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BOOK REVIEW: Bookworm by Cookie O’Gorman

BOOK REVIEW: Bookworm by Cookie O’GormanBookworm by Cookie O'Gorman
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Bookworm (buk-werm): Someone who loves books, reading, and/or studying. For reference, see Charlotte Kent.

Seventeen-year-old Charlotte Kent likes happy endings. Not that she's looking for one herself. Awkward, never been kissed, and bookish to the core, Lottie would rather read about love than experience it.

But she enjoys helping others find their HEA in books.

Lottie loves working at the library…even if it means running into Bo Stryker.

Broody, athletic, and unfairly attractive when he frowns, Bo works at the flower shop across the street. Lottie is about to get rejected…when surprisingly, Bo steps in, pretends to be her boyfriend, and steals her first kiss.

One viral video later, everyone thinks they're together.

Bo wants to keep pretending. Lottie wants to make amends—long story short: she was on a ladder; he startled her; the book slap was an accident.

A fake relationship may be the solution. But as they grow closer, Lottie can't help falling for Bo—which is a disaster because grumpy sunshine only works in fiction…right?

This book features two opposites with undeniable chemistry, one lovable librarian, so many stolen kisses and answers the question:

What happens when a nerd falls for the grump-next-door?


Reading never failed me. Unlike people, books were reliable; they always provided a welcome escape. 
And I needed that now.

Bookworm was an adorable, feel good romance that will keep you smiling from that first page to the last!  With grumpy sunshine mixed with fake dating, it was impossible not to fall in love with this story.  The characters leapt from the pages, the storyline made it impossible to put down and this book easily landed on my favorites list!  This story was not only laugh out loud hilarious but it was filled with heart and so much charm too!  If you love young adult romance, you definitely need this book in your life!

“I make you nervous,” he said. 
“One hundred percent,” I said back. There was no use lying. My cheeks were starting to hurt I was smiling so hard. 
Bo, on the other hand, looked like he was gritting his teeth.

Bo Stryker worked at the flower shop across the street from the library where Charlotte Kent volunteered.  When Bo stepped in, and saved Charlotte from an embarrassing situation, he stole her first kiss.  And that kiss went viral.  That moment was swoon worthy, sigh worthy, and had me absolutely obsessed!  What followed was a beautiful journey filled with opposites attracts, friendship, first love, bookcussions and fabulous banter!  And I have to say that I didn’t read the synopsis close enough because when I got to their last names I was screaming out loud!  I couldn’t wait to see how this was tied to her other books.  But don’t worry, you don’t have to read any other story before jumping into this one.

Bo didn’t want to talk about The Kiss. 
He wanted to pretend as if it never happened. 
I could do that. 
I could. 
Even if he was my first. 
Even if I could still feel the press of his mouth against mine.

Charlotte cracked me up and is one of my favorite heroines!   I loved how honest and forthcoming she was.  Her thoughts made me feel connected to her.  And I loved how she helped others find happiness in a book and also had no qualms about spying on others.  But what I loved most of all, was how she could make Bo feelCharlotte could be such a ray of sunshine to Bo’s grumpy clouds.  And the moment she could get him to smile or react had me glued to the pages.  So while it was beautiful watching their friendship progress, I was shocked that Charlotte didn’t believe in HEAs….outside of a book.  That hurt my heart.  I kept my fingers crossed that Bo could get her to have a change of heart, even if they were only fake dating.

“I thought you hated having me around,” I admitted. 
“I don’t.” 
“You even told me how much you hate people.” 
“Not you,” he said. 
My heart skipped a beat. 
“I could never hate you, Kent.”

Bo was the star soccer player at his high school who had a perpetual frown on his face.  He was given the nickname iceman because of his stellar personality haha.  But when he was around Charlotte, we got tiny glimpses of who Bo was underneath it all.  We got to see that he was capable of feeling.  And if we paid close enough attention to his words, it seemed like he felt more towards Charlotte.  Bo is my favorite type of a character, where you have to look for hints and clues to figure out how they feel and who they truly are.  Because they guard their emotions and their thoughts with their whole body and soul.  So when Bo would mess with Charlotte, awww it was like the clouds parted from the skies.  And that led to the most delicious banter ever!

Taking my hand, he placed a kiss on my thumb, removing the leftover sugar with a brief but devastating brush of his tongue. I couldn’t have spoken then even if I’d wanted to.

The fake dating in this story unfolded so brilliantly, and there quite a few moments that made my toes curl while sighing out loud.  And besides Bo and Charlotte, my favorite side character was Charlotte’s sister, Scar.  I would love for Scar to get her own book *fingers crossed*!  Plus it was so much fun seeing characters from quite a few of Cookie’s previous books!  So with a list of suitors, flower deliveries, the cinnamon roll, soccer games, lunch moments, and kisses in a library, this book was so fabulous!  With a fun and flirty vibe, Bookworm was so easy to fall head over heels in love with!  And this is one of those stories where you just can’t stop smiling all the way through.  It’s happiness in a book!  And you definitely need this happiness in your life!

As a bookworm, I’d read tons of romance novels with countless happily-ever-afters. I would read a ton more. 
And I knew our book would always be my favorite.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: The Sweetest Game (Southern U O’Brien Brothers #3) by Cookie O’Gorman

BOOK REVIEW: The Sweetest Game (Southern U O’Brien Brothers #3) by Cookie O’GormanThe Sweetest Game by Cookie O'Gorman
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Hopelessly in love with my best friend's brother.

That's what it will say on my tombstone. Here lies Junior "June" Dorsey. Tomboy. Car lover. Bookworm. She suffered from a severe case of unrequited love syndrome.

It's not like I haven't tried liking other guys. I have. It's just none of them measure up to him.

Baylor O'Brien. Beautiful. Cocky. Talented (on the field and in the bedroom—or so I've heard).

And completely oblivious to my love for him.

When Bay asks for my help, I can't say no. He needs my PR expertise to revamp his reputation and up his chances of being scouted after one scout—the one he really wants—dismisses him as nothing more than a party-loving playboy.

When he asks me to be his fake girlfriend, I accept his proposal.

But how am I supposed to act like I'm in love without revealing the truth? And why is Baylor so good at pretending?

One thing I know that's true:

All's fair in love and baseball.

Wish me luck,


This new adult sports romance features two friends destined to become lovers, one sizzling fake romance, and a sexy set of brothers guaranteed to make you swoon.


This laugh out loud romance was an instant favorite!  With characters that were so easy to love, a story line that was absolutely adorable and an ending that will make your heart soar, this book was such a huge win!  If you love the fake dating trope, you so need this book in your life!  The Sweetest Game was heartwarming, swoon worthy and a beautiful love story!

The O’Brien brothers were off-limits.
At least to me.
Too bad my heart didn’t get the memo.
That rule had been broken the moment I met him.

I had already fallen for June and Baylor in the previous books.  And while this one could easily be read as a standalone, I can’t recommend them enough.  June had been in love with her best friend’s older brother, Baylor, since forever.  Baylor saw June as just a really good friend.  When Baylor’s pro-baseball dreams started to go up in smoke, he desperately needed to change his act.  Enter June.  Not only could she help fix his social media presence, but by being his fake girlfriend she could fix his image too.  What’s a little fake dating to be able to reach ones dreams?

“Please don’t hate me for this.”
Before I could say I could never hate him, not in a million years, before I could ask what he meant or utter a sound, Baylor’s lips met mine……
and my world ignited.
His kiss set me on fire.

I absolutely loved June!  She was sweet, heartfelt, such a good friend and a hard worker.  She lived with her dad to save money while going to college.  And she worked for him in the auto shop he owned.  I adored the relationship she had with her dad!  Plus the relationship she had with Emmy, Baylor’s sister.  They loved and cared for one another so deeply!  But doubt could be June’s worst enemy.  She had no problem playing the part of Baylor’s girlfriend, but she didn’t think Baylor could be feeling what she was.  There was no way!

It was all fake. I knew that— but then why did she keep breaking into my thoughts?

Baylor was someone you will fall hard for.  He had so many layers to him and we got to see all of his different sides as the story progressed.  Baylor was a player and loved baseball.  He was destined to go pro, but had his sights set on only one team.  When that team snubbed him, Baylor was desperate to do whatever to get in their good graces.  Having June be his fake girlfriend?  Of course!  The things he did for June, to help her or just out of the kindness of his heart was swoon worthy.  Baylor was kind, thoughtful and caring.  But he wasn’t kind to himself.  He didn’t think he was worthy of love or anything good besides baseball and having sex with random people.  My heart ached for Baylor and I kept hoping he would see himself as June saw him!

Leaning in, he put his lips against my ear and said…
“I know this is supposed to be pretend, but I wish it was real.”
My breath caught in my throat.
“Then I could just kiss you whenever I want.”
He paused.
“Which is basically every time you open your mouth.”
Turning to him, I noticed he’d put on a playful grin.
“If this was real,” I breathed, “I’d let you.”
His grin slipped, and I couldn’t seem to stop staring—until  someone cleared their throat.

Together June and Baylor were absolutely perfect.  The chemistry between them was intense and sexy.  And when they toed the line of friendship *fans face*, it was soooo hot!  But mistakes were made along the way.  Baylor was blind to June’s love and while he thought he knew June, I loved that she stunned him again and again.  So watching their friendship turn deeper gave me all of the feels!  Rounding out the story were side characters I adored!  I loved Baylor’s relationship with his siblings and mom.  They had such a strong bond, it made my heart so happy!  And I loved how they could see beyond his cluelessness.  Also keep those tissues nearby because there was a scene in this book that got me right in the feels and I cried ALL the tears!

She shook her head. “You told them I was off limits.”
“And what made you think you had the right to do that?”
“I had every right,” I said.
“Oh really, why?”
“Because you were mine.”
I took a step closer,  watching her eyes flare.
“You are mine,” I said.

The Sweetest Game was sexy, hilarious and absolutely adorable!  From that first page to the last, this book was smile inducing!   The banter was a ton of fun and the characters captured my heart.  If you love new adult romance, the fake dating trope, friends to lovers or sports romance you should definitely pick this book up!

“Want to know something, Sunshine?” he asked, his breath hitting the side of my neck.
I nodded.
“I’m mad at you too.”
My lips parted, and my breath caught as he nipped my earlobe.

PS I have a guess for the next book….. Masie and Dex??

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: The Bad Boy’s Good Girl by Cookie O’Gorman & Michelle Pennington

BOOK REVIEW: The Bad Boy’s Good Girl by Cookie O’Gorman & Michelle PenningtonThe Bad Boy's Good Girl by Cookie O'Gorman, Michelle Pennington
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Logan King was trouble.

I knew it from the moment I laid eyes on him. But when I challenged him, I had no idea he'd take his revenge so far.

To make up for his inexcusable behavior, his parents gave me a scholarship to King's Prep Academy. My mom insisted that I accept. Now, I'm the poor, public school girl attending an elite academy for the rich.

Even worse, Logan is here. He rules the school, and he wants me gone.

But I have a dream to chase, and no one, not even a King, will stop me.


The Bad Boy’s Good Girl was an enemies to lovers that was addictive, swoon worthy and beyond intoxicating! From that very first page I was hooked! This story took place at an academy and I loved being lost in their world and lives. Deals were made. Secrets took place. And it all made this book impossible to put down! If you love young adult romance or academy books then you definitely need this one on your tbr!

In a sea of perfection, she strode confidently in her scuffed checkered Vans with her head held high—messy, falling-down bun and all.

Ava Deluca ended up in a twisted situation that landed her at King’s Prep Academy. It was a dream school to attend and would help her reach the stars with her love of art. Yet, there was one huge hiccup. She got a scholarship there to make up for Logan King’s actions to her mother, and her. Logan was not one to be messed with. He could be the devil, and Ava found herself right in his cross-hairs.

I knew I should’ve been sorry or scared— or both.
But I wasn’t.
Justice had been served, and I couldn’t regret it.

Logan came across as beyond conceited, spoiled and he seemed to see the worst in certain people. So when Ava landed in Logan’s world, she gave it right back to him as good as he gave it. While that made him pause, it set off a chain reaction for their enemies to lovers relationship. Logan always got what he wanted, and unfortunately he wanted Ava gone from his school. But I held out all the hope. Because there were tiny flickers of another Logan, or maybe it was a side of him I wanted him to be. I wasn’t sure. Regardless, I held out hope that he had a heart buried underneath it all. And as we slowly got to witness who Logan truly was, I fell hard!

“Did you need something?” I asked . “Or are you here to annoy me as usual?”
“Funny, isn’t it?” he said. “That’s the same word I associate with you. An annoyance I just can’t seem to get rid of.”

I loved Ava right away! She had so much fire and sass. She also had a ton of heart too, and I loved her relationship with her mom! But at King’s Prep Academy, Ava quickly realized she was in over her head. The girls there were beyond mean and viscous. The bullying Ava experienced broke my heart! It seemed that she was trying to be wrecked at every single turn. But regardless, Ava kept her head up and still had her kindness. Which turned her situation around in a way I didn’t expect, yet entirely loved! That moment of kindness transformed her future and I couldn’t read this book fast enough to see what happened next!

“You know what?” she asked softly. When I didn’t answer, she blazed ahead anyway. “I don’t think you’re as bad as you try to be.”

Ava and Logan together were like a storm that you never knew which way it would blow. I loved their banter and that Ava wouldn’t back down. She would go head to head with Logan and wasn’t afraid of his games. And even when they hurt each other, I still loved every single one of their moments on the pages! The passion between them was so intense. While they definitely wanted to hate the other, they couldn’t not be attracted to each other too. So when help coming from unlikely sources, and the lengths those went to protect others, it just made this book that much more addictive! And payback?! Eeps, I can’t even! It was all so perfect!

How do you get close to a girl when there are a million reasons she should stay as far away from you as she possibly can?

The Bad Boy’s Good Girl was an addictive, young adult romance that many will absolutely love! With friendships, romance and family laced throughout the pages it made this book an instant favorite! And with a strong enemies to lovers vibe set at an academy, I was obsessed! Now I’m just needing more stories from this world please! Could Logan’s sister or Chris be next? I hope!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Fauxmance by Cookie O’Gorman

BOOK REVIEW: Fauxmance by Cookie O’GormanFauxmance by Cookie O'Gorman
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Fauxmance (foh-mans): Term for a romantic relationship that is fake. Real feelings, like love, are strictly prohibited. See also: Why would anyone enter a fake relationship?

Eighteen-year-old Magnolia believes in true love.

Or she did.

When her boyfriend dumps her the day before her sister's wedding, Maggie is devastated—but her broken heart is only part of the problem. Maggie is the maid of honor, and her sister insists: Every member of the bridal party must have an escort. No exceptions.

Thank goodness for Hayden Davenport.

Sarcastic, cocky, a surprisingly good listener and self-professed player, when Maggie gets stuck in an elevator with the handsome stranger, she thinks she's found the perfect wedding date. Unfortunately, Hayden hates weddings. Like really hates them.

But one soul-shattering kiss changes everything.

Maggie needs a fake boyfriend. Hayden wants to prove he's changed his playboy ways. Faking it should be easy. The hard part?

Remembering it's all pretend and not falling in love for real.

This book features two opposites with sizzling chemistry, a sweet, hopeless romantic and a cynical bad boy who'll steal your heart. Elevators, fake romance, and weddings, oh my! Get ready to swoon, laugh, and say 'I do' to this heartfelt YA romance.


Fauxmance was absolutely adorable and so much fun!  With laugh out loud and sigh worthy moments, this heartwarming story became a quick favorite!  And with a fun and flirty vibe, this was YA at its best!  If you’re looking for a young adult romance that will keep you smiling and laughing, you definitely need this book in your life!

“Let me prove it to you.”
My brows pinched together. “How are you going to do that?”
“I’m going to kiss you,” he said.
Anything I was about to say left me. My brain went totally blank. What were words again?
“If you still think kissing’s overrated after that, okay. I’ll retire my player card for good.” Hayden’s eyes went to my lips, and they tingled in response. “That won’t happen, though.”
I swallowed to clear my throat.  “How can you be sure?”
“Because I’m going to do my best to please you.”

After Magnolia got dumped by her longtime boyfriend, the day before her sister’s wedding, she was lost without an escort.  And her sister was a stickler for how she wanted her wedding to run.  Thankfully fate intervened and Magnolia found herself stuck in an elevator with Hayden.  And while there was definitely a connection, and lots of chemistry with a swoon worthy kiss, Hayden was completely against weddings.  Except Hayden needed to prove he was no longer a player and Magnolia desperately needed a date.  What could be the harm of fake dating each other to get what they both wanted?

As he leaned back, Hayden gave me a soft smile. “Don’t sound so worried. I’m going to be the perfect fake boyfriend.”
I didn’t tell him then— but that was exactly what I was worried about.

You will passionately fall in love with Hayden!  He was beyond sigh worthy.  With a bad boy, cynical vibe, I loved his cocky ways!  But he could also make me laugh so hard.  Messing up names, comparing Magnolia to his grandma, honestly there was so much uniqueness to Hayden that I loved learning everything there was about him! Especially his sweet side, like how he would stand up for Magnolia or say wonderful things about her. He could be such a good guy. Cookie O’Gorman created another book boyfriend that I was completely obsessed with!

“I couldn’t stop thinking about you,” he said, and my heart tried to  escape my chest— right up until he added, “Your strange fear of peeps  and how you refuse to eat without a napkin really made an impression.”
“Ha ha,” I said.

I loved Magnolia with my whole heart!  She was definitely someone you would want to be bff with.  She was so honest, but at the same time she cracked me up.  With always having her sister’s back and her heartfelt dreams of being a bridesmaid, Magnolia was so adorable!  I loved the relationship she had with her mom, I loved that she went to therapy and I loved what a good, kindhearted person she was!  So watching how far she grew from that first page to the last warmed my heart!

I caught myself staring at Hayden’s hands as he drove— the same hands  that had gripped my waist and tucked my hair behind my ear. My gaze moved to his lips, and I shivered. I could still feel the imprint of them on my skin.

Magnolia and Hayden were definitely opposites in quite a few ways. I loved how she tried her best to be positive whereas Hayden no problems putting it all out there and being realistic. But their interactions together had me laughing so hard at times I couldn’t breathe. So with gestures that were smile inducing, second hand embarrassment that made you feel everything, and moments that will make you gasp out loud, this is the type of book that you can easily devour in one sitting! And with fake dating laced throughout the pages, just try your hardest not to smile from beginning to end!

But what if it could’ve been more? my mind whispered.
Shaking the thought off, I got back to work.

Fauxmance was swoon worthy, giggle inducing and impossible to put down! I literally squeaked, gasped, laughed and screamed out loud while reading this story. It was entertaining, captivating and the epilogue was the cutest! If you adore young adult romance, or the fake dating trope, you definitely need to meet Magnolia and Hayden!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Cupcake by Cookie O’Gorman

BOOK REVIEW: Cupcake by Cookie O’GormanCupcake by Cookie O'Gorman
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I know what you're thinking.

You're thinking this will be just one more story of the ignored, "big-boned " girl, who sheds her glasses and a few extra pounds and finally attracts the notice of the most popular guy in school.

Except it isn't. Because I'm not unpopular. Not all that ignored. And I love the way I look―just as I am.

Then someone puts my name in for Homecoming Court.

The bigger surprise?

People actually vote for me!

Now, I'm a "princess"―whether I like it or not―but the guy I'm paired with isn't exactly Prince Charming.

Rhys Castle is the strong, silent type who always wears a frown―he's certainly never smiled at me. I'm 99.9% sure he hates being on Court and being my partner, but surprisingly…he doesn't switch when he gets the chance.

Turns out Rhys has a secret―something that makes him run hot and cold throughout the entire three weeks of Homecoming festivities. Whether he's stepping on my feet during dance lessons or gallantly escorting me through the Homecoming parade, I can't get a read on this guy, and for the first time, I find my confidence wavering.

But there's more to Rhys than meets the eye. And the more the spotlight shines on me, I realize there's more to me, too.


Cupcake was a laugh out loud, adorable, heartwarming story! With characters that felt real and a storyline that was oh so easy to devour, I finished this book in two sittings. Cupcake became an instant favorite and romance lovers will definitely enjoy this book!

“Hi, my name is Ariel,” I said, feeling so embarrassed. “Because my mom loves Disney, I was named after a mermaid who collects forks and talks to fish.” Rhys’s lips twitched at that, but I forged ahead. “Surprisingly, I don’t hate it. I just wish the name fit me better.”
I nodded for him to go.

Ariel Duncan, aka Cupcake, had a heart of gold. She was kind, caring, compassionate and I loved her passion for baking! I connected with her on such a deep level with baking ♥. She not only stress baked too, but I loved how she baked to bring others joy. I desperately wanted to be bestie’s with her!

“Do you enjoy embarrassing me?” I asked.
Rhys pretended to think about it as he handed back my phone. “Honestly? I don’t hate it,” he said with a smirk.

During the announcements for Homecoming court, Ariel was shocked to hear her name listed! She was to be a Princess. Which led to her being paired with a sexy, blue eyed quarterback named Rhys Castle. Rhys was such an unknown. Yes he was gorgeous, but he could come off as cold and grumpy. And Ariel was stuck being his partner for the next three weeks for all of the Homecoming festivities.

“Are you going to put your hand on my shoulder or what?”
I scoffed. “Of course. I was just about to do that.”
It was clear Rhys was laughing internally. His eyes dared me to make the first move. In what seemed to be slow motion, I watched my hand rise and then rest gently on his shoulder. In answer, his hand moved to my waist.
My breath hitched.

Ariel and Rhys had to do everything together from dancing, trust exercises to so much more to prep for homecoming. I loved every minute of it! From getting to know each other to the inevitable dancing where they had to touch, I couldn’t stop smiling. It was adorable watching them try to connect and work together. It felt real how everything played out and I could easily see myself watching their story as a movie! It was a ton of fun!

“Did you like Dirty Dancing?”
“I did.” Rhys lifted a brow. “If that was us, though, you’d be Johnny, and I’d be Baby, aka the one who carries a watermelon.”
I laughed in delight.

I was obsessed anytime Rhys was on the pages! I desperately wanted to know what he was thinking. Because while he came off as quiet and distant, we also got to see moments where he was kind and thoughtful. He seemed so much more than meets the eyes and as the story progressed, he made me fall so hard for him! Sometimes the simplest words from Rhys made my heart melt. But still, I wanted to know exactly where he stood with Ariel and what secret he was keeping too!

“You like him,” she said.
I blinked, not having expected that. “N-no, I don’t.”
“And she stutters on the denial.” Toni stared at my face then shook her head. “You must like him a lot, huh?”
My tongue felt paralyzed for a moment. I was so surprised.

Rounding out this story were side characters I adored. From Ariel’s mom who was loving and caring. To Ariel’s bestie Toni who was her biggest champion! I loved that she had Cupcake’s best interest in heart. That she stood by her side and cheered her on every step of the way. She was a true friend. And even the “mean girl” Lana’s story turned into more. I’m not saying anything else other then I loved how it didn’t take the typical path, yay!

Feeling a bit funny about it, I placed the tiara on my head, then turned to Rhys.
“Well?” I said. “Is it straight?”
“Almost,” he said. “Here, let me.”
As he reached up, I held my breath. His hands were gentle as he adjusted the tiara. When his eyes met mine, he pushed a stray lock of hair behind my ear.
“You look perfect.”

Warmth, humor and romance splashed across the pages and I loved every minute of it! Cupcake was a feel good story that left me with a smile on my face! If you adore YA and romance, then definitely make sure you have this one on your tbr!

For the first time in my life, I actually felt like a princess.
And it had nothing to do with the tiara. Or even the boy.
It was all me.

PS Even the acknowledgements had heart! Her comment about the cake and princess, oh my heart that made me cry. Hugs!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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