BOOK REVIEW: The Anti-Fan and the Idol by Rachel Van Dyken

BOOK REVIEW: The Anti-Fan and the Idol by Rachel Van DykenThe Anti-Fan and the Idol by Rachel Van Dyken
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Make it or break it...

Or maybe just break them?

Ah-Ri has been training under YK Management in Korea for two years without any results. She doesn’t fit the typical mold for a successful K-POP idol image, literally down to her blood type. She has six more months before college entrance exams which means she only has six months to make it as an idol before her dreams are crushed.

Things take a turn when two of the most famous male idols break away from their group and decide to form their own co-ed group, a rarity.

And wonder of all wonders, they need one more girl.

It would be the perfect opportunity, except she hates them.

They are arrogant, entitled, rich little snobs who want the world to worship the ground they walk on. To make matters worse, the only reason they came to her was because they are desperate, which means she needs to prove herself even more.

Tempers and personalities collide when she’s forced to either accept the position or give up on her dream.

But what happens when you suddenly go from anti-fan and enemy number one to stuck in a love triangle between two boys you were born to hate but are somehow falling in love with? And will the group survive the heartbreak that follows when she finally makes her choice?

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Why do bad ideas always feel so good?

The Anti-Fan and the Idol was so easy to devour in one sitting.  This novella had a lot packed into the story and I loved every minute of it!  Enemies to lovers, music, friendship and romance were laced throughout the pages. If you’re looking for a quick read that will be a lot of fun, definitely add this one to your tbr!

My fingers tremble as I stop on Fallen Angel Forever.
I send the text that will seal my destiny.
My fate.
My forever.
And type two simple words.
I’m. In.

Ah-Ri had been training to become a K-POP idol, yet she didn’t exactly fit the mold.  She had only six months left until her college entrance exam and walk away from her lifelong dream.  When two famous male idols broke away from their group and needed one more female to form a co-ed group, they asked Ah-Ri.  Yet Ah-Ri hated Hanuel and Ryan.  Grudges had been created from past hurtful words and their enemies relationship was born and continued to simmer.  Yet Ah-Ri would do anything to reach her goals.  Even if it meant joining up with her nemeses.

I crumple to the floor and cry.
I think I know why but, really, it’s because the bully in my nightmares is the same one I want to dream with.

I loved Ah-Ri!  She tried her best and put 150% into everything that she did!  I desperately wanted her to catch her break, so when she told us about her past with Hanuel and Ryan, I paused.  They both not only hurt her, but their words cut deep.  Especially since she was already insecure with herself, since she felt and looked different than the other trainees.  So I was angry at them right along with Ah-Ri.  Yet, we also got chapters in Ryan’s voice and oh how my outlook completely changed.  I’m such a traitor lol!

I can’t date. It’s always been her.

Ryan had been secretly lusting after Ah-Ri.  Hard.  Yet he could be such an asshole to her.  If he acted like a douche towards her, then he could push his feelings away.  But the moment that they started training together, and dancing, none of that could be avoided.  They both wanted their new group to make it big, so they trained hours upon hours together.  Getting their vocals and dancing moves perfect.  And with dancing, there was so much touching.  Their moments together were intense and their lust and feelings could not be ignored.  By either of them.  It felt like they were going to explode at any moment!

His right hand splays across my stomach as our hips move in sync. He leans in. I see his reflection in the mirror. I’m in great shape, yet I’m out of breath.
He whispers in my ear. “Is this hard enough for you?”
Why do his words sound dirty and so exciting?
“I’ve felt harder,” I say, pulling away from him, but not before he spins me around and kisses me. He tastes like sweat and sin.

The Anti-Fan and the Idol was a mesmerizing enemies to lovers story! While this book was heavy on the emotions, dealing with suicide and struggling with eating, it also shined brightly with lighter moments of laughter, friendship and love.  Plus watching them work together to reach the stars was addictive!  And if you’ve read My Summer in Seoul, you’ll be so happy to see someone!  My lips are zipped who, but I squealed!  While you definitely don’t have to read that book first, I highly recommend it too because that story swept me away!  With the Anti-Fan and the Idol, there was an epilogue that left me smiling long after I put my kindle away.  I loved all of the heartache, smiles, laughter, love, jealousy and friendship in this story!  It was such a quick read and exactly what I needed!

When she starts to dance, I think, I will always look back on this  moment. This is where I lost myself.
To her.
To the music.
To us.
I hold my head high.
This is it.
My last chance.

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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