BOOK REVIEW: Leather (The Princess & The Spy #2) by Lisette MarshallLeather (The Princess & The Spy #2)
by Lisette Marshall
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She must be a queen. He could never be a king. When duty tears them apart, will their love survive the dark secrets that threaten them?

Steamy medieval fantasy romance ◆ Forbidden love ◆ Arranged marriage

The Princess…
Never did Viviette expect to find this much happiness in the shadows of Rock Hall. And now she must lose it all again – her mask, her freedom, the man she was never allowed to love in the first place… When her father announces her engagement to the widowed king of a neighbouring nation, she has no choice but to leave her home and heart behind and travel to the castle where she is to marry.

The Spy…
Jaghar always knew their affair couldn’t last. He always knew his loyalty to her father would keep them apart. But when the news of assassins on Velvet’s trail reaches him, loyalty is the last thing on his mind. He must protect her, even if he has to follow her deep into foreign territory to keep her safe – and even if it forces him to face the man who’ll take his place by her side.

A buried secret…
But in the idyllic Riverlands, danger is lurking around every corner. A knight with vicious intentions. A palace like a prison. And then there’s the mysterious disappearance of the king’s first wife… With darkness closing in and the desire between them still burning bright, how long can duty hold the princess and the spy apart?

Leather is the second book of The Princess & The Spy, a steamy fantasy romance trilogy taking place in the dangerous, passionate world of the Five Kingdoms. Perfect for readers of enemies to lovers fantasy and adult fairy tale romances, it tells a story of deadly intrigue, dark secrets and sizzling forbidden love.


Leather was a fabulous continuation of the Princess & The Spy Trilogy!  Not only was this book extremely steamy again, but it also had political intrigue, creepy foreshadowing and a few twists that left me reeling!  Fantasy lovers definitely need to check out this trilogy!

‘I did what I thought was best for you.’
‘But you didn’t bother asking what I thought was best for me.’ 

Viviette and Jaghar were both forced to put duty ahead of their own needs, when she was told by her father that she was to be married to another.  My heart ached for them.  Because regardless of what was expected of them, they still wanted each other.  Unfortunately that just couldn’t be.  So as the story unfolded, we found them again searching for clues, trying to discover the bigger picture and I loved watching them work as a team.  Together they seemed unstoppable, even with so many obstacles in their way!  And when some twists not only left them blindsided, but me too, I was left gasping and hoping for blood or retribution!

‘Tell me if you want to get out of here,’ he muttered. The words left a bitter taste of treason on his tongue, but for once, with the mixture of rage and concern burning in his veins, he couldn’t bring himself to care.

Jaghar was definitely my favorite in this book.  I loved how he could be so smart, calm, collected, clever, and selfless.  It not only made me fall harder for him, but my heart ached for life to be fair to him.  It seemed like an impossible feat at times since who he cared for was to be married to another.  But that didn’t matter when it came to protecting Viviette.  The things he did in this story to keep her safe?!  *Swoon* Jaghar was amazing!  Viviette stepped up her game too and I loved how she tried her best to do what was expected of her but at the end of the day she did what she thought was right.  My respect for her climbed even higher.

‘I never told you…’ His voice was hoarse, but the words fell from his lips easily as if he had written them out in his mind. ‘I never really told you – what you do to me, what you’ve been doing to me since the day you came storming into that corridor to eavesdrop on your own bloody father—’
A smile broke through on her face at the memory.

With mystery, intrigue, sacrifice, romance and the stakes being even higher, Leather was a fantastic addition to The Princess & The Spy Trilogy!  I’m definitely thankful that this series is complete because I have to know how Jaghar and Viviette’s story ends!  Fans of steamy Fantasy should check this one out!

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