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BOOK REVIEW: Dissent: A Charity Romance (Prove It by Lauren Stewart)

BOOK REVIEW: Dissent: A Charity Romance (Prove It by Lauren Stewart)Dissent: A Charity Romance (Prove It by Lauren Stewart) by Lauren Stewart
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DISSENT is a charity romance anthology with NEW, never before published content from over 150 authors of all romance genres. All proceeds from the eBook and paperbacks will be donated to organizations benefiting reproductive rights in the United States, particularly in areas where people need them more than ever.

Dissent will only be available for a very limited time, so grab your copy today!

**We are not affilited nor endorsed by any of these charities. We are simply a community bound by a single cause: protecting the basic human right of body autonomy.**

AUTHORS INCLUDE: Brighton Walsh, Nicole French, Kennedy Fox, A.M. Roark, A.R. Hall, Aarti V Raman, Aidy Award, Alexis Anne, Amanda Richardson, Amelia Wilde, Amie Knight, Amy Quinton, Anna Michael, Aria Wyatt, Ashley Lane, Autumn Jones Lake, B. Celeste, Blair Babylon, Brenda St John Brown, Brenna Aubrey, Bri Blackwood, Cara Dee, Carmen Jenner, C.L. Matthews, Cassie Graham, Celia Kyle, Charity Ferrell, Claire Wilder, Claudia Burgoa, Dakota Willink, Dani René, Daniela Romero, Dee Garcia, Dee Lagasse, Deidre-Ann Anderson, Donna Grant, Echo Grayce, Elena Aitken, Elle Thorpe, Ellis Leigh, Emily Colin, Emily Goodwin, Erica Alexander, Erin Parisien, Eva Charles, Eva Moore, Evelyn Adams, Glenna Maynard, H.D. Carlton, Haley Jenner, Heidi McLaughlin, Holly Mortimer, Hope Jones, Ines Johnson, Iris Morland, J. Saman, J. Sterling, J.H. Croix, J.L. Beck & C. Hallman, J.M. Walker, Jane Blythe, Janet Berry, Jasmin Miller, JD HOLLYFIELD, Jen Stevens, Jenika Snow, Jenna Hartley, Jenna Lynn, Jennifer Sucevic, Jessica Florence, Jillian Liota, Julia Kent, Kait Nolan, Kat Latham, Kat Savage, Kate Canterbary, Kate King and Jessa Wilder, Kate Meader, Kathy Coopmans, K.B. Cinder, K.D. Proctor, Kelly Maher, Kim Loraine, Kym Grosso, Lainey Davis, Laramie Briscoe, Laura Hall, Laura Lee, Lauren Stewart, Lea Coll, Len Webster, Lili Valente, Linnea May, Lisa Shelby, Lissanne Jones, Lucy Lennox, Mary Ann Marlowe, Max Henry, Megan Ryder, Melissa Andrea, Melissa Marino, Melonie Johnson, Mia Harlan, Mignon Mykel, Molly O’Hare, Monica Corwin, Morgan Jane Mitchell, N.A. Moore, Natasha Raulerson, Nicole Blanchard, Nina Levine, Pamela DuMond, Patricia D. Eddy, Persephone Autumn, R.L. Kenderson, Rachel Brookes, Raven James, Rebecca Paula, Rebecca Yarros, Regina Kyle, R. Castro, Roxie Noir, S. Cinders, Sade Rena, Saffron A. Kent, Samantha Lind, Sarah M. Cradit, Scarlett Cole, S.E. Rose, Shaw Hart, Sydney St. James, S.J. Sylvis, Skye Alder, Stephanie Anne, Suzanne Baltsar, Sylvie Stewart, T.K. Leigh, Tabatha Vargo, Tamara Lush, Taryn Quinn, Tawna Fenske, T. Gephart, Toni Aleo, Tracy Krimmer, Tricia Lynne, Trish Milburn, V.F. Mason, V.L. Souders, Vanessa Booke, Vivian Wood, Zoe Ashwood, and Zoe York


Prove It was a steamy addition to Dissent: A Charity Romance Anthology!  From those first few pages I was hooked.  I absolutely loved Rachel.  She had no problem speaking her mind.  And her interactions with a man in a bar who was sexy, mysterious and knew how to take control had me finishing this story in one sitting.  Rachel wasn’t able to see him, but she could feel him and the whole situation was erotic *fans face*.  I had to know what happened next. I loved how he was controlling in the most perfect of ways and that he also realized there could be a limit.  Together they were so much fun!

“Just say the word, and I’ll leave you alone, understood?”
I pressed my lips together and tightened my grip around him.
He groaned. “Did you hear me?”
I nodded. “I just didn’t know which word would make you leave me alone, so I didn’t want to risk using any of them.”

Oh Adam *sighs out loud*.  He was magnificent.  I loved his back story and how he got to where he was.  And I loved even more that we got some of the chapters in his voice.  His moments with Rachel were seductive and steamy.  And while this book was beyond scorching hot, there was also a beautiful romance story in there too.  One that left me rooting for them and their HEAs.  So by the time we got to that final page, my heart was so happy!  If you’re looking for a steamy, quick read that will leave you smiling then I can’t recommend Prove It enough!  I would have gladly read this as a full size novel.  There was so much within the story that could have led it there, but it also worked perfectly for a short story.  Definitely don’t miss out on this story within this anthology!

I didn’t regret a second of it, and I prayed she didn’t either.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Everything He Isn’t by Lauren Stewart

BOOK REVIEW: Everything He Isn’t by Lauren StewartEverything He Isn't by Lauren Stewart
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Opposites might attract, but they don't always get along.

After years of working at my father’s interior design firm, I’ve finally landed my first solo project.

I have no intention of letting anything screw it up. Now, more than ever, I need order and control.

So, of course, that’s when fate tosses a hot mess of temptation into my life.

Cooper Wahl is completely wrong for me. He’s everything on my “con” column and nothing from the “pro” side.

Unfortunately, he's also known as the ultimate fix-it guy, and I desperately need his help to prevent my project from falling apart.

The more time I spend with him and his pocket-sized dog, the more I question if the rules I live by were made to be broken.

Can I keep things strictly professional with Cooper and focus on furthering my career? Or will the wrong man—and a bit of disorder—be exactly what I need?

Laugh-out-loud rom-com meets engaging emotion in Everything He Isn’t, the latest must-read contemporary romance by Lauren Stewart!


Everything He Isn’t quickly pulled me in and was an instant favorite! With a grumpy and sunshine vibe, fabulous banter, heartwarming friendships and steamy scenes, this book swept me away. The characters stole my heart, the story line played out like a movie and I loved every single thing about this book! Romance lovers will fall hard for this story!

“If we’re not following each other, what should we call it?”
He squinted. “We could call it fate.”
he corner of his mouth lifted, and my heart clenched.

Sophie Dillon had been handed her largest project ever, with her dad’s interior design firm. After some hiccups along the way, she ended up needing Cooper Wahl’s help. His business was the perfect fit for what she needed, but Cooper himself was not the best fit for Sophie personally. Even if there were tons of sparks between them. But the more time they spent around each other, it was hard to deny what was there. Even if Sophie had a list three pages long for why Cooper wasn’t what she was looking for. Or was he?

Every second of every day for as long as I could remember I’d known what I wanted, and he wasn’t it. – Sophie

I loved Sophie right away, quirks and all. She had lots of preconceived notions for what she wanted in life, how her life was to go and she lived by her lists. She was also extremely driven and was dedicated to her father’s business. She wanted more than anything to prove to him that she could be trusted with his business someday. Underneath it all, she was the most fabulous friend, hilarious, quick witted, kind, and smart. But she could definitely be judgmental at times. And all of those times, her judgement was directed right at Cooper.

I didn’t know my neighbors, mostly because they were people, and being civil would only encourage them to talk to me again. – Cooper

Cooper was the ultimate book boyfriend! But my heart hurt for him since he was jaded from his past and damaged by his ex. It made him a little leery of beautiful women, like Sophie. So I loved that we got to alternate chapters between them and hear all that he had to say too! Because while Sophie would always try and be positive, Cooper was the polar opposite. He could be such a grump lol! His grumpy thoughts made me smile and laugh so much. But at the same time he could be kind, generous, loyal and protective. I loved all sides of Cooper!

We shouldn’t fit together, but we did. Better than I’d ever fit with anyone. – Cooper

When Sophie and Cooper were in the same room, it was electrifying. Not only was their banter smile inducing, but the tension between them was so steamy. And while they both judged each other, the sizzling chemistry was impossible to ignore! The way everything evolved was addictive and as the book progressed, oh goodness, it was so hot! Ohhh and I have to say that Lauren Stewart is the queen of meet cutes! Sophie and Cooper’s meet cute?! I was laughing so hard! It is one of my favorites, ever!

Seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day.
For eleven years.
No crying.
No indecision.
No doubts about what I wanted or the person I was meant to be with.
Every day.
Except today.
Today, he ruined everything.

Everything He Isn’t tricked me in the best of ways. I started the story out laughing at Sophie and her antics and I had so much fun watching everything unfold. But somehow along the way my feelings became intense. And before I knew it, my heart was in my throat and I cried three different times. This book snuck up on me and became my every thought. It was heartwarming yet powerful. Hilarious yet serious. And I loved every single minute of it!

“I need to be with you, Soph,” he whispered against my cheek. “I can’t give up on something I know is real. We’re right together.”

On top of Sophie and Cooper, there were the most fabulous of friends and family! I could easily write forever about them! Plus there was the most adorable dog ever! So if you love adult romance, you definitely need this book in your life! Everything He Isn’t consumed my every waking thought. With friendship, romance, banter, steam and tons of heart filling the pages, I loved this book with my whole heart!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Darker Water (Once and Forever #1) by Lauren Stewart

BOOK REVIEW: Darker Water (Once and Forever #1) by Lauren StewartDarker Water (Once and Forever #1)
by Lauren Stewart
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Some fairytales begin with a kiss...

I finally get it. And to think, it only took my heart being pried out of my chest and stomped on five separate times by men who claimed they loved me. That’s got to be a record, right?
Let me put it as simply as I can.
Fairy tales aren’t real. Love is a lie. And, at least in my experience, sex never comes with a happy ending.
Fortunately, I still have a battery-operated boyfriend who’ll never fall out of love with me. I won’t walk in on him in bed with another woman either. Nope. As long as I keep supplying him with fresh batteries, B.O.B’s only purpose in life is to make me happy.
And, damn it, I deserve to be happy. I’m a nice person. I work hard. And, most importantly, I've learned my lesson:
I will never, ever let a man near my heart again.

My secret to happiness is to be completely upfront with what I want and, trust me, it has nothing to do with Laney’s heart. Her lips? Hell yeah. A few other parts of her body? You better f*cking believe it. But her heart? Nope. Not even a little.
Until it does…a lot.
Forget I said that. I don’t have feelings for anyone. They were all ripped out of me when I was a kid.
This thing between Laney and me could be great. But we have to follow certain rules. We have a good time—no dates, no sleepovers, no expectations. When one of us is ready for something new or if she starts getting too attached, we move on with no hard feelings. Win-win, and everybody’s happy.
I came into this thinking it would be the same thing as it had always been and that she was like any other woman.
It isn’t. She isn’t.
But how do I tell her she deserves someone better, someone who can love her, someone who’s not broken, if I can’t seem to let her go?


Darker Water was a steamy, heart-felt story that constantly had me smiling.  Just within those first few pages, I was already laughing and obsessed with our two main characters.  It all flowed so seamlessly and I devoured it in no time at all. Darker Water became an instant favorite and I’m kicking myself that I didn’t pick it up sooner.  Especially since I bought this book four years ago.

He was ten times more wicked than anyone I’d ever dated, the complete opposite of everything I used to look for in a man. Untamed, irreverent, demanding. Exactly what I needed. I wouldn’t fall in fake-love with a guy like this in a million years.

Laney Temple had sworn off guys, after having her heart stomped on again and again.  So when Carson Bennett barged into her life, she told him to go away. Their first conversation had me cracking up so hard and it’s going down as one of my favorite meet cutes!  You see, Carson knew what he wanted and it was Laney in his bed.  He didn’t do relationships and he was completely upfront with Laney.  It seemed crazy at first, but then it started to sound like the perfect situation.  But something got in their way and they parted, which left me begging for more!

“Do you ever think us spending time with each other is one big, drawn out lapse of good judgment?”
“All the fucking time,” he muttered, his lips grazing my forehead before he walked away.

From there, Carson and Laney started to meet for coffee which lead to them hanging out.  They weren’t dating, they weren’t having sex, they were actually getting to know one another.  So while a friendship and trust started to form, they struck a deal. Laney wanted to learn how to not mix sex and love.  And Carson had never been friends with someone he slept with.  And while neither of them wanted to get attached, it’s funny how life doesn’t always work out how you want it too.

“If I get you drunk, will you let me take advantage of you?” I teased.
“Alright, that’s it,” he growled. He took the dress box from me, picked me up, plopped my ass on a display of jeans, and nudged my knees apart so he could stand between them. “I tried to be patient. I really did, but this friend thing sucks.”
“Umm…” I took a quick breath when he put his hands on my thighs. “You know we’re in public, right?”

I. Loved. Carson.  If you love alpha males then you have to meet Carson.  He was addictive, seductive, powerful and charming without any effort at all. His words and actions had me melting into a puddle.  Even if he was kind of an ass at times, but that didn’t matter because I loved how kind he was to Laney.  I was so obsessed with him that I’ve already gone back and re-read so many of the scenes where he shows exactly who he was and what he could do.  Sigh.

“If I turn around now things are going to escalate, Lane.” I spoke with my eyes closed, my hands clutching the countertop. “So what would you say if I asked you how far you wanted to go with this?”
“I’d say, ‘Why are you asking me questions when you should be fucking me?’”

I loved Laney too!  She was brave, outspoken and I loved how she stood up for herself.  I had so much respect for her and her sharp mouth. So when Laney and Carson were together?  Be prepared to laugh, they were hilarious! They were so perfect together, especially when they crossed that physical line.  Those moments were toe curling and would leave the hugest smile on my face.  I loved how steamy and exhilarating they were *fans face*.

“Being with you makes me feel like I’m more of a man, because I know without a doubt that I would do whatever it took to protect you.” My voice caught. “So that’s what I’m finally doing. I’m telling you to go away.”
She lifted her head to say one word: “No.”

This book also had a strong emotional side and I kept hoping they’d see what I saw.  How much they deserved one another. So looking back, this book was a ton of fun. Darker Water made me laugh, smile, sigh and even tugged on my heart which made tears spill from my eyes.  Now I’m looking forward to picking up the second book.  It’s about Carson’s brother and just from the few glances we got of him, I can’t wait to learn all there is about Hayden!

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