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* Request MUST include – synopsis, genre, and links to Goodreads or Amazon (if applicable).

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* Arielle & Chelsea are not taking review requests at this time.

* Please email all requests to starcrossedbookblog (at) gmail (dot) com

I will accept either e-books or print copies. I also prefer books/series that end with a Happily Ever After instead of a Happily For Now.

Genres I Love:
Contemporary Romance
Historical Romance

Urban Fantasy

Science Fiction

Genres Not For Me:
Reverse Harem
Mystery (unless I already love the author’s other books)

What I Love:
* YA/NA/Adult
* Romance
* HEA – I will always prefer HEA (Happily Ever After) over a HFN (Happily For now), unless it’s YA or part of a series of interconnected standalones.  And books with epilogues make me oh so happy!

* My Top Favorite Tropes –  I love so many more tropes than this, but my top favorites are Enemies to Lovers, Found Family, Fake Dating, Star Crossed/Forbidden, Small Town, Brothers Best Friend, and Grumpy/Sunshine.
* Male Characters
– Books where the male character starts out cold/indifferent towards the heroine but then warms up as the story progresses are always my favorite. Especially if they are tortured from their past and are infuriating, haughty and sarcastic yet they reveal glimpses of a nicer or softer side.
* Banter – I always love characters that have banter that makes my heart race or giggle while smiling.

What I Hate:
* Plot holes – I love to highlight details & situations that should be answered in the future or foreshadows something. I always go back and look at those “orange” highlights to make for sure almost everything is wrapped up with the book/series.
* Too many mentions of religion
* Horrible decision making – If the heroine/hero are constantly making decisions that place themselves or others in danger, I will most likely grow irritated.
* Child/Dog cruelty – A child or dog that has been tortured or murdered, especially if I’ve become attached to them, is a huge NO for me. I’ll not finish or downgrade the rating of the story.
* Personality Transplant – I can’t handle a character changing drastically, without previous hints. I also don’t like when a character pulls a stunt that is uncharacteristic to them.
* Rape – If it takes place within the story and has a descriptive scene, then that is a huge trigger for me. I don’t handle that well. At all. But if it has happened in the past and they talk about it, no flashbacks with descriptions of the actual act, then I’ll be okay.
* Cheating



I will accept both e-books (Kindle compatible) and print copies.

Genres I love:
Young Adult
New Adult
Contemporary Romance

Genres not for me:
Science Fiction

What I Love:
-Strong female leads/character – She can be flawed/complex/make poor choices, but as long as she perseveres and continues to try, I’m here for it all.
-Dystopian (a la The Hunger Games/Red Queen/Ash Princess) – Anything along these lines I’m absolutely willing to try the series.
-Romance – It doesn’t have to be the central focus, but I usually do like to have some in the books.
-Great side characters – Especially true in YA/NA books, I love to have a great supporting cast.
-Fairy tale retellings – These are kind of new to me, but I’ve enjoyed the books I’ve read lately that take fairy tales for a spin (especially if they skew a little dark).

What I Hate:

-Animal cruelty/death – HATE. HATE. HATE. I will tolerate a little if it is easy to move past, but if it is central to story, I’m out.
-Instalove – I cannot stand when two characters, who barely know each other, are automatically in love.
-Bad dialogue – I live for good dialogue, so if it is awkward/stilted/unrealistic, it’s a huge no from me.
-Too much world building – I know this is hard to quantify, but think Lord of the Rings. I love the movies, but I’ve never been able to read the books because there is so much world-building and exposition. I just can’t get into that.
-Changing a character just for the sake of advancing a relationship/plot. I’ve been seeing this a lot. It is seriously not OK to assassinate a character just move a plot forward or change a relationship. It’s lazy writing and annoying.



Please email all requests to starcrossedbookblog (at) gmail (dot) com

We usually take two to four weeks to return any requests.

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