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BOOK REVIEW: In the Weeds (Lovelight #2) by BK Borison

BOOK REVIEW: In the Weeds (Lovelight #2) by BK BorisonIn the Weeds (Lovelight #2)
by BK Borison
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A grumpy farmer and a no-nonsense social media influencer have another chance at love in this charming romantic comedy.

Evelyn St. James isn’t the kind of woman you forget. Beckett Porter certainly hasn’t. One incredible weekend in Maine, and he’s officially a man distracted. He’s not unfamiliar with hot and heavy flings, but Evie wove some sort of magic over him during their tumble in the sheets. He can’t stop thinking about her laugh. Her hand pressed flat against his chest. Her smiling mouth at his neck.

So when she suddenly appears on his farm as part of a social media contest, he is…confused. He had no idea that the sweet and sexy woman he met at a bar is actually a global phenomenon. When Evie disappears again, Beckett resolves to finally move on.

But Evie, who has been feeling disconnected from her work and increasingly dissatisfied with life online, is trying to find her way back to something real. She returns to the last place she was happy: Lovelight Farms and the tiny town of Inglewild. And it has absolutely nothing to do with the hot farmer she spent two incredible nights with.


In the Weeds was a second chance romance set in an adorable small town.  I fell in love with these characters in Lovelight Farms, and was so happy Beckett got his own story.  This opposites attract, slow burn, forced proximity warmed my heart.  And I was so happy to be back with these characters I adore.

I look at her and all I seem to do is want.

Beckett worked at Lovelight Farms, and when he was away at a conference had a two night stand with Evelyn St. James.  Evelyn was a social media influencer, who oversaw the contest in the previous book.  After their awkward moments together, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next.

“I want more,” I tell her— another confession— my hand slipping down between us to brush the soft skin just below her belly button. “I want everything.”

This story started out with flashbacks from the past that were steamy.  We got to see how Evelyn and Beckett met, and how easily they clicked.  It was effortless when they were around each other.  And then we jumped back into the present, and Evelyn had lost her way in the world.  When her bestie asked where she was last happy, and it was Lovelight Farms, Evelyn booked a trip back there.  And crossed paths that same day with Beckett.

I don’t want to be her friend. I want to be more. I want us to be the people we were when we were away from everyone else. I almost say it, biting down on the inside of my cheek to keep the thought to myself.

I adored Beckett.  He was the strong, yet silent type.  The one you could always count on.  He was loyal.  Trustworthy.  And had the biggest heart ever.  But he was also that man who walked into a room and just made you sigh out loud.  Plus with a gaggle of kittens crawling on him, it was impossible not to adore Bennett.  Yet with Evelyn back, Beckett had a standoffish attitude.  And I got it.  This woman left him without a word.  Twice.  And it felt like he was waiting for her to do it again.

But that’s the thing about happiness, I guess. You can show whatever you want to the world and not feel a lick of it inside yourself.

Evelyn felt like she could finally be herself with Beckett.  He wasn’t looking to use her fame, like so many had tried in the past.  So when she decided to take a break from social media, and found herself bunking with Bennett, I was so happy for her!  She was determined to find her happiness each day, and that thought resonated so deeply with me.  It took a little while, but when she started to open up to Beckett.  Their talks were beautiful and hopeful.

I don’t feel ready to leave this place yet. For the first time in a long time, I’m content standing still.

While both of them couldn’t stop thinking about the past, and how good they were together, in the present they made each other smile.  And they started to find that connection again.  Their moments together were heartfelt and steamy.  And just like the fist book, I adored the found family in this series.  Stella, Beckett and Layla loved one another so deeply.  I adored every single banter, squabble, and hard time they gave each other.  Because underneath was so much love.  They would do anything for the other.  So the moment in the field, I was a crying mess.

“Beckett,” I say, a little bit dazed. His name lingers in the space between us. We don’t talk about it, he’s right, but I thought that was what he wanted. “How much have you had to drink?”
“Not enough,” he says, his eyes intent on my face. “’Cause I still think about kissing you all the damn time.”

Family dinners and sisterly love, hilarious phone tree moments, cute kittens, small town drama, flashbacks that made me smile, a scene that left me terrified, a beautiful date under the stars and all the longing filled the pages.  Even though this story moved slower than the first it was impossible not to feel everything these characters did.  Yet I wasn’t the hugest fan of the conflict.  I’m super picky about miscommunication, and this one didn’t work that well for me.  Yet it ended with a happily for now that warmed my heart and I loved the grand gesture!

Maybe this is what happy is supposed to be. A person, a place. A single moment in time.

PS I still adore Stella’s calendar idea!

BOOK REVIEW: Lovelight Farms (Lovelight #1) by BK Borison

BOOK REVIEW: Lovelight Farms (Lovelight #1) by BK BorisonLovelight Farms (Lovelight #1)
by BK Borison
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Two best friends fake date to reach their holiday happily ever after in this first romantic comedy in the Lovelight series.

A pasture of dead trees. A hostile takeover of the Santa barn by a family of raccoons. And shipments that have mysteriously gone missing. Lovelight Farms is not the magical winter wonderland of Stella Bloom’s dreams.

In an effort to save the Christmas tree farm she’s loved since she was a kid, Stella enters a contest with Instagram-famous influencer Evelyn St. James. With the added publicity and the $100,000 cash prize, Stella might just be able to save the farm from its financial woes. There’s just one problem. To make the farm seem like a romantic destination for the holidays, she lied on her application and said she owns Lovelight Farms with her boyfriend. Only…there is no boyfriend.

Enter best friend Luka Peters. He just stopped by for some hot chocolate and somehow got a farm and a serious girlfriend in the process. But fake dating his best friend might be the best Christmas present he’s ever received.


Lovelight Farms was a beautiful friends to lovers romance that was so easy to devour.  The found family was everything, the storyline was adorable, and the characters warmed my heart.  This book became an instant favorite and I’m excited to binge the rest of BK Borison’s stories!

I thought about a lot of things when it comes to Luka.  Things you shouldn’t think about your best friend.

Stella and Luka were the bestest of friends.  Ten years ago, Luka’s mom moved to the tiny little town where Stella lived.  And it created the most adorable meet cute!  From that moment on, they had been inseparable.  But there was always that line that neither of them would cross.  They were just friends.  Even though Stella had been in love with Luka forever.  So when Stella was forced to fake date someone, in order to save her failing farm, I couldn’t wait for the lines between her and Luka to get blurry!

But with Luka, it’s easy.  The way we touch each other, the way we breathe and move together.  It’s so easy.

I absolutely adored Stella!  She had such a kind soul, and yet she was so nervous to ask Luka to be her fake boyfriend.  Which of course he would do without a second thought!  So when the two of them announced to their tiny town that they were dating, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Small town shenanigans were at their best in this story!  And as Luka and Stella pretended to date, oh my heart I was so nervous for Stella.  She was getting everything she wanted, except it wasn’t real.  Right?

He steps back, but his hand holds against my hip, fingers slipping away with reluctance.  I look up at him in the dim light of my kitchen, and for a single breath, I see a wild, ferocious hunger. But he blinks and it’s gone. He’s my Luka again, the change so quick I think I’ve imagined it.  Brown eyes soft, smile crooked, hair a wild mess.

Luka was such a fabulous book boyfriend!  He was thoughtful, kind, and cared so much for Stella!  Yet unlike Stella, I had no problem finding all the little clues that he liked her.  So the moments when he agreed to go to ‘Thanksgiving’ with her dad, and everything else in between showing him step up….sigh.  It just made me love Luka that much more!

It’s hard to think about the consequences when his palm is warm on the small of my back, dragging up my spine.  He tangles his hand lightly in my hair and tugs gently, just once, a flash of something decadent in amber eyes when I make a small noise in the back of my throat.  He likes that noise, I can tell.  He wants to hear it again.

The tension between Stella and Luka was intense and left me desperately needing for them to do more than just have a look or a touch.  It seemed like Luka could take Stella right there in her kitchen, and then you blink and he’s back to her Luka again.  Just friends.  The will they or won’t they played out fabulously in this story!  With missed kisses, tension simmering, and pretending to date, there were so many favorite moments.  When they woke up together *fans face*, after Thanksgiving, and so many more that were deliciously steamy!

The line defining fiction and reality is obliterated.

This book also made me cry.  There were some tears here and there, but when found family became prevalent, I was sobbing my eyes out!  And then again when there was a heart to heart.  Lovelight Farms creeps up on you, and the emotions are so hard to ignore!  So if you’re looking for a friends to lovers romance, I can’t recommend this one enough.  It was steamy, heartfelt, and made me smile so much!  I can’t wait to read Beckett’s story next!

It’s hard to think of Beckett as anything other than stoic, but I recognize the shades of loneliness in him the same as me and Luka.  It’s another reason I’m grateful for this farm and the weird little family we’ve pieced together.  We’re all a little less alone.

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