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Today is the last day of our Blogiversary celebration!  We hope that you have loved going through our lists of book boyfriends and favorite heroines!  If you missed one, they are our Fiercest BBFs, Kindest BBFs, Favorite Heroines, Darkest BBFsSo for today, we are going to talk about Our Most Tortured BBFs.  These men completely enrapture our hearts, we ache for them as the story progresses and we can’t stop thinking about them long after we have closed the book.  We hope you’ll want to meet all of our favorites too!  And we’re wishing you lots of luck on our giveaway…..they’re 6 books that we loved!  Enjoy!  And thank you for celebrating with us!


Josh from The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
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“I’ve never had someone try to do this before.”
“What, break your skull open? I’ll use a hammer if I have to.”
“Get to know me. And I never thought it would be you.”
“Do you want me to stop?”
I almost can’t hear his reply, it’s so quiet. “No.” 

Josh, even though his dialogue with Lucy is mostly hilarious, is so heartbreakingly sad on the inside that it kills me. I just love him so much-he adores Lucy, but has so much fun convincing her otherwise. This is naturally one of my favorite books ever.

Somebody Nobody’ (Can’t say name, even though it’s obvious) from Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum
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SN: you know what I think about sometimes?
Me: What?
SN: you know that piece of hair that always falls into your eyes—the not-quite-a-bang piece? I want to be able to tuck it behind your ear. I want to be able to do that. I want to meet you when I feel comfortable enough with you to do that.

I LOVED THIS BOOK. I loved this book beyond words. SN just…he just…ugh. He was so adorable, trying to help the main character out. I promise-you can’t be disappointed by this guy.


Declan from Letters to the Lost by Brigid Kemmerer
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Sometimes I think fate conspires against us.  Or maybe fate conspires with us.

Declan was dark, his own worst enemy, and he was so tortured from his past. Especially since he placed the blame of an event on his own shoulders. Not only was his home life troubling, but he was an outcast at school. Yet he had this ability to radiate power, and he was sexy as hell. So Declan easily broke my heart, while also making me fall for him. And when he was completely honest in his letters to Juliet, he took my breath away with his words. It was so different than how he acted around so many others.

Sean from Shag Lake by Susan McEachern
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But when she walked into the backyard this evening, I actually went weak in the knees. I had that moment when the world suddenly stopped turning and everyone at the party faded away into a blurry background, leaving just the two of us. I could barely breathe.
Get her out of your head , Eastman. She’s still off-limits.
I can’t offer her a future, and she deserves nothing less.

Sean was *starts wiping tears from eyes because he was so beautifully perfect* someone I fell completely in love with.  He was loyal, seductive, protective, playful and ever so sexy.  Yet because of something that I can’t say, he keeps the happiness he wants not within reach.  Which completely broke my heart for him.

Rob from In the Woods (Dublin Murder Squad #1) by Tana French
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So I’ll only say this : rarely did I feel that the character’s personality – whether they’re likeable or not – was so besides the point as when reading this book. Is Rob a jerk? Maybe, but I don’t care, he’s real, all of them are real to me. I care so much, oh my god, do I care for him still.


Luca from Vendetta (Blood for Blood #1) by Catherine Doyle
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The books aren’t that great, admittedly, but I’d follow him anywhere, so there’s that.


Misha from Falling Kingdoms (Falling Kingdoms #1) by Morgan Rhodes
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I’m actually not a huge fan of tortured boys, but I ADORED Magnus from Falling Kingdoms! He’s the perfect balance between sassy, devious, and tortured! I like to think of him as an antihero.



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  1. danielle hammelef

    I haven’t read any of your books so I don’t share your most tortured BBFs. One of mine is from Kimberley Griffiths Little’s series starting with Banished–Asher is in love with someone he can never have and yet, he’s so swoony.

    • Jen

      Oh I love when that happens, when they aren’t supposed to be with the one they love. It adds so much more of a hurdle for them to be together and it creates so much angst. Love it! It sounds amazing! 🙂

  2. Raven

    I love tortured boys and I’m so glad to see Josh, Luca and Declan in this list. They are my favorites too! 🙂

    • Jen

      Yay, I’m so happy to hear they’re some of your favorite too! ♥

  3. Marilyn

    I have not read any of her books yet.

    • Jen

      We highly recommend them of course. 😉

  4. Samantha D

    Hmm I really liked the darkling from the grishaverse. 🙂

    • Jen

      Ohhh Brittney put him on our Darkest Book Boyfriends list, so she definitely agrees!

  5. annie

    I can’t betray Jamie Fraser

    • Jen

      Oh I still have to meet him, I hear he is beyond amazing!

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