BOOK REVIEW: Small Town Swoon (Cherry Tree Harbor #4) by Melanie HarlowSmall Town Swoon (Cherry Tree Harbor #4)
by Melanie Harlow
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Only in the movies does the Hollywood heartthrob fall for the small town diner waitress.

So when Dashiel Buckley returns to Cherry Tree Harbor for a wedding, I'm determined not to let my massive crush on my best friend's older brother hijack my good sense.

(It happened once before. Do not recommend.)

But when my hand is injured, it's Dash who steps in at the diner. The moment he realizes I can't afford to fix my car, he takes care of it. And when he hears about the way my toxic ex treated me, he refuses to let it go.

Now it's not just his blue eyes and sexy smile that have me swooning, it's the way he wants to help me. Encourage me. Protect me.

I can't resist.

Our text messages heat up. Our phone calls melt all my defenses. "Just friends" turns into "just once," and "just once" becomes a distant memory. Night after night, he warms my bed, my body, and my heart.

But it can't last.

Our dreams have us on two different paths-Dash wants the lights, camera, action of Hollywood, and I'll always be a small town girl.

If only I could be his.


Small Town Swoon was a beautiful, heartwarming story about a Hollywood actor and his little sister’s best friend back home.  She was a waitress at her parent’s diner, and it was set in a small town that had all the charm.  With memorable moments, characters that will capture your heart, steam that was fabulous, and a happily ever after that will have you crying tears of joy, I can’t recommend this book enough!

Ari had practically grown up at our house and had been like another little sister to me.
Until one day she wasn’t.

First off, this book can easily be read as a standalone, but I can’t recommend the previous books in this series enough!  You’ll definitely want to meet the rest of the Buckley brothers.  They are beyond sexy, will melt your heart, and are so swoon worthy!

His eyes scanned the photos on the wall, and he laughed. “What happened there?”
I followed his line of sight to his headshot. “Oh, that. Uh, someone broke in and vandalized your picture.”
“Just my picture?”
I nodded, pressing my lips together.

Dash was desperately wanting to change what his next role entailed.  He was looking for something deep and emotional, yet he struggled with hiding from his feelings.  So his agent sent home to get in touch with himself.  Back home was Ari, who had been in love with him forever.  Before he left for Hollywood, there was a moment that made Ari hate him.  Or at least she tried to hate him.  Yet when she ran into him, all of her feelings came flooding back.  And that scene will have you screaming with laughter and joy!

Was it wrong that I was getting myself off while thinking about my sister’s best friend, just like I used to when she was sixteen and sleeping down the hall?
Probably. But damn, it felt good.

I loved Dash with my whole heart.  He was thoughtful, kind, and had this charisma about him that made it so effortless to like him.  And being around Ari again, they got along so well.  Their banter was fabulous.  They knew each other inside out.  So when Dash would help Ari time and again, it was so easy to fall in love with him.  Yet all of those moments felt so brotherly to Ari.  If only she knew the dirty thoughts he was having about her!  

How do you think about me?
                                                I am not sure I should answer that question.
Answer it.
                             Next level it was.
In bed with me.
Begging for my cock.
                                                Why would I have to beg?
Because I’m not done fucking you with my tongue.

I adored Ari.  She was pure joy and made me smile so much.  Plus she had this fire in her that seemed to burn brighter every time Dash was around.  I loved that she wanted to help her parent’s diner.  And I hoped that her fabulous ideas for menu items would be seen by them.  So each time Dash was around Ari, I felt the butterflies she did.  It was impossible not to be consumed by Dash’s spell.  So when they finally did cross that line of friendship, I couldn’t stop smiling.

I put my lips at her ear. “Good girl.”

So with steamy phone sex, fabulous dirty talk, and a friends with benefits relationship, this book was so steamy.  When you mix that in with heartfelt moments like braiding hair, fixing her house, or even attending one of Dash’s brother’s wedding, sigh.  This book was so emotional too.  And I loved that we got to alternate between the two of them.

I opened my mouth to say a hundred different things—I miss you, I wish you were here, I think I might be in love with you—but nothing came out. I was too afraid I’d make things worse, not better.

While there were struggles, I loved how this book felt more light-hearted.  Yet I still cried all the tears.  There were so many happy ones towards the end, and some of those moments it was impossible not to laugh while crying tears of joy.  The grand gesture was one of the best.  And the epilogue was everything!  We got a fabulous look into the future, and it was more than I ever could have hoped and dreamed for!  We also got peeks into Dash’s brother’s lives too.  So if you love romance, definitely add this one to your list!  This book had me smiling from that first page to the last and is easily one of my top favorites from 2024!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


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