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BOOK REVIEW: Made For You (The Best Mistake #2) by Lauren Layne

BOOK REVIEW: Made For You (The Best Mistake #2) by Lauren LayneMade for You (The Best Mistake #2)
by Lauren Layne
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Sophie couldn’t have been more wrong about Brynn not making mistakes.
Because not so long ago, she’d made the most elementary of all mistakes.
And he was staring right at her.

Eeeeeeeep!!! Did I mention….that I love Lauren Layne?? I have? Fifty times, you say? Yeah, well. I. Don’t. Care. Never has an author been able to make me smile more, laugh more, swoon more (that’s up for debate, but I’m talking big picture here, people), and tear up all in one book. It’s just not possible! But, this woman. She has that special touch. Hmmm…what’s it called? Oh, yes, that’s right-WRITING A CONTEMPORARY THAT ISN’T TRASHY. Literally. All her books have sex in them (Thank God) but not one of her ‘just a fling’ stories has an ounce of depravity in them. I don’t know how she does it, but one thing is for sure: Like Brynn Dalton, Lauren Layne is sophisticated and shows class, and I admire the hell out of that.

***I want to note that I had an abundance of quotes (MY FAVORITE PART OF MY REVIEWING) and my app malfunctioned and deleted them ALL. So… I feel a little sad because they were great. See, I hate monotony in my reviews-I like breaking up each paragraph with a quote…I’ll try to find some, but for now, here it is as is***

When this book was released last week, I almost cried. I’ve been waiting sooo long. Sophie and Gray are up there with my favorite of favorite LL couples (Hmmm, or maybe Gray is just one of my top guys she’s written that I drool over….) and Will was one of my favorite characters in the first book. So, naturally, when a book featuring all my favorite people was released, there was reason to celebrate (Or cry out of sheer excitement). LL is on my auto-buy list no matter the content she chooses to conquer. Her latest conquest? The quintessential Brynn Dalton-the face of rules and everything neat and organized. She literally has a list of rules for everything so she can lead an exemplary life. It was actually so so fun to be in an uptight, in a loving way, woman’s head as opposed to the loosey-goosey type. I find it so funny, and ironic, that Brynn is the female version of Gray and they both ended up with crazy, zaney opposites. Also, that’s hardly a spoiler seeing as Lauren Layne is the queen of HEAs…..Did I mention I love Lauren Layne?

Insert fun quote here…

Will. William. William Thatcher. Sophie Dalton’s best friend, ladies’ man extraordinaire…and Brynn Dalton’s worst enemy. But what if he doesn’t want to be? Ever since they met in high school, Brynn put off an heir of confidence and, well, snootiness, so as to push Will away-Why would the most popular boy in their school be interested in Dumpy Dalton? There’s no way he could have feelings for her, so why would he hang around? But he has other ideas. You can tell in book one that through all the bullshit, Will was (and is) in love with Brynn. He’s funny, charismatic, intelligent, spontaneous….he’s the polar opposite of her. But she’s always been the one for him, and he is dead set on proving her wrong-that they were made for each other. The lengths he went to in this story made my heart break and swell all at the same time. The efforts he put in had my heart stuttering and fluttering and contracting. He was is well and truly in love with her and more than once I lost my breath when she would reject him, in one way or another. Oh, and did I mention I love Lauren Layne?

Woulda inserted sweet or swoony quote here…

These books are funny, light as air, angsty….and they almost always channel something inside of me I wouldn’t admit to the outside world. Like, I don’t know, the jealous me, the out-of-control me, the flustered me, the wounded me. It’s like, no matter how different I am from these fictional women, I always can relate in some way. These girls’ feelings? They feel
They don’t seem fabricated or forced or unlike people I know-These women are, for lack of a better word, relatable. I noticed several times that Brynn would put up a wall, but then when even a sign of another woman appeared on Will’s doorstep (Guess where he lives? Muahahaha), Brynn would lose her shit, that calm, cool, collected veneer she puts up, and drop everything to show her face next door. This flustered, not put-together Brynn? Yeah, I can totally get behind that. Hell, I even support it! You get your psycho on, Brynny! Did I mention…Nah, I think you get it.

One thing: that tattoo View Spoiler »

And another here….

So, you know, here I am pushing another LL in all your faces, but I just don’t care. This has so many things that I love in a book: the haughty attitude vs the ‘I’m guna win you over’ attitude. The love-hate relationship, even if he really is just in love with her. The flashbacks showing just how much he has always cared. Her little rules at the beginning of each chapter (I loved seeing her quirkiness). I rooted for these two-hard. I loved their characterizations and the fact that this story felt so different from all her others. I loved how different Brynn was compared to the other girls in all her other books and/or series. No matter how many LL books I have read (Cough, all of them, cough) or she has written, I’ve never felt like I was reading a repeat or something she didn’t think of herself. They all have a chick-flick kind of feel, and she makes it clear that’s what she’s trying to do. She wants you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. And that is totally what I did. And did I mention-I adore Lauren Layne?

BOOK REVIEW – Only With You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren Layne

BOOK REVIEW – Only With You (The Best Mistake #1) by Lauren LayneOnly With You (The Best Mistake #1)
by Lauren Layne
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They hugged, and Brynn tucked a wayward curl behind Sophie’s ear. “Soph, you know all that stuff you were saying about just wanting to be happy?”
Sophie nodded.
“Well…are you happy?”
Sophie looked out at the pouring rain and considered. “No. Not yet. But I’m learning how to be.”

Once again I am amazed to say that no matter how skeptical I am at the start of one of this woman’s books, I came out at the end with a huge smile on my face and in the giddiest of moods. It’s no secret that if a story is handled correctly I become a heaping pile of goo. But, as I’ve said on repeat recently, normally I don’t like contemporary romance novels anymore. They’ve become cliched, predictable and altogether forgettable-so when I find an author who can write the shit out of a contemporary romance, I feel as though I’ve hit the lottery. But the kicker is, I haven’t found an author in this genre recently who can make me feel much less cry or laugh or swoon. Now, what you’re about to read is going to be a major gush session about this author and this work of fiction-and I’m not afraid to admit it. Lauren Layne is highly underrated and I truly believe that when an author can write books that are fun, quirky, and hot without being trashy, they deserve recognition. Now, there is always, of course, some predictability or some cliche moments, but that comes with 90% of romance novels-I never claimed that her books are without those-but with her, they feel wholly unique (to me) and they make me happy.

And that’s all that’s important to me-being happy when I read a book. So, what you’re about to read may sound like an all out gush session, but that’s what it is. When I read a book I love, I tend to, well, gush. So, despite it’s mixed ratings, here is a positive review about how perfect (to me) this book was.

“Then absolutely. I’m in. Ugh, I don’t suppose you have a handkerchief,” she said, struggling to right her appearance.
He pulled one from his pocket, predictable as ever. “I thought you were supposed to save the one I gave you last time as a memento,” he said as she carefully removed her smeared lipstick.
“I believe what I said was that I wasn’t keeping it.”
“I thought you women were supposed to be attuned to romantic inklings.”
She snorted, “Maybe. Doesn’t mean I didn’t set your handkerchief on fire.”

Lauren Layne ripped my heart out and made me tear up when I least expected it. My heart expanded to such large proportions that I thought I might choke from the sheer velocity of it, but most of all-as I said above-she made me feel. Sadness, happiness, anger, angst, giddiness…you name it, I felt it. Even now as I type this my heart hurts from the capacity with which she made me fall for her characters.

“I am not working for your boyfriend,” Sophie said harshly, cutting off Gray’s babbling. “And I’m not working in a godforsaken office.”
“Now, Sophie,” her mother said, apparently coming around to the idea, “it could be a great opportunity…”
“An opportunity to what, learn how to staple?”
“You don’t know how to staple?” Will asked.

There were tears of both unexpected happiness and tears for a family that, while not wholly like my own, the bond between sisters, mother, and father when things go downhill had tears running down my cheeks as they consoled and defended Sophie. That bond can’t be faked, and I know for a fact that my family would react the same way and that this whole situation felt so authentic when life got messy near the end. And, most especially, I loved seeing the new and not-so-improved Brynn, her sister, falling apart at the seams while still giving her baby sister the undeterred support she deserves and helping (or attempting to help) to mend her fragile heart.

She waited for him to look back. Waited for him to realize that at the very least, some verbal acknowledgement of their minicatastrophe was required. But he kept walking.
A gorgeous shithead in a beautiful suit.

Sophie and Gray were so cute because they meet in such an unconventional way. Sophie is at a bachelorette party and she decides to wear thigh-high boots with only scraps for clothing (this seems to be the theme of the party) when she runs into Gray in the elevator. Naturally he dubs her a hooker-go figure lol. They go their separate ways and Gray is none the wiser of what his accusation has done to Sophie. But what happens when the girl you call a hooker becomes your closest employee? What ensues next is funny, not completely realistic, and over the top fun-I adored seeing Gray’s demons and how he handled them. It melted my heart and made me fall for him further…and Sophie was just the quirky, zany girl he needed. It was hilarious seeing how he wished she was quiet but then longed for her company when she wasn’t around.

“Nobody can see us here, right?” he asked.
“Nah, I think they designed this as a reprieve. It lets the oldies like us catch our breath without prying eyes.”
“Good,” he said firmly.
And then he rolled toward her, and before she knew what was happening, Sophie found herself pinned between the padded floor and a hard male body. His mouth took hers with such fierce possession she gasped from the shock of it.

Layne has created the funny college frat boy, the broken, tortured war hero, the struggling to find himself and his path business man, and now this cold, closed off CEO who won’t let another woman stomp on his heart-She broke my heart and pieced it back together again with her male lead. I laughed. I pouted. I teared up and I rooted for them to inevitably fall for one another. This is probably the longest it’s taken for two people in her books to quit being so stubborn, but I LOVE that. I LOVE how she can change her books up and make them seem completely individual and unlike her others. I love that I expected it to go one way, but it went another. So many authors I fall for start to sound so repetitive and I inevitably begin to lose that magical awe I once felt for them, but it hasn’t happened yet with Layne and I can’t help but to be grateful. In my life, it’s so nice to have an author I know I can turn to and read books by when I’m in a bad mood and I’ll feel better for doing so. I become jaded with with my favorite authors and I am so grateful to have found this one. Sure, I can see her style in each and every work, every author has a tell, but Layne has managed to work everything she loves to write about in each and every book without making me roll my eyes (or want to).

“Are you calling yourself pretty?” he teased.
She smiled back. “Aren’t I?”
His eyes roamed over her face, warming every spot they touched. “You’re beautiful.”

I have, admittedly, been trying to stay away from her books so I can space them out before I don’t have any left and so I don’t get tired of her characters and writing-but, and this happens every time, maybe half a week will pass and I’m instantly one-clicking all of her works because I just. Can’t. Stay. Away. It’s like crack-that’s it-these books are MY CRACK. It’s a perfect metaphor, really. Some people might not love her like I do, get addicted to her beautiful, broken, jealous characters, but I do-it’s my vice to read her books and an individual obsession. I’m a glutton for these books and I can’t stop.

By the time she exited the elevator, she was a sobbing mess.
This job at Brayburn was supposed to be her path toward respectability, and she was messing everything up.
Nobody would respect the girl who fell in love with the boss.

Another non-problem with reading her books is that I take so long reading them because I am on a continuous high-lighting frenzy. Everything makes me want to highlight and nothing deserves to be forgotten. I swear, in each story I’ve read there is more highlighting than actual plain page. And I’m always so satisfied with the conclusions and feel contented and happy. She is the queen of HEAs. Her men are so stubborn but end up being the best, sweetest BBFs ever, and I have adored each and every one of them.

“Why are you yelling?” she asked.
“I don’t yell.”
“Your voice was raised.”
“I had to raise my voice to get your attention,” he ground out.
“You’ve never raised your voice before to get my attention when I’m at my desk. I can hear you just fine with your normal voice-of-doom volume.”
“You are possibly the most annoying assistant ever. I should fire you.”

An amazing author with not one bad book to date, she creates characters that don’t easily leave your mind but give you just enough fluff to get through the day. The characters that surrounded Sophie were some of my favorite by her yet, but her best friend Will took the cake-I LOVED him. He was funny, witty and I found myself giggling every time he was around. I can’t wait for his book, because I know he is next. I’m devouring these books in a shocking manner and at an alarming rate. I just can’t wait for all of her new releases…I can hardly stand that I have to wait from now on. It’s going to be a struggle-a struggle I’ll have to bear each and every time from this moment forth when I choose to read these incomplete series.

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