BOOK REVIEW: The Problem With Cupid (Holiday Romance #2) by Robin Daniels

BOOK REVIEW: The Problem With Cupid (Holiday Romance #2) by Robin DanielsThe Problem With Cupid (Holiday Romance #2)
by Robin Daniels
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After Evan's relationship fail during Christmas vacation, he heads back to college with a new plan. It's time for a break from dating. He doesn't want to quit the game completely though. Garland, his funny, lovable, down-to-earth roommate, is constantly talking to girls. And never asking them out.

Evan might be on a romantic hiatus but that doesn't mean he can't help his best friend find love. So, when Evan meets Abby in student government class, he trades in his player card for Cupid's bow. She and Garland would be perfect together and it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know they'll never hook up without help.

His matchmaking scheme works brilliantly. A little too brilliantly. By the time Garland and Abby start hitting it off, Evan has grown quite fond of her. That's the problem with playing Cupid. If you're not careful, you run the risk of getting shot by your own arrow.


The Problem With Cupid was so cute and I couldn’t stop smiling.  If you’re looking for a quick read and enjoy NA Romance that’s sweet and adorable, then you’ll want to add this one to your tbr!

The first rule of being just friends with a girl is that you can’t kiss her. No matter how tempting it is. Especially when you’re trying to hook her up with your roommate.

I read The Trouble With Christmas and absolutely cherished that story.  Evan was the brother’s best friend in that book, but confession time….I didn’t like him.  I had my eye on someone else for the heroine, so my thoughts weren’t kind to Evan, ack.  But I enjoyed The Trouble With Christmas so much that I wanted to give Evan’s story a shot.  I’m so glad I did because not only did I enjoy this book, but I fell hard for Evan too!

“Get back here, you coward!” she yelled.
“No way!” I yelled back. “I don’t trust you not to maim me.” I grinned wickedly at her but slowed to a stop.
When she caught up, she slugged me in the arm. “That’s for being a brat.”
I pulled her into a hug.

Having to sign up for a club, sport, or student association, Evan signed up for student government representatives in college.  And on his first day he met shy, bookworm Abby.  While Evan was outgoing, confident and cocky, Abby was quiet and seemed to try and blend in.  Right away Evan started joking around with Abby and it was impossible not to smile at their antics.  Because while Evan could tease her ruthlessly, Abby could give it right back.  So I laughed out loud and couldn’t stop smiling with all the attention Evan directed at Abby.

I honestly felt guilty for ruining his date. I tried really hard to feel bad about it, too. But I couldn’t.

We got the whole story in Evan’s head, which I loved, and he thought Abby would be perfect for his roommate, Garland.  They were both quirky with different senses of humor.  So Evan tried to make sure him that they hung out with Abby and her roommate.  The moments that the four of them were together was entertaining!  But for wanting to setup his friend with Abby, he surrrrrrre had a difficult time not flirting with her lol.  And the more time he spent around Abby, the more he liked her.  What’s a guy to do?!

Some cupid I was. I’d shot myself with my own arrow.

The Problem With Cupid was a delightful story set around Valentine’s Day and I loved every minute of this novella.  Now I can’t wait to read Garland’ story next around the fourth of July wheeee!

BOOK REVIEW: The Trouble With Christmas by Robin Daniels

BOOK REVIEW: The Trouble With Christmas by Robin DanielsThe Trouble With Christmas (Holiday Romance #1)
by Robin Daniels
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Chrissy Jensen lives in a town full of Christmas fanatics. Too bad she hates everything about the holiday. Aside from her justifiable grievances, the endless barrage of displays and events is enough to make any girl gag. Nothing has ever been able to thaw her frozen yuletide heart. But when her brother brings a handsome friend home for the holiday, she starts to reconsider her contemptuous attitude. The deliciously yummy houseguest LOVES Christmas. Pretending to share his sentiment couldn’t hurt. Right?

Wrong. The sudden personality transplant doesn’t sit well with her best friend Nate. He perpetuates the deception in order to get even, which causes an agonizing dilemma. Now, Chrissy must keep up the charade—with a cheerful disposition—or risk being caught in her lie.


The Trouble With Christmas was absolutely adorable!  If you like Kasie West, Cookie O’Gorman, Lisa Brown Roberts or cute ya romance, then you should definitely check out this book.  The story line was a ton of fun, the characters were so easy to connect to and the Christmas activities were completely entertaining.  I’m so glad I picked this up this book, it was exactly what I needed!

My best friend is the Bob Cratchit to my Ebenezer Scrooge, the Cindy Lou Who to my Grinch.

Christmas Eve Jensen, aka Chrissy, was not a fan of Christmas.  Not only was she born on Christmas day but her town, which was named Rudolph, was the honorary Christmas town in the US.  But this year, Christmas time was finally looking up!  Her brother brought home his gorgeous friend, Evan, who loved Christmas.  So what if Chrissy had to pretend to like Christmas.  What could possibly go wrong?

He stuck his finger into the bowl of icing and bopped my nose with it. “Plus, you’re really cute when your frustrated.”
“I hate you.” I growled.
“You love me.” He grinned and swiped at my cheek with the rest of the icing.

Nate was Chrissy’s best friend and only lived a few doors down from her house.  They were the truest of friends and I loved how they were embedded in each other’s lives. Nate was thoughtful, caring, smart and he even made me sigh out loud.  So when Nate saw that Chrissy was pretending to like Christmas, all for Evan’s sake, what’s a best friend to do.  He helped push along her little lie and got Chrissy in over her head.

“Get out.” I pointed my finger toward the hallway.
Garland’s grin widened. Getting under my skin was a favorite hobby of his. He backed away, fully aware that it didn’t take long for me to resort to violence. “Fine. But for the record, I think he’s into you.”
I cocked my head to the side. “Who’s into me?”
“Now that is the million-dollar question.” My brother shut the door without elaborating, and I plopped onto my bed.

There was so much that I loved about this story.  The small town charm and adorable townspeople.  Chrissy’s family, who was a little over the top at times, but filled the pages with love. And even to Chrissy who grew so much.  We didn’t always see eye to eye, I thought one of the guys she interacted with was annoying and his charming never worked for me.  But the decisions she made towards the end of the book and even how she came to see the holidays made my heart burst with joy!

He held me tighter, then slowly ran one hand up and my back until his fingers twined in the wispy hairs that had fallen from my bun. The move wasn’t anywhere close to feeling friendly. Especially when he leaned down and his lips grazed my ear. “And for the record, I noticed too. You look beautiful.”
“Thanks,” I replied hoarsely. My heart sped up. My stomach fluttered. Goose bumps covered my arms, and I had to fight off a shiver. Something freaky was happening.

So if you’re looking for a Christmas story that has tons of charm and will make you smile, then definitely pick up The Trouble With Christmas.  The romance was sigh worthy and the friendships and family relationships were beyond adorable.  I don’t even want to talk about the challenges, that I had so much fun reading about, because I want it all to be a surprise.  Just know that I loved every single minute of it.  And now I can’t wait to check out the rest of Robin Daniels books!

PS There was a kiss in the pages that completely took me by surprise and I even gasped out loud!  I loved, loved, loved how that unfolded!

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