futuristic dystopian adventure, was a finalist in the 2015 San Diego book awards in the Young Adult Fiction category.

She loves pumpkin spice lattes, Game of Thrones, Comic-Con, Star Wars, Doctor Who marathons, Bad Lip Reading videos, and all things young adult, especially the three young adults who share her home.

When not visiting the imaginary worlds inside her head, T.H. Hernandez lives in usually sunny San Diego, California with her husband and three children, a couple of cats, and a dog who thinks he’s a cat, affectionately referred to as “the puppycat.”

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter



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REVIEW, GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT: Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry

REVIEW, GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT: Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry

I absolutely loved Only A Breath Apart and I’m so thankful to be on this tour! So check out my 5 Star Review below and enter a fabulous giveaway! Enjoy!

REVIEW, GIVEAWAY & EXCERPT: Only a Breath Apart by Katie McGarryOnly a Breath Apart by Katie McGarry
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Book Depository
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They say your destiny is carved in stone. But some destinies are meant to be broken.

The only curse Jesse Lachlin believes in is his grandmother’s will: in order to inherit his family farm he must win the approval of his childhood best friend, the girl he froze out his freshman year.

A fortuneteller tells Scarlett she's psychic, but what is real is Scarlett’s father’s controlling attitude and the dark secrets at home. She may be able to escape, but only if she can rely on the one boy who broke her heart.

Each midnight meeting pushes Jesse and Scarlett to confront their secrets and their feelings, but as love blooms, the curse rears its ugly head…


Only a Breath Apart was a beautifully, emotional story.  It held my heart in the palm of its hand and I kept finding moments here and there that stole my breath away.  This book was filled with heartfelt characters and friendship, love, forgiveness, bravery and finding oneself was a huge part of this story.  If you’ve never picked up a Katie McGarry book, know that one of my favorite things about her stories are the characters she creates.  They always feel so real, it’s like I could reach into the pages and touch them.  So yes, I definitely recommend this book!  It’s one that will stay with me for a long time to come.

I loved him once—the way a six-year-old loves with abandon. I loved him how I once loved myself. Jesse was freedom when so much of my life meant confinement. He was laughter during dark nights, he was the warrior who scared the monsters under my bed away . . . he was my friend.

Stepping into this story, I was already gutted within those first two chapters.  We jumped back in time and got to see Jesse Lachlan and Scarlett Copeland as children.  While they were both from extremely broken homes, as children they always had each other.  Jesse and Scarlett were not only neighbors, but best friends too.  It hurt to watch them both witness abuse and I could feel their fear pouring off the pages.  I was heartbroken with how hard their lives already were.  But years later, we caught up with them when they were 17.  And while they were both still in a world of pain, they were no longer friends with one another.

Jesse has done this a handful of times since our freshman year. Glance at me as if I’m someone worth looking at, someone worth laughing with a little too loud and smiling with a little too much. Then he remembers who I am and snaps his gaze to someone else.
But he’s not looking away now.

From one event, Scarlett bridged the gap between them and set them on a path.  One that was filled with hope, redemption, heartache, friendship and even the possibility of love.  Hold on though, because it was definitely not an easy path.  Not only do they have their own personal struggles, but there was distance between them.  Even with that distance, when Scarlett and Jesse had the tiniest amount of interaction, I was smiling and sighing out loud.  I just wanted them both to find happiness, and I knew they could find it in each other.

Scarlett lifts her head and smiles . . . at me. It’s a gentle smile, and one that causes a spike of excitement in my blood . It’s as if the sun has melted off her outer shell and has revealed the girl I once knew, and a woman I want to get to know.

Scarlett was a girl who made me feel every single emotion she did.  I felt suffocated by the way her father treated her and in other moments her fear consumed me.  Chills ran down my back and the hair stood up on my arm. I found myself terrified for Scarlett and the life she was stuck in.  Thankfully, she started to find her voice and I was so proud of her.  Scarlett was strong, resilient, loving and I kept hoping her life would change.  That every moment could feel like when she was with Jesse.  Because when Scarlett was with Jesse, it felt like she could be breathe.

The breeze plays with the ends of her hair, and I capture that moment. A snapshot of something I want to remember. Scarlett’s back on my land. My friend. My foe. The person who used to push me, compete with me and made me alive. My Tink.

Jesse captured my heart by listening, helping and always caring for Scarlett when she came back into his life.  While I had my guess for why he shut her out his freshman year, I was still upset with him.  That didn’t affect that I loved him with my whole heart and soul. I quickly connected with Jesse, just like Scarlett.  They both struggled and saw more in their lifetime than anyone should.  But Jesse had a family curse and he was fighting to keep what belonged to him.  His land.  As the story unfolded it became evident that if Scarlett and Jesse both wanted what they desperately needed, they’d have to work together.

“Scarlett, there are two times that I can breathe in deeply without wincing in pain, and being with you is one of them. If I could, I’d keep you here forever.”

My third favorite person in this story was Glory Gardner.  She was a distant cousin to Jesse and played such an important role in Scarlett and Jesse’s life.  I don’t want to say what role she played, but Glory fascinated me with her tarot cards and being able to converse with the spirits.  So I kept hoping that she would lead Jesse and Scarlet into happier times.  Because they more than deserved it!

His fingers trail up and down my arm and the sensation tickles, causing pleasing goose bumps along my skin. There’s a safety that radiates from his touch. A safety I wish I could take with me wherever I go.

Only a Breath Apart was so easy to devour, even with the story constantly pulling on my heart.  So many times I’d go from smiles, to having my heart in my throat and then to having tears pour down my face.  It was such an emotional book. So when I finished that last page, I was so thankful that I stepped into Jesse and Scarlett’s lives.  Now I can’t wait to devour whatever Katie McGarry writes next!

PS I’d love a look into the future!  If Jesse and Scarlett ever have a novella about where the road takes them, I’d one click that so fast!

Here are a few more of my favorite quotes:

Each time I think it’s impossible for my heart to hurt any more than it already does, it finds another painfully imaginative way to twist. – Scarlett
 Second star on the right. I haven’t been Tink to his Peter Pan for a long time. But watching Jesse head off to the land the two of us conquered in battles that belonged in our heads creates a sense of nostalgia I can’t ignore. I start for the land that calls to Jesse, the land that used to call to me. It’s definitely time for an adventure.
 I hate myself because I wish I could feel. I wish I were normal. I wish I wasn’t me.- Scarlett
 I will always risk everything to save her. She didn’t know it then. She doesn’t know it now. Scarlett once said she was empty. I’ve never been empty. I’ve been loved, and I’ve loved in return, but I don’t do it with many. She was one of the few. Still is. Always will be.

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Evangeline fans herself. “That boy is hot.”

Hot isn’t exactly the word I would use for him. Hot somehow feels…lacking. Hot is for some boy in our gym class who has recently grown facial hair. Jess Lachlin is no boy. He has fire-red hair, a sun kissed tan from all the hours working on his land, deep green eyes and a body made to handle rough, rugged days.

I might have been ignoring Jesse for years, but I’ve seen him. Every girl in this school has gone out of her way to drive or walk along one of the country roads to watch Jesse as he works his land. Living across the street, I’ve had a front-row view. His shirt off, drenched in sweat, muscles rippling as he moves, the way he sometimes pauses in his front yard and looks across the road as if he knows I’m watching. A fluttering in my chest and then—

“Would you date him?” Evangeline asks.

“No.” Camila’s answer is swift. “And it’s not like he dates anyone. Except for his friends, the boy is a recluse.”

“Why wouldn’t you?” The kneejerk question surprises even me when it pops out of my mouth. Camila and Evangeline look at me as if those were the first words I’d ever spoken. If I could hide under the circulation desk without making this moment worse, I would.

“Besides the fact he’s cursed and anyone a Lachlin falls in love with drops dead?” Camila walks toward me and Evangeline follows. Camila watches me with more curiosity than I care for, but it’s nice that she’s moving the conversation in my direction. “Jesse’s a train wreck, and he taints anyone in his vicinity. Dating him would be a social, emotional and literal death sentence.”

I’m familiar with the curse, and it’s no truer than Glory and her prophesies. “That sounds melodramatic.”

“It’s not.” Camila has a swear-to-God seriousness to her. “Mom and Dad had Bible study at our house last night, and Pastor Hughes came. Everyone thought I was in the basement, but I went to the kitchen for something to drink, and I heard Pastor Hughes ask everyone what they knew about Jesse.”

Eavesdropping. How Camila.

“Did you know that before Veronica started hanging with Jesse that she was on track to be a concert pianist?” Camila says.

“Seriously?” Evangeline tilts her head in disbelief, and I’ll admit to putting down my cell.

“Seriously. And Leo Wheeling was a star soccer player, predicted to be the first freshman to play varsity for our high school, and then he started hanging out with Jesse.”

Faint middle school memories of hearing Leo’s name over the announcements regarding soccer emerge in my mind.

“Then someone said that before Nazareth Kravitz moved here, he had taken the ACT in the seventh grade and received a perfect score. He moved here, met Jesse and the rest is history.”

Nazareth sleeps through most of our classes, that is, when he bothers showing for school.

I nibble on my bottom lip as I’m not sure how much I like the Jesse-is-the-devil enthusiasm. I may share the opinion, but that doesn’t mean anyone else should.

“Of course, then there’s Jesse himself. Drinking, drugs.”

“The fights,” Evangeline pipes in.

“Don’t forget the suspensions—”

“And he’s been arrested!” Evangeline finishes Camila’s statement like the two share a brain. Her eyes sparkle like that precious piece of scandalous gossip was just too good not to spread.

“The boy is a walking disaster,” Camila continues. “Anyone who hangs out with him wants to become a loser. It doesn’t matter he’s going to be a millionaire once he sells his grandmother’s land. Anyone who spends time with Jesse is asking for hurt.”

And death.”



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