BOOK REVIEW: Sidetracked (Busy Bean #7) by R.L. KendersonSidetracked (Busy Bean #7)
by R.L. Kenderson
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“Sometimes, not knowing where you’re going will lead you to where you need to be.”


My workplace eliminated my position the same month my relationship ended. With nothing keeping me in Richmond, Virginia, I get in my car and head northeast, unsure of where I’ll end up.

Until I walk into The Busy Bean Café.

With the Help Wanted sign and the quote on the wall meant for me, I know I’ve found my new home.


I gave up my executive job in Boston to come home to help run my family’s hardware store and to open my own handcrafted furniture business. I have specific plans for my life.

Those plans don’t include the coffee shop’s new flighty barista even if she is cute as hell.

But when I become Charli’s landlord, I find it harder than ever to stay away from her. And soon, I don’t want to.


Lately I feel like I have been reading quite a few romances with the guy being a major ~grump~ and I realized….I eat that shit up. LOL Apparently there is just something about an uber grumpy, rough-around-the-edges type guy meeting a happy, chill, laid back woman that eventually melts said grump into a puddle of molten love that really does something to me. I think a big part of it is that it makes their initial interactions, especially the sexual ones, that much more intense. The guy doesn’t WANT to be feeling these things but BAM, the woman worms her way in and the next thing we know she’s up against the wall, on the receiving end of the most passionate kiss OF HER LIFE. Sounds like a great time to me *shrugs*.

And that’s almost exactly what happens here. Charli leaves home when her job is nixed and her boyfriend breaks up with her. She literally drives until she feels like stopping, walks into Busy Bean, sees the “Help Wanted” sign and apt inspirational quote on the wall and stays. All of that basically goes against everything Gabe stands for as a person. He’s a real dick to Charli at first, especially after finding out she’s going to be living next to him in the other half the the duplex he and his family is renting out.

The one part of this story that I wasn’t sure of was how quickly the end seemed to come. The two obviously had feelings for one another (hello, that bookshelf that was made?!?!?!) but I felt like one minute they were just having sex BARELY any strings attached and then all of a sudden BAM, a certain something happens and then they are like oh….well yeah…we really are attached aren’t we? Obviously I am GLAD it all worked out like it did, it all just really snuck up on me fast (this could also be because I finished while buzzed, putting my kid to sleep during my sister’s wedding this past weekend bahahaha)!

Huge thanks to Heart Eyes Press for allowing me to read an eARC of this book in exchange for my honest review!♥

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