BOOK REVIEW – Equal parts (Supernova #1) by Emma WintersEqual Parts (Supernova #1)
by Emma Winters
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Nobody knows happiness better than nineteen-year-old Felicity Eastwood. For years now, she’s been ‘gifted’ with the ability to collect and transfer happiness to anyone at will. Well, everyone except herself.
That is until Achilles - renowned criminal mastermind with a face painted like Death and enough charm to cause hormonal riots – crashes into Felicity’s world and makes her feel … something.

Determined not to let such a coveted superpower slip beyond his reach, Achilles kidnaps Felicity, hoping to use her ability to brave his own skeletons. Felicity is only a half-unwilling prisoner though, forgoing escape to learn more of the man behind the mask and pursue the inexplicable spark between them.

As the lines between hero and villain begin to blur, Felicity finds herself wondering if Achilles might be the key to her own happiness at long last. Is it possible to be so happy with someone so dangerous?

But Achilles isn’t the only villain in the town, and the pursuit of happiness can be a deadly hunt…

This book is bipolar. I might as well write two different reviews. Because as the first half wasn’t flawless, the second half made me rage.

✘ Rage because I was in love with the idea of this book rather than this book itself.
✘ Rage because Achilles? I’d take this crazy painted face as a hero over some tattooed douche jerk on any day.
✘ Rage because this story had so much potential I actually felt sick to see how much the NA cliché ruined it.

I’m going to talk about Achilles before starting to point what I didn’t like.

“He killed Carova’s mayor, he murdered people on a daily basis, he was weirdly charismatic, and he knew everything about everyone – or so it seemed.
And now, he was standing right in front of me, clutching his shoulder with one hand and a bloodied nail-gun in the other.
“Christ, girl, you gave me a heart attack!” He jumped back at the sound of my shriek.”

Truth to be told, when my friend Harriet talked to me about him, I was super excited – a SUPER-VILLAIN ? Who paints his face as a mask of death? Who’s sarcastic? Give him to me! Like, yesterday! I read this book because of him and for this reason I don’t regret anything, despite the low rating and the rage moments I came across.

What did I love so much in him?

Well, first of all, the fact that he’s a real villain. No false assassin who never kills anyone, no random bad-boy whose only crime is to be a manwhore, no. A real psychopath, for whom killing someone is a boring routine. How refreshing is this?! See? This is where the story was filled with awesome possibilities. I’m not gonna lie : who doesn’t like a villain falling in love? Okaaaay, maybe there’re some but me?! I’m such a sucker for it. The problem in NA is, usually the main problem to reform in the male-lead is the fact he’s a manwhore. Yikes. Oh, yeah, he has some family issues as well, he’s probably orphan/abused/whatever and icing on the cake, he’s tattooed. Now, I have nothing against tattoos in real life, I actually love them, but the way they’re used in NA to picture the perfect bad-boy? Sick.

While here, we get a real maniac who IS going to fall in love (that’s NA, duh) and yeah, frankly, I can’t say that I’m not adoring this shit. I loved the fact that he never feels the need to find excuses for his murderous behavior, but always takes full responsibility for it. However, there are some reactions I didn’t get, especially toward the end. Maybe that’s just me, and the fact I’ve read The Broken Empire trilogy a few weeks ago, but I struggle to understand his motivation at some point, and the evolution of his believes can appear rather out of character. Oh, and please stop smirking.

Well, now, who cares about that? He’s dangerous and sexy. Continue reading