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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating Date Reviewed
FurybornFurybornClaire LegrandThe Empirium Trilogy #15 StarsJanuary 20th, 2018
To Kill a KingdomTo Kill a KingdomAlexandra Christo4.5 StarsJanuary 23rd, 2018
Return Once MoreReturn Once MoreTrisha LeighThe Historians #14.5 StarsFebruary 2nd, 2018
From Lukov with LoveFrom Lukov with LoveMariana Zapata5 StarsFebruary 9th, 2018
We Own TonightWe Own TonightCorinne Michaels3.5 StarsFebruary 15th, 2018
Tempests and SlaughterTempests and SlaughterTamora PierceThe Numair Chronicles #15 StarsFebruary 24th, 2018
LegendaryLegendaryStephanie GarberCaraval #25 StarsMarch 8th, 2018
The Girl With the Red BalloonThe Girl With the Red BalloonKatherine LockeThe Balloonmakers #15 StarsMarch 10th, 2018
The Raging OnesThe Raging OnesKrista Ritchie, Becca RitchieThe Raging Ones #14.5 StarsMarch 14th, 2018
TangledTangledEmma ChaseTangled #15 StarsMarch 28th, 2018
The Demon KingThe Demon KingCinda Williams ChimaSeven Realms #14 StarsApril 7th, 2018
Love and Other WordsLove and Other WordsChristina Lauren5 StarsApril 28th, 2018
Damaged Like UsDamaged Like UsKrista and Becca RitchieLike Us #14 StarsMay 29th, 2018
Alphas Like UsAlphas Like UsKrista and Becca RitchieLike Us #35 StarsJune 14th, 2018
Addicted to YouAddicted to YouKrista and Becca RitchieAddicted #14 StarsJuly 3rd, 2018
FirstlifeFirstlifeGena ShowalterEverlife #14 StarsJuly 7th, 2018
Addicted for NowAddicted for NowKrista and Becca RitchieAddicted #24.5 StarsJuly 19th, 2018
Addicted After AllAddicted After AllKrista and Becca RitchieAddicted #35 StarsJuly 25th, 2018
The ChaseThe ChaseElle KennedyBriar U #14 StarsAugust 13th, 2018
All Our YesterdaysAll Our YesterdaysCristin Terrill4 StarsAugust 16th, 2018
The Darkest LegacyThe Darkest LegacyAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #45 StarsAugust 23rd, 2018
Josh and Hazel's Guide to Not DatingJosh and Hazel's Guide to Not DatingChristina Lauren5 StarsSeptember 7th, 2018
The Darkest MindsThe Darkest MindsAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #15 StarsSeptember 20th, 2018
In the AfterlightIn the AfterlightAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #35 StarsSeptember 27th, 2018
My Favorite Half-Night StandMy Favorite Half-Night StandChristina Lauren5 StarsOctober 11th, 2018
Empire of StormsEmpire of StormsSarah J MaasThrone of Glass #55 StarsOctober 17th, 2018
Tower of DawnTower of DawnSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass #65 StarsOctober 18th, 2018
Kingdom of AshKingdom of AshSarah J. MaasThrone of Glass #75 StarsNovember 1st, 2018
Not So Nice GuyNot So Nice Guy5 StarsNovember 5th, 2018
The DivinersThe DivinersLibba BrayThe Diviners #14.5 StarsNovember 14th, 2018
Arrogant DevilArrogant Devil4 StarsNovember 15th, 2018
Lair of DreamsLair of DreamsLibba BrayThe Diviners #24 StarsNovember 23rd, 2018
Before the Devil Breaks YouBefore the Devil Breaks YouLibba BrayThe Diviners #35 StarsNovember 24th, 2018
The Gilded WolvesThe Gilded WolvesRoshani ChokshiThe Gilded Wolves #14 StarsDecember 3rd, 2018
Three Dark CrownsThree Dark CrownsThree Dark Crowns #15 StarsDecember 4th, 2018
A Curse So Dark and LonelyA Curse So Dark and LonelyBrigid KemmererA Curse So Dark and Lonely #14 StarsDecember 12th, 2018
City of BonesCity of BonesCassandra ClareThe Mortal Instruments #14 StarsDecember 31st, 2018
Queen of Air and DarknessQueen of Air and DarknessCassandra ClareThe Dark Artifices5 StarsJanuary 2nd, 2019
The Gilded WolvesThe Gilded WolvesRoshani ChokshiThe Gilded Wolves #14 StarsJanuary 10th, 2019
Echo NorthEcho NorthJoanna Ruth Meyer4 StarsJanuary 14th, 2019
The Red Scrolls of MagicThe Red Scrolls of MagicCassandra Clare, Wesley ChuThe Eldest Curses #14.5 StarsJanuary 17th, 2019
Tangled Like UsTangled Like UsKrista and Becca RitchieLike Us #45 StarsJanuary 21st, 2019
The Cruel PrinceThe Cruel PrinceHolly BlackThe Folk of the Air #14.5 StarsJanuary 30th, 2019
Fuel the FireFuel the FireKrista and Becca RitchieCalloway Sisters #35 StarsFebruary 4th, 2019
King of ScarsKing of ScarsLeigh BardugoNikolai Duology #14 StarsFebruary 9th, 2019
The RiskThe RiskElle KennedyBriar U #25 StarsFebruary 16th, 2019
The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0The Boyfriend Whisperer 2.0Linda BudzinskiThe Boyfriend Whisperer #24 StarsFebruary 18th, 2019
The Hot ShotThe Hot ShotKristen CallihanGame On #45 StarsFebruary 19th, 2019
The UnhoneymoonersThe UnhoneymoonersChristina Lauren4 StarsFebruary 24th, 2019
To Best the BoysTo Best the BoysMary Weber4.5 StarsMarch 1st, 2019
The Wicked KingThe Wicked KingHolly BlackThe Folk of the Air #25 StarsMarch 6th, 2019
TruthwitchTruthwitchSusan DennardThe Witchlands #14.5 StarsMarch 8th, 2019
WindwitchWindwitchSusan DennardThe Witchlands #25 StarsMarch 11th, 2019
Red, White & Royal BlueRed, White & Royal BlueCasey McQuiston5 StarsMarch 22nd, 2019
Make Me BadMake Me Bad4 StarsMarch 27th, 2019
Sky Without StarsSky Without StarsJessica Brody, Joanne RendellSystem Divine #14.5 StarsApril 4th, 2019
Aurora RisingAurora RisingAmie Kaufman, Jay KristoffThe Aurora Cycle #15 StarsApril 5th, 2019
These Broken StarsThese Broken StarsAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound #15 StarsApril 11th, 2019
This Shattered WorldThis Shattered WorldAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerStarbound #25 StarsApril 18th, 2019
LIFEL1K3LIFEL1K3Jay KristoffLifelike #14 StarsApril 19th, 2019
Overnight SensationOvernight SensationSarina BowenBrooklyn Bruisers #54.5 StarsMay 18th, 2019
A Court of Wings and RuinA Court of Wings and RuinSarah J MaasA Court of Thorns and Roses #34.5 StarsMay 20th, 2019
BrooklynaireBrooklynaireSarina BowenBrooklyn #14.5 StarsMay 23rd, 2019
Twice in a Blue MoonTwice in a Blue MoonChristina Lauren4.5 StarsJune 4th, 2019
SuperfanSuperfanSarina BowenBrooklyn #35 StarsJune 12th, 2019
On the Corner of Love and HateOn the Corner of Love and HateNina BocciHopeless Romantics #14 StarsJune 13th, 2019
Sky in the DeepSky in the DeepAdrienne Young5 StarsJune 20th, 2019
BloodwitchBloodwitchSusan DennardThe Witchlands #35 StarsJune 24th, 2019
There Will Come a DarknessThere Will Come a DarknessKaty Rose PoolAge of Darkness #14 StarsJuly 5th, 2019
RoarRoarCora CarmackStormheart #14 StarsJuly 10th, 2019
Fix Her UpFix Her UpTessa BaileyHot & Hammered #25 StarsJuly 12th, 2019
Say You Still Love MeSay You Still Love MeK. A. Tucker4 StarsJuly 31st, 2019
The Last HopeThe Last HopeKrista and Becca RitchieThe Raging Ones #25 StarsAugust 19th, 2019
RageRageCora CarmackStormheart #24 StarsAugust 27th, 2019
KultiKultiMariana Zapata5 StarsAugust 30th, 2019
Serpent & DoveSerpent & DoveShelby MahurinSerpent & Dove #14.5 StarsSeptember 6th, 2019
The Girl the Sea Gave BackThe Girl the Sea Gave BackAdrienne YoungSky in the Deep4 StarsSeptember 7th, 2019
The Bromance Book ClubThe Bromance Book ClubLyssa Kay AdamsBromance Book Club #15 StarsOctober 4th, 2019
The Witchlands Box SetThe Witchlands Box SetSusan DennardThe Witchlands #1-35 StarsOctober 9th, 2019
Sinful Like UsSinful Like UsKrista & Becca RitchieLike Us #55 StarsOctober 18th, 2019
The Midnight LieThe Midnight LieMarie RutkoskiThe Midnight Lie #15 StarsOctober 24th, 2019
Dirty LettersDirty LettersVi Keeland, Penelope Ward5 StarsNovember 6th, 2019
Amy & Roger's Epic DetourAmy & Roger's Epic DetourMorgan Matson4.5 StarsNovember 13th, 2019
The Honey-Don't ListThe Honey-Don't ListChristina Lauren4 StarsDecember 5th, 2019
SkywardSkywardBrandon SandersonSkyward #15 StarsDecember 6th, 2019
Meet Me on Love LaneMeet Me on Love LaneNina BocciHopeless Romantics #25 StarsDecember 10th, 2019
A Heart So Fierce and BrokenA Heart So Fierce and BrokenBrigid KemmererCursebreakers #24.5 StarsDecember 12th, 2019
To Have and to HoaxTo Have and to HoaxMartha Waters5 StarsDecember 18th, 2019
StarsightStarsightBrandon SandersonSkyward #24 StarsDecember 31st, 2019
Between Burning WorldsBetween Burning WorldsJessica Brody, Joanne RendellSystem Divine4.5 StarsJanuary 2nd, 2020
Whatever It TakesWhatever It TakesKrista & Becca RitchieBad Reputation Duet #15 StarsJanuary 20th, 2020
The Stars We StealThe Stars We StealAlexa Donne3.5 StarsJanuary 27th, 2020
It Sounded Better in My HeadIt Sounded Better in My HeadNina Kenwood3.5 StarsJanuary 28th, 2020
HeartlandHeartlandSarina BowenTrue North #75 StarsFebruary 3rd, 2020
All the Stars and TeethAll the Stars and TeethAdalyn GraceAll the Stars and Teeth #14.5 StarsFebruary 12th, 2020
The Silvered SerpentsThe Silvered SerpentsRoshani ChokshiThe Gilded Wolves #25 StarsFebruary 27th, 2020
HavenfallHavenfallSara HollandHavenfall #13.5 StarsFebruary 28th, 2020
Undercover BromanceUndercover BromanceLyssa Kay AdamsBromance Book Club #24 StarsMarch 3rd, 2020
Aurora BurningAurora BurningAmie Kaufman, Jay KristoffThe Aurora Cycle #25 StarsMarch 9th, 2020
The Raven and the DoveThe Raven and the DoveKaitlyn DavisThe Raven and the Dove #14 StarsMarch 30th, 2020
FableFableAdrienne YoungFable #14.5 StarsJune 5th, 2020
Blood & HoneyBlood & HoneyShelby MahurinSerpent & Dove #25 StarsAugust 26th, 2020
The Hunter and the MageThe Hunter and the MageKaitlyn DavisThe Raven and the Dove #24.5 StarsSeptember 3rd, 2020
Lies & LullabiesLies & LullabiesSarina BowenHush Note #14 StarsSeptember 15th, 2020
The Other Side of the SkyThe Other Side of the SkyAmie Kaufman, Meagan SpoonerThe Other Side of the Sky #14.5 StarsOctober 15th, 2020
To Love and to LoatheTo Love and to LoatheMartha Waters5 StarsOctober 19th, 2020
LoreLoreAlexandra Bracken4 StarsOctober 21st, 2020
LoverboyLoverboySarina BowenThe Company #24.5 StarsNovember 12th, 2020
A Sky Beyond the StormA Sky Beyond the StormSaaba TahirAn Ember in the Ashes #45 StarsDecember 11th, 2020
Second First ImpressionsSecond First ImpressionsSally Thorne5 StarsDecember 14th, 2020
You Deserve Each OtherYou Deserve Each OtherSarah Hogle5 StarsDecember 16th, 2020
RoommateRoommateSarina Bowen4 StarsJanuary 7th, 2021
All the Tides of FateAll the Tides of FateAdalyn GraceAll the Stars and Teeth #24 StarsJanuary 11th, 2021
BlindsidedBlindsidedVictoria DenaultMoo U #14 StarsFebruary 12th, 2021
SlapshotSlapshotRebecca JenshakMoo U #24.5 StarsFebruary 13th, 2021
HoldoutHoldoutJaqueline SnoweMoo U #34 StarsFebruary 15th, 2021
SweetheartSweetheartSarah MayberryBusy Bean #14.5 StarsMarch 1st, 2021
HeartscapeHeartscapeGarrett LeighVino & Veritas #25 StarsMarch 25th, 2021
HeadstrongHeadstrongEden FinleyVino & Veritas #34 StarsMarch 26th, 2021
BombshellsBombshellsSarina BowenBrooklyn #55 StarsApril 8th, 2021
Chain of IronChain of IronCassandra ClareThe Last Hours #24 StarsApril 12th, 2021
BombshellsBombshellsSarina BowenBrooklyn #55 StarsApril 13th, 2021
The Bridge KingdomThe Bridge KingdomThe Bridge Kingdom #14.5 StarsApril 15th, 2021
Kingdom of the WickedKingdom of the WickedKerri ManiscalcoKingdom of the Wicked #14 StarsApril 19th, 2021
GametimeGametimeJami DavenportMoo U #42.5 StarsApril 28th, 2021
OvertimeOvertimeKat MizeraMoo U #54 StarsApril 29th, 2021
HalftimeHalftimeKim FindlayMoo U #64 StarsMay 1st, 2021
DarkroomDarkroomKate WilloughbyMoo U #74 StarsMay 3rd, 2021
TurnaboutTurnaboutLaurel GreerVino & Veritas #95 StarsMay 6th, 2021
PlaymakerPlaymakerSierra HillMoo U #84 StarsJune 11th, 2021
SnowballedSnowballedMelanie TingMoo U #94.5 StarsJune 15th, 2021
GoalkeeperGoalkeeperAndi BurnsMoo U #104 StarsJune 17th, 2021
TouchstoneTouchstoneKaren StivaliSpeakeasy Taproom4.5 StarsJune 29th, 2021
HeartwoodHeartwoodJ.H. CroixSpeakeasy Taproom4 StarsJune 30th, 2021
WaylaidWaylaidSarina BowenTrue North #85 StarsJuly 20th, 2021
WildflowerWildflowerSarina BowenSpeakeasy Taproom #54.5 StarsAugust 3rd, 2021
StrongholdStrongholdAna AshleyVino & Veritas #144.5 StarsAugust 10th, 2021
ShowstopperShowstopperRegina KyleVino & Veritas #174 StarsAugust 18th, 2021
StarlightStarlightChristine DePetrilloSpeakeasy Taproom #75 StarsAugust 26th, 2021
StargazerStargazerWendy S. MarcusSpeakeasy Taproom #85 StarsAugust 31st, 2021
SafeguardSafeguardStephanie RoseSpeakeasy Taproom #75 StarsSeptember 2nd, 2021
DoubletalkDoubletalkTeralyn MitchellBusy Bean #63.5 StarsSeptember 13th, 2021
SidetrackedSidetrackedR.L. KendersonBusy Bean #74 StarsSeptember 14th, 2021
FireproofFireproofDelancey StewartBusy Bean #85 StarsSeptember 15th, 2021
FootnoteFootnoteAlexa GregoryBusy Bean #94 StarsSeptember 16th, 2021
AfterglowAfterglowAria WyattBusy Bean #105 StarsSeptember 17th, 2021
BoyfriendBoyfriendSarina BowenMoo U #05 StarsOctober 14th, 2021
Once Upon a Broken HeartOnce Upon a Broken HeartStephanie GarberOnce Upon a Broken Heart #14.5 StarsNovember 18th, 2021
Aurora's EndAurora's EndAmie Kaufman, Jay KristoffThe Aurora Cycle #35 StarsDecember 3rd, 2021
The Best MenThe Best MenSarina Bowen, Lauren BlakelyThe Best Men #14.5 StarsJanuary 18th, 2022
People We Meet on VacationPeople We Meet on VacationEmily Henry5 StarsFebruary 4th, 2022
House of Sky and BreathHouse of Sky and BreathSarah J MaasCrescent City5 StarsMarch 2nd, 2022
Hook, Line, and SinkerHook, Line, and SinkerTessa BaileyBellinger Sisters #25 StarsMarch 3rd, 2022
ShenanigansShenanigansSarina BowenBrooklyn #65 StarsMarch 15th, 2022
Love LessonsLove LessonsSarina BowenBrooklyn #74.5 StarsJuly 15th, 2022
Misfits Like UsMisfits Like UsKrista and Becca RitchieLike Us #115 StarsJuly 28th, 2022
Hat Trick HeartHat Trick HeartElla MarketThunderclap #15 StarsAugust 30th, 2022
WildfireWildfireGarrett LeighIn Vino Veritas #14.5 StarsSeptember 7th, 2022
CounterpointCounterpointJ.E. BirkIn Vino Veritas #24 StarsSeptember 8th, 2022
UnmanageableUnmanageableLeslie McAdamIn Vino Veritas #34.5 StarsSeptember 13th, 2022
UnderdogUnderdogL.A. WittIn Vino Veritas #44 StarsSeptember 21st, 2022
WonderlandWonderlandRachel EmberIn Vino Veritas #54.5 StarsSeptember 22nd, 2022
DauntlessDauntlessVictoria DenaultIn Vino Veritas #65 StarsSeptember 23rd, 2022
A Little Too LateA Little Too LateSarina BowenMadigan Mountain4.5 StarsOctober 5th, 2022
The Unmarked WitchThe Unmarked WitchMiranda Lyn4.5 StarsOctober 12th, 2022
The Curse of OpheliaThe Curse of OpheliaNicole PlataniaThe Curse of Ophelia #15 StarsJanuary 19th, 2023
Forget Me NotForget Me NotJulie Soto5 StarsJanuary 31st, 2023
The New GuyThe New GuySarina Bowen4.5 StarsFebruary 15th, 2023

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