BOOK REVIEW: Tough Justice (K-9 Special Ops #1) by Tee O’Fallon

BOOK REVIEW: Tough Justice (K-9 Special Ops #1) by Tee O’FallonTough Justice (K-9 Special Ops #1)
by Tee O'Fallon
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It should have been a routine investigation. Instead, DEA K-9 agent Adam “Deck” Decker watches in horror as one Denver hospital seems to be Ground Zero for overdoses of a new drug. Now Deck can only hope a certain icy, green-eyed ER doctor will help him and his canine partner track down the deadly source.

Dr. Tori Sampson has her reasons for not trusting federal agents, especially ones working for the DEA. But the rash of overdoses―including a heartbreaking case involving a teen―is alarmingly high. And the new opioid is not only extremely dangerous, it defies all the usual medical treatments. So Tori has a choice: work with the big, brawny, and annoyingly hot DEA agent…or watch more innocent people die.

Tori’s the only person who can help Deck break the case, and they’ll need to trust each other, no matter how high the tension and attraction sizzling between them runs. But with every question answered, they realize there’s something more behind these typical teen overdoses. There’s a pattern here, and a pattern can only suggest one thing. There’s a killer on the loose.


With an enemies to lovers vibe and action that will keep you on the edge of your seat, Tough Justice became an instant favorite!  The story line grabbed me, the characters leaped from the pages and this book was a page turner.  If you’re a fan of adult romance or romantic suspense, then you need this story in your life!

Annoying though it was to admit, since meeting him, she’d done more things outside her box than in her entire life, and she was, dare she say, enjoying it. Why was that?

I don’t typically read romantic suspense, but I’m so glad I picked this one up because the story was phenomenal, the romance was a slow burn that became steamy and it made me feel every emotion under the sun!  Victoria Sampson, aka Tori, was a doctor in a hospital that became ground zero for overdoses of a new drug in Colorado.  Adam Decker, aka Deck, was a DEA K-9 agent who watched his co-worker and good friend almost die from that same drug while on a routine drug investigation.  Teaming up was the only way they were going to solve the case and save others from dying.

“Be careful ,” Tori said, freezing him in his seat for half a second. He could swear there was genuine concern in her voice, and he liked it.
“Always.” He grabbed his rifle and was out the door, hitting the fob button to release Thor.

My first impression of Tori was that while she was passionate about her job, she seemed to have no problem being cold or short to Deck in the ER.  Regardless though, she was brilliant, calm, wicked smart and saved his friend from dying.  So I was shocked when it didn’t take me long to warm up and absolutely love Tori.  I got her anger towards Deck.  It wasn’t truly him, but her past was tainted by the DEA.  Ironically, they both didn’t trust the other ones profession.  And it fueled their enemies to lovers relationship beautifully!

“Don’t you get it?” he asked hoarsely. “I care about what happens to you. I couldn’t take it if anything did.”
Gently, he kissed her one last time on the forehead then backed away. The expression on her face mimicked the way he felt. Shell shocked.

Deck was sigh worthy.  He was thoughtful, quick witted, patient, smart and had such a huge heart.  Even if his presence could be intimidating, just watching him interact with his K9 Thor melted me.  And Thor, a Belgian Malinois, oh I loved him so much!  Thor’s personality shined so brightly and I loved seeing how he reacted to things!  But when it came to Deck, there was also this whole other side of him.  His backstory was tragic and it hurt to hear how haunted and jaded he was.  Deck was definitely a tortured hero I fell hard for!

Whatever this was between them, she didn’t want it to end.

Deck and Tori despised each other’s fields of work, but they couldn’t ignore the attraction that simmered between them.  Watching their slow progression was smile inducing!  And the further we got into this story….it was hot *fans face*!  Tough Justice was the perfect mixture of sexy, emotional and suspenseful.  Because as the story unfolded, the emotions overwhelmed me.  This story could be dark and intense.  My breath got snagged and I was terrified anytime I thought Deck or even Thor was in danger.  I cried.  Multiple times.  I screamed out loud.  And I also fell deeply in love too.

She’d been given a ringside seat to what being part of his life would entail, and she was too much of a coward, even to hold on to something she so desperately wanted. Him.

Tough Justice was an action packed, emotional ride!  I loved watching the pieces of the puzzle come together.  I loved watching Deck and Tori grow.  I loved the romance, friendship, and the dogs too!  This book was such a huge win!  I will definitely be reading the rest of O’Fallon’s back list and whatever future books she releases!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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  1. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    I don’t usually reach for the romantic suspense genre either, but this sounds like O’Fallon really did it right! It’s obvious from your review that you were really invested in this one! So glad this was such a big hit for you!
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…WWW Wednesday #110 | March 23, 2022My Profile

    • Jen

      She did do it so fabulously! And thank you, it was such a huge hit. One of my besties is going to try this book next when it comes out, and she doesn’t read romantic suspense either. I’m so excited to talk to someone about it ♥!

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