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I prefer e-books (mobi-Amazon), but I will also accept print copies. I also prefer books/series that end with a Happily Ever After instead of a Happily For Now.  Also, I post my reviews on Goodreads & Amazon. Reviews may be altered for each site.

Genres I Love:
Science Fiction

Genres Not For Me:
Mystery (unless I already love the author’s other books)

What I Hate:
* Plot holes – I love to highlight details & situations that should be answered in the future or foreshadows something. I always go back and look at those “orange” highlights to make for sure almost everything is wrapped up with the book/series.
* Too many mentions of religion
* Horrible decision making – If the heroine/hero are constantly making decisions that place themselves or others in danger, I will most likely grow irritated.
* Child/Dog cruelty – A child or dog that has been tortured or murdered, especially if I’ve become attached to them, is a huge NO for me. I’ll not finish or downgrade the rating of the story.
* Personality Transplant – I can’t handle a character changing drastically, without previous hints. I also don’t like when a character pulls a stunt that is uncharacteristic to them.
* Rape – If it takes place within the story and has a descriptive scene, then that is a huge trigger for me. I don’t handle that well. At all. But if it has happened in the past and they talk about it, no flashbacks with descriptions of the actual act, then I’ll be okay.
* Cheating

What I Love:

*HEA – I will always prefer HEA (Happily Ever After) over a HFN (Happily For now).  And books with epilogues usually make me oh so happy!
*Romance – I prefer the books I read to have romance. Whether it’s barely there or the main focus isn’t a big deal to me. As long as I can find a tiny remnant of romance, then I’m fine!
* Jerk/Tortured Male – Books where the male character starts out cold/indifferent towards the heroine but then warms up as the story progresses are always my favorite. Especially if they are tortured from their past and are infuriating, haughty and sarcastic yet they reveal glimpses of a nicer or softer side. If they aren’t that way then I need them to capture my attention in a quiet yet bold and confident way.
* Banter – I usually always love characters that have banter that makes my heart race or giggle while smiling.



I prefer ebooks so I can highlight them (I’m a highlighting fool) but will also accept print copies. Instead of putting what I like, which is a lot, I will make a list of what I prefer not to read about or can’t stand:

My many No-No’s:

-Bad dialogue/cheesy dialogue
-Animal deaths
-Animal cruelty
-LGBT…just not for me
-A guy (or girl) sleeping with someone after a ‘break’. THIS IS HUGE.
 photo We_were_on_a_break_zpsasosjzvo.gif
-Lots of traveling in book
-Books set in foreign countries (I don’t know why…only like a few of those)
-I accept love triangles if handled correctly, but am very displeased when it is not wrapped up in a believable-or acceptable- way
-Changing a character’s personality halfway through a series to make an easy out for love triangle-NOT COOL, I WILL RAGE
-Unnecessary and for-no-logical-reason main character deaths (I can accept deaths, but not without reason-I want to BELIEVE this was crucial to the story)
-Romances bogged down with only sex, not enough substance to story
-Fantasy that involves otherworldly main characters, such as, but not limited to: Animal heads, human face but hooves or any other such thing, etc. You get the point
-Too much religion

I like ‘em loyal, tortured, sweet, broody, and love when they’re willing to risk it all to save the heroine-even at the cost of their own lives.
This list may grow or change, but for now I am satisfied that I have made myself abundantly clear on what doesn’t work, namely cheating, cheesiness, or cop outs.




I only accept e-books (mobi or epub). I’m an eclectic reader and love trying new genres, with the exception of New Adult and Non Fiction. However, you might want to refer to my list of pet peeves : those written below are a HUGE turn-off for me.

My Favorite Genres:
Fantasy (YA and Adult, including Dark Fantasy)
Romance (including LGBT)
Contemporary YA

Genres Not For Me:
New Adult
Novellas (except if I read the other books in the series)

Huge Pet Peeves (I MEAN IT)
* CHEATING – In every way or form, EVEN IF used as a way for the MCs to get together. Note : KISSING IS CHEATING.
* RELIGION– I don’t mind religious MCs per se, but I absolutely DESPISE when the story feels too preachy or condamns abortion/homosexual relationships.
* SLUT-SHAMING & SEXISM – Please do not send me any book where the women are judged upon their sexual behavior or clothing. Same with double-standards : any book that implies that men who have one-night stands are players and women who do the same are sluts or whores will most likely make me rage.
* ROMANTICIZATION OF ABUSE – I’m particularly aggravated by over-controlling male-leads with stalking tendencies. Also, YES MEANS YES. I do not accept any form of violence/rape if it’s (even implicitly) condoned or any “Stockholm Syndrome romances”.
* INSTALOVE – First it destroys all tension, and secondly it’s just completely unrealistic. I can accept instalust if done well.
* TSTL CHARACTERS – There’s just so much idiocy I can take. If I spend the whole book wondering why the hell they don’t call the cops, I will be particularly annoyed.



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