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BOOK REVIEW – Sugar and Spice (Glitter and Sparkle #3) by Shari L. Tapscott

BOOK REVIEW – Sugar and Spice (Glitter and Sparkle #3) by Shari L. TapscottSugar and Spice (Glitter and Sparkle #3)
by Shari L. Tapscott
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Fueled by love and determination, twenty-one-year-old Harper took a great leap of faith and transferred home from college to finally declare her feelings to Brandon, the boy who's adored her since they were children.

There was only one thing that could derail her perfect plan, and that was Brandon showing up with a new girlfriend the very same weekend.

Now slightly bitter and irked at the world, Harper focuses her time and attention on making her sister's childhood dream come true: she's going to meet Mason Knight, former lead singer of the wildly popular Forever Now band. All Harper has to do is bake her way onto the nationally televised, holiday cookie competition he happens to be judging. Easy. Until she finds herself partnered with Sadie--Brandon's vapid, wide-eyed, hair-of-many-bottle-blond-colors girlfriend.

Just when Harper's ready to throw in the towel, she collides with entitled, pretty-boy, celebrity-judge Mason. Except he's not entitled, and with his sharp eyes and chiseled jaw, there's nothing pretty about him. Suddenly, Harper doesn't just want in the competition--she wants to win. Even if that means she has to play nice with Sadie to accomplish it...


Sugar and Spice made me laugh, smile and fall hopelessly in love with these characters.  And when I closed the book, I was left wanting to spin circles with my arms out and smiling up at the sun.  Seriously. It was that adorable!  While the story felt a tad unrealistic at times, I didn’t care at all.  I love this series with my whole heart and I can’t get over how much fun each book is!  And while each one can easily be read as a standalone, I highly recommend going back and starting with Glitter and Sparkle.  This series revolves around a group of friends and you don’t want to miss any second of it!

I don’t have to meet him to know his type—entitled, rich-boy snob. And can he change a tire? Throw a football? Start a fire? Basically do half the things Brandon can with his eyes closed? I think not, and therefore, he holds none of my interest.

We’ve had many glimpses of Harper in the last two books.  She’s Riley’s sister, a friend of Lauren’s and she has crushed on Lauren’s brother, Brandon, since forever.  Harper transferred back home to a local college and she was going to confess her feelings to Brandon, but now he had a girlfriend.  Unfortunately Harper can’t ignore Brandon, they were embedded in each other’s lives. Their parents and even sisters were best friends and they did everything together from bbqs to even the holidays.  And through a twist of events, Harper found herself entering a baking competition with Brandon’s girlfriend, Sadie.  Which landed Harper and Sadie on a TV show for a Christmas Cookie Competition (think Food Network Cookie Bake-Off….tons of fun!).

He’s not at all what I expected, and I’m not sure what to think about that.

The judges could be so harsh and I kept hoping they’d make it to the next round.  I was also super nervous for how Harper and Sadie would work together. Shockingly they worked together seamlessly.  Out of the kitchen though it was a different story.  Sadie tried her hardest to make friends with Harper, but I more than got Harper’s hesitation.  I mean she wanted Sadie’s boyfriend, so there was all kinds of awkwardness there. And during those moments, especially the heart aching ones, Harper found herself turning to Mason.

Sadie stares at me, mouth gaping open. She steadies herself on the wall with one hand and fans her face with the other. “Mason Knight just hit on you.”
And as much as I hate to admit it, I liked it.
A lot.

Mason was America’s teen heart throb and was the judge of the baking competition.  He went from being in a boy band to a solo career and ironically he was from the same little town in Montana that Harper was from.  Right from the start I was laughing at Harper and Mason’s interactions.  Their moments together were a little bit awkward, but also completely giggle and sigh worthy.  And after just that first meeting, with an inside joke already established, it all felt so playful every time they were near each other.  Yet there was an undercurrent of sexual tension since there was a natural pull between them.  And it left me feeling as though I couldn’t wait to see what happened next!

“We’ll have to be careful not to appear overly friendly in public,” he whispers, his words tickling my ear.
My mouth goes dry, and I swallow before I answer. “Shouldn’t be a problem. I don’t even know you. You certainly don’t know me.”
“Oh, but I plan to.”

I loved that Mason was thoughtful, a good listener and such a good friend to Harper.  He could be so sweet and down to earth and exactly what she needed with her cynical ways.  Harper found herself spilling her whole heart and soul to him. And each time it pulled them that much closer to together and I found myself a huge smiling, laughing, sighing mess.  While they formed a strong friendship quickly, it all felt so natural.  Especially since Mason could be so enchanting. His sexiness easily possessed my heart!  But Harper was hesitant. How could her and Mason ever have a real relationship? Their worlds were entirely different.

I’m smart enough to know I can’t expect a relationship from Mason—our lives are too different. We met at a crossroad—a beautiful, magical, amazing crossroad—but eventually, we’re going to go our separate ways. Before I give in to this, I must prepare myself for the loss at the end.

So yes, I absolutely loved this book and this whole series!  I can’t recommend them enough! I found myself addicted to the story line and all of the characters.  Especially since Shari L. Tapscott has a way of creating males that makes me fall head over heels in love with them!  And again I absolutely loving the epilogue! It was beyond perfect and my heart couldn’t be happier!  So far I’m 3/3 for loving her books and I can’t wait to devour the rest of them!

BOOK REVIEW – Shine and Shimmer (Glitter and Sparkle #2) by Shari L. Tapscott

BOOK REVIEW – Shine and Shimmer (Glitter and Sparkle #2) by Shari L. TapscottShine and Shimmer (Glitter and Sparkle #2)
by Shari L. Tapscott
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All her life, Riley's followed in her perfect sister's footsteps, but now that she's graduated high school, she's not sure who she really is.

When she meets Zeke, a brooding artist who's the very definition of trouble, she decides to throw caution to the wind and set her sights on a guy no good girl would dare bring home to her parents. But just when things are looking promising with Zeke, in steps Linus, a genuinely nice gamer who's just a little (or a lot) geeky for Riley's tastes. But where Zeke is the bad boy she's always dreamed of, Linus just might be her knight in shining armor.

By the end of the summer, she's going to have choose, but if she takes too long, she just might lose them both...


Shine & Shimmer was beyond adorable and I found myself laughing, smiling and falling in love.  This is the second book I’ve read by Shari L Tapscott, and I’ve come to realize that I’ll definitely be devouring the rest of her books.  They’re completely addicting and I love how the character’s voices pull me right into their hearts!  While this can be read as a standalone, I recommend picking up the first book, Glitter & Sparkle, since the series revolves around a group of friends that I completely love!

Something about Linus sets me slightly off-kilter. It’s like we’re dancing, and, for once, I don’t know the steps. I don’t think he’s flirting with me; he hasn’t even tried to ask me out.
It’s almost as if he wants to be…friends.
And that’s weird.

We met Riley in Glitter & Sparkle.  She was Lauren’s best friend and lusted after who Lauren was crushing on, unbeknownst to her.  Now that Lauren and Harrison were together, it felt super awkward.  And while she was happy for her friend, Riley desperately needed an escape.  So she decided to spend the summer in Montana, with her Aunt. Upon arriving in town, Riley found a new guy to crush on.  His name was Zeke and he was a bad boy, oh so sexy and had an artist vibe.  He was unlike anyone she’d ever dated, so she set her sites on him.  But to get close to him, she lied.  A lot, and she kept digging herself in deeper.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you lol! She definitely set herself up for disaster and I found myself stressing out while laughing at everything that happened.

“Thanks for coming.” Linus smiles, gives my shoulder a friendly squeeze, and then wanders off to help clean up.
I stand here for several minutes, watching Linus help load dozens of empty kennels and cages into a van, and I realize I haven’t thought of Zeke all evening.
Now I’m more conflicted than before.

Confession time, yeah Zeke was charismatic and hot, but I never lusted after him like Riley did.  He always rubbed me the wrong way.  Which is ironic because Zeke is most definitely my type of guy when it comes to books!  Instead I had my eyes on an entirely different boy and I was desperately waiting for Riley to catch up with me.  His name was Linus and he worked at a video game store.  Riley quickly dubbed him as a geek.  But he sure didn’t act or look like how she typically viewed one.  

Leaning close, he snatches my goggles off the counter behind us and dangles them in front of my face. Then he flashes me an ornery smirk. “Can you refrain from wearing these around me? If you continue to flaunt them in front of me, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my hands off you.”
I laugh, embarrassed and surprised. After I grab the goggles from Linus, I swat his shoulder with them. “You’re very funny.”
That smirk grows and morphs into something real. He leans against the back counter and crosses his arms. “Seriously, Riley. We’re good. Just friends.”
Which is exactly what I asked for, so I shouldn’t be this disappointed.

Oh I loved Linus.  I loved how he was always there, how he was patient with Riley and that he would always help her out. He was the good guy who was so easy to be friends with.  And while he came across as just a friend, every once in a while he’d say or do something that would make her second guess their just friends status.  And those moments made my heart race and had me sighing out loud.  But then in the next minute he’d go back to calm, collected, good guy Linus.  And as the summer went by, he became sexier and even more intoxicating.  Over time Riley started to notice too. But she wanted Zeke not Linus, right?

Slowly, with maddening control, he slides his hands up my arms until they’re gently cupping my face, and his fingers are in my hair. His eyes are intense, almost gray in the dimming light, and they’re focused on mine.
No one has ever looked at me the way Linus is looking right now, not ever. My heart hiccups, and a wave of confusion and longing washes over me.
Linus’s thumb brushes over my bottom lip, making me gasp, and he leans in until our noses brush. “Just for the record, nice doesn’t necessarily mean boring.”
Just as I’m weak-kneed and utterly defenseless, he drops his hands and steps past me, heading back the way we came. I turn, bringing a trembling finger to my lips, and watch him go.

Riley was her own worst enemy.  Again. She was the struggle in this book.  With her preconceived thoughts or how she handled things, she definitely didn’t do herself any favors.  And some of the decisions she made, especially after the halfway point, oh I wanted to shake a lot of sense into her.  But the girl had the hugest heart, could be the sweetest person ever and she was someone I definitely liked. So I gave her a lot more patience than I normally would, and I’m so glad I did because I watched her mature.  I love that I got to watch her figure out who she was and what she wanted!

Yes, I like Zeke. But there’s something here, too. Something real and warm and honest.
Something, that if I’m truthful, scares me a little bit. Linus isn’t like anyone I’ve ever met. He doesn’t like me because I was a cheerleader, he’s not using me to boost his social status. He’s just him. And I’m just me.

The way the story played out was a ton of fun and I loved how my emotions felt all over the place.  I even found myself shocked near the end, because I ended up liking a character I wasn’t the biggest fan of.  Shari L. Tapscott writes characters that somehow speak to my heart and I can’t help but like them all. And by that last page I found myself ecstatic again.  That epilogue was beyond perfect! Now I’m off to devour the next book, which is about Riley’s older sister, I can’t wait!

BOOK REVIEW – Glitter and Sparkle (Glitter and Sparkle #1) by Shari L. Tapscott

BOOK REVIEW – Glitter and Sparkle (Glitter and Sparkle #1) by Shari L. TapscottGlitter and Sparkle (Glitter and Sparkle #1)
by Shari L. Tapscott
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Lauren's senior year is going exactly as planned. Her craft blog is getting more visitors every day, and she knows what she's going to do with her life after graduation: get her associate's degree, marry someone fabulous, and live happily ever after.

Sure, she doesn't know what she's going to get that degree in...and there's no Prince Charming on the horizon yet. But, still, that's the plan. At least it is until her older brother’s cocky best friend shows up out of nowhere and announces he’s moving in.

Now Lauren’s crafting area has been relegated to the garage, and Harrison’s stuff has taken over the guest house—her guest house. He’s the only boy she’s ever despised, and he’s always there, getting under her skin, looking and smelling just a little too incredible for Lauren’s good. She wants to hate him...but she's going to have to stop daydreaming about him first.

Lauren's counting down the days until Harrison leaves. But when time runs out, will she be able to let him go?


Glitter and Sparkle was the cutest book ever!  If you’re a fan of Cookie O’Gorman, or even the feelings you got while watching the movie Clueless, then you definitely have to give this one a try!  From that very first chapter, I found myself laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breath.  And as I dived deeper into the story, I had butterflies, couldn’t knock the smile off of my face, I kept sighing and then gasping out loud and I fell madly in love with the story and characters.  This book is definitely going on my favorites list and I can’t recommend it enough!

Why did Harrison, of all people, have to grow up to be so devastatingly good looking? It’s such a shame.
It’s such a waste.

Right from the start I loved Lauren!  She has the most adorable voice. She was honest, heartfelt, and I loved her passion for crafting and her blog.  She pulled me right in and she was someone I would love to be best friends with!  On top of that, she has an annoying older brother, who’s away at college. But they definitely love each other.  And her parents reminded me so much of mine, especially when I was in High School. They were caring and involved in her life.  But Lauren’s wonderful little world is about to get very complicated when her brother’s best friend, Harrison, ends up moving in with them.  Even though he’s also her mom’s best friend’s son, they haven’t seen each other in seven years since his family moved away.  Their past was filled with Harrison teasing or being awful to Lauren. And well, not much has changed lol!

Then he strides to me and does the unthinkable—he sets his hands on my shoulders and leans down.
And, much to my horror, my heart stops. It just
stops. I go cold and then hot, and every square inch of me tingles. Oh, and I hate him. But good heavens, his lips look scrumptious.

Ohhhhhh I loved Harrison SO much!!  Harrison could be so sweet, thoughtful and caring but in the next minute he could be the biggest douche on the planet to Lauren.  It was so much fun!  I loved watching what he would say or do to get a rise out of Lauren, because I’d find myself gasping and then laughing so hard I’d have tears pouring down my face.  But I was left feeling so guilty because I loved Lauren, and the games Harrison played with her was sooooo bad.  It was all so hilarious, but oh so wrong, on so many levels. And I loved every twisted moment of it! But regardless of what Harrison would say or do to Lauren, I loved him with my whole heart and soul.  Harrison was so charming and captivating and he sailed right to the top of my book boyfriends list!

He stretches higher, and his shirt shifts a little more. “Like this?”
Bad Lauren.
I rub a spot behind my ear, feeling a little guilty. “Maybe just a little higher…” Oh, I give up. I can look at him, can’t I?
I can detest someone while admiring their hotness?

So the story followed Lauren through her final year of High School.  And I have to give a warning that there were jumps in time. It made me pause the first few times it happened, but I quickly warmed up to how the story progressed.  Lauren was big into drama, and a guy she always had a crush on ended up being roped into her class.  Grant was an all-star athlete and since he needed to bring up his grade, his coach forced him to take drama.  You could tell that Grant really liked Lauren and it was cute to watch their awkward moments together. From accepting rides with Grant, to hanging out, to even dating, it all progressed easily.  But her feelings for Grant? They weren’t anything like her feelings towards Harrison.

Then there’s Harrison. He stands, his hands in his pockets, his eyes on me. The world fades; he’s all I see. All I want to see.

Lauren tried her hardest, but she couldn’t ever get Harrison out of her head.  And as time passed, Harrison became even more involved in her life.  He was always there. Through her worst moments. To her happiest moments.  He always seemed to be in the background witnessing her life unfold. And as Lauren started to know more about Harrison, she saw this other side of him.  The one he kept hidden. Harrison could be so considerate and kind to Lauren.  And sometimes it seemed to happen at the worst moments, and my heart started to break for him.  I even got tears in my eyes a few times. But Harrison made it clear that he was not interested in Lauren.  And to complicate matters, her best friend Riley crushed so hard on him.  But Lauren shouldn’t be jealous because she was supposed to be with Grant…..right?  

“I thought you decided high school girls are off limits,” I whisper as I lean forward.
“They are.” His breath tickles my lips, making me feel heady and reckless.
“Then what are we doing?”
“Breaking the rules.”

This was a book I hope all of my friends will read!  This was such a heartfelt book and I loved ever single minute of it!  Between the back and forth banter, the scenes that made me laugh and cry and the beautiful characters, it was just all so perfect!  And as if that wasn’t enough, the epilogue was the most amazing thing ever!    If you are an epilogue junkie, like me, you’re going to love it so much!!  Now I’m off to go read the next book in this series that’s about her best friend!

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