BOOK REVIEW: Getting Lucky Number Seven (Taking Shots #1) by Cindi Madsen

BOOK REVIEW: Getting Lucky Number Seven (Taking Shots #1) by Cindi MadsenGetting Lucky Number Seven (Taking Shots #1)
by Cindi Madsen
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What's your lucky number?

Lyla Wilder is done being the shy, chemistry nerd extraordinaire. While every other college student is out having fun, Lyla is studying. With her cat. Well, she's played it "safe" quite enough, thank you. So she creates a "College Bucket List"?with item #7 being a night of uninhibited, mind-blowing sex...

But she needs some help from her man-whore best friend.

Hockey player Beck Davenport thought Lyla's transformation would be subtle. Man, was he wrong. With every item she ticks off, Beck finds himself growing seriously hot for his sweet, brainiac best friend. And if he's not careful, he'll end up risking their friendship in order to convince Lyla that he might just be her lucky #7...

I couldn’t even talk to my best friend about the guy I was having sex with. Because, silly me, I’d gone and made them the same person.

Ya know, once again I’m plagued by the reviews stating this is the same old same old, there’s nothing new, it’s cliché, etc…and yet again I find this to be wrong. Why do I find this to be wrong? Well, there are so many reasons I can’t even begin to explain them.

“I’m sure you were a little disappointed when you found out I was your assigned chem partner.”
“Well, yeah,” I said, “but that was because with how damn cute you were, I was sure you’d be stupid, and that meant I was going to end up doing all the work.”
She rolled her eyes, and I smiled, unable to keep from adding, “Then I caught your scent, and your blood smelled so good, I was afraid I’d kill you and eat you. That’s why I was all broody and denting the table the first day.”
Lyla laughed and shoved my arm. “You’re stupid.”
“I am. I let you talk me into that Twilight marathon last Sunday. Clearly a mistake.”

MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE QUOTE lmao. Killed me when I read it.^^^ Also, I had way too much fun looking through twilight GIFs lol

I was having a bad month. I was borderline depressed. I wasn’t sleeping well and had barely any sleep. I wanted to escape reality. It. Made. Me. SMILE. And it was my rainbow on a cloudy, rainy day. I don’t care about clichés, so long as they’re done RIGHT-and these totally were. And, frankly, done better than any of the other books before it that made it ‘cliché’ to impersonate.

Beck was standing off to the side, two red plastic cups in hand. “Dead cats? You said you had a hard time talking to guys, but shit, Debbie Downer, I had no idea.”

One of my recurring thoughts throughout this book was ‘I want this relationship’. It was just too cute and there was no screwing around with other girls/guys like in other books I won’t mention *Cough* How to Date a Douchebag *Cough*. Yeah. Whoops. This was a sexy read without the smut and it never became all about sex-they were best friends first and built a solid relationship before any commitment and I really think the characters had the cutest connection because of it.

She clamped her lips as she took me in, and then she laughed. She quickly covered her mouth with her hands. “I’m sorry, now that I know you’re okay, it’s…” She laughed again, her shoulders shaking. “I’m just glad I’m not the only one to make a fool of myself when I’m drunk.”
“Fool of myself?” I pushed up to my knees and wiped gravel from my torn up palms. “What are you talking about? I’m suave as shit.”
This got another round of giggles, and she laughed so hard that she braced herself against me to keep from tipping over. That made me laugh, and then we were two idiots laughing in the middle of a parking lot, our clouded breaths filling the air around us.

Was it cheesy? Yes. But it was so cute without crossing the overly cheesy line-I hate this CHEESY line. I don’t cross it for much and this book didn’t make me. It was JUST enough-not OTT. And, more than anything, this book felt relevant unlike when a lot of authors try to recreate their youth or pretend like they know what every college student is like these days. Maybe I’m the one that’s out of touch but I felt like this book hit its mark. There were no repetitive phrases (LOATHEEEEE) like these type of stories tend to have and the dialogue melted me to my core. These two characters were beyond adorable and I couldn’t get enough of them.

I wanted to let everything spill out—how much I missed her. How I should’ve told her she was perfect and sexy and the smartest person I knew. That I was drowning without her, and for the first time in my life, I got why they called it a broken heart, because all mine did was sit in my chest and ache with each beat.

And Beck…oh man I just loved him. Yeah yeah he fell for her because of a certain something on her list (teehee) and yes they obviously had feelings for each other waaaay before they actually did anything about it, but, for whatever reason, I dug it. It just had the perfect amount of peanut butter and JELLY-ness and a touch of angst (and again, not TOO much) that really was just the cherry on top of a fun little book.

“When I look at you, you know what I see?”
I met her gaze, finding it suddenly hard to breathe.
“I see the guy who saw me when no one else did,” she said. “That’s what matters to me. That’s who you are.”

So…I’m sure many of you will dismiss this book without a second thought-but, just think, if you’re having a rough day, a dark day, a sad day…maybe a smile on your face is all you need. And if you want a smile…you want Beck. Very cute. Very sweet. Very adorable. I hope some of you will try it-I know I can’t wait to get my signed copy from Apollycon from my lovely Jen Jen!!! Eeps 😊

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  1. Raven

    Thanks for the wonderful review! It’s going straight in to my TBR list! 🙂
    Raven recently posted…Reign the Earth (The Elementae #1) By A.C. Gaughen [Review]My Profile

    • Chelsea (Peril Please)

      It’s really cute-Cliche? But CUTE. I ADORE IT.

  2. Samantha

    Anatomy of a Player is the next book in the series and it was great!
    Samantha recently posted…#SundayPost: Hello March!My Profile

    • Chelsea (Peril Please)

      Ohh I’ll have to keep that in mind!!!!

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