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COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY: The Love Lie by Kay Marie


I absolutely adored The Love Match last year, and I’m so excited there will be another book in this world!  You can check out what The Love Lie is about below, and follow a link to enter a fabulous giveaway.  Enjoy ♥.


The Love Lie
Kay Marie
(The Love Match, #2)
Publication date: September 24th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

A city girl.
A country boy.
A fake engagement in front of 10 million viewers.
What could possibly go wrong?

To some people, a proposal in the Maldives would be an absolute dream. To Samantha Peters, it’s a certifiable nightmare. Because she’s pretending to be her identical twin sister on the set of a massively popular reality TV show and her potential fiancé is an annoying (and annoyingly sexy) cowboy who refuses to let her win a single argument. When a moment of temporary insanity leaves them accidentally engaged, they have no choice but to figure it out together.

Their plan is simple. Spend a week in paradise sharing the same bungalow so the producers don’t catch wind of the truth. Break up as soon as the cameras go down. And live happily never after.

There’s only one problem. Between jet skis, yacht tours, romantic dinners, and sunset parasails, these two opposites constantly at one another’s throats start to see each other in a new light. Maybe Sam is more than a workaholic with an iron heart. Maybe Cooper isn’t just a cocky cowboy with a restless spirit. But no matter how big the attraction between them grows, the rules are set. They absolutely cannot fall in love. Right?

The Unhoneymooners meets Flawless in this standalone second installment of The Love Match series, perfect for fans of fake engagements, enemies to lovers, cowboy romances, forced proximity, opposites attract, only one bungalow, reality television, tropical locations, and dual POV!

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Kay Marie is hosting a giveaway via her Instagram!
Check it out @KayMarieBooks!

About Kay Marie:

Kay Marie writes swoony romantic comedies with a touch of spice. Her books are full of humor, heartache, and, of course, a HEA! Under the name Kaitlyn Davis, she also publishes YA fantasy. Publishers Weekly has said, “Davis writes with confidence and poise,” while USA Today has recommended her work as “must-read romance.”

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BOOK REVIEW: Same Time Next Year by Tessa Bailey

BOOK REVIEW: Same Time Next Year by Tessa BaileySame Time Next Year by Tessa Bailey
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From New York Times bestselling author Tessa Bailey comes a steamy novella full of hope and humor tracking a couple’s fake marriage for a year after the wild New Year’s Eve when they first say “I do.”

Adored by all, Britta is an ambitious waitress working at Sluggers. The popular bar holds a special place in her heart and is a regular hangout for the Bridgeport Bandits, the local hockey club. With a half brother on the team, Britta has a strict no-dating policy for hockey boys. But she does have a soft spot for one particular player.

A beast on the ice, Sumner Mayfield is on the brink of breaking into the NHL. But time’s running out. With his work visa about to expire, Sumner’s only chance to stay in Bridgeport is to marry an American—and get a green card. Otherwise, it’s back to Canada for the defenseman.

On New Year’s Eve, the team begs Britta to marry Sumner that very night. Sum is embarrassed yet hopeful—he’s desperately in love. But Britta balks at first. Until something about Sumner’s soulful brown eyes and ripped physique makes her reconsider…


Same Time Next Year was a steamy, marriage of convenience sports novella.  I listened to the audiobook and not only adored the voices, but the story was so much fun too!  I couldn’t stop smiling!  I didn’t care how true to the facts this story was, or how over the top ridiculous it could be.  For me what mattered was that I was attached to the characters and their connection and passion felt real.  I easily got lost listening to their story!

He concedes this with a nod. “Maybe that’s true. But even if you’re strong alone, when someone wades into your lake and you feel something . . . if you choose to ignore it, maybe that strength is actually just something else in disguise.”

Britta was so easy to listen to and like.  Her half brother Bryce was a player on the local college hockey team, and she worked at a bar that they always hung out at.  When she found out that Sumner was going to be sent back to Canada, she agreed to marry him since he was destined to go pro.  Yet Sumner had the hugest crush on her, and I was wondering how long Britta would be able to hold off before she jumped in the sheets with him!

My wife is possessive.
Part of me wants to laugh out loud because the very idea that I could even consider another woman is so far outside the realm of possibility, she has no idea. What women? Where? I’m blind to every last one of them. There’s only Britta.

Sumner was the sweetest cinnamon roll ever!  He was so kind and had it bad for Britta.  I was obsessed with listening to his thoughts.  They were hilarious and made me smile so much.  And I loved how dedicated he was to wanting a family and how own happily ever after.  It was refreshing.  Yet Britta was wary of love and marriage because of her past.  So as she started to open up to Sumner, it was heartwarming.  Especially since Sumner saw Britta for who she truly was.

Holy fuck, my wife is so hot.

Sumner and Britta’s moments together that didn’t even seem to go anywhere could be so hot.  The parking lot scene?!  How can just kissing and touching be so erotic?  Sigh.  So when they did go further, it was sensual, detailed and so spicy!  Tessa Bailey knows how to write steamy scenes!  Mix that in with moments that had me screaming in joy, like the magazine haha!  And this book was so easy to listen to.  But keep in mind that this book was definitely filled with all the cheese, and all the my wife’s.  It ended with a fabulous grand gesture and I can’t wait to read whatever Tessa Bailey releases next!

BOOK REVIEW: (The Improbable Meet-Cute #1) by Christina Lauren & Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2) by Abby Jimenez

BOOK REVIEW:  (The Improbable Meet-Cute #1) by Christina Lauren & Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2) by Abby JimenezThe Exception to the Rule (The Improbable Meet-Cute #1)
by Christina Lauren
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On February 14, an accidental email to a stranger opens the door to an unexpected relationship in a captivating short story by the New York Times bestselling authors of The Unhoneymooners.

One typo, and a boy and girl connect by chance. Wishing each other a happy Valentine’s Day isn’t the end. In fact, it becomes a friendly annual tradition—with rules: no pics, no real names, nothing too personal. As years pass, the rules for their email “dates” are breaking, and they’re sharing more than they imagined—including the urge to ask…what if we actually met?

Christina Lauren’s The Exception to the Rule is part of The Improbable Meet-Cute, irresistibly romantic stories about finding love when and where you least expect it. They can be read or listened to in one sitting. Let’s make a date of it.


The Exception to the Rule was a friends to lovers, epistolary romance that was beyond adorable!  By accident, they started emailing each other in 2014.  And continued to send an email wishing the other a Happy Valentines Day every year.  And each year that followed, I loved their little happy messages to each other.  And the rules of secrecy they played by.  Yet as the years went by, real life started to slip in.  They would tell each other things they struggled with or what had shattered their hearts.  If they were dating someone.  To just sharing things that made the other person smile.  I loved watching a true friendship form!

“Too soon?” he asks, breath minty, his lips only an inch from mine.
“I don’t normally kiss before the first date,” I tell him. “But you’re the exception to the rule.”

Yet I am so beyond glad I listened to this in audio format.  Since we spent over half of this book in email format, I was so glad I didn’t have to pay close attention to who was emailing who.  I could just listen if it was a male or female voice.  And when they finally met in person, I was dying!  Kindness, thoughtfulness, heart and what-ifs filled the pages!  I loved how that unfolded.  Plus we were given an epilogue that made my heart soar.  This novella was so much fun and I’m so glad I listened to this story!


BOOK REVIEW:  (The Improbable Meet-Cute #1) by Christina Lauren & Worst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2) by Abby JimenezWorst Wingman Ever (The Improbable Meet-Cute #2)
by Abby Jimenez
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They’re falling in love, yet they’ve never met. Maybe fate can intervene in a heartwarming “what-if” short story about new beginnings by the New York Times bestselling author of Yours Truly.

Holly is dealing with the impending death of her grandmother and still reeling from a bad breakup. One bright spot: a Valentine’s Day card on Holly’s windshield—even if it wasn’t meant for her. An amusing mistake soon turns into a lovely exchange of anonymous notes, little acts of kindness, and a growing affection between two strangers. What happens when one of them has to say goodbye?

Abby Jimenez’s Worst Wingman Ever is part of The Improbable Meet-Cute, irresistibly romantic stories about finding love when and where you least expect it. They can be read or listened to in one sitting. Let’s make a date of it.


Worst Wingman Ever was an adult, epistolary romance that will tug at your heart.  For a novella, this story was so full of life.  It’ll make you smile, laugh and I even shed a few tears.   I found myself smiling long after that last page, and now I’m excited to binge all of Abby Jimenez’s previous books!

Time is such a precious thing. How you spend it, how you waste it. And it becomes even more valuable as the hourglass runs out, because you will never get more of it. I see it every day. The panic as the last grains of sand fall.

Holly was a hospice nurse whose current job was taking care of her grandma, as she slowly passed.  In the midst of her heart shattering each day, she found a funny Valentine’s card on her vehicle.  Even though it wasn’t meant for her, it led to her exchanging notes with a stranger.  And acts of kindness too that will make your heart soar.  

That’s the thing about kindness. You never know how big the ripple is. How one little selfless gesture can make all the difference for the person who receives it.

I loved Holly’s family so much!  Her sister Jillian was so kind, positive and made me laugh!  And she tied into the first book, The Exception to the Rule.  I loved that little easter egg!  Plus I adored her mom and aunt too.  So thank goodness for these women, because we desperately needed laughter when we were with Holly.  Watching her grandma slowly fade away hurt my heart.  I felt like I was there with my Grandma and Grandpa all over again, holding their hands during their final moments.  So I cried my eyes out.  Holly and her families’ pain felt so real to me.

She took my spot in the elevator, and I was still facing her, trying to get my puppy to move in the direction we were going, when her eyes dropped to my tool belt. “Red,” she said, almost to herself. Then the doors closed and she was gone.

This story alternated between Holly and John, and it was so easy to fall in love with John’s huge heart.  He was kind, thoughtful, generous and I loved how he helped Jillian out, even though he didn’t know who she was.  His rescue also solidified what an amazing man he was!  So when we learned about his jaded past, I just wanted to hug him.  He desperately needed some happiness in his life too, just like Holly!

“Take responsibility for your own unhappiness.
If you don’t love your life, change it.”

There were so many fun moments within these pages.  The red power tools had me screaming.  The reason behind a name was so freaking adorable.  And when they met in person I gobbled up every single moment they had together.  This story was the perfect mix of emotional and heartwarming, and is my favorite so far in this group of novellas!


BOOK REVIEW: Icebreaker (Maple Hills #1) by Hannah Grace

BOOK REVIEW: Icebreaker (Maple Hills #1) by Hannah GraceIcebreaker (Maple Hills #1)
by Hannah Grace
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Anastasia Allen has worked her entire life for a shot at Team USA. It looks like everything is going according to plan when she gets a full scholarship to the University of California, Maple Hills and lands a place on their competitive figure skating team.

Nothing will stand in her way, not even the captain of the hockey team, Nate Hawkins.

Nate’s focus as team captain is on keeping his team on the ice. Which is tricky when a facilities mishap means they are forced to share a rink with the figure skating team—including Anastasia, who clearly can’t stand him.

But when Anastasia’s skating partner faces an uncertain future, she may have to look to Nate to take her shot.

Sparks fly, but Anastasia isn’t worried…because she could never like a hockey player, right?


Icebreaker was a steamy NA sports romance that had a reverse grumpy sunshine that was done so well.  I laughed so much with this story, like tears pouring down my face gasping for air kind of laughter.  Mix that in with some found family and I was hooked.  While I felt like the book was longer than what I would have preferred, I still had a lot of fun reading this story!

“Ask me nicely. Let me show you how much I like it when you’re nice.”
“Why would I do that when I don’t like you?” Her words are strong, but her delivery is strained and wispy, giving her away.
“You don’t have to like me to scream my name, Anastasia.”

Anastasia was a tough one for me to connect to, until I was almost halfway through the book.  I love me a grumpy character, but my gosh she was so challenging to find that connection with, especially when she was being cold to Nathan.  But I still enjoyed my time with her till we finally clicked.  She made me laugh so much.  Like when she told Ryan and Lola what she did, I couldn’t breathe.  She was hilarious without meaning to!  And she tried her best to be a good friend, and was dedicated to her goal of making it to the Olympics.

Removing his fingers and mouth, he leans back so he can look up at me properly, wearing the smuggest expression I’ve ever seen as he sucks his fingers into his mouth, not once breaking eye contact.
Oh fuck.

Nathan was such a steamy book boyfriend.  He played Hockey in college, and had a professional team waiting for him to graduate.  When he did the whole putting his hands on either side of her head while leaning in move, yup, I was done for!  I loved how he had no problem proving Anastasia wrong, like when he was on his knees.  And I loved that he was a good guy who would step up for his team again and again. I was just sitting here tapping my fingers waiting for Anastasai to catch up with the rest of us!

From now on, she’s going to come to me.

The two of them together were like fire and ice. They were forced to co-exist. And while Anastasia seemed to rally with the enemies to lovers vibe, I never got the enemies vibe from Nathan.  He liked her.  And as they spent more time together, their moments could be scorching hot.  The uber scenes?! *fans face* His dirty talk?! Loved!  There were so many steamy, descriptive scenes in this book!  I love how they both respected each other physically and mentally, and how they talked a lot of things out, it made my heart happy.

I’m addicted to her when she’s like this. When she forgets about this game we’re playing, when her eyes drink me in, and her hands grip the front of my shirt like she’s scared I’m going to slip away.
Our faces are dangerously close; I feel her breath against my lips.

Their friend groups were phenomenal!  I loved Nathan’s group chat with his teammates.  I knew each time those popped up, I would be laughing.  Lola was a true ride or die bestie.  She had Anastasia’s back again and again!  And I loved that she got her own little side romance story too!  And Henry was my favorite of Nathan’s friends.  I’m so excited he got his own story too!  The one person who I didn’t like was Aaron.  The rage I felt towards him was just another level.  And just when he made us think we couldn’t hate him more, nope, he ratcheted it up even higher.  He was a toxic douchebag who I kept waiting for something horrific to happen to.  Like in my fantasy novels where his heart would get ripped out of his chest haha.

“I can’t believe you think I could ever reject you, Anastasia,” he said in shock. “You have no idea, do you? The lengths I’d go to if you’d let me. What I’d do to make you happy.”

This story ended with a fabulous epilogue that jumped years into the future and made my heart so happy!  I love when contemporary books end like that!  So while I struggled finding that connection in the beginning, and the book went on a little longer than I would have wanted, I still absolutely adored this story.  The steam, friendships, personal growth, family, and storyline were so well done!  I can’t wait to read her next book!

BOOK REVIEW: One More Betrayal (Hidden Secrets Trilogy #2, Carson Brothers #3) by Stina Lindenblatt

BOOK REVIEW: One More Betrayal (Hidden Secrets Trilogy #2, Carson Brothers #3) by Stina LindenblattOne More Betrayal (Hidden Secrets Trilogy #2, )
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Jessica and Troy’s exciting story continues in the second book of the HIDDEN SECRETS TRILOGY as passion and danger collide…

Despite Jess’s initial reluctance to get involved with ex-Marine Troy Carson, her friendship with him is growing to be something more. But love cannot exist without trust, and trust is something she can't afford—not when she needs to cling to the secrets of her past.

Not when she’s hoping to be part of her daughter’s life again. Too much is at stake if the truth gets out.

As Jess tries to put the pieces of her life back together after being wrongfully imprisoned for the death of her abusive husband, she recognizes her past life in a new friend. Refusing to let history repeat itself, Jess is determined to get her friend away from the man who is abusing her.

But in doing so, Jess’s past is at risk of being revealed, costing her everything she holds dear: Troy. Her daughter. Her life…

The dual timeline book is the second novel in Hidden Secrets Trilogy. The books in the trilogy have to be read in order. All other books in the Carson Brother series are standalone.


One More Betrayal was an emotional story that wove together the past and the present.  This is the second book in the trilogy, and you definitely have to start with One More Secret.  From there you start the journey of Jessica in the present, and Angelique in the past.  And getting to see how their stories wove together in this book was beautiful!

Troy continues holding me and doesn’t push for me to tell him what’s wrong. He’s the stalwart against all my storms, supporting me when my base crumbles. 
I’m not sure what I would do without him.

Jessica’s story started out with a bang, and kept at an intense pace until that last page.  Accidents, near death experiences, and more will leave your head spinning.  She had so much going on and it’ll keep you turning those pages to see not only what happens next, but to find out if she was okay too.  Yet the whole time, my heart broke for Troy.  He just wanted to love and help Jessica.  So when Jessica took that scary step and did open up, there were still things she kept in the shadows and hidden from him.  I understood her struggle with trust, and was thankful she had therapy, good friends, and Bailey in her life.  But when she told others things before him, it hurt.  I struggled deeply with that, and that made me lose the precarious connection I had with Jessica.  

Johann steps out of the barn, his expression winter-storm dark. The pistol grasped in his hand is pointed at me. 
“Where the hell are they?” Johann’s tone isn’t just angry.

We also spent chapters in the past with Angelique and Captain Schmidt, Johann.  Angelique was a SOE agent during World War II.  And Johann was forced to become a soldier for the Nazi’s, and now lived in the same house as Angelique and her ‘father’.  This book made me love their story even more, since we got to completely learn about Johann.

The kind and compassionate man before me is a juxtaposition to what his uniform stands for. 
“Thank you.” Johann’s voice is a whisper, the words meant only for me.

I loved watching Angelique realize what a good heart Johann had.  Watching their trust, friendship, and more bloom was intoxicating.  Their romance story was beautiful while also beyond impossible.  Johann and Angelique felt like star-crossed lovers.  So I treasured the moments they had together.  The ball, the barn, the pond, her room.  Each time they were together my heart soared.  Yet I was terrified of what their future held too.

I’m still alive, so I’m holding on tight to that.

Sweaty palms were a given during both of the story timelines.  When Angelique was on one of her missions, I was sick to my stomach and absolutely terrified she would get found out.  It was torture reading through the pages watiting to see if she was safe or not.  And then with Jessica, there were things I can’t mention that left me horrified and in terror for her and her safety.  Both women had so much at stake and stacked on their shoulders.  At least for Jessica, I was grateful for all of the times Troy stepped up and helped with a situation.  I loved that he always had her back!

And with each kiss, tiny pieces of me the war has stolen are restored.

One More Betrayal had so many twists and turns within both of the stories.  And those last few chapters I didn’t see coming.   It’ll leave the reader desperately wanting to grab that next book now!  So if you enjoy your romance with suspense, a little bit of steam, and one that will keep you on your toes, then this series may be perfect for you!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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