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GIVEAWAY & BLITZ: A Wallflower’s Guide to Becoming a Bride

I had this book on my to-buy list and just bought a copy of it today!  I have adored every single book I’ve picked up by Stacy Reid, I really enjoyed the one book I’ve read by Eva Devon and I still need to read Tamara Gill….so a book that has a story from each of them sounds wonderful!  Definitely check out the synopsis below, you can grab a copy while it’s on sale and enter a fabulous giveaway.  Enjoy♥!

A Wallflower’s Guide to Becoming a Bride
Eva Devon, Tamara Gill, & Stacy Reid
Publication date: October 14th 2021
Genres: Adult, Historical Romance

A Wallflower’s Kiss by Eva Devon

Lady Ophelia is the last of her sisters to be unmarried! She knows she has to find a husband, but she’s been on the shelf for three seasons. When she finds a mysterious guide in Hatchards she forms a plan!

It just so happens that her brother’s best friend is happy to help her practice the instructions in the guide. Until they’re caught of course! Can the guide lead to happy ever after, or will scandal ruin Lady Ophelia’s chances?

A Brazen Agreement by Tamara Gill

Miss Sutton Howard needs to marry, and soon, there are only so many years a lady can endure the title of Wallflower. After a disappointing first season and the many that followed, her sixth will be her last and most successful. The Wallflowers Guide will ensure her season ends well. All she needs to do is find a gentleman suitable to be her husband.

Logan Carleton, Earl Jersey, knows it’s time to find a wife, if only the one woman he had lost through no fault of his own several years ago, wasn’t still on the market and complicating his life in London. Their bickering is no use, and before they cause another scandal, they must work together to gain what they both desire, spouses, just not with each other.
But when two people are thrown together with an entwined history, complications arise, along with desires that may not be smothered a second time no matter how hard they try.

A Duke at Midnight by Stacy Reid

Miss Sarah Bellamy hopes to meet a gentleman at midnight, before she settles into the respectable and lonely life of a governess to two little girls. And her dreams come true. In the dark of the night, she is willingly seduced by a devastatingly handsome gentleman.

One night of bliss to discover he is not only a Duke but her future employer. A difficult adjustment to be so near and yet so far from the man of her dreams. She tries to suppress all hopes of more but finds herself inexorably drawn to the one man she knows she cannot have…

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Only 99¢ for a limited time!

Sneak Peeks:

A Brazen Agreement by Tamara Gill

When decidedly on the shelf, a lady must sometimes take matters into her own hands and throw rules aside and do what one must to gain a husband.

Sutton raised her brows. Well, what did that mean? Was the guide giving her permission to misbehave? She pursed her lips in thought before the sound of another patron talking nearby caught her attention. Sutton slammed the book closed and quickly slid it back under the bookcase just as a couple passed her farther down the aisle. Sutton left the store, walking back to Hanover Square with determined strides, her maid hard on her heels. One must take one’s life into her own hands if one were to gain a husband.

Which would mean she had to be determined and go after what she wanted. She stopped on the footpath in thought. Did she like any gentleman enough for her to behave in such a way? To act instead of waiting for the gentleman to always come to her?

Sutton started off again, stepping around a large gentleman before slamming directly into a wall of muscle. She stumbled back, her footing beyond redemption before she landed with an oomph on the flagstone path. “Oww,” she complained, stopping herself from rolling a little and rubbing her behind in a most unladylike way. She glanced up, about to give a set down to the oaf who had run into her before the words dried up in her mouth. The horrified sight of Lord Jersey met her eyes. Logan Carleton. Of course, it was him she had slammed into. No one else would get in her way like that man did.

Ass that he was.

A Duke at Midnight by Stacy Reid

“Are you suddenly shy?” she asked in a tone rich with warm amusement. “I assure you, I am aware ladies and gentlemen alike attend masquerade balls to indulge in their wicked sides, the sides they would normally leave to languish and collect dust motes.”

Detecting the wistful hunger in her voice, Robert was struck with the sudden desire to fulfill her needs. And perhaps in doing so he might fulfill some of his needs, soothing the chill of loneliness that had lived with him for five years. “Should I confess it to you your sensibilities will be shocked.”

Her soft laugh was one of curiosity and want.

“I daresay no one has ever tried to shock them before. Please do your worst; I am made of stern stuff.”

Robert was becoming increasingly charmed. “I am glad I listened to my cousin, or I would have missed meeting you.”

“Clearly you procrastinate to spare my sensibilities. My good sir, I came here tonight to find a rake like you.”

“And you are so certain I am a rake, hmm?”

“A gentleman would have returned inside the instant I sat unwittingly in the dark beside him,” she said huskily.

“Very well then,” he drawled. “Will you be my lover for the night?”

Her sigh was one of relief and pleasure. There was no hesitation or doubt in her. Here was a woman who knew what she wanted and was about to take it.

Author Bio:

USA TODAY BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Eva Devon, was raised on literary fiction, but quite accidentally and thankfully, she was introduced to romance one Christmas by Johanna Lindsey’s Mallory novella, The Present. A romance addict was born. She devoured every single Lindsey novel within a few months and moved on to contemporary and paranormal with gusto. Now, she loves to write her own roguish dukes, alpha males and the heroines who tame them. She loves to hear from her readers. So please pen her a note!

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Tamara is an Australian author who grew up in an old mining town in country South Australia, where her love of history was founded. So much so, she made her darling husband travel to the UK for their honeymoon, where she dragged him from one historical monument and castle to another.

A mother of three, her two little gentlemen, a future lady (she hopes) keep her busy in the real world, but whenever she gets a moment’s peace she loves to write romance novels in an array of genres, including regency, medieval, and time travel.

Tamara loves hearing from readers and writers alike. You can contact her through her website at

USA Today Bestselling author Stacy Reid writes sensual Historical and Paranormal Romances and is the published author of over twenty books. Her debut novella The Duke’s Shotgun Wedding was a 2015 HOLT Award of Merit recipient in the Romance Novella category, and her bestselling Wedded by Scandal series is recommended as Top picks at Night Owl Reviews, Fresh Fiction Reviews, and The Romance Reviews.

Stacy lives a lot in the worlds she creates and actively speaks to her characters (aloud). She has a warrior way “Never give up on dreams!” When she’s not writing, Stacy spends a copious amount of time binge-watching series like The Walking Dead, Altered Carbon, Rise of the Phoenixes, Ten Miles of Peach Blossom, and playing video games with her love. She also has a weakness for ice cream and will have it as her main course.

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BOOK REVIEW: The Family You Make (Sunrise Cove #1) by Jill Shalvis

BOOK REVIEW: The Family You Make (Sunrise Cove #1) by Jill ShalvisThe Family You Make (Sunrise Cove #1)
by Jill Shalvis
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Beloved New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis begins a new series—Sunrise Cove—set near beautiful Lake Tahoe, with a heartwarming story of found family and love.

During the snowstorm of the century Levi Cutler is stranded on a ski lift with a beautiful stranger named Jane. After strong winds hurl the gondola in front of them into the ground, Levi calls his parents to prepare them for the worst…but can’t bring himself to say goodbye. Instead, wanting to fulfill his mother’s lifelong wish, he impulsively tells her he’s happily settled and Jane is his girlfriend—right before his phone dies.

But Levi and Jane do not.

Now Levi’s family is desperate to meet “The One.” Though Jane agrees to be his pretend girlfriend for just one dinner, she’s nervous. After a traumatic childhood, Jane isn’t sure she knows how to be around a tight-knit family that cherishes one another. She’s terrified, and a little jealous. But an unexpected series of events and a host of new friends soon show Jane that perhaps this is the life she was always meant to have.

As Jane and Levi spend more time together, pretend feelings quickly turn into real ones. Now all Jane has to do is admit to herself she can’t live without the man she’s fallen in love with and the family she has always dreamed of.


The Family You Make had joy, heartache, laughter and hope laced throughout the pages.  With a story that was filled with richness and depth, intricate characters and a happily ever after, this book had it all.  Fans of adult romance, fake dating and emotional stories should definitely add this book to their tbr!

“I didn’t want you to get hurt,” he said quietly, sucking in a breath when she applied pressure.
She didn’t want to react to his statement, but she honestly couldn’t remember when anyone had done such a thing for her, stranger or otherwise.

The beginning of this story had me glued to every single word.  As someone who snowboards on the weekends and lives in the Lake Tahoe area where this story takes place I now have a new fear of gondolas LOL!  But the beginning completely pulled me in and I was obsessed.  With Jane and Levi finding themselves in a life or death situation on a gondola, I was beyond nervous for them.  And even injured, Levi tried to crack jokes and I couldn’t stop smiling.  So when Levi called his family to say goodbye, he couldn’t do it.  He told them instead that he was finally happy and had a girlfriend named Jane.  But then Jane and Levi ended up surviving, and their lives would never be the same again.

His laugh floated down to her. “Thoughts you weren’t afraid of anything.”
Turned out, she was afraid of plenty, including how just looking at him could change the rhythm of her heart.

Jane was the queen of running.  She didn’t ever stick around long enough to form attachments, or for her to be told she wasn’t wanted anymore.  Which suited her perfectly because that was how her childhood went.  She was shuffled from one place to the next and it hardened her heart.  So going into this story, I’m so glad Sam @ WLABB told me to have patience with Jane.  Because she desperately needed that from not only those in her life, but from us the reader too.  Her past had damaged her, and she didn’t see herself worthy in others eyes.  Her walls were impossibly high.  But as the story started to unfold, Jane realized that others did care for her, and want her in their lives.  That she had formed friendships with Charlotte, Cat and even Levi.  She just wasn’t sure what to do with that, especially when it came to Levi.

“Maybe another time.”
“You’re not ready.”
And then he walked off. She found herself watching him go. “When will I be ready?”
He turned and caught her staring at his ass, and the smile hit his mouth. “Maybe sooner than I thought.”

I loved Levi right away.  Even when he was fighting for consciousness in the beginning, he cracked me up.  He was so charming, but like Jane, he also felt alone.  Levi was different from his family.  Even though they loved him deeply, he hadn’t ever fit in.  And with a heartache past, he tried to distance himself from those that cared for him.  So Levi had a lot of healing to do too.  But being back in Sunrise Cove, he started to find life again and mend relationships with his mom, dad, sister and even an old best friend.  I loved every single thing about Levi.  He was patient, kind, sweet, caring, thoughtful and considerate.  Sigh.

She put her hands on her cheeks. “Are you always such a flirt?”
“So why me?”
He smiled at her. “Because when I’m with you, I feel like . . . me.”
Everything inside her softened at that.

 I couldn’t stop smiling when Levi and Jane were together.  They were both outcasts in a way, and understood one other.  And with a life or death situation pushing them to a friendship, I loved watching how they progressed.  They were comfortable around each other and it all felt so seamless.  So when they continued “dating”, to keep up the lie to Levi’s family, I absolutely loved it!  Throw in Levi’s in your face family that pulled some funny antics, and friends that cared deeply for them, this story rounded out so well.  There was a side story about Jane’s good friend, Charlotte, who she stayed with when she was in Tahoe.  And their neighbor/coworker Mateo, who had a tie into Levi’s life.  I absolutely loved their story too and was rooting for them to have a HEA since we got a few povs from them also.

“This is just a kiss,” she informed him, her voice annoyingly soft and breathy.
This had him laughing softly against her as he nibbled her lower lip, then sucked it into his mouth. Someone gasped. Her. Dammit.

Redemption in yourself comes in so many forms.  Whether it was Levi, Jane to even Charlotte, they all needed that desperately.  The Family You Make showed their emotional path to healing, friendship and love.  This story was an emotional journey, I cried multiple times, and it took some longer than others to get there.  But it ended with a fabulous epilogue years in the future and I closed the book oh so happy.  I just love happily ever afters, and this book too!

She lifted her head again, suddenly having trouble drawing air into her lungs. “But you promised. You promised not to fall for me.”
His gaze met hers, his own warm and loving. “Some promises are meant to be broken.”

PS The peaches…..I was dying laughing and had tears pouring down my face.  Peyton, Levi’s niece, is the cutest!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Monthly Wrap-Up: November & December

During our Monthly Wrap-Up, we’ll take a look at what has happened around here in the last month. That’ll include what’s happened in my life, what we’ve read, any other posts we may have had, and our most popular Instagram posts..

*We linked this post to the December Monthly Wrap-Up Round-Up Link-Up at Feed Your Fiction Addiction*

Jen’s Life:

✮ These last two months our lives have been consumed with the two puppies my parents got.  They have been such an amazing addition to the family and my husband, boys and myself have fallen in love with them too.  We spend every free moment we can at my parents house lol.  You can see pictures of them here, here and here.


What We Read:

5 Stars:
Everything He Isn’t by Lauren Stewart
Aurora’s End (The Aurora Cycle #2) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
How to Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #3) by Jennie Marts
A Scoundrel of Her Own (Sinful Wallflowers #3) by Stacy Reid

4.5 Stars:
Christmas in Silverwood by Dorothy Dreyer
Once Upon a Broken Heart (Once Upon a Broken Heart) by Stephanie Garber
Holiday Hotel (Simona Island #1) by Poppy Minnix
Iron (The Queen & The Assassin #1) by Lisette Marshall
My Summer in Seoul by Rachel Van Dyken
The Bachelor on the Shelf (Reindeer Falls #6) by Jana Aston
The Christmas Pact by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward
The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson

4 Stars:
Elves with Benefits (Reindeer Falls #4) by Jana Aston
One Night with a Nutcracker (Reindeer Falls #5) by Jana Aston
Scrooged by Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward

3 Stars:
Wildflower Season (Carolina Girls #1) by Michelle Major

2 Stars:
Eight Days of Christmas (Pineridge #1) by Starla DeKruyf
Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis


Our Favorite Books of the Month:

Jen’s Choice – A Scoundrel of Her Own by Stacy ReidEverything He Isn’t by Lauren Stewart
I’m sorry but there’s no way I can decide between these two.
A Scoundrel of Her Own was a story of star-crossed lovers that was passionate, emotional and impossible to put down.  This book had the most wonderful HEA and was another huge hit and instant favorite by Stacy Reid!
Everything He Isn’t consumed my every waking thought. With friendship, romance, banter, steam and tons of heart filling the pages, I loved this book with my whole heart!


Arielle’s Choice – Aurora’s End (The Aurora Cycle #2) by Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff
This series and these characters will live in my mind and in my heart for the rest of my life.  I was reminded throughout this entire book, but especially at the end, that this series and these characters are so special because of their love for one another. They are each other’s CHOSEN and found family and not even centuries of time and zillions of lightyears is going to change that. Without going into any detail their love for one another saved each other and the entire galaxy and that is what is going to stick with me the most.


Other Posts:

Our Most Anticipated Releases For November
2020 Favorite Standalones
2020 Favorites From A Series
Christmas Book Recommendation List: What to Read This Holiday
#Blogmas2021 Favorites
GIVEAWAY & RELEASE DAY: How to Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #3) by Jennie Marts



Here were our most popular posts last month, from each of us ♥.


So this was our November & December….did you read any of the same books that we did? Or share the same favorite book as us? If not, then what was your favorite book?

Here’s hoping you all had a wonderful November & December. And cheers to January being fabulous for all of us!

BOOK REVIEW: Made in Manhattan by Lauren Layne

BOOK REVIEW: Made in Manhattan by Lauren LayneMade in Manhattan by Lauren Layne
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Violet Townsend has always been a people pleaser. Raised in the privileged world of Upper East Side Manhattan, she always says the right things, wears the right clothes, and never rocks the boat. Violet would do anything for the people closest to her, especially her beloved grandmother. So when she asks Violet to teach the newly-discovered grandson of her friend how to fit in with New York City’s elite, Violet immediately agrees. Her goal? To get Cain Stone ready to take his place as heir to his family company…but to say he’s not exactly an eager student is an understatement.

Born and raised in rural Louisiana and now making his own way in New Orleans, Cain Stone is only playing along for the paycheck at the end. He has no use for the grandmother he didn’t know existed and no patience for the uppity Violet’s attempts to turn him into a suit-wearing, museum-attending gentleman.

But somewhere amidst antagonistic dinner parties and tortured tux fittings, Cain and Violet come to a begrudging understanding—and the uptight Violet realizes she’s not the only one doing the teaching. As she and Cain begin to find mutual respect for one another (and maybe even something more), Violet learns that blindly following society’s rules doesn’t lead to happiness…and that sometimes the best things in life come from the most unexpected places.


Romance lovers will passionately fall in love with Made in Manhattan!  It had a fun and flirty vibe, while also pulling on my emotions.  The story was impossible to put down and easily became an instant favorite!  If you love an opposites attract adult romance then I can’t recommend this book enough!

Could she take this angry, uncouth man and turn him into someone who held his own in a boardroom? Who could navigate the sticky intricacies of the New York social set?
Who could not only tie a tie, but look good in it?
Suddenly she wanted to try, rather desperately.

Cain Stones learned that he had a grandmother he never knew about, along with a billion dollar company that she wanted him to take over.  Coming from the South, he needed to learn the city, dress the part and work on getting voted in as CEO.  And Violet Townsend was to help Cain achieve that goal.  Their grandmothers were best friends and there was nothing Violet wouldn’t do to help Edith, Cain’s grandma.

Violet had the sudden urge to tell him he was wrong.
She didn’t always get what she wanted.
She didn’t even know what that was.

Violet Victoria Townsend lived on the upper east side and I absolutely loved her.  She was kind, helpful and held herself in almost a regal way.  She dressed the part, had impeccable manners, was a thoughtful hostesses and always seemed to say the right thing.  She definitely gave me Charlotte from Sex and the City vibes, who I adored.  Violet could be seen with Keith, who was a blue blood like her, except I thought he was beyond pretentious. So when Cain stepped into her life, Violet’s seemingly perfect world completely changed.

Cain shrugged and bent down to gently rub Coco’s head with a knuckle. Violet ordered her heart not to melt. Or to think about the fact that Keith barely tolerated her dog’s existence, much less pet the little Yorkie.

 Cain was the ultimate book boyfriend.  Yes he was a little rough around the edges and had no filter on his mouth sometimes, but oh my goodness was the man swoon worthy.  Not only in the way he held himself and talked, but his actions literally melted my heart into a puddle.  Whether he was being thoughtful of Violet’s dog Coco, who he called Toto, or remembering details from what Violet said, Cain was most definitely more then others in Violet’s world would see at first glance.  Cain was sexy, seductive, charismatic, and I was obsessed.

His smile was slow. Predatory. He moved even closer until she could feel his body heat. “Careful, Duchess. Look at me that way again, and you’ll be the one who’s handled, and not the least bit gently.”

Violet and Cain started out rough.  Yes there was an instant attraction and chemistry between them, but Violet was trying to change who Cain was.  And he fought her every step of the way.  It started with a clothing makeover and went from there.  But Cain wasn’t the only one who started to change. Violet found herself changing too.  She kept her emotions guarded and always came across as composed and together.  But Cain pushed her time and again and invoked emotions from her that had me clinging to every single word between them!

“Keith can be . . .” She sighed. “He’s struggling. He’s put a lot of himself into the company, and it’s hard for him to have an outsider come in and take a position he thinks should be his.”
Cain’s eyes flicked up for the briefest of moments. “That’s not what he should be possessive of.”
Violet didn’t reply. Couldn’t. But neither did she look away.

Their moments together brimmed with delicious sexual tension and banter.  Whether it was a look, a touch or a barbed word, everything had an undercurrent of electricity running through it.  And there were so many moments that held such powerful emotions.  Like the piano scene.  I didn’t know whether to laugh and smile or cry tears of heartache.  This book toyed with my emotions in the best ways possible!  There was some steam in the pages and by the end of this story I found myself with tears in my eyes.

“You deserve it.”
“What, to learn piano?” she joked.
He didn’t smile back. “All of it. You deserve to have everything you want, Duchess.”

Made in Manhattan was beautifully emotional and seductive.  It had characters that were larger then life, a story-line that I devoured way too quickly and even side characters that constantly made me feel.  This book became a top favorite so easily and I can’t wait to read it again and again in the future!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson

BOOK REVIEW: The Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah WilsonThe Paid Bridesmaid by Sariah Wilson
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From Sariah Wilson, the bestselling author of Roommaid, comes a captivating romantic comedy about what happens when a wedding party mixes business with romance.

Rachel Vinson is a bridesmaid for hire: part confidante, part wedding planner, and one hundred percent pretend BFF. Discretion guaranteed. Her next gig is a destination wedding—livestreamed and sponsored—for an Instagram influencer. That means a paradise of new contacts, which could be a boon to her already booming business. If Rachel can keep the very handsome and slightly too interested best man at bay, that is.

High-tech entrepreneur Camden Lewis must know: Who is this gorgeous, intelligent, and mysterious woman? Too good to be real. Convinced she’s a corporate spy out to tank his company, Camden’s not letting her out of his sight. But the constant surveillance is also opening his eyes to things about Rachel that he likes. If she’s a spy, she’s certainly the cutest one he’s ever seen.

As the week’s worth of wedding events march along, Rachel and Camden are learning almost everything there is to know about each other. Rachel’s made a career out of always a bridesmaid…but perhaps there’s a chance for her own trip down the aisle?


The Paid Bridesmaid was a story filled with humor, romance and charm, and I was obsessed.  With a unique story-line and characters that were easy to connect with, I devoured this book in no time at all.  It you’re a fan of adult romance that has some angst and heart in the pages, then you definitely need this book in your life!

Why did I want something so badly that I knew I couldn’t have?

Rachel Vinson owned her company, which provided bridesmaids for weddings.  With signed NDA’s and bridesmaids that wouldn’t create drama and help the day unfold seamlessly; her business was a huge hit!  Her latest client was Sadie, who was an Instagram influencer.  Her destination wedding in Hawaii was going to be not only sponsored but live streamed too.  And Rachel would be acting as maid of honor and bff.  But the best man was highly suspicious of Rachel and I loved watching everything unfold!

Camden gave me a playful smile when we approached. Krista let out a low whistle. “Do you see how he’s looking at you? That boy has impure thoughts about you.”
I shouldn’t want that to be true.

Rachel was driven, focused and thoughtful.  She was passionate about her business and all of her energy went into her job.  With a no dating guest rule, it had been a long time since she ever did anything for herself.  That is until Camden Lewis entered the picture.  Not only was he the best man, but he was business partners with the groom.  And he had dealt with people trying to steal information from their high tech company multiple times.  With Rachel being pegged as a possible spy, it led to wonderful angst and a slow burn romance.

Camden took a step back, his hand still around my wrist. “Do you know what happens whenever I draw a line in the sand? The tide always washes it away.”

I adored Camden from page one.  He was kind, thoughtful, charming, smart and yet a tad overly suspicious.  But that didn’t stop the instant attraction the both of them felt.  Or the spark that was between them, anytime they were together.  And the more time they spent with each other, the harder it was to ignore.  Yet Rachel was nervous.  Was Camden only interested in her because he was trying to find out if she was going to steal from their tech company?  Or did he truly like her?  But regardless, she was lying to him.  She could never tell him why she was there.  Rachel’s heart was torn with what to do.

“Tell me that you feel it, too. That something’s changed.”
“It can’t.” I felt silly saying it. Like a kid sticking their thumb into a dam, trying to hold back the oncoming flood.
“But it did.”

This story was so much fun!  I loved all of the wedding festivities!  I loved that Rachel and Sadie started to actually form a friendship.  I loved Rachel’s employee, Krista who was also a bridesmaid, who pushed Rachel to get together with Camden.  But most of all I loved the tension between Rachel and Camden!  They were a very slow burn romance that never went spicy, but was a ton of fun.  And while there was definitely some family drama, and Rachel had some of her own too, all in all this was a very heartfelt story.

“Do you know why I thought there were vibes? Or why I thought that I could guess what you’re feeling?”
My stupid face was an open book? I shook my head.
“I imagine that your heart beats faster when you’re close to me. That your mouth might go dry while you feel like your knees are going to give way. That you can’t wait to see me again. I can guess how you’re feeling because those same things happen to me.”

The Paid Bridesmaid was an adorably unique story that had a lot of heart and was a ton of fun.  And somehow my emotions sneaked up on me because I found myself with happy tears in my eyes towards the end of this book.  So if you’re looking for a sweet and cute romance story, that ends with an epilogue and fabulous happily ever after, this is definitely you’re book!  This was another huge win by Sarah Wilson and I’m looking forward to her next release!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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