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BOOK REVIEW: A Court This Cruel and Lovely (Kingdom of Lies #1) by Stacia Stark

BOOK REVIEW: A Court This Cruel and Lovely (Kingdom of Lies #1) by Stacia StarkA Court This Cruel and Lovely (Kingdom of Lies #1)
by Stacia Stark
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For years, when I fell asleep, I dreamed of a man with blazing green eyes and a cruel smile.

The day I meet him, the ruthless mercenary leaves me for dead.

Just hours after humans are born, the gods take what little power we have. In return, they protect our borders from the vicious, merciless fae.

The humans who manage to keep their power are known as the corrupt.

And they are burned.

When my forbidden power is discovered, I'm forced to flee my tiny village and the life I adore.

To survive, I make a desperate bargain with the mercenary who abandoned me at my weakest.

Our deal is simple: I'll help him and his mysterious friends sneak into the city. And he'll help me learn to wield the strange, dark power I've always kept hidden. The power that may just be the key to my survival.

But the ruthless mercenary is hiding secrets of his own. Secrets that threaten the safety of everyone I love. Secrets that could tear this kingdom-and perhaps even this world-apart.


Sometimes there are stories that are so beautifully crafted that they steal pieces of your heart and soul.  They consume your every waking thought.  And saying it’s one of your favorite books ever still doesn’t feel like enough.  That was A Court This Cruel and Lovely.  This book stole my breath time and again.  If you love enemies to lovers, a slow burn romance, forced proximity, found family, a heroine that comes into her power and a morally gray grumpy male then you desperately need this book in your life!  This romantasy was everything!

I could do this.
After all, against all odds, I was still alive. I just had to keep reminding myself of that.

Prisca lived in a harsh world where when you were born, your magic was taken from you and given to the Gods.  It was so they would help protect the borders from the ruthless fae.  But Prisca had been keeping a secret.  She still had her magic.  Which made her part of the corrupt. After those were caught, they were burned to death for defying the Gods.  So when Prisca was discovered for still having her magic, she was forced to flee her home and family.  And while on the run, she met a man that she had been dreaming about.  Yet he left her for dead. 

“I don’t want anything you’re offering. Remember that time you left me to freeze to death?”
He sighed. “Are you always this dramatic?”
One of his men snorted, and I trembled with the need to punch Lorian in the mouth.

I loved Prisca!  It hurt to watch her live in a village that she could never stay at, where she would never be able to fall in love, and could never let her guard down.  But when she left her home, brother and mother, it was even more gut wrenching to watch.  Her whole life changed in the blink of an eye and she was forced to survive or else she would die. Prisca showed us time and again that she was brave, smart, tricky, kind and fearless!  Being on the run had her meeting Lorian.  Who left her for dead.  He was a man she dubbed as a ruthless mercenary.  And it was the start of a beautiful enemies to lovers romance that I’m beyond obsessed about.

Don’t do it. Don’t you dare do it.
My gaze dropped to his toned ass, and I swallowed, my mouth suddenly dry.
“See something you like?” Lorian purred.
“Nothing. Nothing at all.”
He chuckled, turning to the bath, and I slammed my eyes shut. It wasn’t fair that he was so annoying and yet so fucking perfect.

Lorian.  Oh my heart.  He made me laugh when I shouldn’t have. He made me like him when I shouldn’t have. But I didn’t care. I loved that we got his thoughts too. They could be so coarse and ruthless, but I loved when he thought about her. Even when he didn’t want to. But make no mistake, he could be so cold at the drop of a hat. And in the next moment he would kill for you. Trick you. Be protective. And keep all of his secrets to himself. I never seemed to know which side Lorian would show us. Yet as the story unfolded, I fell for every single side of him. Something I didn’t think was possible. This morally gray male will gladly steal and capture your heart, even if you don’t want him to!

Nerves fluttered in my stomach.
We don’t have time for your insecurity and self-doubt.
How Lorian would laugh if he knew just how much I was relying on those words.
In another life.
My chest tightened, and I shoved the memory out of my mind.

Even though Prisca and Lorain hated each other, they needed one another. And while they had their moments that felt like something more, or there wasn’t animosity between them, it never lasted long. Their enemies to lovers romance was done so fabulously! Especially when they would mess with the other. I lived for those moments and couldn’t stop smiling when they could be playful and hilarious. Their banter was fabulous and there was always a tension that simmered between them. No matter how much neither one of them wanted to admit it.

Beneath the terror, my fury burned bright. So bright, I didn’t have to reach for my power. No, instead, the threads seemed to reach for me, my skin heating.

While Prisca, Lorian and his men Marth, Rythos, Cavis and Galon traveled together, there was definitely a strain. Yet as their journey continued, it almost felt as though there was a camaraderie there. One that felt like a fond family. Or maybe that’s just what happens when you face life and death moments. I was terrified for so many of those in this story. I cried, I screamed, I gasped, but I also laughed out loud and couldn’t stop smiling. And as we watched the story and the characters unfold, I loved where this story led us. It held us in the palm of its hand.

“I thought we’d moved past threats of torture,” I muttered.
He took a single step closer, and my skin tingled at the look he gave me. Dark, hopelessly amused, dripping with lust.

This twists in this story were phenomenal! Some of my guesses were close or right on. Yet other things I didn’t even some coming. This is one of those stories where I can’t wait to re-read because I can now see the clues. And while reading, I had to know what happened next. The story and characters were impossible to walk away from! I also think that fans of FBAA will fall head over heels in love with this story! Reading those ARCs consumed my whole being these last few years. And this is the first book that has given me all of the same vibes and feels.

“…Promise me you’ll free them. And one day, you’ll come back and burn this fucking place to the ground.”
There was only one thing I could say. “I promise.”

A Court This Cruel and Lovely was filled with revenge, murder, survival, jealousy, bargains, betrayal, friendship and more. I loved that these characters had one another’s back and put their faith in each other. Even if they didn’t want to. I loved that plans were made that led to more. And I especially loved how steamy kisses turned into seductively scorching hot moments. This romantasy was impossible to put down and easily became an instant favorite! I will be counting the moments until that next book is released and I’m so thankful we stopped at the perfect stopping point.  I desperately  have to know what happens next, yet I can breathe.

“How do I know you won’t just kill everyone?”
“Oh, Prisca,” he purred. “I would never kill you.”

PS Barmaid. I still laugh out loud thinking about that!

“I know what we’re about to do. It doesn’t change the fact that I want to strip that dress off you and see what I find beneath it.”
“You’ll find knives,” I said, narrowing my eyes at him.
His smile was dark— almost feral. “Wicked women are my weakness.”
I couldn’t help but grin up at him.

PPS I loved the letters Lorian and his brother sent back and forth. One of the last ones he sent back to him was everything for me lol!

Spoiler Quotes That I Love:

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*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*



BOOK REVIEW: My Song’s Gift (Duet of the Gods #2) by Poppy Minnix

BOOK REVIEW: My Song’s Gift (Duet of the Gods #2) by Poppy MinnixMy Song's Gift (Duet of the Gods #2)
by Poppy Minnix
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There’s no backing away from the rebellion Alex started in Olympus. He cannot give in and let Olympians, otherworldlings, and humans suffer any longer, and now the siren he loves, Lula is at his side.

The problem is, Zeus is after her and wants Alex’s pledge of loyalty. But Alex won’t bend.

When Alex does the right thing, confessing he knew Lula long before meeting her, she runs… straight into the enemy, Moros', arms. The enemy who has a secret of his own.

He’s been creating chaos on Earth to draw out Lula. He wants her to rule Olympus.

He demands she become as dangerous as he is.

What does a siren with a broken heart do?

She becomes apocalyptic.


My Song’s Gift was a fabulous ending to Duet of the Gods! If you love Greek mythology, adult romance and political intrigue then make for sure you have this duology on your tbr! With secrets brewing just below the surface and nervous energy sizzling in the air, this book was easy to devour. It was filled with all the angst and was sexy, entertaining and so much fun!

The cliff I stand on gets higher and sharper each day, neither direction a path I want to travel. A thousand times I’ve opened my mouth to tell her and failed to speak the words.

Alex had kept Lula in the dark for how they met and why. It made sense, he never meant to fall in love with her. But after Lula had secrets kept from her, from one of her sisters, he knew that she would struggle forgiving him. Or even not love him anymore. So when Zeus put things into play that forced Alex’s hand, Lula shattered. Her friendships, love and life were seen in a different light. Was any of it even real? So she ran. And landed right in Moros’ crosshairs, who was Alex’s enemy. With sirens missing, death, unrest, a rebellion that was in the works and those we love in perilous situations, this book was impossible to put down!

If he thinks violence will make me give Lula up, he’s wrong. I’ll die to keep her out of his hands.

Alex continued to be the ultimate book boyfriend! Yes guilt was eating him alive for keeping secrets from Lula. She was to help his rebellion and falling in love with her was never part of the plan. So when he decided to tell her the truth, for why they met and how long he had been watching her, I was terrified. Of course Lula was gutted. Hurt and betrayal was all she could feel and breathe. Her faith and trust were gone. And from that moment, they both went in different paths. I couldn’t believe what happened with Alex *cries*. I kept hoping that fairness would prevail, although that didn’t seem to exist in Olympus. But Alex showed us time and again that he was determined and focused. He knew what he wanted…to change Olympus and for Lula to be his forever. So with each action he did, each word he spoke and each breathtaking moment, he cemented himself as someone that was worthy of respect and love.

My rationality left with Comus, when they dragged him from me and closed him out, leaving me with a pile of splintered plans. But I’ve made a new one. Burn everything to the ground and maybe… maybe we’ll find something worthwhile in the ashes.

With Lula leaving and ending up with Moros, oh my heart. Everything went sideways. Her whole world shattered and gone was the girl who had fire in her. I loathed Lula’s time with Moros. It hurt watching her not fight right from wrong. It broke me that she wasn’t running away from unforgivable acts that were done. Lula was a shell of the girl we loved. Yes she had been deceived and now doubted her past and those around her, but anything was better than the sadistic Moros. Although….he was honest with her for who he was. I got that she could trust that much from him. But still, I was begging for her to put together the clues that she was surrounded by monsters. And I kept hoping that something would snap her out of it. Lula definitely had a lot of growing that she needed to accomplish in this story.

The second the door closes and the click of the lock sounds, I drop to my knees and cover my mouth to keep the sobs silent. Nothing will be right again.

Powerless and desperation was laced with hope and allies that left us cheering. I loved watching those step up and have one another’s back. That there was solidarity and so much healing too. Siblings, friendship and love found their way into the pages and that had my heart cheering for joy. Plus, the side characters were everything! I adored Hades! I don’t care if he had a bad rap and was a total wildcard, he cracked me up and I loved his t-shirts! Plus Comos and Rath awww, they were my ultimate two favorite side characters! Oh and Thor. He came out of nowhere and wiggled into my heart so easily. And as the story progressed, there were two twists that I didn’t even see coming. So hold on, because this story was a wild ride!

We have eternity to explore the Earth and realms, but there’s no doubt that I’m his world and he’s mine.

My Song’s Gift was a forbidden love story filled with betrayal, secrets, love, hope and so much charm. The steamy moments between Alex and Lula were everything! And those that are fans of happily ever afters will absolutely love the epilogue that ends this story. It was beautiful and will make readers so happy! Plus it leaves the door open for other characters to have spin-off series, and I for one can’t wait for that to happen. And while usually I talk more about the plot of a story, for this book it’s definitely best left with the reader to discover. There would be too many spoilers, but I will say that the last 30% was my ultimate favorite! If you love adult romantasy, definitely make for sure this one is on your tbr!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*


BOOK REVIEW: Every Bit a Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #5) by Jennie Marts

BOOK REVIEW: Every Bit a Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #5) by Jennie MartsEvery Bit a Cowboy (Creedence Horse Rescue #5)
by Jennie Marts
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There's nothing quite like a cowboy.

No matter how swoony the cute cowboy is, romance is the last thing on Carley Chapman's mind. But it's hard to ignore Knox Garrison and the spark of attraction she feels every time he's near. When a water line break floods her building, she's forced to move her salon out to the Horse Rescue ranch, and Knox shows up to help. But things get even more complicated when Carley's no-good ex comes sniffing around and Knox "fixes" the problem by telling him they're engaged…


Every Bit a Cowboy was a heartwarming, small town romance.  With fake dating, adorably cute farm animals and characters that leapt from the pages, this book was such a huge win!

“Lunch isn’t exactly what I’m hungry for…”
He left the statement open-ended, as if passing the flirty ball back to her side of the court. But as much as her body was responding to his words with surges of heat and crazy stomach flutters, this was one game she wasn’t prepared to play.

Carley Chapman was a hairdresser in town, and we got to meet her in Never Enough Cowboy.  When she got her moving weekends mixed up, and her sister and friends weren’t available, she turned to Knox.  Knox Garrison was a deputy in their town, who worked with her sister’s husband. They got along so easily and there was a definite spark between them!  So when Carley’s horrific ex came back to town, who definitely had some creepy stalker vibes, Knox stood up for her and ended up stating they were engaged.  Living in a small town had word spreading fast.  And they both decided it was best to continue the farce, until her ex left town. What unfolded was so much fun!

“Oh, and Knox,” she said softly. “Thanks for checking in with me. It helped.”
“That’s what friends are for,” he said. “See you tonight.”
That’s what friends are for? He gave himself a mental head slap. Why had he said that? He didn’t want to be her friend.

Carley was definitely jaded from her past, since her ex was a complete douchebag.  Because of him, she didn’t want to go on a date let alone have a relationship with a man.  When she found out that Knox had said they were engaged, I was so nervous.  When she agreed to go along with his plan, butterflies erupted.  I had so much hope Carley.  She never felt like she had a home anywhere.  She moved around a lot as a kid and her ex-husband didn’t make things stable for them.  So it was easy to understand why she internally struggled about Knox.  She liked him and even though he kept helping her out, she was still terrified that he would hurt her.  Or leave her, like everyone else did.  I patiently waited for Carley to catch up with what her heart already knew, that Knox was one of the good ones.

She closed her fingers around his hand. “You’re a good man, Knox Garrison. Better than I deserve.”
“You deserve everything,” he whispered, the emotion stealing his voice.

Knox was so easy to love!  He showed us time and again that he was kind, thoughtful and caring.  He was so good to his townspeople and I loved how they thanked him with Twinkies lol.  And I loved how he put his feelings out there. He was forward with Carley and let her know that he was interested. Even in front of others. So watching him care and protect Carley shined beautifully from the pages. When they started to pretend that they were engaged, it was impossible not to be giddy with the little touches here and there.  Along with the moments they wanted to be seen together.  But most of all I loved how hot their first kiss was!  The passion and chemistry between them was electrifying!  And together they made such a good team.  They had similar pasts, similar friends and their friendship seemed seamless.  I kept hoping they would switch from faking to real. They both deserved their HEAs!

A grin tugged at his lips. “You think I’m hot?”
She pressed her lips together as if trying not to smile, but in the end she failed. “Yes, of course I do. Remember our moment on the dryer?”
“Darlin’, to my dyin’ day, I will forever remember our moment on the dryer.”

Rounding out this story were side characters that were so easy to like….or dislike.  I was so over the moon happy to see characters from It Started With a Cowboy, that’s one of my favorites in the Cowboys of Creedence Series!  We saw soooo many of those we loved from that series and this one too.  Plus we got to attend a wedding for a couple we love!  While yes, you can easily read this as a standalone, I can’t recommend the other books in Cowboys of Creedence Series and Creedence Horse Rescue Series enough!  There were also animals we adored from previous books and the introduction of new ones too.  Otis and Tiny and their antics had me cracking up again!  I wish they were real, I’d love to meet them!  And the newest additions, awww sooo cute, and I loved the nod to Friends.  Now for the dislike side, ohhh how I hated Paul and kept wishing for something bad karma to happen!

For just that moment in time, she let herself trust Knox, with her body and her heart, and surrendered herself to him.

Every Bit a Cowboy was a romantic fake dating romance that brimmed with tons of heart! With characters that were so easy to connect with, a town that felt like home, and friendships and love that filled the pages with so emotion, it was impossible not to love this book. I always pick up Jennie Marts books knowing that I’ll smile, laugh and fall in love, so I can’t wait to read her next release!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the publisher. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Dating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren

BOOK REVIEW: Dating You/Hating You by Christina LaurenDating You/Hating You by Christina Lauren
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Everyone knows that all’s fair in love and war. But these two will learn that sabotage is a dish best served naked.

A sexy, compulsively readable romantic comedy that dives headlong into the thrill and doubt of modern love, Dating You/Hating You by New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren is the story of what two high-powered agents will—and won’t—do to get everything they ever wanted.

Despite the odds against them from an embarrassing meet-awkward at a mutual friend’s Halloween party, Carter and Evie immediately hit it off. Even the realization that they’re both high-powered agents at competing firms in Hollywood isn’t enough to squash the fire.

But when their two agencies merge—causing the pair to vie for the same position—all bets are off. What could have been a beautiful, blossoming romance turns into an all-out war of sabotage. Carter and Evie are both thirtysomething professionals—so why can’t they act like it?

Can Carter stop trying to please everyone and see how their mutual boss is really playing the game? Can Evie put aside her competitive nature long enough to figure out what she really wants in life? Can their actor clients just be something close to human? Whether these two Hollywood love/hatebirds get the storybook Hollywood ending, or just a dramedy of epic proportions, you get to enjoy Christina Lauren’s heartfelt, hilarious story of romance in the modern world.


Dating You / Hating You was a hilarious adult, enemies to lovers romance. Evie and Carter had the most adorable meet cute at a Halloween Party. It seemed like they were destined to be together, even if their friends may have had a hand in setting them up. And while they had similar jobs, at competing companies, they hit it off so easily. It was as if they could be friends or more without even trying. They were both quirky and complimented each other so well. So while they started the beginning of something, everything changed the moment their companies merged together. Evie and Carted were now competing for the same job, and only one of them could keep it.

I hate how funny he is, and I hate how much I want him to keep touching me. I hate this entire situation.

Evie cracked me up time and again with her honest thoughts. She worked in such a cut throat field, and I hated so many around her. Yet she loved her job and thrived at what she was doing. Carter was the first thing she seemed nervous about. She was finally going on a date, and with someone she liked. So when she learned she’d be competing for her job, against Carter, she tried to be nice. And helpful. But after a few mistakes by Carter, all bets were off. And Evie had NO problems playing dirty!

It feels like we’re standing on the deck of the Titanic as it goes down, saying, It’s gonna bob back up any second now.

Carter was adorkably cute and so kind. I loved his compliments. I loved how he paid attention. I loved how honest he was. And that he even called Evie, Evil! But his family life was something else. His brother was a famous photographer who was a jerk. And his parents, wow, I don’t even have words. But Carter loved his job and LA. This was his home and he wanted to keep his job. So while he had good intentions, sometimes things came off as sooooo wrong. While I was on Evie’s side a few times, it felt like the line was drawn deep in the sand between them. But through it all, he always seemed to be thinking of Evie.

This whole situation would be about a million times easier if I didn’t want to kiss him as much as I want to shove him.

When Carter and Evie worked together, it was so effortless. They truly made a formable team. Yet Evie and now Carter’s boss, Brad, seemed to remind them time and again that they were competing for the same job. So it was impossible for there not to be at war. They didn’t play nice and the games they played on each other were HILARIOUS! I was laughing so hard quite a few times that I had tears falling down my face.  Yet I kept hoping that they would fall in love and get a happily ever after!

“I liked you,” he whispers.
An ache worms itself between my ribs when he says this, and my response comes out more raw than I’d planned: “I liked you, too.”
He stares at me, unblinking. “Evie—”
“I’m just glad I figured out who you really are before we got in too deep.”

Dating You / Hating You could easily be made into a romantic comedy movie! Between their texts, practical pranks and games they played against each other, this book was so funny! And the friendships they had with Daryl, Amelia, Carter and Stephanie rounded out this story so well! This story was such a fun enemies to lovers romance and another book I enjoyed by Christina Lauren!

BOOK REVIEW: Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

BOOK REVIEW: Love and Other Words by Christina LaurenLove and Other Words by Christina Lauren
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After a decade apart, childhood sweethearts reconnect by chance in New York Times bestselling author Christina Lauren’s touching, romantic novel Love and Other Words…how many words will it take for them to figure out where it all went wrong?

The story of the heart can never be unwritten.

Macy Sorensen is settling into an ambitious if emotionally tepid routine: work hard as a new pediatrics resident, plan her wedding to an older, financially secure man, keep her head down and heart tucked away.

But when she runs into Elliot Petropoulos—the first and only love of her life—the careful bubble she’s constructed begins to dissolve. Once upon a time, Elliot was Macy’s entire world—growing from her gangly bookish friend into the man who coaxed her heart open again after the loss of her mother...only to break it on the very night he declared his love for her.

Told in alternating timelines between Then and Now, teenage Elliot and Macy grow from friends to much more—spending weekends and lazy summers together in a house outside of San Francisco devouring books, sharing favorite words, and talking through their growing pains and triumphs. As adults, they have become strangers to one another until their chance reunion. Although their memories are obscured by the agony of what happened that night so many years ago, Elliot will come to understand the truth behind Macy’s decade-long silence, and will have to overcome the past and himself to revive her faith in the possibility of an all-consuming love.


It never occurred to me that love could be anything other than all- consuming.

There are some stories that capture your heart so easily, that they’re impossible not to devour.  Stories that feel like they own a piece of your soul.  Love and Other Words is that book for me.  I don’t know if it’s because the flashbacks were set where I grew up and spent decades there.  Or because the characters became so real to me that I felt as though they were my best friends.  Or maybe because a lot of it resonated to different moments when I was a younger. I don’t know. But I do know that Love and Other Words will be one of my favorite books ever.

“You loved me, too, you know,” he says quietly. “It was everything.”

Macy Sorensen was a pediatrics resident in the bay area and she seemed to have her life together.  She lived with an older man who had a daughter, whom she was engaged to, and she loved her job.  She had her best friend Sabrina, and she was always there when she needed a friend.  Yet her whole life blew up the moment she ran into Elliot Petropoulos again.  He was her childhood best friend, first love and her everything.  Elliot’s reappearance poked holes in Macy’s carefully curated life.  What she thought she was happy with, was completely turned on it’s head.  This story was told in alternating timelines between the past and the present, and it was done seamlessly.  I was never ready to leave either of those times.

“You make me feel so many things,” I admit in a hush.

I loved jumping 15 years into the past!  The flashbacks were set in the small town I grew up in, Healdsburg, California.  Readers will fall in love with the setting and it all made me homesick. The vineyards, the Russian River, our little library, Westside Road, Goat Rock, SRJC, the new skate park, Armstrong Woods, Madrona Manor, and even Rosewood Dr (I have a hilarious story that happened on that street!), there were so many beautiful and memorable settings.

“Is there anything I can do?” he asked quietly.
A weight settled heavily in my chest. “Not unless you can bring my mom back.”
Silence pulsed around us and I heard him inhaling in preparation a few times before speaking. Finally, he settled on a simple “I wish I could.”

The way Macy and Elliot met was beyond adorable.  And once they got past the weariness, they were instant friends!  It was enchanting how their friendship evolved around books, and how they shared their love of reading and words.  Those shared interests led them to form a beautiful bond. It allowed them to pour their whole heart and souls to each other. Like when Elliot got Macy to talk about losing her mom, it tore my heart right open. Their friendship was pure and sweet and everything good in the world.  And even though they both lived such separate lives, when they came together on the weekends or over the summer it was effortless.  As we watched the years go by, and they started to fall in love, it was breathtaking to watch.

“Do you think about me?” I asked. Now that he’d raised it, the question gnawed at me.
“Sometimes it feels like I think about you every minute,” he whispered.
A bubble of emotion wedged tightly beneath my ribs, hitting a tender spot. I watched our clasped hands for a long time before he spoke again.

In the present, Macy was not prepared to face her past.  So I was shocked that when she saw Elliot again for the first time, she ran away from him.  She showed us time and again that she was the queen of deflection and denial. So I was so happy when she agreed to meet up with him.  Elliot was still honest as ever and it was jarring to see how much Macy had changed as we further dived into their story. But again, I loved their moments together. I loved how easy it was for them to reconnect and become friends. I loved feeling the chemistry building all over again. Their moments together were like sunshine breaking through a cloudy day. So when Elliot started to put cracks in Macy’s current relationship, or make her question her life, it was impossible not to shout for joy. I wanted Macy to acknowledge that Elliot was her forever. That they were always destined to be. Yet that wasn’t as easy as it would seem.

“Give me a chance,” he’d said.
I’d promised I would. The question was whether he’d still want one, once he heard what I had to say.

I have to say that Elliot was everything!  I loved how open and honest he was.  I loved that he told her in the present that he was hoping to see her someday.  And that he even called her the love of his life.  Elliot put it all out there.  So I didn’t understand the hesitancy from Macy. I knew there was a world of hurt, but even as the story unfolded I still didn’t grasp it all. So when we got to see the whole picture, I got it. Why she was so reserved. Why she was in the type of adult relationship she was in. Why she wanted to just feel nothing. And my heart shattered for her. And for me, this was a personal trigger. Because of my past and that same setting, I cried for days after I finished this book since it brought up two old memories. Yet I can’t wait to read this story all over again. I loved watching Macy and Elliot become friends in the past and the present. I loved watching how they slowly fell in love both times. And that ending, it was perfect.

“I’ve loved you my whole life,” Elliot continues, his lips moving against my collarbone. Slowly, I open my eyes, and he looks up at me. “At least from the minute I ever thought about love, and sex, and women.”

There were also so many other things to love in this book besides Elliot and Macy together. I loved Macy’s relationship with her dad. I loved the notes that her mom had left behind so she could give advice as she grew. I adored Elliot’s family. His mom made me cry, when she helped out Macy and her dad. And his brothers made me laugh when they could be punks. This story felt so unique with young adult and adult romance weaved together. So if you’re looking for young adult first love and a beautiful second chance adult romance, make sure you have this one on your tbr!

“Favorite word?” he whispers.
I don’t even hesitate: “You.”

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