BOOK REVIEW: The Second Chance Year by Melissa Wiesner

BOOK REVIEW: The Second Chance Year by Melissa WiesnerThe Second Chance Year by Melissa Wiesner
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In this unforgettable story full of charm, wit—and just a bit of magic—a woman down on her luck is given a second chance at fixing her life and trying one year all over again. Perfect for readers of Josie Silver and Rebecca Serle.

Sadie Thatcher’s life has fallen apart in spectacular fashion. In one fell swoop, she managed to lose her job, her apartment, and her boyfriend—all thanks to her big mouth. So when a fortune teller offers her one wish, Sadie jumps at the chance to redo her awful year. Deep down, she doesn’t believe magic will fix her life, but taking a leap of faith, Sadie makes her wish, opens her eyes, and . . . nothing has changed. And then, in perhaps her dumbest move yet, she kisses her brother’s best friend, Jacob.

When Sadie wakes up the next morning, she’s in her former apartment with her former boyfriend, and her former boss is expecting her at work. Checking the date, she realizes it's January 1 . . . of last year. As Sadie navigates her second-chance year, she begins to see the red flags she missed in her relationship and in her career. Plus, she keeps running into Jacob, and she can’t stop thinking about their kiss . . . the one he has no idea ever happened. Suddenly, Sadie begins to wonder if her only mistake was wishing for a second chance.


The Second Chance Year was a brother’s best friend romance that asked the question, what if you made different choices?  How would your life turn out?  This was an adult romance story that was so easy to read and enjoy!

What if someone had looked into a crystal ball last December and warned me about the terrible year I was about to have? Would I have done something differently?

Sadie Thatcher was at the end of her horrible year.  Her boyfriend broke up with her.  She was fired from her job.  And she was living at her brother’s best friend’s apartment, while her parents were demeaning her life decisions.  When a New Year’s party sent her back to January 1st, of the worst year of her life, she thought she could change fate.  And how things worked out.  Little did Sadie know she was in for a huge life lesson!

He lets out a small laugh, shaking his head, and he seems almost bitter. “I’ve wanted the same thing all my life. But…” His expression darkens. “I’ve never had the courage to reach out and grab it.”

Jacob was my absolute favorite!  He was a delicious marshmallow who was smart, kind and oh so thoughtful.  In the past, I loved how he noticed little things about Sadie.  And in Sadie’s New Year, he was still shy, but she saw so much more of him.  I loved all of her extra moments with Jacob.  How their relationship grew.  How there were bumps along the way.  And nothing was truly easy.

I never thought I’d wish to have that year back, instead of this one.

Sadie was so easy to like.  She could be rough around the edges, but she stood up for those she cared for.  And in trying to fix all of her wrongs in the past, it left her a different person.  She was muted and that created situations to go completely sideways.  So I loved how as the year went on, we spent a chapter or few in each month, that she saw things in a different light.  That she grew as a person.  And realized exactly who she wanted to be.

This friendship with Jacob is a second chance I’m truly grateful for.

Rounding out this story was her amazing brother, Owen, and I adored her friendships with Zoe and Mrs. Kaminski.  There were also her parents, who I severely struggled with.  And Xavier and her ex whom I have so many horrible thoughts about.  But what stood out was that each character was unique and made a stamp on Sadie’s life.

It’s all coming together just like I wanted it to.

The Second Chance Year was a heartwarming, adult romance that analyzes ones choices.  While it dealt with heavier topics of sexism, sexual harassment and even bullying, the characters in this story and their interaction and lives added so much lightness to the pages.  So while I guessed how quite a few things played out, I still enjoyed this story.  And I’ll be looking forward to future releases from Melissa Wiesner.

PS I want to know which Tom Petty song please. 🙂

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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  1. Sam@WLABB

    This was a hit for me, and Jacob had a lot to do with it. I thought the time loop was well utilized and appreciated Sadie’s growth.

  2. Lisa+Mandina+(Lisa+Loves+Literature)

    So glad to hear this one was good! It is on my TBR and I hope to get to read it in the near future! Great review!

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