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BOOK REVIEW: Overtime (Moo U #5) by Kat Mizera

BOOK REVIEW: Overtime (Moo U #5) by Kat MizeraOvertime (Moo U #5)
by Kat Mizera
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Hotshot hockey star Patrick Graham has been groomed for the pros since before he could walk. Fast forward to his junior year of college, and he’s having the time of his life. What could be better than pucks, partying, and having his pick of campus women? But if Patrick doesn’t buckle down and get his grades up, he could find himself benched for the championships. Could a beautiful brainiac be the solution to his problems?

Nineteen-year-old Master’s student Ellie McGinn could do so many things with her biology degree, but her mother is pushing her toward a future she doesn't want. Tutoring a hockey hottie seems like the perfect opportunity to start making her own choices and living life on her own terms.

When learning turns to yearning, will they be ready to face the heat and heartache that love can bring?


She reminded me of old-fashioned ice cream sundaes and drive-in movies, which made no fucking sense, but that’s what came to mind when I looked at her.

This specific trope is one that, if done poorly, I find so incredibly unrealistic. Kat Mizera though–she hit it out of the park. Sometimes authors just capture that one specific moment where the two main love interests have a single interaction and you can FEEL their spark. The energy. The connection. That’s how I felt with Patrick and Ellie. I honestly don’t even know how to explain it other than I knew it was going to be a good book even just based on this one interaction.

I was especially nervous because Paxton’s book wasn’t my favorite and Patrick was kind of a dick in that one and that one just wasn’t my favorite in general. Unsurprisingly we saw a totally different Patrick in this story. I loved how straight up smitten he was with Ellie–so cute. I also loved watching her being able to experience life. I can’t even image what it would have been like to go to college at that young of an age all the while have that much of an overbearing mother. It was clear that she loved Ellie and wanted the best for her but…sometimes parents want very different things for their children than what they actually need. The fact that Ellie eventually just took charge and made some big decisions for herself was great. (Also loved the support she got from the WAGs from the Vegas team).

I was also so relieved that the twins finally cut their asshole dad off at the end. My heart hurt for them SO BADLY. Good riddance.

Overall, great addition to the Moo U series!

Huge thanks to Heart Eyes Press for allowing me to read this eARC in exchange for my honest opinion! ♥

BOOK REVIEW: Gametime (Moo U #4) by Jami Davenport

BOOK REVIEW: Gametime (Moo U #4) by Jami DavenportGametime (Moo U #4)
by Jami Davenport
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One drunken night and one case of mistaken identity turns a friendship inside out...

You’ve seen the hockey twins around campus--they look identical, but you can tell them apart by their actions. Patrick is the one who’s busy charming women. Paxton is the one in the library.

Until one night when Paxton parties a little harder than usual. Next thing he knows, he’s waking up naked next to Naomi, the girl of his dreams. He bares his heart before an awful realization sets in. He’s not the twin she thought he was...

Naomi is the only child of a hockey legend. Partying hard is the best way she knows how to rebel against her controlling father. After a particularly crazy night, she realizes her big mistake. Her hookup isn’t the guy she’s been crushing on. It’s Paxton, her friend, the guy who gets her, who she can always count on. The guy she’d never want to hurt. And yet, the sex was good. Better than good.

Now she’s wondering if the wrong twin might be the right one after all . . .


Ugh it really pains me to rate this a three but I couldn’t in good conscience give it anything higher. I honestly think it was a case of the “It’s not you, it’s me” for the trope. That or I’m just getting older and now that I’m not actually in college and haven’t been in some time I can’t handle as much of the hot shot sports swagger/ college party and hookup scenes like I used to. Mainly though, I couldn’t get over the fact that Naomi slept with the wrong twin (WHO WAS ONE OF HER BEST FRIENDS) and didn’t know it until she woke up and licked her way down to his tattoo that was obviously Paxton’s hockey number and not Patrick’s and the two got to live in that awkward moment together. From then on I was like nope–no thanks, lol. I really think most people will like this one. I still obviously loved seeing Paxton’s journey coming out of Patrick’s shadow and his work with Garf (lol love that guy) to become the best player he can be and prepare for the pros. I loved seeing grumpy ass Kaitlyn, sweet, loyal Lex, and the rest of the team, too. I just really couldn’t be convinced by Paxton x Naomi.

Huge thanks to Heart Eyes Press for allowing me to read this eARC in exchange for my honest review!

BOOK REVIEW: Holdout (Moo U #3) by Jaqueline Snowe

BOOK REVIEW: Holdout (Moo U #3) by Jaqueline SnoweHoldout (Moo U #3)
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Jonah Daniels has enough work preparing for his hockey season without spending time interviewing a roommate to help share expenses. So when some dude answers J.D.’s ad and agrees to his terms, he puts a key under the mat and leaves for practice.

What he doesn’t expect is that his new roommate is not a dude at all, but an overtalkative, energetic hottie. What’s worse? She’s the younger sister of his friend on the team, and she’s sworn him to secrecy.

Ryann Reiner needs a place to live, stat. After an incident at the dorms that almost tanked her scholarship, Ryann wants a boring roommate who’ll leave her alone. J.D. almost fits the bill. He lives and breathes hockey, just like her brother, and he wouldn’t know a joke unless it hip checked him against the boards.

He’s also gorgeous. And broody. And he looks fine on laundry day, in too little clothing. Soon, late-night study sessions turn into dangerous flirting. And then a kiss turns into more. But they’re determined to keep things in the feelings-free zone.

Until lines blur and tensions rise when Ryann’s brother learns the truth. And both their hearts are skating on thin ice...


The first round of the Moo U books are all out today, people! If you enjoy these authors’ previous works AND the True North world that Sarina Bowen has built over the span of many, many books, please pick these up!

Due to an unfortunate, or should I say FORTUNE misunderstanding, Jonah (J.D.) a hockey player on Moo U’s team and Ryann, a GIRL, and sister of one of the co-captains of said hockey team wind up living together. Both are in desperate need of someone to share rent with and a safe, quiet place to live so it looks like they’ll just have to weather this one out.

Things start off on rocky footing when both of them have issues surrounding worry of what Ryann’s VERY protective brother might think. Jonah CAN’T have this mess up his dynamic on the hockey team and mess up his much-needed scholarship, and Ryann CAN’T have this mess up her relationship with her brother–the only family she has left after a terrible car accident took both of their parents’ lives.

As you can imagine, even though these two have quite different personalities, they wind up finding comfort in one another. Comfort becomes friendship. Friendship becomes something else entirely. Unsurprisingly to everyone (expect maybe Michael, lol) these two can’t deny the steamy chemistry and wind up hooking up. Once…Twice….and more until they realize that this could never have just been a casual thing.

Even though I personally couldn’t really relate to either one of these characters due to their specific circumstances and family dynamics, I was instantly attracted to how comfortable they felt around one another. Ryann especially became an anchor for Jonah and really relaxed him and brought him out of his shell in a number of ways. Their chemistry was electric and because this was also the case in the previous two books, I can’t wait for the rest!

Huge thanks to HeartEyes Press and Sarina Bowen for the opportunity to read this eARC in exchange for my honest review!

BOOK REVIEW: Slapshot (Moo U #2) by Rebecca Jenshak

BOOK REVIEW: Slapshot (Moo U #2) by Rebecca JenshakSlapshot (Moo U #2)
by Rebecca Jenshak
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I’m banished to Vermont for a scandal that wasn’t my fault, and broke because my famous father cut me off. And did I mention my roommate stole my boyfriend? Yeah, I’m loving my Moo U experience.

Now I need a job, because this gel manicure won’t upkeep itself. The only available option is the last one I’d ever want--a job as the hockey team’s equipment manager. My plan is to do the bare minimum, get paid, and find my way back into my father’s good graces.

I will not get involved with a hockey player, no matter how hot. They’re cocky. And obnoxious. I know their type, and I’m not willing to risk getting hurt again. Until Lex Vonne glides into my life looking like sin on a stick.

He thinks I’m a spoiled brat.
I think he’s using me to get ahead.
But the fire I feel when we’re together is like a slapshot to my heart…


I knew it from the first few times that he was mentioned in Blindsided and it was so good to have it confirmed: Lex Vonne is one of my all-time favorite male leads in a romance. First of all he’s the perfect opposite to Kaitlyn. He’s calm, he’s steady, he’s focused on hockey. For someone like Kaitlyn who has had trust issues her ENTIRE life, he is everything she needs (even if she thinks he’s got to be playing some kind of game).

Kaitlyn. Man…it has been a while now since I had read Heartland but initially after I realized who she was I thought “oh right, Kaitlyn, mean-ish roommate who had been dating Dylan that I didn’t like” but…man I’m annoyed at myself for thinking that. That’s the problem with the first person narrative though. We see what one character sees and what they feel, and their story and their truths aren’t always the full picture. I got a big reminder of that in this book.

While I couldn’t personally put myself in Kaitlyn’s shoes, I understood. I got why she had done what she did with Dylan and her mindset made sense. My heart still hurt for her, but it made sense. The fact then, that she had those complex feelings about hockey and ended up having to work as the team’s equipment manager was *chef kiss*. The perfect kind of plot device to help move her story forward. Especially with Lex (:. Ahh, to be a young, cocky hockey player used to being hot shit and getting his way. I love when those types of men are put in their place by women, lol. Don’t get me wrong, Lex isn’t your typical alpha jock that you only enjoy reading about in books, but he still has that natural confidence.

I loved their dynamic together from start to finish. Love that she helped him on the ice and that he broke down her walls so that she began to trust in him. Of course there was a little bit of tension to stir things up towards the end but you know, sometimes you just need that little bit of angst to really drive things home at the end.

Huge thanks to HeartEyes Press and Sarina Bowen for allowing me to read this eARC in exchange for my honest opinion!♥

BOOK REVIEW: Blindsided (Moo U #1) by Victoria Denault

BOOK REVIEW: Blindsided (Moo U #1) by Victoria DenaultBlindsided (Moo U #1)
by Victoria Denault
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What if Romeo wore hockey skates, and Juliet was raised on a farm next door?

As a life-long Vermonter, there are three beliefs I’ve always held true:
1. Our family farm is everything
2. Hockey is a close second
3. The Todds next door are our sworn enemies

But this season will test everything I stand for.

I have an illicit side job that could cost me my hockey scholarship. And now Maggie Todd knows my secret. She’s waiting for the right moment to use it against me. But every time I face off against her, I learn things I shouldn’t want to know. Like how deeply her competitive streak runs, and how sexy that is. And how easy it is to make her blush… everywhere.

An Adler and a Todd cannot be lovers. Breaking that rule is like pulling a pin on a grenade--everything in my life could blow up. Can we surrender to these feelings… or will our families’ feud make us its next casualty?


How can books about a sport I know nothing about be so comforting to me? I have no idea but here we are all the same. It felt like it had been a while now since I had read any book about college hockey players and when I was presented the opportunity to request some eARCs for the Moo U series in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North, I jumped for joy. Not only that but this in particular had hockey AND Vermont farmers. What more could I want?

Maggie Todd and Tate Adler’s families have been at it for YEARS. No one remembers why the feud started and no one is interesting in ending it. THAT IS…..until these two are forced to work together and find out that fierce dislike can easily morph into burning passion if they’re not careful (spoiler alert, they’re not). I really enjoyed the dynamic between these two and the push and pull that never ceased, even after they form a tentative truce that evolves into a whole lot more.

As family dramas tend to, this one unsurprisingly featured some twists and turns and secrets to be uncovered that kept me on my feet until the very end (though I had my suspicions, I did NOT figure things out correctly). I personally have never experienced that level of family chaos and am so thankful for it.

Overall I thought this was a solid start to the Moo U series and a great introduction to certain characters that I’m sure we will see in future books!

Huge thanks to HeartEyes Press and Sarina Bowen for allowing me to read this eARC in exchange for my honest opinion!♥

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