BOOK REVIEW – The Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3) by James DashnerThe Death Cure (The Maze Runner #3)
by James Dashner
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I must admit that out of all three of the MR books, TDC left the least of an impression on me. While I enjoyed all three, the first two had an eeriness that could not be replicated by the Wicked government agenda/escape in the final installment.

Thomas is, as always, my favorite character. He is such a strong person to read about and has never once let a friend down. No exceptions. He is loyal, dedicated, and kind. Even with destruction and anarchy all around him, he never forgets those who were dear to him and lost their lives in this corrupted society.

In tune with book two, Thomas is having a hard time trusting Teresa, let alone forgiving her. So this adds a little tension to the story that was not there before. Brenda is present through the whole book, but she isn’t the focus. Not one person, aside from Thomas, is.

TDC started out strong. I didn’t quite understand why there was such a low average rating at first, because as I said before, the story started out with action and suspense. As I chugged along, I started to miss the trials of the first two installments and the creepiness they brought to the forefront. I suppose this reason is why I have a lower rating for DC. While I still raced through, I could not stop my mind from wandering to the previous stories and what they contained.

All in all, a very memorable series. Not at all what I was expecting and it was exactly what I needed when I decided to read it. These characters will stay with me forever, and I will think of them often. I lost a few of my favorite characters, and that was a difficult part of the story, but some people also got a chance for redemption, and that’s okay by me too. I do feel one character in particular was always destined to die, and therefore had a red x marked upon them from the start. I could tell from the beginning of the DC that this single character was strategically placed so he/she could die. That is my one complaint with the plot. Other than that, I will always consider The Maze Runner series a favorite of mine.

Hm. Not completely sure how to rate this, but still a good book-just not my favorite in the series. Am I sadistic because I liked the books involving the trials of the gladers
More? Ruh-roh. Review to come…

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