BOOK REVIEW: Tomorrow is for the Brave by Kelly BowenTomorrow is for the Brave by Kelly Bowen
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Based on true events, Tomorrow Is for the Brave is a gripping World War II page‑turner about a courageous woman who risks it all for what is right—perfect for fans of Natasha Lester and Kristen Harmel.

1939, France: Lavish parties, fast cars, and a closet full of the latest fashion—to the average eye, socialite Violet St. Croix seemingly has it all. But what she truly wants is a life full of meaning and purpose. So when France falls to Germany, Violet defies her parents’ wishes and joins the war effort. With her impeccable skill for driving under pressure, she is soon sent to North Africa to shepherd French Foreign Legion officers carrying valuable intelligence through dangerous territory.

But as the Allies encounter one mishap after another, Violet becomes convinced there is a spy in their ranks. And when her commanding officer is murdered, Violet realizes she might be the only one who can uncover the traitor and save the lives of countless soldiers on the front lines. Convincing others to believe her is difficult enough. Finding someone she can trust just might be impossible.


Tomorrow is for the Brave was a WWII story that will capture your heart.  With danger at so many turns, a little bit of romance in the pages, and friendship that will warm your heart, I adored this book!  This is my first by Kelly Bowen, and I definitely will be reading more books by this author!

You won’t last a day. Tino’s last words rang just as sharply in her head.

While it took me till chapter 5 to click with this story, once I did, I didn’t want to put this book down till that final page!  I didn’t like Violet’s fiancé, Tino.  Or her family either.  Tino was controlling, grumpy, boring, and he invoked a lot of anger towards him.  With the brink of war on their doorsteps, Violet wanted to help and volunteer with the Red Cross.  Yet Tino and her father forbade it.  But sometimes you have to go with your gut, and I love that Violet did just that!

George linked her arm through Violet’s. “There is a reason we chose to do this together . To come here together. None of this is easy. But having a friend makes the truly hard things bearable. Having you here has made these months away from home bearable.”
Violet heard the slight catch in George’s voice.

Violet was tenacious, brave, and someone that many will remember for their lifetime and beyond!  I loved the historical note at the end of this story, that spoke of how Violet St. Croix was inspired by real life Susan Travers and what her experience was!  From the moment that Violet signed up with the Red Cross, her entire future changed.  I loved how she created independence for herself.  I love that how led to her driving an ambulance.  Violet was a woman who took charge of a situation, and I was just there gripping the pages having to know what happened next.  While fear and horror leaped from the pages.

The first bomb fell somewhere behind them, a dull, crumping noise that ignited the darkness and shook the ambulance. George gripped the side of the ambulance door, and Violet gritted her teeth but didn’t slow.

On top of Violet, I loved her best friend, George.  She was true, kindhearted, and the friendship she forged with Violet was beautiful.  And besides George, I couldn’t help but love Henri.  The animosity between Violet and Henry was done so fabulously!   Their banter was smile inducing and fun!  So, the moments where Henri listing 5 things about Violet, the book, dancing, and so much more…oh I was a goner.  I loved Henri!  Yet Henri and Violet were in such dangerous situations.  There were no guarantees, and I was so nervous that they could just survive to that next day.

“Henri.” Violet finally stood. “We’ll survive this. We’ve come too far.”
“No matter what happens, I’ll be with you out there. You might not see me, but I’ve got your back. That I promise.”
“I know.” She reached up and touched the side of his face. “And I’ve got yours.”

This book made me scream out loud.  I was terrified for Violet in a certain scene!  Yet hold tightly onto all your hope, because there is an epilogue that is set in the future.  And I closed this book with a smile on my face.  Also, there was a mystery.  We got a few chapters sprinkled here and there with a spy’s POV.  It ended up being my secondary guess, and that’s all I’m saying!   So good luck trying to figure it out!  And I can’t recommend this book enough for those that love historical fiction with a sprinkling of romance!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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