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Book Cover Book Title Author Series Rating Date Reviewed
Trust In MeTrust In MeJ. LynnWait for You #1.55 StarsAugust 9th, 2014
The Secret of Ella and MichaThe Secret of Ella and MichaJessica SorensenThe Secret #15 StarsAugust 11th, 2014
The Forever of Ella and MichaThe Forever of Ella and MichaJessica SorensenThe Secret #24 StarsAugust 11th, 2014
The Temptation of Lila and EthanThe Temptation of Lila and EthanJessica SorensenThe Secret #33 StarsAugust 11th, 2014
The Iron KingThe Iron KingJulie KagawaThe Iron Fey #14 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
Winter's PassageWinter's PassageJulie KagawaThe Iron Fey #1.55 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
The Iron DaughterThe Iron DaughterJulie KagawaThe Iron Fey #25 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
The Iron QueenThe Iron QueenJulie KagawaThe Iron Fey #35 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
The Lost PrinceThe Lost PrinceJulie KagawaThe Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten #15 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
RuleRuleJay CrownoverMarked Men #15 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
JetJetJay CrownoverMarked Men #24 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
Rebel BelleRebel BelleRachel HawkinsRebel Belle #13 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
DivergentDivergentVeronica RothDivergent #15 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
InsurgentInsurgentVeronica RothDivergent #25 StarsAugust 12th, 2014
AllegiantAllegiantVeronica RothDivergent #34 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
Shine Not BurnShine Not BurnElle CaseyShine Not Burn #15 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
MacKenzie FireMacKenzie FireElle CaseyShine Not Burn #25 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
We Were LiarsWe Were LiarsE. Lockhart3 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
ForsakenForsakenKristen DayDaughters of the Sea #14 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
AwakenAwakenKristen DayDaughters of the Sea #24 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
Beautiful CreaturesBeautiful CreaturesKami Garcia, Margaret StohlCaster Chronicles #14 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
Beautiful DarknessBeautiful DarknessKami Garcia, Margaret StohlCaster Chronicles #23 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
The Knife of Never Letting GoThe Knife of Never Letting GoPatrick NessChaos Walking #14 StarsAugust 13th, 2014
The Ask and the AnswerThe Ask and the AnswerPatrick NessChaos Walking #24 StarsAugust 14th, 2014
Monsters of MenMonsters of MenPatrick NessChaos Walking #34 StarsAugust 14th, 2014
ShadowsShadowsJennifer L. ArmentroutLux 0.55 StarsAugust 14th, 2014
ObsidianObsidianJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #15 StarsAugust 19th, 2014
OnyxOnyxJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #25 StarsAugust 25th, 2014
OpalOpalJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #35 StarsAugust 29th, 2014
OriginOriginJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #45 StarsSeptember 3rd, 2014
ObsessionObsessionJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #4.54.5 StarsSeptember 7th, 2014
OppositionOppositionJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #55 StarsSeptember 11th, 2014
Take Me TomorrowTake Me TomorrowShannon A. Thompson3.5 StarsSeptember 18th, 2014
Man of My DreamsMan of My DreamsFaith AndrewsDreams #14 StarsSeptember 23rd, 2014
Back to YouBack to YouFaith AndrewsDreams #1.54 StarsSeptember 23rd, 2014
Stay with MeStay with MeJ. LynnWait for You #34 StarsOctober 1st, 2014
Be With MeBe With MeJ. LynnWait For You #25 StarsOctober 3rd, 2014
AnewAnewChelsea FineThe Archers of Avalon #15 StarsOctober 5th, 2014
AwryAwryChelsea FineThe Archers of Avalon #25 StarsOctober 12th, 2014
AvowAvowChelsea FineThe Archers of Avalon #35 StarsOctober 22nd, 2014
The Darkest MindsThe Darkest MindsAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #15 StarsOctober 27th, 2014
Never FadeNever FadeAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #25 StarsNovember 5th, 2014
Sparks RiseSparks RiseAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #2.55 StarsNovember 6th, 2014
In The AfterlightIn The AfterlightAlexandra BrackenThe Darkest Minds #34.5 StarsNovember 10th, 2014
Keep MeKeep MeFaith AndrewsGrayson Sibling #14 StarsNovember 15th, 2014
Keep HerKeep HerFaith AndrewsGrayson Sibling #24 StarsNovember 18th, 2014
The UnionThe UnionT.H. HernandezThe Union #14.5 StarsNovember 23rd, 2014
Shatter MeShatter MeTahereh MafiShatter Me #15 StarsDecember 15th, 2014
Unravel MeUnravel MeTahereh MafiShatter Me #22 StarsDecember 28th, 2014
Of Beast and BeautyOf Beast and BeautyStacey Jay4 StarsJanuary 4th, 2015
DarkfeverDarkfeverKaren Marie MoningFever #14 StarsJanuary 11th, 2015
BloodfeverBloodfeverKaren Marie MoningFever #24.5 StarsJanuary 17th, 2015
FaefeverFaefeverKaren Marie MoningFever #34 StarsJanuary 24th, 2015
DreamfeverDreamfeverKaren Marie MoningFever #45 StarsJanuary 26th, 2015
ShadowfeverShadowfeverKaren Marie MoningFever #55 StarsFebruary 1st, 2015
Reflection PondReflection PondKacey VanderkarrReflection Pond #14 StarsFebruary 4th, 2015
Isn't She LovelyIsn't She LovelyLauren LayneRedemption #0.55 StarsFebruary 8th, 2015
CrushedCrushedLauren LayneRedemption #24.5 StarsFebruary 9th, 2015
After the KissAfter the KissLauren LayneSex Love & Stiletto #15 StarsFebruary 14th, 2015
Love the One You're WithLove the One You're WithLauren LayneSex Love & Stiletto #24.5 StarsFebruary 18th, 2015
Just One NightJust One NightLauren LayneSex Love & Stiletto #35 StarsFebruary 23rd, 2015
Jellicoe RoadJellicoe RoadMelina Marchetta2.5 StarsMarch 5th, 2015
The Trouble with LoveThe Trouble with LoveLauren LayneSex Love & Stiletto #45 StarsMarch 10th, 2015
Best Kind of BrokenBest Kind of BrokenChelsea FineFinding Fate #15 StarsMarch 15th, 2015
Perfect Kind of TroublePerfect Kind of TroubleChelsea FineFinding Fate #24.5 StarsMarch 29th, 2015
Right Kind of WrongRight Kind of WrongChelsea FineFinding Fate #35 StarsApril 4th, 2015
Black IrisBlack IrisLeah Raeder2.5 StarsApril 8th, 2015
RomeRomeJay CrownoverMarked Men #34 StarsApril 12th, 2015
NashNashJay CrownoverMarked Men #43.5 StarsApril 19th, 2015
RowdyRowdyJay CrownoverMarked Men #54 StarsApril 20th, 2015
AsaAsaJay CrownoverMarked Men #64.5 StarsApril 22nd, 2015
Changing His GameChanging His GameMegan EricksonGamers3.5 StarsApril 28th, 2015
Stolen SongbirdStolen SongbirdDanielle L. JensenThe Malediction Trilogy #15 StarsMay 6th, 2015
Hidden HuntressHidden HuntressDanielle L. JensenThe Malediction Trilogy #24 StarsMay 20th, 2015
Beautiful Broken RulesBeautiful Broken RulesKimberly LaurenBroken #13.5 StarsMay 27th, 2015
Since DrewSince DrewJ. Nathan3.5 StarsMay 28th, 2015
The RuinsThe RuinsT.H. HernandezThe Union #24.5 StarsJune 18th, 2015
FlickerFlickerKaye ThornbrughFlicker #12.5 StarsJune 25th, 2015
Addicted to YouAddicted to YouBecca Ritchie, Krista RitchieAddicted #12.5 StarsJuly 21st, 2015
Sins and NeedlesSins and NeedlesKarina HalleThe Artists Trilogy #15 StarsJuly 27th, 2015
Frisk MeFrisk MeLauren LayneNew York's Finest #15 StarsJuly 28th, 2015
On Every StreetOn Every StreetKarina HalleThe Artists Trilogy 0.52 StarsAugust 4th, 2015
Shooting ScarsShooting ScarsKarina HalleThe Artists Trilogy #25 StarsAugust 4th, 2015
Bold TricksBold TricksKarina HalleThe Artists Trilogy #35 StarsAugust 15th, 2015
Blurred LinesBlurred LinesLauren Layne5 StarsAugust 20th, 2015
Fall with MeFall with MeJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You #44 StarsSeptember 1st, 2015
Stepping StonesStepping StonesKacey VanderkarrThe Stone Series #13 StarsSeptember 6th, 2015
Dream of YouDream of YouJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You #4.54.5 StarsSeptember 7th, 2015
Never NeverNever NeverBrianna Shrum2.5 StarsSeptember 15th, 2015
Forever with YouForever with YouJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You #55 StarsSeptember 28th, 2015
The Carnelian LegacyThe Carnelian LegacyCheryl KoevoetCarnelian #12 StarsOctober 8th, 2015
Irresistibly YoursIrresistibly YoursLauren LayneOxford #14.5 StarsOctober 8th, 2015
The Immortal RulesThe Immortal RulesJulie KagawaBlood of Eden #14.5 StarsOctober 14th, 2015
The Eternity CureThe Eternity CureJulie KagawaBlood of Eden #25 StarsOctober 23rd, 2015
The Forever SongThe Forever SongJulie KagawaBlood of Eden #35 StarsOctober 28th, 2015
The Hunger GamesThe Hunger GamesSuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #15 StarsNovember 2nd, 2015
Catching FireCatching FireSuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #25 StarsNovember 6th, 2015
MockingjayMockingjaySuzanne CollinsThe Hunger Games #34.5 StarsNovember 11th, 2015
Puddle JumpingPuddle JumpingAmber L. Johnson5 StarsNovember 17th, 2015
Rebel WingRebel WingTracy BanghartRebel Wing #14.5 StarsNovember 20th, 2015
Storm FallStorm FallTracy BanghartRebel Wing #24.5 StarsNovember 24th, 2015
Torn SkyTorn SkyTracy BanghartRebel Wing #34.5 StarsDecember 3rd, 2015
Come Back to MeCome Back to MeMila GrayCome Back to Me #15 StarsDecember 5th, 2015
Thicker Than WaterThicker Than WaterBrigid Kemmerer3.5 StarsDecember 23rd, 2015
On the IslandOn the IslandTracey Garvis-GravesOn the Island #14 StarsDecember 28th, 2015
The Fill-In BoyfriendThe Fill-In BoyfriendKasie West4 StarsJanuary 14th, 2016
The UprisingThe UprisingT.H. HernandezThe Union #35 StarsJanuary 21st, 2016
I Wish You Were MineI Wish You Were MineLauren LayneOxford #25 StarsJanuary 27th, 2016
RidersRidersVeronica RossiRiders #15 StarsFebruary 3rd, 2016
ScarletScarletA.C. GaughenScarlet #14 StarsFebruary 10th, 2016
Lady ThiefLady ThiefA.C. GaughenScarlet #25 StarsFebruary 11th, 2016
Lion HeartLion HeartA.C. GaughenScarlet #34 StarsFebruary 15th, 2016
On the FenceOn the FenceKasie West4.5 StarsFebruary 27th, 2016
Sweet EvilSweet EvilWendy HigginsThe Sweet Trilogy #15 StarsMarch 14th, 2016
Sweet PerilSweet PerilWendy HigginsThe Sweet Trilogy #25 StarsMarch 23rd, 2016
Sweet ReckoningSweet ReckoningWendy HigginsThe Sweet Trilogy #34.5 StarsApril 5th, 2016
EmergeEmergeTobie EastonMer Chronicles #12 StarsApril 11th, 2016
I'll Meet You ThereI'll Meet You ThereHeather Demetrios4.5 StarsApril 18th, 2016
Withering HopeWithering HopeLayla Hagen3 StarsApril 26th, 2016
Warrior WitchWarrior WitchDanielle L. JensenThe Malediction Trilogy #31 StarMay 2nd, 2016
The Forbidden WishThe Forbidden WishJessica Khoury4 StarsMay 4th, 2016
Good GirlGood GirlLauren LayneLove Unexpectedly #25 StarsMay 9th, 2016
The Problem With ForeverThe Problem With ForeverJennifer L. Armentrout5 StarsMay 16th, 2016
RiseRiseJennifer Anne DavisThe Order of the Krigers #13.5 StarsMay 17th, 2016
Moon ChildMoon ChildTracy BanghartBy Blood #24 StarsMay 24th, 2016
From This Day ForwardFrom This Day ForwardLauren LayneThe Wedding Belles #0.54 StarsJune 6th, 2016
ShadeShadeJeri Smith-ReadyShade #13 StarsJune 15th, 2016
AngelfallAngelfallSusan EePenryn & the End of Days #15 StarsJune 23rd, 2016
World AfterWorld AfterSusan EePenryn & the End of Days #25 StarsJune 27th, 2016
End of DaysEnd of DaysSusan EePenryn & the End of Days #34.5 StarsJuly 5th, 2016
TornTornJennifer L. ArmentroutA Wicked Trilogy #25 StarsJuly 19th, 2016
To Have and to HoldTo Have and to HoldLauren LayneThe Wedding Belles #12.5 StarsJuly 26th, 2016
XenophobiaXenophobiaS.B. Roozenboom4.5 StarsAugust 8th, 2016
How to Save a LifeHow to Save a LifeEmma Scott3.5 StarsAugust 31st, 2016
For Better or WorseFor Better or WorseLauren LayneThe Wedding Belles #25 StarsSeptember 7th, 2016
Under the Never SkyUnder the Never SkyVeronica RossiUnder the Never Sky #14.5 StarsSeptember 15th, 2016
Through the Ever NightThrough the Ever NightVeronica RossiUnder the Never Sky #25 StarsSeptember 28th, 2016
Roar and LivRoar and LivVeronica RossiUnder the Never Sky #0.55 StarsOctober 6th, 2016
BrookeBrookeVeronica RossiUnder the Never Sky #2.54 StarsOctober 11th, 2016
Into the Still BlueInto the Still BlueVeronica RossiUnder the Never Sky #35 StarsOctober 17th, 2016
To Love and to CherishTo Love and to CherishLauren LayneThe Wedding Belles #33 StarsOctober 25th, 2016
Full TiltFull TiltEmma ScottFull Tilt #15 StarsNovember 10th, 2016
All InAll InEmma ScottFull Tilt #23.5 StarsNovember 16th, 2016
Fire in YouFire in YouJ. Lynn, Jennifer L. ArmentroutWait for You #65 StarsNovember 24th, 2016
Stay With MeStay With MeMila GrayCome Back to Me #25 StarsDecember 1st, 2016
Playing the PlayerPlaying the PlayerLisa Brown Roberts5 StarsDecember 14th, 2016
Someone Like YouSomeone Like YouLauren LayneOxford #34 StarsDecember 15th, 2016
The Book of IvyThe Book of IvyAmy EngelThe Book of Ivy #14.5 StarsDecember 22nd, 2016
The Revolution of IvyThe Revolution of IvyAmy EngelThe Book of Ivy #24 StarsDecember 29th, 2016
Island of ExilesIsland of ExilesErica CameronThe Ryogan Chronicles #13 StarsJanuary 4th, 2017
Thief of LiesThief of LiesBrenda DrakeLibrary Jumpers #14 StarsJanuary 9th, 2017
Punk 57Punk 57Penelope Douglas5 StarsJanuary 23rd, 2017
AdorkableAdorkableCookie O'Gorman4.5 StarsFebruary 2nd, 2017
Guardian of SecretsGuardian of SecretsBrenda DrakeLibrary Jumpers #25 StarsFebruary 6th, 2017
WintersongWintersongS. Jae Jones2.5 StarsFebruary 8th, 2017
Love StoryLove StoryLauren LayneLove Unexpectedly #34 StarsFebruary 14th, 2017
A Matter of FateA Matter of FateHeather LyonsFate #14 StarsFebruary 15th, 2017
Making FacesMaking FacesAmy Harmon4 StarsFebruary 21st, 2017
The Vincent Boys: Extended and UncutThe Vincent Boys: Extended and UncutAbbi GlinesThe Vincent Boys #14 StarsFebruary 27th, 2017
Death and the Girl Next DoorDeath and the Girl Next DoorDarynda JonesDarklight #14 StarsMarch 6th, 2017
Death, Doom and DetentionDeath, Doom and DetentionDarynda JonesDarklight #23.5 StarsMarch 13th, 2017
Letters to the LostLetters to the LostBrigid Kemmerer5 StarsApril 4th, 2017
Walk of ShameWalk of ShameLauren LayneLove Unexpectedly #45 StarsApril 18th, 2017
All the Stars Left BehindAll the Stars Left BehindAshley Graham2.5 StarsJune 6th, 2017
I Knew You Were TroubleI Knew You Were TroubleLauren LayneOxford #44.5 StarsJune 13th, 2017
AnomalyAnomalyTonya KuperSchrodinger's Consortium #14.5 StarsJuly 5th, 2017
EnigmaEnigmaTonya KuperSchrodinger's Consortium #24 StarsJuly 11th, 2017
Shag Lake Prequel: The KissShag Lake Prequel: The KissSusan McEachern4 StarsJuly 12th, 2017
Shag LakeShag LakeSusan McEachern4.5 StarsJuly 13th, 2017
Death, and the Girl He LovesDeath, and the Girl He LovesDarynda JonesDarklight #34 StarsJuly 19th, 2017
The InvasionThe InvasionT.H. HernandezThe Union #45 StarsAugust 3rd, 2017
InfinityInfinityJus AccardoThe Infinity Division #14.5 StarsAugust 7th, 2017
OmegaOmegaJus AccardoThe Infinity Division #24 StarsAugust 11th, 2017
Ready to RunReady to RunLauren LayneI Do I Don't #15 StarsAugust 25th, 2017
The Great HuntThe Great HuntWendy HigginsEurona Duology #14.5 StarsAugust 29th, 2017
The Great PursuitThe Great PursuitWendy HigginsEurona Duology #25 StarsSeptember 4th, 2017
Black Bird of the GallowsBlack Bird of the GallowsMeg KasselBlack Bird of the Gallows5 StarsSeptember 11th, 2017
ThunderstruckThunderstruckBrenda Drake3.5 StarsSeptember 14th, 2017
The Star-Touched QueenThe Star-Touched QueenRoshani ChokshiThe Star-Touched Queen #13.5 StarsSeptember 22nd, 2017
Ninja GirlNinja GirlCookie O'Gorman5 StarsSeptember 26th, 2017
Chasing Christmas EveChasing Christmas EveJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #43.5 StarsOctober 4th, 2017
The Distance Between UsThe Distance Between UsKasie West3.5 StarsOctober 9th, 2017
Broken SkiesBroken SkiesTheresa KayBroken Skies #15 StarsOctober 18th, 2017
Fractured SunsFractured SunsTheresa KayBroken Skies #25 StarsOctober 23rd, 2017
Shattered StarsShattered StarsTheresa KayBroken Skies #35 StarsOctober 26th, 2017
Wolves and RosesWolves and RosesChristina BauerFairy Tales of the Magicorum #14.5 StarsNovember 1st, 2017
The Night RealmThe Night RealmAnnette MarieSpell Weaver #14.5 StarsNovember 10th, 2017
An Ex for ChristmasAn Ex for ChristmasLauren LayneLove Unexpectedly #55 StarsNovember 15th, 2017
Holiday WishesHoliday WishesJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay, #4.54 StarsNovember 16th, 2017
HavenHavenMary Lindsey3.5 StarsNovember 20th, 2017
Run Away With MeRun Away With MeMila GrayCome Back to Me #34.5 StarsNovember 28th, 2017
CursedCursedChristina BauerBeholder #14 StarsNovember 29th, 2017
ConcealedConcealedChristina BauerBeholder #24 StarsDecember 1st, 2017
CherishedCherishedChristina BauerBeholder #34 StarsDecember 3rd, 2017
CrownedCrownedChristina BauerBeholder #44 StarsDecember 4th, 2017
#Nerd#NerdCambria HebertHashtag #14.5 StarsDecember 8th, 2017
UnknownUnknownWendy HigginsUnknown #15 StarsDecember 12th, 2017
UnrestUnrestWendy HigginsUnknown #25 StarsDecember 18th, 2017
Resisting the RebelResisting the RebelLisa Brown Roberts5 StarsDecember 29th, 2017
UndoneUndoneWendy HigginsUnknown #34.5 StarsDecember 31st, 2017
The Vanishing Spark of DuskThe Vanishing Spark of DuskSara Baysinger2.5 StarsJanuary 5th, 2018
Say You'll Remember MeSay You'll Remember MeKatie McGarry4.5 StarsJanuary 24th, 2018
Runaway GroomRunaway GroomLauren LayneI Do I Don't #25 StarsJanuary 29th, 2018
Assassin of TruthsAssassin of TruthsBrenda DrakeLibrary Jumpers #34.5 StarsFebruary 5th, 2018
About That KissAbout That KissJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #54.5 StarsFebruary 13th, 2018
More Than We Can TellMore Than We Can TellBrigid Kemmerer4.5 StarsFebruary 20th, 2018
This Heart of MineThis Heart of MineC.C. Hunter3 StarsFebruary 27th, 2018
The ReturnThe ReturnJennifer L. ArmentroutTitan #15 StarsMarch 3rd, 2018
The PowerThe PowerJennifer L. ArmentroutTitan #25 StarsMarch 7th, 2018
The StruggleThe StruggleJennifer L. ArmentroutTitan #35 StarsMarch 12th, 2018
Crossing HeartsCrossing HeartsKimberly KincaidCross Creek #14 StarsMarch 15th, 2018
The ProphecyThe ProphecyJennifer L. ArmentroutTitan #45 StarsMarch 19th, 2018
Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No BodyAnother Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No BodyJennie MartsPage Turners #14 StarsApril 4th, 2018
Unmaking Hunter KennedyUnmaking Hunter KennedyAnne Eliot3.5 StarsApril 9th, 2018
The Shadow WeaveThe Shadow WeaveAnnette MarieSpell Weaver #24.5 StarsApril 12th, 2018
Glitter and SparkleGlitter and SparkleShari L. TapscottGlitter and Sparkle #15 StarsApril 18th, 2018
Shine and ShimmerShine and ShimmerShari L. TapscottGlitter and Sparkle #24.5 StarsApril 23rd, 2018
Spies, Lies, and AlliesSpies, Lies, and AlliesLisa Brown Roberts4.5 StarsApril 30th, 2018
Caught Up in a CowboyCaught Up in a CowboyJennie MartsCowboys of Creedence #14.5 StarsMay 1st, 2018
A Bridge Through TimeA Bridge Through TimeJennae ValeThistle & Hive #14 StarsMay 7th, 2018
ISANISANMary TingInternational Sensory Assassin Network #15 StarsMay 9th, 2018
No Cowboy RequiredNo Cowboy RequiredJoAnn Sky4 StarsMay 14th, 2018
The Importance of Being ScandalousThe Importance of Being ScandalousKimberly BellA Tale of Two Sisters #15 StarsMay 18th, 2018
Hot AssetHot AssetLauren Layne21 Wall Street #12 StarsMay 22nd, 2018
Moonlight And MidtownMoonlight And MidtownChristina BauerFairy Tales of the Magicorum #1.54 StarsMay 28th, 2018
Bring Me Their Hearts Bring Me Their Hearts Sara WolfBring Me Their Hearts #14.5 StarsJune 4th, 2018
A Boy Like YouA Boy Like YouGinger ScottLike Us #14.5 StarsJune 11th, 2018
Moonlight SinsMoonlight SinsJennifer L. Armentroutde Vincent #14.5 StarsJune 17th, 2018
Sugar and SpiceSugar and SpiceShari L. TapscottGlitter and Sparkle #35 StarsJune 18th, 2018
 Moonlight Seduction Moonlight SeductionJennifer L. Armentroutde Vincent #24.5 StarsJune 24th, 2018
The BetThe BetRachel Van DykenThe Bet #14 StarsJune 25th, 2018
 Alpha AlphaJus AccardoThe Infinity Division #34 StarsJuly 2nd, 2018
I Think I Love YouI Think I Love YouLauren LayneOxford #54 StarsJuly 11th, 2018
The Supervillain and MeThe Supervillain and MeDanielle BanasMorriston Superheroes #15 StarsJuly 12th, 2018
Superhero HighSuperhero HighT.H. Hernandez5 StarsJuly 16th, 2018
Over Raging TidesOver Raging TidesJennifer EllisionLady Pirates #14 StarsJuly 23rd, 2018
WickedWickedJennifer L. ArmentroutA Wicked Trilogy #15 StarsAugust 3rd, 2018
CradledCradledChristina BauerBeholder #4.54 StarsAugust 9th, 2018
The PrinceThe PrinceJennifer L. ArmentroutA Wicked Trilogy5 StarsAugust 14th, 2018
The Sweetest OblivionThe Sweetest OblivionDanielle LoriMade #15 StarsAugust 30th, 2018
Jaclyn and the Beanstalk Jaclyn and the Beanstalk Mary Ting3.5 StarsSeptember 6th, 2018
Keeper of the BeesKeeper of the BeesMeg KasselBlack Birds of the Gallows4 StarsSeptember 10th, 2018
Hot Winter NightsHot Winter NightsJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #65 StarsSeptember 25th, 2018
Dirty ExesDirty ExesRachel Van DykenLiars Inc. #15 StarsOctober 4th, 2018
If the Summer Lasted ForeverIf the Summer Lasted ForeverShari L. Tapscott4 StarsOctober 10th, 2018
The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan WilderThe Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan WilderCookie O'Gorman4 StarsOctober 15th, 2018
OblivionOblivionJennifer L. ArmentroutLux #1.55 StarsOctober 19th, 2018
The Darkest StarThe Darkest StarJennifer L. ArmentroutOrigin #15 StarsOctober 29th, 2018
Shifters and GlyphsShifters and GlyphsChristina BauerFairy Tales of the Magicorum #24 StarsNovember 2nd, 2018
Dangerous ExesDangerous ExesRachel Van DykenLiars Inc. #25 StarsNovember 5th, 2018
You Had Me at CowboyYou Had Me at CowboyJennie MartsCowboys of Creedence #24.5 StarsNovember 21st, 2018
Fighting IrishFighting IrishKaty RegneryThe Summerhaven Trio #14 StarsDecember 7th, 2018
Smiling IrishSmiling IrishKaty RegneryThe Summerhaven Trio #24.5 StarsDecember 10th, 2018
Loving IrishLoving IrishKaty RegneryThe Summerhaven Trio #34 StarsDecember 17th, 2018
 Bad Habit Bad HabitCharleigh RoseBad Love #15 StarsDecember 28th, 2018
Playing for KeepsPlaying for KeepsJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #74 StarsJanuary 22nd, 2019
Only a Breath ApartOnly a Breath ApartKatie McGarry5 StarsJanuary 24th, 2019
Moonlight Scandals (de Vincent #3) by Jennifer L. ArmentroutMoonlight Scandals (de Vincent #3) by Jennifer L. ArmentroutJennifer L. ArmentroutMoonlight Scandals (de Vincent #3) by Jennifer L. Armentrout5 StarsJanuary 27th, 2019
Soul in DarknessSoul in DarknessWendy Higgins5 StarsFebruary 3rd, 2019
Bad IntentionsBad IntentionsCharleigh RoseBad Love #25 StarsFebruary 8th, 2019
Darker WaterDarker WaterLauren StewartOnce and Forever #15 StarsFebruary 15th, 2019
To Dream Is To DieTo Dream Is To DieSarah LampkinDead Dreamer #13.5 StarsFebruary 21st, 2019
Beautifully DamagedBeautifully DamagedL.A. FioreBeautifully Damaged #11 StarFebruary 25th, 2019
Destined HeartsDestined HeartsK.K. AllenA Stolen Melody Duet #24.5 StarsMarch 4th, 2019
Dangerous HeartsDangerous HeartsK.K. AllenA Stolen Melody Duet #14.5 StarsMarch 4th, 2019
FraternizeFraternizeRachel Van DykenPlayers Game #15 StarsMarch 7th, 2019
Risky PlayRisky PlayRachel Van DykenRed Card #15 StarsMarch 17th, 2019
Yard SaleYard SaleCharleigh Rose5 StarsMarch 25th, 2019
Off the IceOff the IceJulie CrossJuniper Falls #14 StarsApril 1st, 2019
Sunset RisingSunset RisingS.M. McEachernSunset Rising #15 StarsApril 8th, 2019
PanPanGina L. MaxwellNeverland #14 StarsApril 12th, 2019
It Started with a CowboyIt Started with a CowboyJennie MartsCowboys of Creedence #35 StarsApril 17th, 2019
The Good Girl's Guide to Being BadThe Good Girl's Guide to Being BadCookie O'Gorman5 StarsApril 24th, 2019
Clouded by EnvyClouded by EnvyCandace Robinson4 StarsMay 3rd, 2019
Prom-WreckedProm-WreckedT.H. Hernandez, Jennifer DiGiovanni5 StarsMay 6th, 2019
Worlds CollideWorlds CollideS.M. McEachernSunset Rising #25 StarsMay 8th, 2019
The Maddest ObsessionThe Maddest ObsessionDanielle LoriMade #25 StarsMay 17th, 2019
 New World Order New World OrderS.M. McEachernSunset Rising #35 StarsMay 21st, 2019
BreakoutBreakoutA.M. Rose5 StarsMay 29th, 2019
Fake It Till You BreakFake It Till You BreakJenn P. Nguyen4 StarsMay 30th, 2019
Storm and FuryStorm and FuryJennifer L. ArmentroutThe Harbinger #15 StarsJune 17th, 2019
Kickin' ItKickin' ItRachel Van DykenRed Card #24.5 StarsJuly 11th, 2019
Bad InfluenceBad InfluenceCharleigh RoseBad Love #35 StarsJuly 19th, 2019
The KingThe KingJennifer L. Armentrout5 StarsJuly 28th, 2019
Call It What You WantCall It What You WantBrigid Kemmerer5 StarsSeptember 5th, 2019
HelixHelixMary TingInternational Sensory Assassin Network #25 StarsSeptember 12th, 2019
Hitched: The BacheloretteHitched: The BacheloretteG.K. DeRosaHitched #14 StarsSeptember 16th, 2019
Wrapped Up in YouWrapped Up in YouJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #84 StarsSeptember 23rd, 2019
Team Player 2: A Sports AnthologyTeam Player 2: A Sports AnthologyCharleigh Rose5 StarsSeptember 24th, 2019
Promise of DarknessPromise of DarknessBec McMasterDark Court Rising #15 StarsSeptember 25th, 2019
The Burning ShadowThe Burning ShadowJennifer L. ArmentroutOrigin #25 StarsOctober 12th, 2019
The Bookworm CrushThe Bookworm CrushLisa Brown Roberts5 StarsOctober 29th, 2019
Stealing HerStealing HerRachel Van DykenCovet #14 StarsNovember 3rd, 2019
Find Me Their BonesFind Me Their BonesSara WolfBring Me Their Hearts #24 StarsNovember 7th, 2019
Annette Marie Annette Marie Annette MarieThe Guild Codex: Demonized #15 StarsNovember 8th, 2019
Twist of FateTwist of FateJill ShalvisHeartbreaker Bay #8.54 StarsNovember 11th, 2019
Wish Upon a CowboyWish Upon a CowboyJennie MartsCowboys of Creedence #44.5 StarsNovember 25th, 2019
Watch Over MeWatch Over MeMila Gray5 StarsDecember 1st, 2019
AdorkableAdorkableCookie O'Gorman5 StarsDecember 2nd, 2019
 Hook HookGina L. MaxwellNeverland #24 StarsDecember 9th, 2019
The Trouble With ChristmasThe Trouble With ChristmasRobin DanielsHoliday Romance #14 StarsDecember 16th, 2019
The Replacement CrushThe Replacement CrushLisa Brown Roberts5 StarsDecember 23rd, 2019
 Hitched: The Top Ten Hitched: The Top TenG.K. DeRosaHitched #24 StarsDecember 29th, 2019
 Hitched: The Final Five Hitched: The Final FiveG.K. DeRosaHitched #34.5 StarsDecember 29th, 2019
 Hitched: The One Hitched: The OneG.K. DeRosaHitched #44.5 StarsDecember 29th, 2019
Slippers And ThievesSlippers And ThievesChristina BauerFairy Tales of the Magicorum #41 StarDecember 30th, 2019
Demon BoundDemon BoundChris Cannon3.5 StarsJanuary 3rd, 2020
 Keystone KeystoneKatie Delahanty5 StarsJanuary 8th, 2020
Charmed SoulsCharmed SoulsAbbi GlinesBlack Souls #14 StarsJanuary 19th, 2020
Echoes Between UsEchoes Between UsKatie McGarry4.5 StarsFebruary 4th, 2020
Marriage on Madison AvenueMarriage on Madison AvenueLauren LayneCentral Park Pact #35 StarsFebruary 7th, 2020
Together We Caught FireTogether We Caught FireEva V. Gibson2.5 StarsFebruary 23rd, 2020
Magic BoundMagic BoundTheresa KayRavencrest Academy #15 StarsFebruary 24th, 2020
The ResistanceThe ResistanceT.H. HernandezThe Union #55 StarsMarch 6th, 2020
Ember QueenEmber QueenLaura SebastianLaura Sebastian4 StarsMarch 17th, 2020
Finding HimFinding HimRachel Van DykenCovet #25 StarsMarch 23rd, 2020
From Blood and AshFrom Blood and AshJennifer L. ArmentroutBlood and Ash #15 StarsApril 4th, 2020
Tell Me Pretty LiesTell Me Pretty LiesCharleigh Rose4.5 StarsApril 13th, 2020
The Best MistakeThe Best MistakeCookie O'GormanSouthern U OBrien Brothers #15 StarsMay 1st, 2020
Yours in ScandalYours in ScandalLauren LayneMan of the Year #14.5 StarsMay 13th, 2020
Chase the DarkChase the DarkAnnette MarieSteel & Stone #15 StarsMay 27th, 2020
Rage and RuinRage and RuinJennifer L. ArmentroutThe Harbinger #25 StarsJune 14th, 2020
Rebel SpyRebel SpyVeronica Rossi4 StarsJune 28th, 2020
GENESGENESMary TingInternational Sensory Assassin Network #35 StarsJune 30th, 2020
Not Another Love SongNot Another Love SongOlivia Wildenstein5 StarsJuly 10th, 2020
The QueenThe QueenJennifer L. Armentrout5 StarsJuly 20th, 2020
The Good for NothingsThe Good for NothingsDanielle Banas4.5 StarsAugust 4th, 2020
A Kingdom of Flesh and FireA Kingdom of Flesh and FireJennifer L. ArmentroutBlood and Ash #25 StarsSeptember 6th, 2020
Not My RomeoNot My RomeoIlsa Madden-MillsThe Game Changers #14.5 StarsOctober 16th, 2020
The Brightest NightThe Brightest NightJennifer L. ArmentroutOrigin #35 StarsOctober 19th, 2020
When the Wind ChimesWhen the Wind ChimesMary TingSpirit of 'Ohana #15 StarsNovember 14th, 2020
Red WinterRed WinterAnnette MarieRed Winter Trilogy #14.5 StarsNovember 16th, 2020
Dark TempestDark TempestAnnette MarieRed Winter Trilogy #24.5 StarsNovember 17th, 2020
Immortal FireImmortal FireAnnette MarieRed Winter Trilogy #34.5 StarsNovember 18th, 2020
Always Be My BabyAlways Be My BabyMary Ting5 StarsNovember 23rd, 2020
A Cowboy State of MindA Cowboy State of MindJennie MartsCreedence Horse Rescue #14 StarsNovember 24th, 2020
Lady SmokeLady SmokeLaura SebastianAsh Princess #24 StarsNovember 25th, 2020
The Kissing ChallengeThe Kissing ChallengeCookie O'Gorman5 StarsNovember 30th, 2020
Holiday With YouHoliday With YouClaudia Y. Burgoa, Grahame Claire4 StarsDecember 2nd, 2020
In a HolidazeIn a HolidazeChristina Lauren5 StarsDecember 4th, 2020
The Boss Who Stole ChristmasThe Boss Who Stole ChristmasJana AstonReindeer Falls #15 StarsDecember 7th, 2020
If You Give A Jerk A GingerbreadIf You Give A Jerk A GingerbreadJana AstonReindeer Falls #24 StarsDecember 8th, 2020
The One Night Stand Before ChristmasThe One Night Stand Before ChristmasJana AstonReindeer Falls #35 StarsDecember 9th, 2020
The Darkest TemptationThe Darkest TemptationDanielle LoriMade #34.5 StarsDecember 11th, 2020
 The Clause in Christmas The Clause in ChristmasRachael BloomePoppy Creek #1Did Not FinishDecember 15th, 2020
 Kissmas Eve Kissmas EveM.E. Carter, Sara Ney2.5 StarsDecember 15th, 2020
Let It SnowLet It SnowCassie Cross3.5 StarsDecember 23rd, 2020
A Crown For ChristmasA Crown For ChristmasRachel Van Dyken5 StarsDecember 23rd, 2020
Christmas ClicheChristmas ClicheTara Sivec4 StarsJanuary 8th, 2021
Her Wicked MarquessHer Wicked MarquessStacy ReidSinful Wallflowers #25 StarsJanuary 11th, 2021
The Forever GirlThe Forever GirlJill ShalvisWildstone #65 StarsJanuary 12th, 2021
10 Blind Dates10 Blind DatesAshley Elston4.5 StarsJanuary 22nd, 2021
My ClarityMy ClarityM. ClarkeMy Clarity #15 StarsJanuary 25th, 2021
Dating Makes PerfectDating Makes PerfectPintip Dunn5 StarsJanuary 27th, 2021
Blue SkiesBlue SkiesT.L. Martin4 StarsFebruary 8th, 2021
The Spinster and the RakeThe Spinster and the RakeEva DevonNever a Wallflower #14 StarsFebruary 9th, 2021
The Problem With CupidThe Problem With CupidRobin DanielsHoliday Romance #24 StarsFebruary 18th, 2021
Rescuing Harmony RanchRescuing Harmony RanchJennie Marts4.5 StarsFebruary 19th, 2021
The Things We Leave UnfinishedThe Things We Leave UnfinishedRebecca Yarros5 StarsFebruary 28th, 2021
The Marquess and IThe Marquess and IStacy ReidForever Yours #14 StarsMarch 3rd, 2021
The Cruel PrinceThe Cruel PrinceHolly BlackThe Folk of the Air #15 StarsMarch 16th, 2021
WallflowerWallflowerCookie O'Gorman5 StarsMarch 22nd, 2021
The Secret Recipe for Moving OnThe Secret Recipe for Moving OnKaren Bischer4.5 StarsMarch 23rd, 2021
The ​Crown of Gilded BonesThe ​Crown of Gilded BonesJennifer L. ArmentroutBlood and Ash #35 StarsApril 20th, 2021
When a Cowboy Loves a WomanWhen a Cowboy Loves a WomanJennie MartsCreedence Horse Rescue #25 StarsApril 23rd, 2021
CodeCodeMary TingInternational Sensory Assassin Network #45 StarsApril 23rd, 2021
The Seat FillerThe Seat FillerSariah Wilson4 StarsApril 27th, 2021
Twisted LoveTwisted LoveAna HuangTwisted #14 StarsMay 4th, 2021
A Wicked and Beautiful GardenA Wicked and Beautiful GardenKatie McGarryWitches of the Island #14 StarsMay 17th, 2021
The Immortal Game by Talia Rothschild & A.C. Harvey The Immortal Game by Talia Rothschild & A.C. Harvey Talia Rothschild, A.C. HarveyThe Immortal Game by Talia Rothschild & A.C. Harvey4.5 StarsMay 24th, 2021
10 Truths and a Dare10 Truths and a DareAshley Elston5 StarsMay 25th, 2021
Curse of the Specter QueenCurse of the Specter QueenJenny Elder MokeSamantha Knox #14.5 StarsJune 21st, 2021
Grace and GloryGrace and GloryJennifer L. ArmentroutThe Harbinger #35 StarsJuly 5th, 2021
The Perfect PlayThe Perfect PlayCookie O'GormanSouthern U OBrien Brothers #25 StarsJuly 19th, 2021
Arsenic and AdoboArsenic and AdoboMia P. ManansalaTita Rosie's Kitchen Mystery #14 StarsJuly 26th, 2021
 Forever Starts Now Forever Starts NowStefanie London4.5 StarsAugust 19th, 2021
AttractionAttractionPenny ReidHypothesis #14 StarsAugust 30th, 2021
HeatHeatPenny ReidHypothesis #24 StarsSeptember 1st, 2021
CaptureCapturePenny ReidHypothesis #34 StarsSeptember 1st, 2021
Broken SkiesBroken SkiesTheresa KayBroken Skies #15 StarsSeptember 6th, 2021
The Soulmate EquationThe Soulmate EquationChristina Lauren5 StarsSeptember 7th, 2021
A Christmas at Gingerbread FallsA Christmas at Gingerbread FallsKatie Mettner3 StarsOctober 13th, 2021
To Sir, with LoveTo Sir, with LoveLauren Layne5 StarsOctober 18th, 2021
A Stormy and Sultry SeaA Stormy and Sultry SeaKatie McGarryWitches of the Island #24 StarsOctober 25th, 2021
Office HateOffice HateRachel Van Dyken5 StarsOctober 26th, 2021
CupcakeCupcakeCookie O'Gorman5 StarsOctober 28th, 2021
Eight Days of ChristmasEight Days of ChristmasStarla DeKruyfPineridge #12 StarsNovember 8th, 2021
Christmas in SilverwoodChristmas in SilverwoodDorothy Dreyer4.5 StarsNovember 9th, 2021
Everything He Isn'tEverything He Isn'tLauren Stewart5 StarsNovember 19th, 2021
Wildflower SeasonWildflower SeasonMichelle MajorCarolina Girls #13 StarsDecember 2nd, 2021
Holiday HotelHoliday HotelPoppy MinnixSimona Island #14.5 StarsDecember 5th, 2021
IronIronLisette MarshallThe Queen & The Assassin #14.5 StarsDecember 7th, 2021
My Summer in SeoulMy Summer in SeoulRachel Van Dyken4.5 StarsDecember 13th, 2021
How to CowboyHow to CowboyJennie MartsCreedence Horse Rescue #35 StarsDecember 20th, 2021
Elves with BenefitsElves with BenefitsJana AstonReindeer Falls #44 StarsDecember 21st, 2021
One Night with a NutcrackerOne Night with a NutcrackerJana AstonReindeer Falls #54 StarsDecember 22nd, 2021
The Bachelor on the ShelfThe Bachelor on the ShelfJana AstonReindeer Falls #64.5 StarsDecember 23rd, 2021
A Scoundrel of Her OwnA Scoundrel of Her OwnStacy ReidSinful Wallflowers #35 StarsDecember 27th, 2021
Eight Perfect HoursEight Perfect HoursLia Louis2 StarsDecember 30th, 2021
The Christmas PactThe Christmas PactVi Keeland, Penelope Ward4.5 StarsDecember 31st, 2021
ScroogedScroogedPenelope Ward, Vi Keeland4 StarsDecember 31st, 2021
The Paid BridesmaidThe Paid BridesmaidSariah Wilson4.5 StarsDecember 31st, 2021
Made in ManhattanMade in ManhattanLauren Layne5 StarsJanuary 4th, 2022
The Family You MakeThe Family You MakeJill ShalvisSunrise Cove #14.5 StarsJanuary 10th, 2022
The Sweetheart DealThe Sweetheart DealMiranda LiassonBlossom Glen #14 StarsJanuary 28th, 2022
My Song's CurseMy Song's CursePoppy MinnixDuet of the Gods #15 StarsFebruary 8th, 2022
The Wicked KingThe Wicked KingHolly BlackThe Folk of the Air #25 StarsFebruary 9th, 2022
The Queen of NothingThe Queen of NothingHolly BlackThe Folk of the Air #35 StarsFebruary 11th, 2022
The Hating GameThe Hating GameSally Thorne5 StarsFebruary 17th, 2022
The War of Two QueensThe War of Two QueensJennifer L. ArmentroutBlood and Ash #45 StarsMarch 4th, 2022
A Brush with LoveA Brush with LoveMazey Eddings3.5 StarsMarch 11th, 2022
The Love HypothesisThe Love HypothesisAli Hazelwood5 StarsMarch 16th, 2022
Lucky Leap DayLucky Leap DayAnn Marie Walker3.5 StarsMarch 17th, 2022
Tough Justice Tough Justice Tee O'FallonK-9 Special Ops #15 StarsMarch 23rd, 2022
Beauty and the BallerBeauty and the BallerIlsa Madden-MillsStrangers in Love #14.5 StarsMarch 30th, 2022
Seduced by DarknessSeduced by DarknessBec McMasterDark Court Rising #1.55 StarsApril 7th, 2022
Crown of DarknessCrown of DarknessBec McMasterDark Court Rising #25 StarsApril 8th, 2022
Curse of DarknessCurse of DarknessBec McMasterDark Court Rising #35 StarsApril 11th, 2022
Reason to BelieveReason to BelieveRebecca YarrosLegacy #15 StarsApril 26th, 2022
FauxmanceFauxmanceCookie O'Gorman5 StarsApril 27th, 2022
Set on YouSet on YouAmy Lea4 StarsMay 13th, 2022
Rules for HeiressesRules for HeiressesAmalie Howard4 StarsMay 18th, 2022
Something WilderSomething WilderChristine Lauren4 StarsMay 19th, 2022
Office DateOffice DateRachel Van Dyken4.5 StarsJune 9th, 2022
The Bad Boy's Good GirlThe Bad Boy's Good GirlCookie O'Gorman, Michelle Pennington5 StarsJune 10th, 2022
Rise of the Snake GoddessRise of the Snake GoddessJenny Elder MokeSamantha Knox #2June 15th, 2022
Prince of RuinPrince of RuinBec McMasterClaimed by the Demon #15 StarsJune 22nd, 2022
Cinder-NannyCinder-NannySariah Wilson5 StarsJune 30th, 2022
The Anti-Fan and the IdolThe Anti-Fan and the IdolRachel Van Dyken4 StarsJuly 6th, 2022
Cowboy Ever AfterCowboy Ever AfterJennie Marts5 StarsJuly 18th, 2022
The Godparent TrapThe Godparent TrapRachel Van Dyken5 StarsJuly 19th, 2022
Boyfriend BargainBoyfriend BargainIlsa Madden-MillsHawthorne University #14.5 StarsJuly 25th, 2022
Boyfriend MaterialBoyfriend MaterialIlsa Madden-MillsHawthorne Univeristy #24 StarsJuly 26th, 2022
A Year to the DayA Year to the DayRobin Benway2 StarsAugust 2nd, 2022
Much Ado About DukesMuch Ado About DukesEva DevonNever a Wallflower #24.5 StarsAugust 21st, 2022
Never Enough CowboyNever Enough CowboyJennie MartsCreedence Horse Rescue #45 StarsAugust 25th, 2022
Dissent: A Charity Romance (Prove It by Lauren Stewart)Dissent: A Charity Romance (Prove It by Lauren Stewart)Lauren Stewart5 StarsAugust 29th, 2022
The Sweetest GameThe Sweetest GameCookie O'GormanSouthern U O'Brien Brothers #35 StarsSeptember 11th, 2022
House of Beating WingsHouse of Beating WingsOlivia WildensteinThe Kingdom of Crows #15 StarsSeptember 14th, 2022
Stealing InfinityStealing InfinityAlyson NoelStolen Beauty #14 StarsSeptember 18th, 2022
Spells for Lost Things Spells for Lost Things Jenna Evans Welch5 StarsOctober 1st, 2022
The PerfectsThe PerfectsRachel Van Dyken4 StarsOctober 11th, 2022
The Dark KingThe Dark KingGina L. MaxwellDeviant Kings #13.5 StarsOctober 13th, 2022
Forbidden LegacyForbidden LegacyTheresa KayFallen Fae #15 StarsOctober 14th, 2022
A Little Too CloseA Little Too CloseRebecca YarrosMadigan Mountain #24 StarsOctober 17th, 2022
A Little Too LateA Little Too LateSarina BowenMadigan Mountain #14.5 StarsOctober 18th, 2022
Princess and the PlayerPrincess and the PlayerIlsa Madden-MillsStrangers in Love #24 StarsNovember 8th, 2022
A Shadow in the EmberA Shadow in the EmberJennifer L. ArmentroutFlesh and Fire #15 StarsNovember 12th, 2022
A Light in the FlameA Light in the FlameJennifer L. ArmentroutFlesh and Fire #25 StarsNovember 12th, 2022
Single and Ready to JingleSingle and Ready to Jingle4.5 StarsNovember 15th, 2022
The Seashell of 'OhanaThe Seashell of 'OhanaMary TingSpirit of 'Ohana #25 StarsNovember 22nd, 2022
Caribbean CompetitorsCaribbean CompetitorsPoppy MinnixSimona Island #25 StarsNovember 23rd, 2022
Two Wrongs Make a RightTwo Wrongs Make a RightChloe LieseThe Wilmot Sisters #14.5 StarsNovember 29th, 2022
The Duke in QuestionThe Duke in QuestionAmalie HowardDaring Dukes #34 StarsDecember 9th, 2022
Once Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken HeartOnce Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken HeartStephanie GarberOnce Upon a Broken Heart #15 StarsDecember 12th, 2022
The Stocking Was HungThe Stocking Was HungTara SivecThe Holidays #13 StarsDecember 13th, 2022
VelvetVelvetLisette MarshallThe Princess & The Spy #14 StarsDecember 14th, 2022
LeatherLeatherLisette MarshallThe Princess & The Spy #24 StarsDecember 15th, 2022
SilkSilkLisette MarshallThe Princess & The Spy #34 StarsDecember 16th, 2022
The Naughty, The Nice and The NannyThe Naughty, The Nice and The NannyWilla NashHoliday Brothers #13 StarsDecember 19th, 2022
The Snowflake InnThe Snowflake InnSamantha Chase4 StarsDecember 19th, 2022
All My ChristmasesAll My ChristmasesAJ Alexander3 StarsDecember 19th, 2022
Only When It's UsOnly When It's UsChloe LieseBergman Brothers #14 StarsDecember 20th, 2022
The Plight Before ChristmasThe Plight Before ChristmasKate Stewart5 StarsDecember 21st, 2022
Under One RoofUnder One RoofAli HazelwoodThe STEMinist Novellas #14 StarsDecember 22nd, 2022
False StartFalse StartPiper RayneKingsman Football Stars #0.55 StarsDecember 27th, 2022
You Had Your Chance, Lee BurrowsYou Had Your Chance, Lee BurrowsPiper RayneKingsman Football Stars #14 StarsDecember 27th, 2022
The Bromance Book ClubThe Bromance Book ClubLyssa Kay AdamsBromance Book Club #15 StarsDecember 31st, 2022
The UnhoneymoonersThe UnhoneymoonersChristina LaurenUnhoneymooners #14 StarsJanuary 16th, 2023
Wake My HeartWake My HeartLydia MichaelsJasper Falls #14.5 StarsJanuary 17th, 2023
The Backup PlanThe Backup PlanJill ShalvisSunrise Cove #34 StarsJanuary 24th, 2023
BlushBlushHelen HardtBlack Rose #12.5 StarsJanuary 27th, 2023
Breaking All the RulesBreaking All the RulesAmy Andrews4.5 StarsJanuary 27th, 2023
The Chemistry of LoveThe Chemistry of LoveSariah Wilson4 StarsJanuary 31st, 2023
House of Pounding HeartsHouse of Pounding HeartsOlivia WildensteinThe Kingdom of Crows #25 StarsFebruary 17th, 2023
Take the LeadTake the LeadAlexis DariaDance Off #14 StarsFebruary 20th, 2023
The Wolf and the WildflowerThe Wolf and the WildflowerStacy Reid4 StarsFebruary 27th, 2023
Love and Other WordsLove and Other WordsChristina Lauren5 StarsFebruary 28th, 2023
Dating You/Hating YouDating You/Hating YouChristina Lauren4 StarsMarch 6th, 2023
Every Bit a CowboyEvery Bit a CowboyJennie MartsCreedence Horse Rescue #54.5 StarsMarch 11th, 2023
My Song's GiftMy Song's GiftPoppy MinnixDuet of the Gods #24.5 StarsMarch 19th, 2023
Once Upon a LegendOnce Upon a LegendMary Ting5 StarsMarch 20th, 2023
A Court This Cruel and LovelyA Court This Cruel and LovelyStacia StarkKingdom of Lies #15 StarsMarch 21st, 2023
Always MineAlways MineLaura PavlovHoney Mountain #13.5 StarsMarch 27th, 2023
Full MeasuresFull MeasuresRebecca YarrosFlight & Glory #13.5 StarsMarch 28th, 2023
Fool the DemonFool the DemonStacia StarkDeals With Demons #0.55 StarsApril 3rd, 2023
Speak of the DemonSpeak of the DemonStacia StarkDeals with Demons #15 StarsApril 3rd, 2023
Dance With the DemonDance With the DemonStacia StarkDeals With Demons #25 StarsApril 4th, 2023
Inner DemonsInner DemonsStacia StarkDeals with Demons #35 StarsApril 5th, 2023
Luck of the DemonLuck of the DemonStacia StarkDeals With Demons #45 StarsApril 6th, 2023
Demon's AdvocateDemon's AdvocateStacia Stark(Deals With Demons #55 StarsApril 6th, 2023
BookwormBookwormCookie O'Gorman5 StarsApril 20th, 2023
Fourth WingFourth WingRebecca YarrosThe Empyrean #15 StarsApril 30th, 2023
Things We Never Got OverThings We Never Got OverLucy Score3 StarsMay 3rd, 2023
Help Me RememberHelp Me RememberCorinne Michaels3 StarsMay 22nd, 2023
Twice in a Blue MoonTwice in a Blue MoonChristina Lauren4 StarsMay 23rd, 2023
Forbidden HeartsForbidden HeartsCorinne MichaelsWhitlock Family #13 StarsJune 11th, 2023
Ruling DestinyRuling DestinyAlyson NoelStolen Beauty #23.5 StarsJune 13th, 2023
A Soul of Ash and BloodA Soul of Ash and BloodJennifer L. ArmentroutBlood and Ash #55 StarsJuly 4th, 2023
The True Love ExperimentThe True Love ExperimentChristina Lauren3.5 StarsJuly 6th, 2023
Love, TheoreticallyLove, TheoreticallyAli Hazelwood4.5 StarsJuly 7th, 2023
99 Percent Mine99 Percent MineSally Thorne4 StarsJuly 17th, 2023
The Cheat SheetThe Cheat SheetSarah Adams4 StarsJuly 18th, 2023
Star BringerStar BringerTracy Wolff, Nina Croft4.5 StarsJuly 26th, 2023
Runaway LoveRunaway LoveMelanie HarlowCherry Tree Harbor #14.5 StarsJuly 27th, 2023
In the Likely EventIn the Likely EventRebecca Yarros5 StarsAugust 21st, 2023
Burning JusticeBurning JusticeTee O'FallonK-9 Special Ops #24 StarsAugust 22nd, 2023
The Roommate PactThe Roommate PactAllison Ashley4.5 StarsAugust 23rd, 2023
An Earl to RememberAn Earl to RememberStacy ReidUnforgettable Love #24.5 StarsAugust 25th, 2023
A Matter of TemptationA Matter of TemptationStacy ReidUnforgettable Love #14 StarsAugust 28th, 2023
A Kingdom This Cursed and EmptyA Kingdom This Cursed and EmptyStacia StarkKingdom of Lies #25 StarsSeptember 8th, 2023
House of Striking OathsHouse of Striking OathsOlivia WildensteinThe Kingdom of Crows #34 StarsSeptember 11th, 2023
Aloha: An Anthology for MauiAloha: An Anthology for Maui5 StarsSeptember 12th, 2023
Fall of Ruin and WrathFall of Ruin and WrathJennifer L. ArmentroutAwakening #15 StarsSeptember 13th, 2023
One More SecretOne More SecretStina LindenblattHidden Secrets Trilogy #1, Carson Brothers #24 StarsSeptember 15th, 2023
FlightFlightR.V. Wilbur4 StarsSeptember 20th, 2023
Some Kind of BlunderfulSome Kind of BlunderfulLivy Hart5 StarsSeptember 25th, 2023
Faking ChristmasFaking ChristmasKerry Winfrey3 StarsOctober 7th, 2023
The Total KnockoutThe Total KnockoutCookie O'GormanSouthern U O'Brien Brothers5 StarsOctober 9th, 2023
A Cowboy Country ChristmasA Cowboy Country ChristmasJennie MartsCreedence Horse Rescue #64.5 StarsOctober 12th, 2023
Better Hate than NeverBetter Hate than NeverChloe LieseThe Wilmot Sisters #23 StarsOctober 15th, 2023
The Love RematchThe Love RematchThe Love Match #14 StarsOctober 18th, 2023
Emergency ContactEmergency ContactLauren Layne, Anthony Ledonne5 StarsOctober 23rd, 2023
Gratest Ever AfterGratest Ever AfterCarissa May4.5 StarsOctober 25th, 2023
Lone WolfLone WolfTessa KaneExiled Omegas #14.5 StarsOctober 25th, 2023
A Fire in the FleshA Fire in the FleshJennifer L. ArmentroutFlesh and Fire #35 StarsNovember 3rd, 2023
Christmas CupidChristmas CupidIlsa Madden-Mills3.5 StarsNovember 6th, 2023
Wreck the HallsWreck the HallsTessa Bailey4 StarsNovember 8th, 2023
Never Met a Duke Like YouNever Met a Duke Like YouAmalie HowardTaming of the Dukes #23.5 StarsNovember 19th, 2023
A Crown This Cold and HeavyA Crown This Cold and HeavyStacia StarkKingdom of Lies #35 StarsNovember 29th, 2023
Check & MateCheck & MateAli Hazelwood2 StarsNovember 30th, 2023
Start Us UpStart Us UpLexi Blake(Park Avenue Promise #1)3.5 StarsDecember 2nd, 2023
Every Time You Go AwayEvery Time You Go AwayAbigail Johnson5 StarsDecember 4th, 2023
The Woman in MeThe Woman in MeBritney Spears5 StarsDecember 11th, 2023
The Honeymoon CrashersThe Honeymoon CrashersChristina LaurenUnhoneymooners #1.53 StarsDecember 12th, 2023
One Day in DecemberOne Day in DecemberDid Not FinishDecember 13th, 2023
A Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra SimoneA Merry Little Meet Cute by Julie Murphy and Sierra SimoneJulie Murphy, Sierra SimoneDid Not FinishDecember 13th, 2023
Twelve Days of ChristmasTwelve Days of ChristmasDebbie Macomber3 StarsDecember 15th, 2023
The Holiday Mix-UpThe Holiday Mix-UpGinny Baird3 StarsDecember 15th, 2023
The Santa SuitThe Santa SuitMary Kay Andrews3 StarsDecember 15th, 2023
This Spells LoveThis Spells LoveKate Robb5 StarsDecember 18th, 2023
To Kill a ShadowTo Kill a ShadowKatherine QuinnMistlands #14 StarsDecember 27th, 2023
The Second Chance YearThe Second Chance YearMelissa Wiesner4 StarsDecember 28th, 2023
How The Grump Saved ChristmasHow The Grump Saved ChristmasClaire Kingsley4 StarsDecember 29th, 2023
The Mistletoe MotiveThe Mistletoe MotiveChloe Liese3 StarsDecember 30th, 2023
Unwrapping His Package by Unwrapping His Package by Cameron Hart1.5 StarsDecember 30th, 2023
SleighedSleighedVi Keeland, Penelope Ward3.5 StarsJanuary 8th, 2024
The Holiday TrapThe Holiday TrapRoan Parrish1.5 StarsJanuary 8th, 2024
Resting Scrooge FaceResting Scrooge Face4.5 StarsJanuary 9th, 2024
Almost Like Being in Love by Almost Like Being in Love by 3.5 StarsJanuary 9th, 2024
A Princess for ChristmasA Princess for ChristmasJenny HolidayChristmas in Eldovia #13.5 StarsJanuary 10th, 2024
Duke, ActuallyDuke, ActuallyJenny HolidayChristmas in Eldovia #23.5 StarsJanuary 10th, 2024
Make-Believe MatchMake-Believe MatchMelanie HarlowCherry Tree Harbor Book 35 StarsJanuary 16th, 2024
Lost KingdomLost KingdomLaurel Black4.5 StarsJanuary 18th, 2024
Mirror of MaliceMirror of MaliceTee HarloweStolen Crowns #14.5 StarsJanuary 25th, 2024
Spell LinkedSpell LinkedTheresa KayRavencrest Academy #24 StarsJanuary 28th, 2024
Ward LockedWard LockedTheresa KayRavencrest Academy #34 StarsJanuary 29th, 2024
Fate SealedFate SealedTheresa KayRavencrest Academy #45 StarsJanuary 30th, 2024
One More BetrayalOne More BetrayalHidden Secrets Trilogy #2, Carson Brothers #34 StarsFebruary 5th, 2024
IcebreakerIcebreakerHannah GraceMaple Hills #14 StarsFebruary 7th, 2024
The Exception to the RuleThe Exception to the RuleChristina LaurenThe Improbable Meet-Cute #14 StarsFebruary 9th, 2024
Worst Wingman EverWorst Wingman EverAbby JimenezThe Improbable Meet-Cute #25 StarsFebruary 9th, 2024
Same Time Next YearSame Time Next YearTessa Bailey3.5 StarsFebruary 12th, 2024
Rosie and the DreamboatRosie and the DreamboatSally ThorneThe Improbable Meet-Cute #34 StarsFebruary 14th, 2024
Drop, Cover, and Hold OnDrop, Cover, and Hold OnThe Improbable Meet-Cute #43 StarsFebruary 14th, 2024
Visions of Flesh and Blood: A Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire CompendiumVisions of Flesh and Blood: A Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire CompendiumJennifer L. Armentrout, Rayvn SalvadorBlood And Ash #5.54.5 StarsFebruary 19th, 2024
WildfireWildfireHannah GraceMaple Hills #23 StarsFebruary 21st, 2024
Just One of the GroomsmenJust One of the GroomsmenCindi MadsenGetting Hitched #14 StarsFebruary 23rd, 2024
Always a BridesmaidAlways a BridesmaidCindi MadsenGetting Hitched #24 StarsFebruary 23rd, 2024
Rise of the Cinder FaeRise of the Cinder FaeWhitney DeanDark Hearts Fairytale Retellings #13 StarsFebruary 26th, 2024
Lovelight FarmsLovelight FarmsBK BorisonLovelight #15 StarsMarch 1st, 2024
Small Town SwoonSmall Town SwoonMelanie HarlowCherry Tree Harbor #45 StarsMarch 2nd, 2024
In the WeedsIn the WeedsBK BorisonLovelight #24 StarsMarch 4th, 2024
The Friend ZoneThe Friend ZoneAbby JimenezThe Friend Zone #14 StarsMarch 13th, 2024
In a Not So Perfect WorldIn a Not So Perfect WorldNeely Tubati Alexander4 StarsMarch 13th, 2024
Crown of Wings and ThornsCrown of Wings and ThornsMary Ting4 StarsApril 4th, 2024
My Dark BeastMy Dark BeastOlivia WildensteinWicked Retellings #14.5 StarsApril 9th, 2024
Ship of ShadowsShip of ShadowsTee HarloweStolen Crowns #25 StarsApril 10th, 2024
CaravalCaravalStephanie GarberCaraval #14.5 StarsApril 15th, 2024

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