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BOOK REVIEW: The Seashell of ‘Ohana (Spirit of ‘Ohana #2) by Mary Ting

BOOK REVIEW: The Seashell of ‘Ohana (Spirit of ‘Ohana #2) by Mary TingThe Seashell of 'Ohana (Spirit of 'Ohana #2)
by Mary Ting
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Since Abby became a widow in her mid-twenties, she's spent the past four years raising her son and working long hours at the gallery she owns with her sister in Kauai. She doesn't have time for a social life, nor does she want one. Until the handsome Ian Bordonaro comes back to town.

When Abby finds out Ian is grieving the death of his mother, she feels an instant connection. She knows his pain too well, and not many in her life understand what she's been through. Their friendship grows, but a lingering sense of guilt prevents Abby from moving forward.

Will she surrender to grief and give up her second chance at happily ever after? Or will finding a rare angelwing shell intact on the beach be a sign it's time to open her heart again?


With fabulous characters, sentimental moments and so much heart, I loved this book!  The story played out like it was destined to be a Hallmark movie and I couldn’t put it down.  The Seashell of ‘Ohana was filled with family, friendship and so much love!  If you love sweet and sentimental adult romance, definitely put this one on your tbr!

In the darkness. Just the two of us under the gorgeous moonlit sky, I could paint this. This view. This moment. But this feeling … My heart hadn’t settled back after its leap into the stars, yet.

Abby was a widow who had moved to Hawaii to raise her son.  Working with her sister at their art studio, and being involved in her son’s life, was her whole world.  Yet that world also included Ian.  Ian was her sister’s boyfriend’s best friend.  And while the previous book was about Abby’s sister, and I can’t recommend Where the Wind Chimes enough, you can easily read this book as a standalone!  With a little help from her sister and friends, Abby and Ian found themselves together longer then a moment at the grocery store.  There was a definite spark between them, but Abby was conflicted about moving on. Thankfully Ian had nothing but patience and heart on his side.  So I kept my fingers crossed!

Abby: Thank you for the beautiful flowers. You didn’t have to do that.
I was going to put the phone down, but a text pinged.
Ian: I had to do something to bribe you to hold my hand during horseback riding.
I smiled and swiped my fingers fast over the letters.
Abby: No need to bribe.  That’s what friends do.
Ian: Then Lee is a terrible friend. He won’t hold my hand.
A small snicker squeaked out of me, and Liam turned to look. I sent a laughing emoji, and he sent me a heart one back.
I stared at the red beating heart a bit longer than necessary. 

Ian was my favorite! He was such a good man who was kind and thoughtful. And readers will melt watching how Ian included Tyler, Abby’s son, in the conversation. He made Tyler feel seen. Just like he did with Abby every time they were near each other. I knew that Ian was perfect for Abby. But at the same time, I was nervous for Abby. She was interested in Ian, but her heart still felt broken from the passing of her husband. Abby was loving, focused and I loved how involved she was with her son. Yet she was definitely guilty of putting her sons needs before hers. And I got it. But I was thankful when Ian would step in and show her it was okay to allow herself to find happy moments too, with things she wanted. They balanced one another out so well!

Swim? Before I could process his words, he hoisted me into his arms. I swallowed a breath and wrapped my arms around his neck as he ran toward the ocean.
“Ian!” I hollered.
Trust me.
I did trust him, so I stopped kicking and surrendered.

I loved Abby and Ian’s moments together. While Abby tried her best to keep Ian in the friend category, it was impossible to deny their chemistry. Yet, it felt like there was a much deeper level between them. As if they were destined for one another. And the HEA at the end of this book, swoon! It will leave readers happy! So with sentimental moments that will leave you smiling, a heartwarming sister relationship and gorgeous scenery, The Seashell of ‘Ohana was such a huge win! With a few tears, smile and laughter, this delightful romance was so easy to devour! Have fun getting lost in this sentimental Hallmark romance, when you pick this one up!

“I would wait a lifetime for you, Abby. My heart was an empty sky, but you gave me the moon and the stars. Steve was your first, but I want to be your last.”

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


BOOK REVIEW: When the Wind Chimes (Spirit of ‘Ohana #1) by Mary Ting

BOOK REVIEW: When the Wind Chimes (Spirit of ‘Ohana #1) by Mary TingWhen the Wind Chimes (Spirit of 'Ohana #1)
by Mary Ting
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Kaitlyn Summers is heartbroken.

When she receives an invitation to spend Christmas with her family on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, she feels it may be the perfect medicine.

She throws herself into helping her sister’s struggling art gallery, even taking a temporary job for extra money by looking after a little girl from her nephew’s school. She also begins to paint again, something she’s been unable to do since her breakup. It’s tempting to stay on Kauai, but she has obligations back in Los Angeles.

Life gets more complicated when circumstances keep putting her close to Leonardo Medici. Not only is he drop-dead gorgeous, he’s a local celebrity. But Kaitlyn can’t shake the feeling he’s hiding something.

Should she believe the rumors that he’s romancing half the island’s single women?

Or is the random sound of wind chimes when he’s close-by a sign that an angel is near and the secret to her happily ever after?


When the Wind Chimes was a cozy feel good read!  Sprinkled with Christmas, family and love, this book had all of the feels of a Hallmark movie.  I loved that I kept finding myself smiling and I even had to wipe a few tears away while reading.  With low angst and an ending that had my heart happy long after I finished that last page, I absolutely adored this book.  If you’re looking for a Christmas story that will warm your heart, then definitely pick this one up!

I was oil; he was acrylic, and we could never mix on the same canvas.

The story started off with Kaitlyn Summers, aka Kate, landing in Kauai to spend the holidays with her family.  But not long after arriving, Kate had an interesting run in with Leonardo Medici aka Lee.  And they continued to run into each other, quite literally at times, as the story unfolded.  Each time seemed to shake one of them up.  So when it felt like fate intervened, I loved sitting back and watching where it took them!

I promise with all the unicorns, rainbows, and all the sparkling things.

I loved Kate!  She was an artist who lived in LA and was kind, caring and thoughtful.  But one of my favorite things about her was how fiercely she loved her sister, Abby.  They were the bestest of friends and loved each other with their whole hearts.  They helped one another out, picked each other up and even messed with the other.  But sometimes their intervention was exactly what the other one needed.  Their sisterly love felt like a hidden gem in this book!  So I was rooting for Kate to stay in Kauai.  I also loved the relationship she had with her nephew, Tyler and another little child that easily stole her heart.

His gaze slid to my lips and his eyes darkened. He inched toward my mouth, tortuously slow, as his finger brushed my cheek.
Lee, what are you doing to me?

From the first moment we met Lee, my heart was all a flutter.  He was a local celebrity and the man was as elusive as he was sexy!  Lee was kind, generous, and seemed cautious with his heart.  So of course I wanted to know all of his secrets!  There’s so much I want to say about him, but my lips are zipped.  Just know that the more I got to know Lee, the harder I fell for him.

Lee lowered his darkened eyes to my mouth, then met my gaze with intensity. His voice became rough and deeper. “I don’t think that at all, Kate. If you knew what I was thinking at this moment, you would think I wasn’t being professional.”
I had no idea how to process that as I watched him walk away.

Christmas was in the air and romance, family and charm was splashed across the pages.  The story between Kate and Lee was slow burn and beyond adorable.  And even though it felt like they were worlds apart, at the same time there was a spark between them that couldn’t be denied.  So I kept my fingers crossed!  If you adore Christmas romance stories that are sweet and have family and children in the pages, then definitely add this one to your list!  The next book will be about Kate’s sister, Abby and I can’t wait for her book!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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