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BOOK REVIEW: Mafia Madman (The Kings of Italy #3) by Mila Finelli

BOOK REVIEW: Mafia Madman (The Kings of Italy #3) by Mila FinelliMafia Madman (The Kings of Italy #3)
by Mila Finelli
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I may be a mafia princess, but I have bigger plans than to stay in this sheltered world.

I’m in Milan to pursue my dreams as a fashion designer. Having an affair is the last thing on my mind, except he’s handsome and charming and Italian. In other words, he’s irresistible.

What’s the harm in having a little fun?


Years of work, my family, and almost my life—all stolen from me. For four years I rebuilt my empire, plotting in secret, planning to make him suffer as I suffered.

When the perfect weapon drops into my lap, who am I to say no?

Except Gia doesn’t seem to mind my darkness. She likes it, even welcomes it.

I can’t let her distract me, no matter how much I want her. No matter the fire that burns hot between us. I’ll have her—and then I’ll break her.

If she expects mercy, she’ll be disappointed. I’m no hero. I’m a ruthless king, born to be the villain.


MAFIA MADMAN is written by a USA Today Bestselling author. It can be read as a standalone, but it's probably better if you read Mafia Mistress and Mafia Darling first!

If you like feisty heroines, heroes who are a little bit cruel and a lot filthy, and plenty of heat, then welcome to Mila's twisted world. Don't say you weren't warned!


Mafia Madman is Enzo and Gia’s story, and I was not prepared.  While this can be read as a standalone, I highly recommend reading the two previous books in this series.  You’ll see how everything evolved, which led to Enzo being kidnapped.  And for the horrific torture he was put through.  I actually was very unsure about reading this story.  Enzo was filth in my eyes.  What he did was unforgivable.  Yet, Mila Finella had me not only feel compassion and empathy towards him.  But my heart fell for him too.  And I didn’t think that was ever going to happen.

He put his mouth near my ear and whispered, “What I want, Gia Roberts Mancini, is revenge.”

Gia was a mafia princess, who landed in Enzo’s crosshairs.  Her brother-in-law was his mortal enemy.  And that made Gia stuck in a very precarious situation.  So I was terrified for Gia.  That she had a monster lurking in the dark after her.  Where Gia ended up had me gripping the pages with dread simmering within me.  I was cheering her on every step of the way with her ingenious ways and perseverance.  I won’t say more, because there are way too many spoilers.  Just know that this story was extremely erotic with BDSM.  And we were given an epilogue in the future that will have you feeling all happy and warm inside.  Next up is Giulio’s story, I can’t wait!

BOOK REVIEW: Mafia Mistress (The Kings of Italy #1) & Mafia Darling (The Kings of Italy #2) by Mila Finelli

BOOK REVIEW: Mafia Mistress (The Kings of Italy #1) & Mafia Darling (The Kings of Italy #2) by Mila FinelliMafia Mistress (The Kings of Italy #1)
by Mila Finelli
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Book 1 of 2 (Duet)


I am the darkness, the man whose illicit empire stretches around the globe. Not many have the courage for what needs to be done to maintain power . . .but I do.

And I always get what I want.

Including my son's fiancée.

She's mine now, and I'll use Francesca any way I see fit. She's the perfect match to my twisted desires, and I'll keep her close, ready and waiting at my disposal.

Even if she fights me at every turn.


I was stolen away and held prisoner in Italy, a bride for a mafia king's only heir.

Except I'm no innocent, and it's the king himself—the man called il Diavolo—who appeals to me in sinful ways I never dreamed. Fausto's wickedness draws me in, his power like a drug. And when the devil decides he wants me, I'm helpless to resist him—even if it means giving myself to him, body and soul.

He may think he can control me, but this king is about to find out who's really the boss.


Mafia Mistress was an age gap mafia romance that was beyond steamy.  With a story that had me gasping within those first few pages, my heart felt for Francesca, aka Frankie.  She had dreams of college, only to become a bargaining chip in the mafia world.  She was to become someone else’s wife.  And Fausto came to collect.  This man was cold and calculating, drugging and kidnapping were just as easy as breathing to him.  Yet from the moment they met, there were sparks.  And those sparks were going to create a wildfire!

Do not ever try to tell me you weren’t made for this life, that you weren’t born to rule as a queen.

I loved that no matter what, Frankie refused to give up.  She fought every step of the way.  And even through it all, she still had her sense of humor.  Her thoughts made her so easy to click with!  But even if Frankie wanted to hate Fausto, the longing and sexual tension between the two of them was beautifully done.  Fausto was beyond seductive.  Even with his lethal and deadly ways, he simmered through the pages.  So when more happened in this story, oh my gosh it was detailed and so hot.  Yet Fausto was stuck in his ways, and I wanted to smack him each time he said I don’t have to explain myself to you to Frankie.  I kept waiting for the moment where Fausto would be forced to change if he wanted to keep Frankie.

“I’ll stab you with something sharper than a pen.”
I couldn’t help it, I laughed. “Many have tried, Francesca.  I wouldn’t recommend it.” Rising, I cupped her jaw in my hands. “The devil cannot be killed.”

This book had a trope that usually I’m not a fan of, but it was done so well. There was no way I couldn’t not love how it played into the story!  And then this story ended with a bang.  It was a fabulous cliffhanger that will have you reaching for that second book now!  This book was so easy to devour and is a must read for those that love spicy mafia books!


BOOK REVIEW: Mafia Mistress (The Kings of Italy #1) & Mafia Darling (The Kings of Italy #2) by Mila FinelliMafia Darling (The Kings of Italy #2)
by Mila Finelli
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Part 2 of 2 -- Not a standalone!


In my world, loyalty is everything. I shouldn’t have let her get close. I shouldn’t have let her get under my skin.

But that doesn’t mean I’ll let another take her from me. He’ll pay with his life, because nothing will keep me from reclaiming what I lost.

Francesca is mine and I’m keeping her.


I found a dangerous man who makes me burn with need, a man I can’t live without . . .until he accused me of betrayal and sent me away.

Then I was kidnapped by his rival. Fausto thinks he can rescue me and have me begging at his feet once more. But I’m done begging.

This time, it will be the king who breaks.


Mafia Darling was a continuation of Francesca and Fausto from Mafia Mistress, this was not a standalone.  So with sacrifice, love and forgiveness bleeding through the pages, we were taken on a wild ride.  And again, this story was extremely seductive and erotic.  But my favorite thing was watching those we care for grow.  Especially Fausto.  I didn’t think I could get past a few things, but he made me cry happy tears.  And laugh… oh the present, just wait lol.

“My piccola monella, don’t you know that everything I do is for you? I will cheat and steal and kill for you. I will burn down the entire world to keep you safe.”

There was also torture, kidnapping and betrayal within this story, so there were some dark twists and turns.  When you put it all together, it made for a book that was easy to devour.  And it ended with the most fabulous epilogue set in the future.  If you love erotic mafia romance, definitely add these two books to your tbr!

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