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BOOK REVIEW: Fate Sealed (Ravencrest Academy #4) by Theresa Kay

BOOK REVIEW: Fate Sealed (Ravencrest Academy #4) by Theresa KayFate Sealed (Ravencrest Academy #4)
by Theresa Kay
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Playing games can have deadly consequences.

After exposing a secret lab and illegal experiments, I assumed the culprits would be held accountable. Unfortunately, I underestimated how deep the corruption within OSA runs. Instead of punishing the actual criminals, OSA expels me.

But that doesn’t mean I’m giving up.

As I dig deeper into the Dumont family’s past, I find a surprising connection to the present. The fae have been manipulating events far longer than anyone suspects, and the Wild Hunt is closing in on any witch who dares to use fae magic—including me.

Dragged into the fae realm, I’m forced to compete in their games where every choice could mean my death. Worse, the fae hold no love for witches, not even those with royal blood. They would rather watch us all die than see one of us emerge victorious.

With the odds stacked against me, there’s only one way to save the boy whose fate is entwined with mine and the other witches brought here against their will.

I have to win.

Fate Sealed is the final book in the Ravencrest Academy series, an exciting YA supernatural academy series with a slow burn rivals-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Bloodline Academy, Paranormal Academy, and Demigods Academy.


Fate Sealed was my favorite book in the Ravencrest Academy Series!  And that’s saying a lot, because I loved the enemies to lovers vibe in the first book, Magic BoundThis story brimmed with action, friendship and love!  And the latter half had a grittiness to it that had me desperately needing to know what happened next!  If you’re looking for a young adult romance, academy series, or a series that makes you want to not stop reading, then definitely give this one a try!

Here, in this moment, there is nothing but the two of us and I let myself get lost in his touch, the rest of the world fading away.

What started out as an enemies to lovers romance, has four books later turned into a beautiful, heartfelt relationship.  I loved how much Tristan and Selene came to rely on one other.  I loved that they had each other’s backs.  And that they were able to overcome unfathomable obstacles by working together!  Selene and Tristan were definitely a formable pair, and they were so easy to fall in love with!

It seems the more people I draw into my orbit, the more people get hurt.

There were so many happy moments within these pages!  With Selene and her father, you’ll love watching him make the story come alive of how he met her mom.  My heart absolutely soared.  Having all of our friends’ back that we love so much?!  It made this story so much fun!  Her grandparents, Adrian, and so many more shined brightly in this story.  They were unique and added so much heart!

But whatever impressions I had before don’t matter. The stakes have become crystal clear and there’s no room for error.

This story also had so much political intrigue within the human, witch, shifter and fae worlds!  OSA made my blood boil by turning a blind eye to criminals.  The Wild Hunt left me terrified of the fae at every turn.  The blanks, shifters and witches, there are so many things for you to discover about them in this story.  So when you put it all together, it wove a fascinating tale that made this book impossible to put down!

A sense of utter hopelessness takes over as the reality of my situation comes into even sharper focus. I slide down the wall as my legs give out and I end up sitting on the floor, the cold stone sending a chill through my body. My chin drops to my chest and I pull my knees up, curling in on myself as I finally allow the tears to fall.

It felt like at times as though we couldn’t catch our breath.  From being chased, to the games, I kept hoping everyone would be okay.  If you have read Theresa’s other series, you’ll know that not everyone is safe and makes it to that final page.  So when the game started, I was so nervous.  They were intense and put Selene and Tristan in horrific situations.  So with the stakes even higher, and twists and turns that were phenomenal, this story owned me!  And by that final page I even shed a couple of tears ♥.

We’re both sweaty and more than a little dirty, but I don’t care. And neither does he. He takes hold of my face and slams his lips down on mine, a mix of passion and fear and relief turning the kiss into something almost desperate.

This book wrapped up Tristan and Selene’s story so wonderfully!  We got all of the answers we’ve been desperately waiting for!  Yet there was a thread or two left, which leaves the possibility for a spinoff series.  And I am so excited about that!  So yes, I can’t recommend this series enough.  It’s one that will stay in my heart for a long time to come!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Ward Locked (Ravencrest Academy #3) by Theresa Kay

BOOK REVIEW: Ward Locked (Ravencrest Academy #3) by Theresa KayWard Locked (Ravencrest Academy #3)
by Theresa Kay
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New classes. New director. And lots of new rules.

After spending my three-week Winter Break under magical house arrest, I’m looking forward to returning to school. But when I get there, everything has changed.

OSA has tightened its hold on every academy and Ravencrest’s new director takes the restrictions a step further, leaving me without my two closest friends. Worse, the boy who left me behind is back on campus with an even bigger surprise in tow…one that involves a ring.

And all that is the least of my worries.

Shifters and witches are disappearing and someone is working in the shadows, twisting magic to their whims in unnatural ways. With my own magic still out of control, my biggest issue will be figuring out who to trust. Making the wrong choice could be the last thing I ever do.

Ward Locked is the third book in the Ravencrest Academy series, an exciting YA supernatural academy series with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Paranormal Academy, Legacy Academy, and Darkblood Academy.


Ward Locked was filled with mysteries, friendship, love, political intrigue, and fabulous twists and turns.  With fae, witches, wolves and vampires, oh my, this book was so much fun!  This story made me fall that much harder for the Ravencrest Academy series! 

If someone had told me six months ago that I’d be sitting in the backseat of a fancy car with a driver as I returned to my super exclusive private school, I’d have laughed.

Coming back to school, there were so many changes.  Those we loved from the previous books weren’t there.  Students, teachers, staff….they were just gone.  It caused so much unrest, and heartache for Selene.  Yet it wasn’t a simple black and white answer for why some of those were gone.  OSA didn’t even remember them.  And if that wasn’t enough, Tristan was back at school with a fiancé.  Who was even in some of Selene’s classes.  There were so many obstacles in Selene’s life and world, and I loved watching her try her best to persevere!

Every bit of common sense I have is screaming that this is asking for trouble, that I’m going to end up hurt, that—
And then he kisses me, and all thoughts leave my head.

I was so happy with how many answers we got within these pages!  Multiple about Selene!  And watching her come into her own power was beyond phenomenal!  But so much was going on around her.  Not only with the disappearance of people, but what you’ll learn about the Hunt.  There were also moments that made me see red, like the self-defense with Callahan.  And a character whose name I don’t want to mention for spoilers, but every moment with them made me want to punch them in the throat.  So while there was still some good surrounding her, there was so much that needed to be fixed.

My gaze clashes with his, and there are all sorts of things I can read in his golden-brown eyes. Lust. Love. Pain. Hope.
I can’t encourage any of those emotions, but it’s that last one I really can’t afford to give in to. To do so would only hurt myself.
“We can’t do this,” I pant out. “You’re engaged.”
“You know that’s not real.”
“It’s real enough,” I snap.

Like Tristan.  Sigh.  I still love him with all of my heart.  Yet when he apologized to Selene for being engaged, nope I wasn’t hearing it!  I was just as upset as she was.  I wanted him to stand up to his mom and end it.  Yet as the picture was painted for us, things were even more dire than I could have fathomed.  I had no clue how it was going to be fixed!  Yet I kept the hope alive.  And that’s all I’m saying about that ♥.

“Wait fifteen minutes and then head for Marie’s office. I will create a distraction.”
“A distraction? What is that supposed to mean?”
His expression goes cold. “Marie is looking for fae. I shall give her one.”

This story had so many twists and turns in the latter half.  As someone who loves being able to guess what will happen next, there was so much that left me grappling.  I had absolutely no clue how certain things were going to unfold.  So hold on, because it was a very bumpy ride and I loved every minute of it!  

BOOK REVIEW: Spell Linked (Ravencrest Academy #2) by Theresa Kay

BOOK REVIEW: Spell Linked (Ravencrest Academy #2) by Theresa KaySpell Linked (Ravencrest Academy #2)
by Theresa Kay
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School sucks, even for the supernaturally gifted.

The fallout from last quarter is worse than I could have ever imagined and hostilities between shifters and witches are intensifying by the day. OSA has practically taken over campus in their search for Bitten witches—and any traitors who didn’t report them. Including... me.

But that's not the only secret I have to hide.

My powers are growing, while my control over them is not. Unfortunately, there's no one I can turn to for help. My roommate's already suffered the consequences of being drawn into my problems, and after a magical mishap ends with another friend being blasted across the room, I refuse to endanger anyone else. Still, I'm a little tempted to give some magical payback to the arrogant witch-boy who kisses me one minute and gives me the cold shoulder the next.

All of this aside, I still have to find a way to pass all my classes. With the end of semester tournament closing in, there’s no time for mistakes. In this volatile equation, one little slip-up could be deadly.

Spell Linked is the second book in the Ravencrest Academy series, an exciting new YA paranormal academy series with a slow burn enemies-to-lovers romance. Perfect for fans of Supernatural Academy, Bloodline Academy, and Oberon Academy.


Spell Linked was a fabulous continuation of the Ravencrest Academy series!  And if it’s been a while since you read that first one, no worries, the beginning gave us a great summary of the previous book.  It was quick, caught me up to speed, and fit in so effortlessly.  If you love academy and young adult books, then you need this series in your life!  

When he says things like that it makes me want things I shouldn’t.
Like him.

I loved Selene’s voice so much!  She was so easy to like and click with.  So I wanted to clap out loud and cheer for her when she finally found something at school she was good at.  Sigils!  It was such a huge win and I was so happy for her!  Even if it did leave me with more questions.  She was still growing and had so much to figure out….not only with her school work, but her powers, and who was trustworthy too.  So yes she did have some mistakes along the way.  But I loved that she learned from them.  And tried her best to do better the next time!

“….No matter what they say or do tonight, they can’t affect you. This isn’t your life unless you choose it.”

Tristan is still the king of hot and cold.  Yet after what happened at the end of book one, I understood why.  He didn’t know what to think.  His whole world got turned upside down and he was stuck in a horrific position.  I’d be jaded and wary if I was him too!  Yet Tristan was still protective of Selene.  He was the sigh-worthy person we fell in love with in that first book.  And the dress?!  Sigh.  As we continued to learn more about him, my heart continued to break but I found myself falling harder.  And I was counting the minutes until Tristan and Selene were together!

Blood doesn’t make a family, people do.

Friendship was still such a strong theme.  I adored Selene and Adrian’s friendship.  Their platonic relationship was done beautifully.  And Basil, oh his matchmaker ways had me laughing out loud!  He just wanted what was best for Selene and he is my favorite type of grandpa character!  I also loved her friendship with Isobel.  And of course the romance between Tristan and Selene, will they or won’t they.  That got answered in this book!

His eyes are closed, his hands at his sides, every bit of him under careful control. Control I want him to lose.

Spell Linked was laced with a mysterious element that had me guessing from that first page to the last.  And just know that while we got answers in this book, there are still so many to come in books 3 & 4!  I can’t recommend this series enough!

BOOK REVIEW: Forbidden Legacy (Fallen Fae #1) by Theresa Kay

BOOK REVIEW: Forbidden Legacy (Fallen Fae #1) by Theresa KayForbidden Legacy (Fallen Fae #1)
by Theresa Kay
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Stealing from the fae is easy, but working with one to retrieve the relic I was hired to swipe? Not so much.

The job was supposed to be simple: Sneak in, break the wards, grab the necklace, and get out. Being arrested for the murder of a high-profile Autumn Court fae was definitely not part of the plan.

After I’m cleared of the crime and sent home, the dead fae's arrogant grandson shows up at my door. He demands I help him retrieve the thing I never had a chance to take, though he neglects to tell me the item's true worth. In the battle for power between the fae Courts, the necklace is beyond priceless and there's more than one person willing to kill for it.

But my new associate is not the only person with secrets, and the teenage dragon shifter who lives with me in the human realm is only one of mine. After all, I haven’t spent the past six years hiding in a seedy section of post-Merge Chicago for fun.

Forced out of obscurity and on the trail of a blood magic wielding murderer, I’ll have to work quickly in order to prevent disaster. Because if we can’t find the necklace before it’s too late, then the fate of all the Courts may be at stake.

Forbidden Legacy is the first book of the Fallen Fae trilogy, an exciting new adult urban fantasy series with magic, mystery, and a slow-burn romance.


Forbidden Legacy was a fabulous start to this trilogy!  With dread pooling in my stomach, the first chapter sucked me right in!  Magic swirled within the story while deals were made, motives were unknown, and there were moments that I didn’t know if they would make it out alive.  This story was impossible to put down and an instant fave!

My truths are one of the few things that belong to me and I refuse to give them up without a fight.

I absolutely loved Ari!  She was from the Winter Court and kept a low profile in the human world.  She did odd jobs, using her ability to take down wards, to survive.  So when Declan swept into her world, I couldn’t stop smiling! Declan was from the Autumn Court and Ari had no problem putting him in his place!  I loved watching her play with words, and I loved how confident she was of herself.  Of her skills.  And I loved her even more because she helped take care of Finn, a teenage dragon shifter.  However, Ari held her cards close to her chest and protected those that she cared for fiercely.  She would literally go to the ends of the world for them.  But she didn’t let others in easily, or at all.  I was nervous for Declan, if he would be able to knock down her walls.

If I had any sense at all, I’d walk away right now.
The problem is, I think it’s too late for that.

I am obsessed with Declan.  He was a full blooded Fae who was arrogant and saw the world differently than Ari.  He definitely made some assumptions that were wrong, like about Ari.  But not only did Declan grow in leaps and bounds from the beginning of the first book to the end, so much of who he was beautiful.  He took responsibility.  He protected others.  He was smile inducing and I loved some of the tricks he pulled on Ari.  His words, his actions, his loyalty, and his ability to go all in made it so easy to fall for and love Declan. But I also loved that Declan pushed Ari.  And tried his best to knock down her walls.  I so desperately wish I could have known his thoughts!

I have to get away.
I can’t stay here.
I can’t breathe.
I’m going to die.

Forbidden Legacy had a slow burn romance that will definitely be worth the wait!  Not only were Ari and Declan from different courts, but they both had lots of secrets.  Being stuck in perilous situations forced them to trust and rely on each other’s magic, and one other, to survive.  I loved how that led them to letting their guard down at moments or sharing something about themselves.  It was smile inducing and gave me so much hope! Through it all, I felt desire laced in some of their interactions.  Whether it was a look or a phrase, it left me so hopeful.  Because I kept wishing that they could be together.  They would be a formidable team.  So the moments they went that extra length to do something for the other, I don’t even have words for how happy it made me.  I just wanted to push them together and never let them be apart lol!

I reach up and take one of his hands, linking my fingers with his and squeezing his hand. “I’ve got you.”

Rounding out the story where side characters that came alive.  Finn was my absolute favorite among them, and I am beyond intrigued by Agatha!  There were also characters that I would love to see destroyed!  So many moments I had sweaty palms as truths surfaced and paths were set in motion.  And while I guessed one of the twists, there’s still so much for us to learn and figure out.  Forbidden Legacy was an addictive story that will take you on a spellbinding adventure!  Brimming with banter, fabulous characters and a story-line that makes it so easy to devour, this book was such a huge win!  The ending of this story left us at the perfect stopping place.  We can breathe but we’re also left beyond excited for that next book!  If you’re a fan of slow burn romance, I can’t recommend this book enough!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Broken Skies by Theresa Kay

I first read Broken Skies almost 4 years ago and I still continue to think about it today. The characters and their story are permanently etched into my heart. So you’ll definitely want to check out my 5 Star Review below and enter a fabulous giveaway! Enjoy♥

BOOK REVIEW & GIVEAWAY: Broken Skies by Theresa KayBroken Skies (Broken Skies #1)
by Theresa Kay
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Jax will do anything to save her twin . . . even team up with a teenage alien left behind by the same ship that took her brother.

She agrees to help the alien get back home, and in return, he agrees to sneak her into the alien city to find her sibling.

Too bad it's not that simple.

Jax soon finds that she's drawn to the alien boy with bright green hair and jewel-like scales on his back and he's equally affected by her, the courageous redhead with haunted eyes. But she doesn't know the alien's true motives, and he has no idea that she is much more than she seems.

Worse, the connection forming between them has unknown consequences.

The humans and the aliens are both hiding deadly secrets and the forbidden bond linking the two teens threatens to reveal everything. What started as an uneasy alliance and a seemingly straightforward rescue mission could spark an inter-species war.

The Broken Skies series is a completed series filled with action, adventure, aliens, and romance. Perfect for fans of the Lux series, Under Different Stars, and The Fifth Wave.


Broken Skies gripped me to the core and was truly outstanding. The story continually built and became more intricate, causing me to become obsessed with this book. It’s all I can think about. Seriously. The pages were scattered with hardships and butterfly inducing moments that were breathtaking. I never wanted this book to end.

“It’s going to be okay,” he says.
But I know it’s not. I don’t know if anything is ever going to be okay again.

After the war left 10% of the population alive, the aliens, known as the E’rikon, arrived to share Earth. They kept to themselves, until a group of them kidnapped Jax’s brother, Jace. In the commotion, a teenage E’rikon was left behind with no way to navigate home. In a desperate attempt to get her brother back, Jax agreed to help navigate Lir to his city in exchange for getting inside to find her brother. What started out as a simple journey, escalated into something that kept me on the edge of my seat!

The fingers of one hand curl into claws, perfect for ripping and tearing. I won’t go quietly. Icy fear has no place in my body now. Instead, I’m filled with fire, burning me from the inside out and just waiting to be released.

I already knew I loved Jax the first few pages into Broken Skies. She was resourceful, savvy and I loved that she was the one responsible for taking care of them for their journey. Whenever she opened her mouth and fumbled over some words or would start blabbering, she made me laugh, smile and truly care for her. But at the same point, she was somewhat broken. She had hardships from her past that she struggled with, and I desperately wanted her to overcome them.

“You are everything I was taught humans were not.”

Lir was charming, sarcastic and I fell head over heals in love with him. He was gentle, sweet, sincere, sexy and smart. I honestly could not get enough of him! And of course I still felt that way about him, even after he kept secrets from Jax. Although, they were wonderful secrets that added so much depth. Ohhhhh, Lir was everything I love in a male character.

Lir stands and reaches a hand out to me. I eye it for a moment before accepting it and allowing him to pull me to my feet. Trust has to start somewhere, I guess.

Jax and Lir were unforgettable characters. And when they were together, their relationship was sweet, slow and natural. Nothing was rushed. Nothing was forced. It was so much fun to watch them evolve. Sigh, I am still on a book high. This book was so much fun and I’m dying until I can read the second book. But until then, I can’t recommend this book highly enough. You must discover this world, characters and story! I look forward to reading the rest of Theresa Kay’s books, because her storytelling has enraptured me!

***ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review***


**Broken Skies Is Currently On Sale for Only .99 cents!!**


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Shattered Stars #3


About Theresa Kay:
Theresa Kay writes stories that feature flawed young adult and new adult characters in science fiction, urban fantasy, or paranormal worlds, all with a touch of romance thrown in for good measure. She’s constantly lost in one fictional universe or another and is a self-proclaimed “fangirl” who loves being sucked into new books, movies, or TV shows. Living in the mountains of central Virginia with her husband and two kids, she works as a paralegal by day and spends her free time reading tons of books, binging Avengers movies, anime, and Doctor Who, or playing Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed.

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