BOOK REVIEW: Tangled Like Us (Like Us #4) by Krista and Becca Ritchie

BOOK REVIEW: Tangled Like Us (Like Us #4) by Krista and Becca RitchieTangled Like Us (Like Us #4)
by Krista and Becca Ritchie
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How to protect your heart:
Let your bodyguard have it.

Jane Cobalt is an American princess. The loyal and painfully curious twenty-three-year-old has inherited immense pressure to preserve the Cobalt legacy. But for Jane — sex, love, and life have been a series of royal failures.

After a friends-with-benefits ended in disaster, she's sworn to a “no sex” hiatus for, well, eternity — and she has no intention of letting anyone in her bed and definitely not her heart.

Twenty-eight-year-old Thatcher Moretti is painfully professional. As the stern 24/7 bodyguard to Jane, thinking about unbridled sex with his sweet client is a sin. One that he keeps committing.

But the real act is a hard line he’d never cross.

When a family member betrays Jane's trust, the media becomes obsessed with matchmaking the perpetually “single” Jane Cobalt and unwanted attention suddenly compromises her safety.

Thatcher would do anything to protect her, and one solution may level the threats:

Become the fake boyfriend to an American princess.

Entwined together with boiling chemistry, new “professional” parameters, and an oath, unsaid feelings threaten to rise and change everything.

​​The Like Us series is a true series, one continuous timeline, that follows a family of wealthy celebrities and the people that protect them.


“I like to believe in family first,”
 I tell Jane. “And there’s something about a generational tradition that seems fucking powerful to me.”

Lololol I’m in so deep with this family it’s not even funny at this point. This book was everything I wanted it to be and more, to say the least. I have been wanting Jane and Thatcher’s story since the time Thatcher made sure all of Jane’s cats were safe when they escaped the townhouse. We never truly saw much from him other than a tough and stoic exterior so you better believe I was dying to dive into his POV.

“It’s not checkmate yet,” I say to myself. I’m not a sad little cub about to be eaten. I’m a motherfucking lion.

Their relationship in this book was LITERAL PERFECTION. First of all, who doesn’t love a “fake” relationship that will guarantee turn into a real one? I honestly thought it was hilarious how fast they both said, screw the rules. Especially Thatcher. UGH. Seriously. They were so hot together I can barely stand it. Also, I was slightly worried that at some point one of them would try to hide feelings or that there would be some kind of miscommunication because nine times out of ten there ALWAYS is one. Nope, not here. These two were straightforward with each other right out of the gate. There were no hidden feelings, no beating around the bush. I freaking loved every second of it.   Honestly I think these two have the most wholesome relationship out of all the pairings?? Maybe??? These Ritchie girls have time and time again written my favorite relationships of all times (family, romantic, AND friend oriented). I need their second book so badly it hurts.

“I want to know all about you, but I can’t ask fast enough—and when I think about you, I wonder what your hands have held. What your eyes have seen.”My pulse has skyrocketed, but I keep speaking. “What your ears have heard and where your feet have landed.”

There were just two..maybe three small things that I noticed while reading this that gave me pause. One, I realized how frustrating Moffy and Farrow’s back and forth is so me. Love them together, don’t love their particular brand of banter. Oh well. Two, in the very back of my mind I kept thinking about how I couldn’t comprehend how these families are STILL dealing with this batshit crazy level of stalker/hater fans and paparazzi. Nuts, but what do I know about famous people and their crazy followers? Not much. Third (and this one actually just gave me a good laugh) how freaking hilarious is it going to be when two more Omega body guards get paired off with two more of the famous ones bhahahaha. I want to know how much Price is going to flip his lid (and what the parents will think bhahaha). These things are all VERY minor though and I am ride or die for these characters. Super nervous about Tony and I’m sure he’ll be a threat of some kind in their next book but I trust Thatcher to take him out if need be, lol. BTW IF YOU COULDN’T TELL I LOVE THATCHER MORETTI. He may have pushed his way into top three guys from their books…Connor and Ryke are my one and two obviously…I’m obsessed.

I approach my grandma at the table. Short gray hair, petite, wrinkles and age spots blemishing her frail skin—her eyes already fill with tears seeing that I’m about to go. I take a knee in front of her chair and kiss her cheek. Whispering, “I wish we could stay longer with you.” 
My grandma places a loving hand against my jaw, cradling my face.“You put too much on yourself, you hear? There’s only one thing you need to remember. Just one.” She brings my face closer to hers. “Be happy.”

^Ummmm not going to lie that quote made me cry because I’ll bet they added it for their grandma that just recently passed away and I lost my grandma (really the only grandparent living while I was growing up) over eight years ago and I still miss her every single day. So sorry for your loss, girls. I’m sure she was so proud of your writing.♥

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  1. ShootingStarsMag

    I really need to start this series. I’m glad this was a win for you, since you were excited for their story. I love that they were straightforward with each other all the time – more characters need to be like that. haha

    ShootingStarsMag recently posted…Holiday Activity + Winter Bucket List UpdatesMy Profile

    • Arielle

      Have you read the Addicted and Calloway Sisters series?? If you have I’m sure you will enjoy these, too. I am just obsessed with their writing in general and the MC Jane is one of their most relatable characters EVER (at least in my opinion!!). Loved her so much.

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