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BOOK REVIEW: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

BOOK REVIEW: Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuistonRed, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston
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A big-hearted romantic comedy in which First Son Alex falls in love with Prince Henry of Wales after an incident of international proportions forces them to pretend to be best friends...

First Son Alex Claremont-Diaz is the closest thing to a prince this side of the Atlantic. With his intrepid sister and the Veep’s genius granddaughter, they’re the White House Trio, a beautiful millennial marketing strategy for his mother, President Ellen Claremont. International socialite duties do have downsides—namely, when photos of a confrontation with his longtime nemesis Prince Henry at a royal wedding leak to the tabloids and threaten American/British relations.

The plan for damage control: staging a fake friendship between the First Son and the Prince. Alex is busy enough handling his mother’s bloodthirsty opponents and his own political ambitions without an uptight royal slowing him down. But beneath Henry’s Prince Charming veneer, there’s a soft-hearted eccentric with a dry sense of humor and more than one ghost haunting him.

As President Claremont kicks off her reelection bid, Alex finds himself hurtling into a secret relationship with Henry that could derail the campaign and upend two nations. And Henry throws everything into question for Alex, an impulsive, charming guy who thought he knew everything: What is worth the sacrifice? How do you do all the good you can do? And, most importantly, how will history remember you?

Thank you to NetGalley (for granting my wish!), Casey McQuiston and St. Martin’s Griffin for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I’m going to try and make this review as coherent as possible, but not promises. I’m honestly just so filled with emotions and glee and joy from this book. I have so many highlights from this book and they are all SO GOOD.

Welcome to 2018 and in a far better timeline than the one we currently find ourselves in (*sob*), the successor to Barack Obama is democrat President Claremont, a divorced and re-married bad ass lady, who made two wonderful, half Mexican-half American children in Alex and June.

We start this story in the months leading up to her reelection bid. Alex, the first son, makes a fool of himself, as well as his sworn enemy Henry, at Henry’s brother’s wedding. In attempt to show that there is no animosity between the countries, Henry and Alex are forced to show the world they are indeed, close friends. And cue the start of the enemies to lovers trope, in the best way possible.

“I think it’s amazing,” Nora says. “Sworn enemies forced to make peace to settle tensions between their countries? There’s something totally Shakespearean about it.”

“Shakespearean in that hopefully I’ll get stabbed to death,” Alex says. “This sheet says his favorite food is mutton pie. I literally cannot think of a more boring food. He’s like a cardboard cutout of a person.”

As you can imagine, as Alex and Henry are forced to spend time together, their feelings begin to blossom. While Alex had only been with women up until this point in time, I appreciate McQuiston not dragging out Alex questioning if he could possibly like other men. Alex pretty quickly accepted that he was bisexual; while I can totally appreciate this is not easy for many, it kept the story moving along nicely with Alex’s quick acceptance.

While Alex and Henry’s relationship is very much rooted in friendship as they put on a carefully cultivated PR trip in Great Britain, things really get going with Henry’s visit to a New Year’s Eve party in D.C. It eventually leads to one of the best first kisses I have ever read. There’s so much tension leading up to it and I devoured every interaction between the two.

“C’mon, it’s like in the hips. You have to loosen up.” He reached down and put both hands on Henry’s hips, and Henry instantly tenses under the touch. “That’s the opposite of what I said.”
“Alex, I dont’–“
“Here,” Alex says, moving his own hips, “watch me.”
With a grave gulp of champagne, Henry says, “I am.”

I mean, be still my swooning heart. I was a little surprised how quickly Alex and Henry got together (not that I’m complaining!) as I expected a little more build up. However, I really liked how much attention was given to the complexity of navigating their relationship. There are so many laugh out loud funny moments – I know I was grinning like a fool like 85% of this book.

How dare Henry come into Alex’s house looking like the goddman James Bond offspring that he is, drink red wine with the prime minister, and act like he didn’t slip Alex the tongue and ghost him for a month.

He kisses Henry until it feels like he can’t breathe, until it feels like he’s going to forget both of their name and titles, until they’re only two people tangled up in a dark room making a brilliant, epic, unstoppable mistake.

While most of the attention is on Alex and Henry’s relationship, there’s a lot of great subplots happening and excellent side characters. I absolutely adored June, Alex’s sister, and Nora, June and Alex’s best friend and Alex’s sometimes girlfriend. They are both wickedly funny and smart and incredibly real. I also adored Zahra, Amy, Bea, etc. There are so many excellent characters in their own right, even if they revolve around Alex and Henry.

There’s some also serious issues brought up, like the fact that Alex struggles with his mixed heritage, Henry struggles with anxiety and both struggle what it means to carry on a high profile family legacy.

If there’s a criticism to be made (besides giving me more books in this world), is that you can fairly easily guess the major plot points. There’s nothing terribly unpredictable about them, but honestly, I didn’t find myself caring all that much. They needed to happen and I was more interested in how these characters were going to handle them.

Take for instance Alex’s mother learning of his relationship and her immediate reaction was to make a powerpoint to lead their discussion, including this title for the ages:
She apologizes for not having time to come up with better titles.

If I didn’t love Alex’s entire family already, this would have certainly sealed the deal. The ending, while a bit cliche, was still entirely wonderful and really tied up the book nicely. As I said, before, I would love a follow-up book in the future to see what all these amazing people are up to. I truly did not get enough of them in fantastic 432 pages McQuiston gifted us.

While I certainly have started to read more romance stories in the last few years, I still would not certainly consider myself a big reader of this genre. I tend to only like contemporaries and they definitely need to be well-done and bring something different to the table. I’ve only found a few so far that fit this billing that I’ve enjoyed and Red, White & Royal blue is certainly at the top of these.

I can’t wait to get this in printed form and read it whenever I need a pick-me-up. I cannot say enough positive things about this book and from everything I’ve seen, just about everyone else who’s read this agrees. It’s sexy, it’s funny and it’s emotionally heart-warming.

“You are,” he says,” the absolute worst idea I’ve ever had.” Henry’s mouth spreads into a slow smile, and Alex kisses it.

Red, White & Royal Blue will be released on May 14, 2019.

BOOK REVIEW: Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) by LJ Shen

BOOK REVIEW: Vicious (Sinners of Saint #1) by LJ ShenVicious (Sinners of Saint #1)
by L.J. Shen
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They say love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances, and it’s true.The man who comes to me in my dreams also haunts me in my nightmares. He is a brilliant lawyer. A skilled criminal. A beautiful liar. A bully and a savior, a monster and a lover.

Ten years ago, he made me run away from the small town where we lived. Now, he came for me in New York, and he isn’t leaving until he takes me with him.


She is a starving artist. Pretty and evasive like cherry blossom. Ten years ago, she barged into my life unannounced and turned everything upside down. She paid the price.

Emilia LeBlanc is completely off-limits, my best friend’s ex-girlfriend. The woman who knows my darkest secret, and the daughter of the cheap Help we hired to take care of our estate. That should deter me from chasing her, but it doesn’t. So she hates me. Big fucking deal. She better get used to me.


You were always mine.

Not so long ago a friend insisted I read The Kiss Thief. I’d been ignoring it with good reason (that reason being that I’m always always always let down by contemporary NA, it seems), but decided why not? I trust my friend. Thus began my journey through a book I didn’t think I could possibly love, leading to a curiosity that couldn’t be satiated until I got my hands on another of this author’s books-Is this woman my NA soulmate?

My Grandma once told me that love and hate are the same feelings experienced under different circumstances.

Turns out? This woman is a wizard, and I am under her spell. I was extremely sick with a savage head cold my Little gave me, and I generally can’t read when such occasions occur. The words are fuzzy, my brain doesn’t compute quick enough, feels are lost when they would have slayed me any other normal day. But. BUT. Somehow, even though the words didn’t go to my brain fast enough, this story broke through the fog and STILL gave me feels that were unparalleled to any NA I’ve read in recent memory. THAT is the work of something larger than myself, and I love this author for it. Bravo for being the first and ONLY author to write a book that broke through a sickness induced word coma.

I shook my head quickly. “I’m just not sure how you can be both nice and compassionate and a terrible asshole all at the same time,” I muttered.
He smiled. “It’s a hard job, but someone’s gotta do it.”

I loved The Kiss Thief-more than was safe for my own health-but when I picked up this book? It sang to my soul and dragged me down into the watery grave of obsession, because I literally could not get enough of each word spoken on every page. It was like there weren’t enough words, yet they were all so perfect no more could be said. Which is the best kind of predicament to be in, naturally, for a book DEVOURER such as me. But now, of course, I’ve spiraled into a void I can’t get out of, because literally no other book is going to compare now. Like, ugh.

The bottom line was I hated him. I hated him so much it made me sick to my stomach that I loved the way he looked, on and off the field. Hated my shallowness, my foolishness, at loving the way his square, hard jaw ticked when he fought a smile. I hated that I loved the smart, witty things that came out of his mouth when he spoke in class. Hated that he was a cynical realist while I was a hopeless idealist, and still, I loved every thought he uttered aloud. And I hated that once a week, every week, my heart did crazy things in my chest because I suspected he might be him.

I have to say that this book is way more trigger-happy for people than TKT ever was, which is why I told my friend to probably stay away from this one. What ignites my passion and hunger would surely repulse any sane human being-or, at least, my said friend. Vicious was…well….freaking vicious. He was crueler, less sane, and way colder to reach his goals. And, if I think about it, der??? It shocked me at first, but then I remembered something-Senator Wolfe Keaton was underhanded and dirty, sure, but he was, above all else, a good standing and well-liked politician of the public’s eye. OBVIOUSLY these two characters differ, seeing as Barron (Vicious) was just, well, a spoiled, self-entitled, destructive both physically and mentally, partying rich boy brat.

Vicious was right. I was a liar.
Because I told myself I could do casual.
When there was nothing casual about what I felt for him. Not even one bit.

Clearly a misguided (and yes, I’ll go there-misunderstood) soul, I couldn’t help but fall for him, now could I? This book gave me the closest/strongest vibes that reminded me of one of my favorite books of all time (Yes, I have issues), Punk 57, that I’ve had in a while. They’re nothing alike, yet, the back and forth, the anger, the savageness, the filthy, hot, dirty sex scenes. Come on. I’m a f****** goner, ya know? I’m TRASH for these types of books (not the sex, I just mean the enemies to lovers mixed with the story line and heat), and they are just so few and far between. And, while I loved TKT, that was technically older-ish, whereas this was, too, but we got that HS vibe as well, that underlying layer of why things were the way they were between these two, and I am so here for it. All of it. Even the bad, dirty, nasty. Because of it, even.

I love possessive dickheads in books. I do. I’m sorry. I’m a failure to womankind, surely, but I. Do. Not. Care. It’s alarmingly hot, okay?

You’re mine.
You were always mine.
Because she was mine.

Yes to this? All of it? Can I read more of it? And I’m a sucker for it. No shame in my game, and judge as you will, cuz this chick ain’t a changin’.

But, besides all of this, I suppose this is a more ‘sophisticated’ (baha this book as sophisticated) way of me being able to enjoy YA without being considered kind of weird. It’s a past and present deal, which I generally loathe, yet it was done so frikkin’ well that, after my initial disappointment, I totally forgot because the book took me out of my own body and into their skewed version of the world, and I fell so in love none of my peeves mattered. I loved this book, wholly, and I now would not change one thing about it because-be still my beating heart-I consumed it and would re-read it in a second just to get the same feels again.

I realize that this isn’t necessarily realistic-it’s not-and that if a girl were in this situation, she obviously would need to RUN AND RUN FAST…but isn’t that what fiction is? A fantasy? A way to escape the world? No, I would not want a Barron Spencer chasing after me-he’s batshit crazy, okay-but to read about it? To just immerse myself into a nonexistent world? I dig it. It’s fun. It’s addicting as hell. And it’s shameful. But it’s my guilty pleasure read-I hardly read any of these all year long, tending to fall prey to my YA fantasies-and I am entitled to it now and again. No, I don’t think it’s a good book to let my daughter-or any young girl, for that matter-read. But it’s simple. I won’t suggest she read it. There. It’s easy, honestly-monitor what your kid reads as much as you can, and teach them what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s all we can do-the book won’t cease to exist no matter how much some people may will it , so as long as I do the best as I can for my children, then I may as well enjoy what this author has to offer-and it’s pure gold.

Yet here he was, in my house, in my room, near my bed. Even if he’d come here just to threaten me some more, he’d still made the trip. I got to him.
He was in my veins.
But I’d managed to crawl under his skin.

Now that that’s out of the way-this woman writes the hottest intimate scenes ever. At least, the hottest I’ve read in a while. And the ones from this book? They made me a total and utter mess. It was sick and depraved and I do not give one crap about it. It’s been a long time since I’ve been affected by a book in such a manner, and I’m almost (but not really) ashamed to admit…this one got to me. And I’m not even one to generally enjoy these scenes, because they scarcely measure up. But this woman? Wow. That’s all I can say without sounding like a total pervert lol.

All in all this book had it’s ups and downs, I suppose (for some), but I never once lost enjoyment, even through my hazy fog days. I looked forward to it every minute of the day I wasn’t reading it and didn’t want to put it down until I absolutely had to. To say this book gave me life when I was down and out would be an understatement, so I’ll go as far as to say it brought me back to life. There. BOOM. I said it. It made me unsick, and if that’s not worth a read, I don’t know what is.


So. Fucking. Good.


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BOOK REVIEW: Fraternize (Players Game #1) by Rachel Van Dyken

BOOK REVIEW: Fraternize (Players Game #1) by Rachel Van DykenFraternize (Players Game #1)
by Rachel Van Dyken
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New York Times bestselling author Rachel Van Dyken kicks off a brand-new series in which romance is a game and love is a touchdown.

Emerson just made her dream come true as a professional cheerleader for her favorite pro football team. But even though the plus-size athlete is breaking down boundaries, she still has to contend with the massive rulebook. Carbs? Nope. Chocolate? Definitely not. Still, Emerson loves her curves, and she’ll rock the hell out of this job even if it kills her. Except for one mandate that is easier read than done…

No fraternizing with the players.

Problem one is Miller Quinton: Emerson’s first love, first sex, and the guy who still ignites her daydreams and R-rated fantasies. Thrown back together, Miller and Emerson feel the undeniable pull of passion again, even if the conflict that tore them apart seems insurmountable. Then there’s way-too-sexy Grant Sanchez. He has a serious reputation with the ladies, and when it comes to winning someone he wants, he doesn’t let anyone stand in his way.

Now Emerson is breaking every rule in the manual. But what she doesn’t know is that she’s part of a wicked little game—one that could steal both her dream and her heart.

The man kissed like he played—without apology and without fear.

With hilarious humor, lovable characters and a story line that was to die for, Fraternize became one of my favorites by Rachel Van Dyken.  I easily found myself emotionally invested and I couldn’t stop the gasps, screams, happy tears or ugly crying that happened.  This book was absolutely everything and I’ve come to realize that Rachel Van Dyken is the queen of love triangles.  Every single time she makes me fall for both of the guys and I end up loving the outcome, I don’t know how she does it!  

Things were looking up.
But I had to know the universe wasn’t going to be in my corner for much longer. You can only steal all the luck for so long. – Emerson

You guys, I absolutely loved Emerson!  She was strong, determined, worked her butt off and was such a good person.  I loved that we got to watch her dream come true of being a professional cheerleader.  But with her new job came a slew of rules that ranged from what she was allowed to eat to not fraternizing with the football players.  And while she thought the no fraternizing rule would be easy enough, that quickly changed when two men stepped into her life.

Me: I missed you.
Miller: That’s in the past.
Me: Deal.
Miller: And Em?
Me: Yeah?
Miller: I’m pretty sure, I missed you more . .

One of the guys was Miller Quinton, and from that first chapter we jumped back in time to when him and Emerson were in High School.  Stolen moments from Emerson and Miller’s past crashed into the current and it always stole my breath away.  Their memories were so powerful.  Not only had they been best friends since they were seven, but she even lost her virginity to him when they were teenagers.  We quickly saw that Miller was charming, sexy and he knew how to make Emerson smile.  So of course I jumped right on Team Miller!  With him being transferred to the football team that Emerson cheered for, I couldn’t wait to see them back together.  It didn’t matter that they were no longer friends, feelings like that don’t just go away!

“Why?” I had a hard time finding my voice as he slowly moved his head back up. It was impossible not to feel the heat from his body.
He stopped, looking me in the eye. “Because one day, he’s going to regret walking away from you. And I want to be there when it’s too late—when you’re in my arms, my bed instead.” – Emerson and Sanchez

But then Grant Sanchez walked into the story and he stole my breath too.  He made me laugh, smile and I loved his friendly personality.  He slowly started to invade Emerson’s world, since he was a football player on the team Emerson cheered for, and he knew what he wanted.  Emerson.  I loved that he messed with Miller, to help Emerson get back at him.  I loved that Sanchez helped pick her up, when her heart was hurting from Miller.  And I loved that he was not only a ton of fun, but constantly made Emerson laugh.  But there was a hiccup.  Sanchez was the hugest player ever, so could Emerson even trust him?  While watching the story unfold, there was a profound moment that I knew I completely trusted Sanchez.  But then I paused, I was now on Team Miller and Team Sanchez.  What’s a girl to do?

His demeanor changed around her.
And even though she would die before admitting it, hers changed around him.
She was less guarded—and she smiled. She fucking smiled.
I swallowed my hurt.
My pride.
And the breaking in my heart as I nodded toward him and mouthed, “
Friends.” – Miller to Sanchez

The fact that Miller and Sanchez were not only teammates but friends, proved all over again what amazing men they both were.  I wanted Miller and Sanchez to get their HEAs, because they both deserved it.  But the story came to the point, where I knew without a shadow of a doubt who I wanted Emerson to be with.  I felt guilty that I chose one of them, but I kept hoping the other would find true love too.  

What was happening?
What was I doing?
This wasn’t how the story was supposed to go.

So I definitely recommend Fraternize to everyone that adores romance, sports and love triangles done right.  But there’s so much more in this story that I didn’t even touch on.  The games were so much fun to read about!  I loved watching Emerson make friends with Kinsey, whom I adored.  And there was something in Emerson’s life, with her dad, that hit close to home with someone I love.  While her heart broke, mine did too and I ugly cried.  This book constantly made me run the gauntlet of emotions!  Especially with that ending, which was absolutely perfect.  On top of that we were even given an epilogue that has me beyond ecstatic for the next book!  I can’t wait to pick up Infraction, I just know it’s going to be fabulous!

BOOK REVIEW: Dangerous Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet #1) by K.K. Allen

BOOK REVIEW: Dangerous Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet #1) by K.K. AllenDangerous Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet #1)
by K.K. Allen
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His heart beats for the music. She's his favorite song.

Lyric Cassidy knows a thing or two about bad boy rock stars with raspy vocals. In fact, her heart was just played by one. So when she takes an assignment as road manager for the world famous rock star, Wolf, she's prepared to take him on, full suit of heart-armor intact.

Wolf is the sexy lead singer for the hottest rock band around with a line-up of guaranteed one night stands. Lyric Cassidy isn't one of them. That's fine with him. Women like Lyric come with fairytale expectations, so it should be easy to stay away. Too bad she's hot as sin with a fiery temper and a mouth that drives him wild.

She's also got something to hide. Something he discovers. Something he wants ...

Sharing a tour bus, neither of them are prepared for the miles of road ahead and the fierce attraction they feel toward one another--a dangerous combination.


Dangerous Hearts was an emotionally packed story that quickly grabbed a hold of my heart.  If you love rocker romances, then you’re in for a treat with this duology.  It was witty, fun and charming while also being sexy and seductive.  I devoured these books way too fast and I can’t wait to pick up another book by KK Allen.

Music is my everything. It’s the air I breathe. The beat I walk to. The blood in my veins. It’s what lulls me to sleep at night. What carries me through the storms of my life … like the one that just passed. – Lyric

Lyric Cassidy was the daughter of a pop goddess and a rock star.  After having her heart-broken by a bad boy rocker, Lyric was determined she wouldn’t fall for Wolf Chapman’s charms.  He was the lead singer of the world-famous band she was going to manage and go on tour with.  Not only was he another bad boy, but he was a serious player.  Sure he was beyond gorgeous and crazy talented, but his reputation had Lyric’s walls up high.  Her heart would not be broken again.

My hand shoots out and smacks his chest. He laughs, but catches my hand. “Don’t be an asshole. I was just starting to like you.”
“Really?” His brows shoot up and I immediately regret my statement. When I try to pull away he tugs me closer and wraps his hand around mine.
His nose runs a line from my ear down my neck, and then he presses his lips into the soft spot at its base. I try to ignore the shiver that ripples through me, laughing instead as I try to push him away.

I liked Lyric right from the start.  She was strong-willed, a hard worker, kind and amazingly talented.  Lyric wrote songs that were beautifully breathtaking and they spoke deep into my soul.  Yet that talent was just one of the many secrets that she kept hidden.  And she didn’t just guard her secrets, but her heart too.  After being hurt by people, I got why she was standoffish when she met Wolf.  She had already been there and didn’t want to go down that road again.  But Wolf was hard to ignore. And even harder to resist.

I want Lyric beneath me, wrapped around me, slipping and sliding with me until her moans turn to screams. I fucking want her. And I want her words, too. Her angry lyrics, her vulnerable confessions. I want it all. – Wolf

Wolf was cocky, seductive, charming and the world was his oyster.  One night stands, alcohol and music was what filled his life.  He didn’t date and he definitely didn’t fall in love.  But the more I got to see who he truly was, oh wow, I fell hard.  I absolutely loved Wolf.  He was caring, sweet, thoughtful and so much more than he portrayed to the world.  And I loved that he was brutally honest with us, we got to hear all of his thoughts.  But with Lyric in the picture now, his world was slowly going to start to change.

If anything can illuminate the darkness, it’s the feelings I have for this woman right here.
His words seep into my cracked exterior and soak my heart, turning it to mush.

Once the tour started, it was obvious that he wanted her and she wanted him.  And as they started to work together and get to know each other, a tentative friendship was formed.  But Lyric and Wolf had both been damaged from their pasts, so every step forward was touching to watch.  Their journey was extremely emotional, especially since they both had so much to learn.  But Lyric had more to learn and she frustrated me a few times.  We learn why she is the way she is in the next book and I was thankful that I got to understand her a lot better.

He leans in closer so I can feel his cheek just barely scrape mine. “I’m not who you want me to be.” His tone is gentle now, apologetic. “I’m not what you need.”
I reach out, gripping his waist as another tear falls.
With a stuttered breath, I take his words and accept them, pull away from his warmth, and walk away without looking back.
“I know,” I whisper.

So yes, I definitely recommend this duology!  There was friendship, romance, rock n roll, the excitement of the concerts and we got to see everything that happened backstage, on the bus and in the hotels eeps.  On top of all of that, this book had some of the most scorching hot scenes.  It was all so perfectly drawn out and beyond seductive *fans face*.  So definitely pick this one up if you adore romance and rocker stories, you don’t want to miss out!

BOOK REVIEW: Destined Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet #2) by K.K. Allen

BOOK REVIEW: Destined Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet #2) by K.K. AllenDestined Hearts (A Stolen Melody Duet #2)
by K.K. Allen
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Two wrongs don't mend hearts like ours.

Lyric Cassidy is off the tour, lost as to what her next career move will be, and certain that she'll never love again after Wolf. All because of a social media scandal that left her with no choice but to pack up and face the consequences. When she learns that the fate of her career is in her hands, she has a difficult decision to make. Step back on the tour bus with Wolf and deal with the mess she left behind, or end her contract early and lose her job at Perform Live?

Wolf's shattered heart finds no resolve in giving Lyric a chance to come back on tour. He can never be with her again. Not after she walked away. Conflicted with wants and needs, he struggles to remember who Wolf was before Lyric. That's what he needs to become again. Maybe then his heart will be safe. Or maybe there's no hope for the damaged.

But with stolen dreams, betrayals, and terrifying threats--no one's heart is safe. Not even the ones that may be destined to be together.

I’ve found my perfect song. And there will never be a sweeter melody than Lyric.

Destined Hearts was a fabulous follow-up to Dangerous Hearts.  Angst, true love, devotion and friendship flooded the pages and I kept my fingers crossed that Lyric and Wolf would get the HEA they deserved.  But while reading this duology, I realized that I had fallen in love with the way KK Allen uses her words.  How she uses them to tell a story and capture the characters thoughts and actions is emotionally powerful.  Her writing is captivating, enchanting and entirely addicting.  I definitely need to binge the rest of her books!  So looking back, here are a few of my favorite things about Dangerous Hearts……

Wolf’s palms rub up and down the top of my thighs as he looks at me darkly beneath hooded lids. “What the fuck are you doing, Lyric?” His voice is low and gravely, filled with hurt and desire. Such a dangerous combination. But isn’t that what we’ve always been together? Two dangerous hearts that happened to find solace in each other’s arms?


Figuring It Out:

Lyric and Wolf’s words hurt each other, and they sliced each others hearts open.  It was raw and this book was even more emotional than Dangerous Hearts.  Especially since we got to dive back into their lives and learn even more about who they were.  As we started to see the full picture of Lyric’s past, my heart broke for her.  It was obvious how much the past hindered her, and I loved watching her try to figure out how to help herself heal.  For her to be happy with her life, she had so much to work through.  From trusting Wolf, to dealing with her mother, to rekindling a relationship with her father, she had so much on her plate.  I was so proud of how hard Lyric worked and how far she came.  Especially with Wolf.

Fear and hope crash like waves inside my rib cage. Fear that he’ll awaken and push me away. Hope that he’ll eventually forgive me.

Side Characters That Mattered:

Thankfully Lyric had some amazing people in her life, like her best friend Terese.  I loved how Terese gave Lyric advice that was straight and to the point.  She desperately needed that in her life.  Since Terese was dating one of the band members, I was grateful that she there when everything kept crashing down.  I was also so grateful for Doug.  He was like family to Lyric and I loved how he looked out for her.  But my favorite of all was Lyric’s dad. I can’t say why, because of spoilers.  But he was an amazing and heartfelt human being.

God, I’ve missed this man. The way my body responds to him. The way he worships me with each touch.

Different Elements:

There were some scenes in Destined Hearts that was unlike anything we saw in Dangerous Hearts.  There was mystery, suspense and some intense action packed moments.  My heart beat faster and I was so terrified for what unfolded that I actually screamed out loud. So hold on tight because it was a wild and crazy ride!

“You have my everything for as long as you want it.”
“Forever, then. I want all of you. And I want you forever.”

Ohhh I also have to mention that one of my favorite things about this book was Wolf’s patience.  It was the most beautiful thing ever. He was truly a remarkable being, inside and out.  Plus, the romantic moments were again scorching hot.  KK Allen knows how to right a scene that is beyond seductive and erotic.  Sigh.  So yes, I definitely recommend this duology!  If you adore romance, rockers or stories that have a beautiful way of being told then definitely pick up A Stolen Melody Duet!  I’m so thankful I did!

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