BOOK REVIEW – Remember When (Remember Trilogy #1) by T. TorrestRemember When (Remember Trilogy #1)
by T. Torrest
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After my recent desire to start reading NA/YA more again, I decided to try this book that everyone seems to love. What I thought to be a quick, light weekend read turned out to be so much more-and a lot quicker. I picked this up Friday night hoping to spread this throughout the weekend and found that I was able to finish that night. I still to this day don’t know how I feel about this series as a whole (yes, I finished essentially the whole series aside from the last 25% in the third book, shut up) but book three has to be by far my favorite.

I realized I didn’t want to have power over Trip. The only thing I ever wanted was him.

There were so many things that happened that I can’t quite wrap my head around, and then even more that I actually resonated with…but it doesn’t mean I liked that they happened. It reminded me so much of what went on in HS for me, so these things brought both good and bad memories up (i.e.-miscommunication after miscommunication, inevitably falling for a guy that was undoubtedly taken, flirting and falling for guys in my classes, etc.). So I don’t know if I loved or hated bringing up old feelings from my High School days-I guess it depends on how I’m feeling in that particular moment. No, this wasn’t the most angst-ridden book I’ve ever read, but it did have way more problems and prolonged gratification than I was prepared for, despite my great friend’s warnings. I like conflict in a story, but the conflict in this book broke my heart because things could have been…so simple. I think that was probably my biggest problem throughout the series (by series I mean book one and two). I just wanted so much more for these two and it broke my heart every time something horrible happened to them or misunderstandings occured between them….which happened quite frequently.

I had purged Trip Wilmington out of my system and gone on with my life. After all that, would I really even consider putting myself in a position to go down that same road all over again?
You’d better fucking believe it.

I guess my only other complaint was the writing…it was in past tense (which I NEVER love) and it was chick lit. You know, that overly cutesy writing with lots of exclamation points?!!! That’s just me being picky, though, so ignore annoying ‘ol me.

Trip dropped the handful of pebbles he was still holding into the shrubs and wiped his hands off on his pants. “Hey, did I guess the wrong window? I thought that one was your room.”
“Hey Psycho,” I jeered, “Instead of throwing boulders at my house, why didn’t you just knock on the front door like a normal human?”
That made a wide grin spread across his face before he answered, “Now what would be the fun in that?”

I know it’s so odd and this has almost never happened to me, but I had a SERIOUS love/hate relationship with this book. One minute I was so excited and giddy and then the next I just got so sad that they couldn’t figure things out. I know this is literally the definition of angst, but on top of the writing it just bothered me and effected my mood negatively.

In a nut shell…everything that bothered me was minute, and the moments that I enjoyed stood out like a shining beacon. I clearly read it very fast and found Trip to be extremely fun to swoon over in the areas where he got a chance to shine. I immediately started book two and finished that Saturday night late-I know, I’m so awesome right? So obviously there was something about this that spoke to me enough to make me pursue book two to find out what happens to these guys despite my reservations concerning book one…Spoiler alert: It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. What an angst-fest >.< .

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