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Welcome Welcome to our blog! We are a group of women from all around the globe whose love of reading brought us together. We met on a site called Goodreads, where we each review, buddy-read, and most importantly: gush shamelessly over books!  On here, you will find that our posts contain Reviews, Recommendations, Giveaways, Kindle Deals, Upcoming Releases and Cover Reveals.

Our reviews are honest and we do not receive compensation other than the occasional arc copy from an author or publisher. Each of our reviews are spoiler-free, but if you’d like further details on a book, don’t hesitate to send us an email!

Although stories with romance is what we gravitate towards most, you will find an array of genres and categories being reviewed here … from Paranormal, Dystopian, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thrillers and more.

We are always in search of great books and hidden gems. If you love to gush over books as much as we do, feel free to follow along and join us!

Personal Bio’s:

Chelsea (Peril Please)

I’m a BB, a Bestie Pea, a Chester/Chelster, Chelz, and Chela, the auto-corrected Marvel-and most publicly-I’m Chelsea (Peril Please) on Goodreads and from the US. I love all things romance and have a sad obsession for books, movies, movie posters, and quotes for any and all of the above. All my best Goodreads friends are officially sharing this site with me and I couldn’t be more ecstatic-we come from all around the US, UK, France, Germany, and I am so unbelievably happy I met them all. They will be my best friends for life.

When it comes to books? We all differ on our opinions and we may disagree (sometimes greatly) from time to time, but we always have one thread in common: Romance. It may be in varying degrees, but whether it’s hand-holding or a hardcore erotic scene, the end all is romance.

I am the most masochistic in the group-my favorite books have the most action, peril, and end of the world romance. Dystopian and paranormal tend to be my favorite, but I slip in a YA/NA from time to time. My favorite scene will always be at the end of a perilous journey where the hero is desperate to save the heroine even at the cost of losing his own life-or vice versa-Call me crazy, but nothing makes me happier when it comes to a book or movie (Yeah, you guessed it, I ADORE superhero movies).

And that’s a little bit of me.

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 I’m a mom to two crazy little boys, I am highly successful at my life goal of being a beach bum, I’ve been with my husband forever,  I’m from the US, I love snowboarding while listening and signing to music I’m way too old for, and I love to dance.

But the thing I’m obsessed about?  My true addiction?  Reading.  I love to read.  I love to become lost in another world.  Not being able to knock that darn smirk off my face, crying my eyes out or feeling every emotion under the sun with characters usually signifies that I have fallen for a book.  But my all-time favorite books usually have the same theme.  A jerk.  A jerk that makes me fall helplessly head over heels in love with him when he softens for the ones he loves.  I’m a HUGE sucker for those books and they will always be my favorite.  I always finding myself seeking out Paranormal books, but I also love Dystopian, Fantasy, Romance, YA, NA & some Science Fiction.

I am SO lucky to have met these lovely ladies through Goodreads.  ♥

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Do you remember that awkward kid who’s hiding under his blanket to read a book? That wasn’t me. Don’t get fooled, I always loved reading but while I was spending hours lost in another world, I always was such a chatterbox.  I had to share all the thoughts which crossed my mind when I met all those new friends – yes, because when you’re a child, fictional characters are your friends, obviously. Okay, sometimes when you’re a grown-up too, I guess.

But you aren’t here to read my entire biography, are you? So, let’s get straight : I’m Anna, a teacher-gamer-book worm who spends most of her spare time reading, talking about books and writing reviews. Oh, and by the way, I’m French, so if you feel my sentences don’t make any sense sometimes, you’re probably right. Sorry about that – But I’m willing to improve, it does count, right?

As for my tastes, well, I guess you have to make your own judgment : Sometimes I love fluffy romances, but sometimes I can’t stand them. Sometimes I want to be moved by painful books in crazy worlds, but sometimes I’m like, “Stop this pleaaase! I can’t handle it!” But in any case, I need to feel something, to live when I read, and above all that, I need to care about the story and the characters. Don’t bore me, make me laugh, make my heart beat faster and I’ll give you a chance.

In other words, I’m pretty inconsistent in my tastes, even if I have a soft spot for dystopia and fantasy, mostly YA. But if I’m being fair, the most important aspect of a book for me is the characterization – because I can fall for every kind of book if I feel connected to the characters. The opposite is also true though.

Well, I guess I’m done here. Did I say I was super ecstatic to join this blog?

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Former Contributor – Laura

Laura is no longer blogging due to her school work at uni.  But hopefully she will be back someday.

I’m a uni (college) student from Germany and love nothing more than reading a good book. People usually call me Laura or Lauri, but I started this confusion on Goodreads – where I first signed up with a nickname that stems from my middle name – so you might know me as Becky as well.

Either way and whatever you might call me, one thing stays the same: Books will always be the big love in my life. Always. Generally I read YA, some NA, contemporary and fantasy, whatever suits my current mood. Right now I’m really obsessed with YA dystopia and high fantasy (think The Darkest Minds and Throne of Glass).

There’s only one thing I like as much as reading, and that’s talking about the books I’ve read. And what is a girl to do when her ‘real’ friends don’t share her crazy obsession for books? (And don’t really care for her constant book talk.) Exactly, she finds them somewhere else!  I’ll be forever grateful that I have met all these lovely bookish people on my various social media sites (hello goodreads!). I LOVE LOVE LOVE that I can now discuss my favorite reads, get awesome recommendations, do spectacular buddy reads and other bookish things. I seriously don’t know how I lived without it just over a year ago.

What I always wanted to do though, what became my little secret goal for some distant time in the future when it didn’t seem quite as overwhelming, was starting my own book blog. So guess how ecstatic I was when three of my favorite bookish people from goodreads asked me to join their blog! And now here I am.

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Former Contributor – Harriet

Harriet is no longer blogging due to her work schedule.  But hopefully she will be back someday.

My names Harriet but most people know me as H, also getting called Pea, British Button and Harriet (British Button) on GoodReads. I have forever been reading but I also have a love for movies and TV series (American series mostly even though I’m from the UK) At the moment completely addicted to Teen Wolf, Once Upon A Time and Arrow.

Not only do I love reading but writing reviews is one of my top things to do which I do all on GoodReads. I have a group of friends that are also doing this blog with me and I wouldn’t be with out any of them and I’m over the moon I can share something like this with them, we are all from different parts of the world from US to UK but we have made such a tight bond I know we will be best friends forever doesn’t matter how far away we are!

We all have similar tastes in books which work well especially when we all do a group read but also a few of us tend to try different genres. I love that as I get recommended to books I would never try and some end up being all time favourites. I have started to breach out and have found a love for scary/creepy stories. We all have one thing in common and that’s romance we all love the feeling of butterflies and getting giddy of certain characters which will never change.

I used to be all about YA-NA but recently moved on to dystopian, paranormal and horror, saying that YA and NA will always be my comfort zone and I’ll always go back to it. I find I love my heroines to be sassy and my heroes more bad the better!

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Review Rating:
5 stars – LOVED everything.  There’s a good chance this book, series, or author is one of our favorites!
4 stars – LIKED and enjoyed almost everything about the book.
3 stars – It was OK.  There were parts of the book that were enjoyable and parts that were lackluster.
2 stars – We didn’t like the book.
1 stars – We couldn’t finish the book or detested it.

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  1. Hey girls!
    I have nominated you for an award (https://bitsandbookswithsarah.wordpress.com/2015/09/28/blog-award-the-encouraging-thunder-award/) – don’t feel any pressure to do it, it’s just a bit of fun!
    I love your blog!
    Sarah x

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