BOOK REVIEW: Tell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh Rose

BOOK REVIEW: Tell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh RoseTell Me Pretty Lies by Charleigh Rose
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Three things my mother acquired when she became engaged:

1. A brand new Tiffany's ring.
2. A lavish home on Heartbreak Hill.
3. Three privileged stepsons.

The last thing I expected was to fall for one of them, least of all Thayer Ames.
Beautiful, brooding, and untouchable.
I knew it was a bad idea. He warned me himself.
But he was a thunderstorm, and I never could resist the rain.
It was perfect…
Until it wasn’t.
One night was all it took for our world to crumble, leaving only secrets and lies between us.
Now, I have to face him again, but the boy I used to know has become the man who loves to hate me.


How can you simultaneously love and hate how a person makes you feel?

Charlie Rose has done it again!  Tell Me Pretty Lies was addictive, sexy and impossible to put down!  The characters were so easy to connect with and the story-line was so much fun.  The way it all unfolded was emotional and I loved not knowing exactly where the story was going. So if you’re a fan of enemies to lovers and plenty of angst, definitely put this one on your tbr!

Something about him brings out the worst in me, and I can’t ever seem to think clearly when he’s around. Not then, and apparently not now. He made me reckless, and I loved it.

 The story started off with an emotional bang.  Shayne was at the funeral of her future step brother, along with his brothers and both of their families.  That first chapter gutted me and then in the next one we jumped nine months ahead.  Shayne’s mother had broken off her engagement and they moved away, but now they’re back in town.  And nothing seemed the same.  Her brother was off at college.  Her mom was constantly gone for work.  And those who had been like family now treated her like dirt.  The only good thing in her life was her best friend, Valen, who I loved with my whole heart!

They want me to cry and run away. They want a reaction. And I’m not going to give it to them.

I absolutely loved Shayne!  She was so easy to connect with and I loved how tough she could be.  She was smart, tried her hardest and I loved that she went after what she wanted.  I also loved that she tried not to let what other’s thought affect her.  Especially since everyone at her school seemed to talk or whisper about her.  But when it came to Thayer, her ex-step brother, that’s where her self-control would falter.  She had loved him with her whole heart, but now he was a total douche bag. And Shayne should really ignore how much Thayer’s touch made her come alive.  Because the moment she would give in, the next she would be hurt all over again.

I was hard as fuck, needing to touch her. To taste her. To be so far inside her that we both forgot about our families, our tragedies, our fucked-up lives, and everything that’s keeping us apart.

Thayer did some fucked up things and at times I wanted to punch him in the throat.  I didn’t understand why he bullied her.  And I couldn’t wrap my head around how he could touch her, and create so much emotion between them, only then to completely shut down and block her out.  He ran so hot and cold and he could be such an asshole.  Thayer hurt Shayne again and again and it broke my heart.  But I’m one of those who always tries to find the redeeming qualities and look for the tiniest of clues.  So when Thayer did something even a little nice, oh my gosh I wanted to cry.  And when we got to his chapters we got to learn all.  His heart bled so truthfully to us and I fell madly in love with him.  It all made sense and my heart soared even higher.

It’s not fair for his touch to be so sweet when his words cut like a knife. It’s not fair that he still has this effect on me.

When Thayer and Shayne were together it was explosive.  Their moments were erotic, scorching hot and beyond additive.  All of their emotions fed into those moments making it even more intense.  But we also got a peak into their past, which gave me all the feels.  I wish we would have had more peaks into their past.  But this book almost had a mysterious feel to it.  Because when we were listening to Shayne’s chapters, it felt like we only knew part of the story.  There seemed to be secrets everywhere.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I was sitting there with a WTF expression on my face quite a few times.  The path this story took kept me on my toes and I truly didn’t know what was going to come next.

 “I hate you.” Even as I say the words, I’m arching into him, needing more.
“Tell me another lie.” His hand flattens against my stomach and slides beneath my shorts and underwear.

So yes, I can’t recommend this book enough.  If you love sexy and edgy romance, that is enemies to lovers and has the most fabulous angst, then definitely give this one a try!  And I also want to say that I loved Thayer’s brother, Holden.  Even if I wanted to throat punch him in the beginning too.  He cracked me up while also breaking my heart and I’m hoping we get his story in the future!  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Team Player 2: A Sports Anthology by Charleigh Rose

BOOK REVIEW: Team Player 2: A Sports Anthology by Charleigh RoseTeam Player 2: A Sports Anthology by Charleigh Rose
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Muscular football players. Passionate tennis pros. Sexy soccer stars. All sorts of alpha hotties, on the field and off.

Have no fear! The team is back again, and this's thicker. You'll get your sports romance fix with brand-new stories from eleven bestselling authors.

Need one last summer fix? Dive into this anthology.

*This anthology contains original, never-before-seen stories from Ella Fox, Mandi Beck, Teagan Hunter, Ilsa Madden-Mills, Sara Ney, Rochelle Paige, Meghan Quinn, Charleigh Rose, Kennedy Ryan, Emma Scott, and Kate Stewart.

We still aren’t responsible for melted devices.


Guys Like You by Charleigh Rose was seductive, addicting and the characters were everything!  I couldn’t stop smiling or laughing, except when I was sighing out loud.  This book was the perfect mix of being emotional, hilarious and sexy.  Halston and Sully’s story is for everyone out there who loves a sexy romance story!

Conversations lead to empathy. Empathy leads to intimacy. Intimacy leads to attachment. Attachment leads to heartbreak.

Halston and Sully ended up meeting at a party, and right from the start they had the most amazing chemistry.  Which led to the hottest sex ever *fans face*.  But it didn’t matter, because Halston was convinced that boys weren’t relationship worthy.  Except, she couldn’t escape Sully.  Their two best friends were starting to have something between them, so of course they kept running into each other.  And each time they did, you could feel the electricity between the two of them!

This. This right here is why girls get a bad rap. Give them one night of good dick and good conversation, and all of a sudden, they’re catching feelings.

I loved Halston Montgomery!  She was honest, kind and I loved listening to her thoughts.  She felt like someone I could easily become bffs with.  But her personal life pained me.  Halston had been screwed over and because of that she didn’t allow herself to get attached to any guy.  Thank goodness Sully had other plans to try and make her think otherwise.

“I’ve come to collect.”
“Collect?”I frown, confused.
“Yeah. You lost our bet. You owe me a date.”
“First of all, the word date was never mentioned. You said hang out. Second, I’ve already fulfilled my duty.”
“No, actually, you didn’t.”
“Then what do you call the other night?”
“I call that the best night of my life.” He smirks, and heat rushes through me…

Zach Sullivan aka Sully was cocky, a ton of fun and had the hugest heart ever.  He was funny without trying and beyond seductive.  So I quickly fell for his charm!  Each time he was around Halston, I was swooning and you couldn’t knock the smile off my face.  Sully was the best kind of addictive and I found myself obsessed with another one of Charleigh Rose’s male characters!

I know I shouldn’t keep doing this. I’m playing with fire, practically begging to get hurt, but God, how can I say no when he’s like this? – Halston

We met Halston and Sully in Bad Influence, and I was dying to read their story!  But don’t worry, Guys Like You can easily be read as a standalone.  Although I definitely recommend reading Bad Influence too.  It was about Halston and Sully’s best friends and was amazing!  Parts of the two stories overlap, but we got to see everything in a different light.  I didn’t even realize the full extent of Sully and Halston.  I knew they were hooking up, but I didn’t know how much or how hot it was.  And I also didn’t realize the extent of their friendship.  It was so much fun and added so much depth to their worlds!  Ohhhhh plus we finally get to hear the conversation between Jessie and Halston, when Allie was in the bathroom.  I was dying to known what that was and now my heart is oh so happy!

“I want you to call me by my name, for one. You’re not my frat bro, Halston.”
“Then what am I?”
“You’re my fucking girlfriend.” He moves toward me, his hands cupping my face. “You just haven’t realized it yet.”
I’m instantly shaking my head in denial, my heart thundering in my chest. “No. This is exactly what I was trying to avoid. I didn’t want this.”

Guys Like You was scorching hot and absolutely hilarious.  By that second chapter I was already laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes.  And the way Halston and Sully couldn’t stop what was happening between them made me the happiest person ever!  This book was a ton of fun, pulled on my emotions and had the most amazing epilogue!  I laughed and smiled so hard.  So yes, I absolutely loved Guys Like You and I can’t recommend it or this author enough! 

PS I can’t wait to read the other stories in this Anthology!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Bad Influence (Bad Love #3) by Charleigh Rose

BOOK REVIEW: Bad Influence (Bad Love #3) by Charleigh RoseBad Influence (Bad Love #3)
by Charleigh Rose
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When I moved to River’s Edge, dating was the last thing on my mind.
I definitely didn’t expect to fall for him.
Jesse Shepherd.
Popular. Star athlete. Cocky as hell.
You know the type.
But as time passed, I realized there was more lurking beneath that gorgeous exterior.
Secretive. Angry. A little bit broken.
The more I peeled back his layers, the deeper I fell.
Until I slammed headfirst into his sea of lies.


I blew my shot.
Pissed everything away—college, lacrosse, my future—only to end up right back where I started in River’s Edge.
I was content to revel in my misery, spending my days drowning in a bottomless pit of booze and girls.
Until I saw her.
Allison Parrish.
Beautiful. Sarcastic. Perpetual bad attitude.
The pretty little distraction from the shit show that was my life.
But the sins of my past were closing in on me, and I learned the hard way that nothing gold can stay.


“So, we’re on the same page?”
“We’re not even reading the same book.”

Bad Influence is my newest obsession!  I found myself laughing, sighing, swooning and even crying.  I loved how much these characters meant to me and that every single time I pick up a book by Charleigh Rose, it becomes an instant favorite.  Her stories are emotional, sexy as hell and the characters always become embedded in my heart.  So if you love romance stories that will pull at your emotions, have fabulous banter and scenes that will have you melting into a puddle, then you definitely need to pick up one of her books!  

Love is real. Powerful. It has the potential to destroy you. To start wars and end lives. Love is a weapon. Love is dangerous, and I want nothing to do with it. – Allie

Within that first chapter I was sucked right in and my heart ached for Allie.  She tried her hardest to be emotionally strong and take care of herself, but she had been dealt a shit hand.  Her mother would rather be with her newest boyfriend and not be bothered by her.  And the way her dad died?  It was horrific, life truly sucks some times.  But Allie was a breath of fresh air to me.  She was fierce, loyal and had the hugest heart. Her sarcasm cracked me up and her taste of music made her feel like she was a long lost friend.  When Allie ended up working at the bar with Lo, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next!

I study him, once again sensing that there’s more to him than his persona. I want to swim in his depths, uncover every little hidden piece that the rest of the world doesn’t get to see.

Let it be known that I had already fallen in love with Jessie Shepard back in Bad Intentions.  You can easily read this book as a standalone, but I have so much love for Bad Intentions too!  Jessie was Lo’s younger brother and his smart mouth, Netflix obsession and take no shit attitude completely hooked me.  Jessie was the ultimate bad boy who was tortured, seductive, charming and hot as fuck. *fans face*  So when Jessie started showing up where Allie always seemed to be, you couldn’t knock the smile off of face.  The way they met had me giggling and smiling so hard.  

He moves toward me, and instinctively I step backwards until my back is flush with the door. “I want you. And I’m sick of playing this game.”
I swallow hard, feeling the warmth of his skin without even touching him. “That’s not why you’re here,” I say, calling his bluff. 
“No,” he admits. “But it definitely sweetens the deal.”
“You had your chance. The offer’s expired.”
“Is that so?” he asks, moving closer. “And what’s changed?” He pinches my chin between his finger and thumb and tilts it up so I’m forced to meet his gaze. 
“Everything.” I don’t know why my voice comes out as more of a whisper.

Both Allie and Jessie were hurt from their pasts and were trying their hardest to find their paths in life.  But while both of them were struggling with their own problems or demons, they kept running into each other.  And while there was a carnal attraction between them, Allie tried her hardest to fight it.  But this is Jessie Shepard we’re talking about, there was no escaping him.  His charm was impossible to resist and the sexual tension between them was intense.  Even the moments that had me laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath, were still sigh inducing.  

He moves past me, his chest skimming my folded arms as he leans in close to my ear. I hold my breath, suppressing the shiver that’s fighting its way through me, but my traitorous heart doesn’t get the message. “See you at home.”

This story toyed with my emotions in the best of ways.  I was enchanted with the push and pull that played with my heart and through it all,  I fell in love.  And while I know that Charleigh Rose’s stories are emotional, this one hit me hard.  I cried, and before I could even stop the tears from falling, I found myself sobbing.  This story reached deep into my heart and Jessie and Allie’s pain became mine.  

She pushes off the doorframe, making her way toward me. Her arms wrap around my middle, palms flattening against my stomach, cheek pressing against my back. I squeeze my eyes shut, allowing her touch to calm the storm inside me.

So yes, a million times yes I recommend this book!  Bad Influence was absolutely everything I look for in a romance story and I loved that we alternated between Allie and Jessie.  I loved how important the side characters were.  You have to meet Halston and Dylan, Allie’s friend.  Btw I would kill for Dylan’s story!  And I loved that we got to see all of our old favorites!  If you’re wanting to give Charleigh Rose a try, this is the perfect book to start with.  Her writing is addicting, her characters are consuming and Bad Influence is my new favorite Charleigh Rose book!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Bad Intentions (Bad Love #2) by Charleigh Rose

BOOK REVIEW: Bad Intentions (Bad Love #2) by Charleigh RoseBad Intentions (Bad Love #2)
by Charleigh Rose
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Moving to River’s Edge was supposed to be a fresh start.
Away from chaos.
Away from bad influences and worse relationships.
All I wanted was to give my little brother more of a chance than I ever had.
It should’ve been simple.
I didn’t count on my transgressions following me.
And I definitely didn’t count on meeting Dare.
Tall, tortured, and tattooed.
A Lost Boy through and through.
Falling for someone like him was asking for heartache.
But I was a sucker for punishment.

I had a routine.
Eat, work, sleep, repeat, only ever doing the bare minimum to keep up appearances.
I kept my circle small and my guard high.
I spent years making sure I didn’t repeat the mistakes of my past, forming an impenetrable layer of ice around my heart.
Then Logan showed up in my town, in my tattoo shop, testing my patience along with my self-control.
She was fire and I was ice.
I should’ve stayed away.
But I had been cold for far too long.


Bad Intentions is my second Charleigh Rose book and I am beyond addicted.  She writes emotional, sexy stories that come to life off of the pages. The characters pull me in quickly and I keep finding myself with tears in my eyes, while I watch them try their hardest to find happiness, hope, and love.  This book was smile inducing, crazy seductive, emotional and I can’t recommend Bad Intentions enough!  While this book can easily be read as a standalone, I highly recommend starting with Bad Habit.  It’s about Dare’s friend, Asher, who you have to meet!  You can read my review of that book here. 

“Aren’t small-town folk supposed to be welcoming, and I don’t know, nice? You don’t have to be a dick about it.”
“Okay?” Who the hell responds with okay?
His lackadaisical response only frustrates me further.
“Okay,” he repeats. “I’m a dick. You’re an asshole who can’t take no for an answer. Glad we’ve established that. Nice to meet you. Now, if you’ll excuse me…”

It’s always just been Logan, aka Lo, and her younger brother, who is a senior in high school.  Their father abandoned them and their mother was an addict.  Lo and her brother, Jesse, just had each other.  And I loved how deep their love ran for one another.  It was one of the countless gems in this book!  In desperate need of a fresh start, Lo tracked down their father and moved her and her brother to the mountains to live with him.  

We’re all flawed, selfish humans doing what it takes in order to survive. Myself included. – Lo

I loved Lo’s voice and it felt like she spoke right to me, she was brutally honest and a realist.  Even though life could be rough for her, she continually pulled herself together to take care of her brother.  Lo had a heart of gold and was beyond resilient.  I had so much respect for her.  Even though it looked like life was finally starting to turn around, shadows from her past hung in the background.  And we got to see exactly how tough she was when it all hit the fan.

Don’t ask her if she’s okay. Don’t ask her if she’s okay.
“You okay?”

While out searching for a job, Lo ran into Dare, who owned the local tattoo shop.  To say he turned her down for a job would be an understatement ha.  It quickly became obvious how tiny this new town was because no matter what happened, they kept finding themselves near each other.  And what started out as a rough meeting, lead the way into Lo and Dare messing with the other.  They made me laugh so hard because it was playful, but at the same time it was also seductive.  While they toyed with each other, it was obvious that there was a carnal attraction that ran between them.  But as time passed, they slowly started to become intertwined into each other’s lives and whatever was between them turned something else.  Lust.  Friendship.  Feelings.  And more.  It all swirled together and was insanely addicting and hot as hell.

I decide that even though I don’t deserve her, I’m too fucking self-serving not to take the only thing that offers me peace. The only thing that allows me to feel warmth when I’ve been cold all my life.

I was obsessed with Dare.  He came across as a closed off jerk, and you know how much I love those guys.  But we eventually got to see all the different sides of him and he had such a beautiful heart.  That heart caused me to have tears in my eyes a few different times.  You see, he became protective of Lo.  He stood up for her. He helped her out.  He was such an amazing man.  Yet while he was thoughtful for others, he was his own worst enemy at times.  His past haunted him.  Just like Lo’s did too.  Unfortunately, not everything stays buried forever.  No matter how hard you wish it would.

This girl is a part of me. The one part of me I love. – Dare

This was such an emotional book.  Countless times I had tears in my eyes.  But I loved how it was extremely sexual too.  So I felt like we got the best of both worlds in this story.  Now I want to go binge read her next two books, they’re so addicting!  If you’re a fan of NA romance that is seductive, hilarious and will pull at your heart then definitely pick this one up!

I had so many countless favorite quotes….so here are a few more I loved:

Dare. That’s not a name. That’s a warning. And I’ve been with enough bad boys to heed the warning. I think.


Well, that was one hell of a first kiss. And I didn’t even make it to her mouth.


“It’s gorgeous,” she breathes.
“Sure the fuck is,” I say, but I’m not talking about the drawing. She looks at it, but I’m looking at her.


“Lo. Stop.” I hold her shoulders, trying to get her to meet my eyes. “I’m just…fuck, I’m concerned for you, okay?”
“I can take care of myself,” she insists, her voice still full of steel.
“I see that. I
know that,” I agree. “But it doesn’t mean no one else can give a shit.”


She’s been here for a couple of weeks, and she’s bringing shit out of me that I thought had died long ago. Conflicted doesn’t even fucking begin to cover it.

BOOK REVIEW: Bad Habit (Bad Love #1) by Charleigh Rose

BOOK REVIEW: Bad Habit (Bad Love #1) by Charleigh Rose Bad Habit (Bad Love #1)
by Charleigh Rose
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I was infatuated with Asher Kelley the moment he came tumbling through my brother’s window five years ago.
Even bruised and bloodied, he was the most beautiful boy I'd ever seen.
We couldn't ever be together.
I was too young, and he was too untouchable.
He was too troubled, and I was too naive.
But the heart is rebellious, and mine decided it didn’t care about any of those things.
As I got older, harmless flirting turned to stolen moments in dark corners.
Until one day, he was gone without a trace.
Now, three years later, he’s back.
Callous and cruel.
He’s my brother’s best friend. My parents’ worst nightmare.
I should hate him.
But like a Bad Habit, I can’t quit him.

I was drawn to Briar Vale from the first time she looked up at me with stars in her big, blue eyes.
She was just a kid, nothing but elbows and knees, but she was the most beautiful creature I'd ever seen.
We could never be together.
I was too old and she was too off limits.
She was too good and I was too fucked up.
Eventually, the temptation became too much to resist.
I risked everything for a kiss and she betrayed me.
Three years have passed and I’m forced to see her again, but now she's all grown up.
She’s my best friend’s baby sister. My downfall.
I hate her for what she did.
But she's always been my drug of choice


Bad Habit was a forbidden love story that was filled with angst and had a strong hate to love vibe.  I was beyond addicted and loved every single minute of it!  The story had lots of drama that kept me glued to the pages and the characters quickly reached deep into my heart.  It was so easy to feel every single one of their emotions. This book was exactly what I was looking for! I absolutely loved Bad Habit and I can’t wait to discover the rest of Charleigh Rose’s books!

This thing between Briar and me is like a runaway train. It can’t be stopped, and it’ll take us both straight to hell.

Asher Kelley, aka Ash, was her older brother’s best friend.  Briar Vale always thought it was one-sided until one fateful night he came stumbling into her house bloody and injured.  Again. She was 14 and Asher was 18. And while he fought it, something happened between them, and then he disappeared without saying goodbye.  But three years later, he came back. Asher seemed livid at Briar and Briar couldn’t ignore all of her old feelings that rushed back into her heart.  This time, there was no escaping each other.

“Relax.” I discreetly grab one of his hands, uncurling his fingers and rubbing his palm with my thumb. His hard eyes soften at my touch, and being the one person who can get through to him when he’s like this cracks the last piece of my hesitant heart wide open. It’s his. It’s always been his. I just wish he’d realize it.

Asher quickly owned my heart and his tortured soul spoke to me.  He lost his mother at a young age and he was raised by a drunken father who liked to use him as a punching bag.  Thankfully he could escape to his best friend’s, Dashiell aka Dash, house. And Dash was Briar’s older brother. Dash and Briar both loved Asher as though he was a part of their family.  Even if their parents didn’t.

My initial thought is to say no. I tell myself that I shouldn’t let her get attached. But who the fuck am I kidding? We’re beyond attached. She’s in my head, my fucking veins, and in whatever’s left of my heart, whether either one of us likes it or not.
“I’ll be here.”

Anytime Briar and Ash were near each other, the air would literally crackle with electricity.  Moments between them were risky, forbidden and it was all so extremely hot.  There were a few scenes that even shocked me *fans face*.  But Ash could be so hurtful to Briar. He would be the biggest douche bag ever and then he’d go back to being addicting and charismatic without even trying.  No matter what he did to her, Briar and I kept getting pulled in further.

I don’t hold back. I fuck her like I hate her, because part of me still does. I don’t fully understand the depths of my feelings for Briar, but make no mistake, I’d kill for this girl.

Their story was not an easy path.  There was so much love and hate mixed together.  Ash could definitely be his own worst enemy but thankfully Briar started to get a backbone.  But no matter what they would fight about, they’d find themselves touching, kissing and more.  There was so much longing between them that the moment they would even touch it would get erotic.  Then the next moment, Ash’s walls would go back up.  He’d go back to hating Briar and Briar would be heartbroken.  

“Tell me, Briar,” I whisper, getting closer to her ear. “Did he make you come from a kiss like I did? Does he know what you sound like as you do? Because I can still hear you. I can still see you.”

Throughout the story there were some flashbacks and I loved how it showed how close Briar and Ash were.  Yes he was her brother’s best friend, but he was also hers too.  They found comfort and confided in one another. You could see that they deeply cared for each other and it was obvious that Briar loved Ash with her whole heart and soul for years.  We got to watch as things changed between them. How tension found its way into their relationship and it turned into now. So when there were moments of the old Ash shining through, I got why Briar kept putting her heart on the line again and again.

Bad habits are easy to make and impossible to break, and Asher was the worst addiction of them all. I let him crawl inside my body, and he burned me from the inside out, leaving nothing but ashes in his absence.

There were so many other characters that added to this story, Dash, Nat and Adrian each stole my heart.  So if you’re looking for a seductive and sexy read this is definitely your book! Yes there was an age difference, some lack of communication and lots of drama, but I loved it. The characters spoke so deeply to me and this story was so heartbreaking perfect that I loved every single thing about Bad Habit.  Bad Habit was extremely emotional and I can’t wait to binge read the rest of Charleigh Rose’s books.  

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