BOOK REVIEW: The Sweetheart Deal (Blossom Glen #1) by Miranda Liasson

BOOK REVIEW: The Sweetheart Deal (Blossom Glen #1) by Miranda LiassonThe Sweetheart Deal (Blossom Glen #1)
by Miranda Liasson
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From the bestselling author of the Angel Falls series, two enemies say “I do” in the first irresistible book about Blossom Glen.

Pastry chef Tessa Montgomery knows what everyone in the teeny town of Blossom Glen says about her. Spinster. Ice Queen. Such a shame. It’s enough to make a woman bake her troubles away, dreaming of Parisian delicacies while she makes bread at her mother’s struggling boulangerie. That is until Tessa’s mortal enemy―deliciously handsome (if arrogant) chef Leo Castorini, who owns the restaurant next door―proposes a business plan…to get married.

Leo knows that the Castorinis and the Montgomerys hate each other, but a marriage might just force these stubborn families to work together and blend their businesses for success. The deal is simple: Tessa and Leo marry, live together for six months, and then go their separate ways. Easy peasy.

It’s a sweetheart deal where everyone gets what they want―until feelings between the faux newlyweds start seriously complicating the mix. Have they discovered the perfect recipe for success…or is disaster on the way?


The Sweetheart Deal was a heartwarming story that had the most wonderful happily ever after.  With a bit of an enemies to lovers vibe, elements of Romeo and Juliet and a fake marriage, this book was quickly devoured.  If you adore family, friendship, small towns and your romance sweet, then definitely add this one to your tbr!

When their gazes snared, he actually sucked in a breath because she looked worried and a little fidgety and…beautiful. There was no other word. He couldn’t even lie to himself.
His nemesis was beautiful.

Tessa and Leo both felt stuck.  Tessa was helping her mother’s french style bakery, which was in desperate need of more business.  But her dreams were to be a pastry chef, they definitely weren’t baking bread all day or being stuck in a small town where she was referred to as an ice queen.  And Leo had so many fabulous ideas to help his father’s struggling Italian restaurant, but his father was set in his ways and refused to listen.  To top it all off, their families’ businesses were next door to each other and had an ongoing feud that stretched generations.  So when Leo came up with an idea that would help both families get what they want, Tessa was blindsided that it was marriage.  Between them.

Living with him in this adorable little place was not playing house.
They were on a mission. Project Save the Bakery/Restaurant began tomorrow.
And she’d better not forget that.

 I liked Tessa right away.  Yes she’d been given the name ice queen and spinster, but my heart hurt for her.  She was dumped by her cheating ex, who still came into their store.  But Tessa was loyal and put her dreams on hold to help the family business.  She was also loving, selfless and had huge walls.  I loved that anytime Leo was around, she seemed to come alive.  Her and Leo had a past as rivalries for academics in High School.  There was definitely a little bit of hate going on after all of these years.  But there was a whole lot of sparks too.

He knocked elbows with her.
That simple, playful gesture slayed her.  She was suddenly filled with a longing so intense she felt it might crush her.  For love.  For a family.  For a life.

I loved Leo!  He was strong, level headed, thoughtful and knew what he wanted in life.  Leo also had walls, but with his easy going smile and charming personality, it wasn’t always noticeable.  Until you got close enough to him.  He desperately wanted to help his dad’s business now that he was back in town for good.  And he knew that teaming up with Tessa was the ultimate solution.  But with their two families feuding, the only way they could accomplish their goals and get their families to listen was if he and Tessa got married.  And once he got Tessa on board, eeps, it was so delightful!

She met his gaze, and there he was, looking at her with a secretive glint in those big, moony Italian eyes.
And just like that, something in her heart broke open.

The fake dating trope is one of my favorites, but when you bump it up to marriage, it took it to another level.  And with them moving in together, I loved the forced proximity!  So while Leo and Tessa had a lot in common, they still struggled with one another.  Their past, their present to even their future seemed to create obstacles between them, but it just added to the entertainment of it all.  Their story was heartwarming, emotional, and there was lots of chemistry between them too.   But when it came to more, that happened off the pages.  Throw in small town characters and two families that felt larger than life, I found this story a lot of fun!

She’d left her scent in his bed and her imprint on his soul.
And he was in big trouble. Because he’d gone and fallen for his wife.

The Sweetheart Deal was an adorable story that kept me smiling.  It was an easy read with likeable characters and a story-line that kept me interested.  This was my first story by Miranda Liasson, and I’m looking forward to the next book in this series!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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  1. Sophie

    That seems just what I love in books!

    • Jen

      Me too! It’s the best feeling finishing a book and walking away with a huge smile!

  2. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    This seems like such a sweet, small town romance! What’s weird is that I’m not a big fan of the fake dating trope, but I like a fake marriage/marriage of convenience trope. Go figure! I think it’s because the fake marriage also usually includes forced proximity and I’m all over that. 🙂 And I love the way it sounds like Leo and Tessa had such great chemistry!
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…The Sunday Post #278 | January 30, 2022My Profile

    • Jen

      That is so funny because this was my first ever fake marriage and I’m obsessed! I can’t believe I’ve read a lot of fake dating but not this spin on the trope. I now need alllll the books with fake marriage lol! Yes, they had such great chemistry ♥.

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