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BOOK REVIEW: A Queen This Fierce and Deadly (Kingdom of Lies #4) by Stacia Stark

BOOK REVIEW: A Queen This Fierce and Deadly (Kingdom of Lies #4) by Stacia StarkA Queen This Fierce and Deadly (Kingdom of Lies #4)
by Stacia Stark
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The price of love is loss.
We all pay it eventually…

In every life…

Some moments are too painful to be endured.
Some moments will break you if you let them.

And yet I can’t afford to let anything break me. Because we have one chance to win this war. One chance to create a better life for everyone across the four kingdoms.

Even as our enemies ally with each other, and our own allies are forced to betray their kingdoms, their people…and themselves.
And even as Regner plans something so cruel, so wholly evil, he’s poised to douse the last remaining spark of hope in this world.

Unless we kill him first.


A Kingdom of Lies has become my favorite romantasy series!  I know that’s such a bold claim, but this series was breathtakingly beautiful.  The characters will embed themselves into your heart forever, and this story is one that was impossible to put down.  If you love fantasy, romantasy, romance, enemies to lovers, and found family, I can’t recommend this final book and series enough!

“In every life, wildcat.  No matter what happens, you hold on to that.  It’s you and me in every life.”

A Queen This Fierce and Deadly absolutely wrecked me in the best way possible.  This story had a wonderful recap and then started exactly where A Crown This Cold and Heavy ended.  The perilous moments in this book made my heart race and left me struggling to breathe normally at times!  The friendship and love that conquered all, was breathtaking.  And the found family will melt your heart.  So while bargains were made and trust was put in precarious positions, I was cheering them on every step of the way!

My rage was endless, as if it might swallow me whole.

Within those first few pages, I was already crying all of the tears.  And I found myself crying so many other times from the beginning to the end.  There were tears because I was terrified for who would live and die in this world, especially with the upcoming war.  I sobbed tears of relief and joy.  And there were also tears from pain because of moments that cut my heart into a million pieces.  This book will make you feel everything!

Every time I’d escaped certain death, every person I’d killed to save my own life, every near miss and lesson learned…all of them had led up to this.
It was me or him.

The characters in this story were unforgettable.  People’s actions shocked me in the best and worst of ways.  So when new light was shown on things, my mouth was on the floor multiple times!  We also got answers to unknowns and questions from previous books, and it was beautiful seeing all of the pieces fall into place.  But with war on their doorsteps, I loved watching those that were born to be leaders take charge, have clear heads, and rise above it all.  I actually clapped my hands out loud so many times.  But within these pages there was also so much death and destruction.  And the stakes were so high.  It all led to heart pounding action that laced throughout these pages!

This was all Prisca’s fault.
That bitch got beneath my skin. She made me care.
Now, I would be forced to watch as these people died one by one. 

We got multiple POVs again, and each one had my full attention.  My heart would beat faster as we left someone we cared for in a precarious situation!  But then that feeling would be back all over again, once we left the next one.  There were heartwarming moments that we could breathe and see them enjoying life within that moment.  Also there were steamy moments that were sigh worthy and so seductive.  This book truly had it all!

Whoever said vengeance didn’t help was lying.

I loved A Queen This Fierce and Deadly with my whole heart!  It was the most beautiful story of perseverance, friendship and love!  With perilous action, spies in the midst, sob worthy sacrifice, heart warming loyalty, beautiful found family, and everlasting love, this series was everything! 

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Spoiler Quotes……


You’ve been warned….don’t click below or else you’ll be spoiled ♥……

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BOOK REVIEW: A Crown This Cold and Heavy (Kingdom of Lies #3) by Stacia Stark

BOOK REVIEW: A Crown This Cold and Heavy (Kingdom of Lies #3) by Stacia StarkA Crown This Cold and Heavy (Kingdom of Lies #3)
by Stacia Stark
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The unimaginable has happened,
And none of our lives will ever be the same.

Surrounded by enemies, I've never been further from my crown...

Or closer to death.

Amidst a betrayal we couldn't have anticipated, I'll do whatever it takes to find my way back to Lorian – before his fury lays waste to this continent.

Alliances are being forged and broken, our enemies are unifying, and Regner’s spiders are closer than ever before.

We have only one chance to prevent him from attaining god-like powers and enslaving every human, fae, and hybrid across the four kingdoms.

Meanwhile, the human king believes I’m trapped here, yearning for my death, and waiting for Lorian to save me.

But Regner hasn’t yet realized that I'll stop at nothing to free my people.

And he's the one who should be afraid of me.


A Crown This Cold and Heavy was laced with death, secrets, friendship, torture, lies and love. This was an emotionally powerful book that took this series to new heights. Prophecies lay in wait that were soul shattering. The torture will rob you of your breath. Alliances were formed that were smile inducing, yet will leave you feeling angsty. And plans were created that were terrifying because every single thing could go wrong and blow up in their faces. This book, from that first page to the last, consumed my every waking thought and kept me in the palm of its hand!

“You don’t let this break you.”

A Crown This Cold and Heavy started with a few pages that had the most fabulous recap of the second book, A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty! I wish all books in a series would do this! Starting the story, those first few pages were rough. Prisca was held prisoner. And the torture she faced was beyond horrific. It created this fog that made me terrified of what could happen. There was no limits to what could be done. It chilled me to to the bones. Yet we watched as Prisca was brave, powerful and would not yield. She showed us she was a true leader. Someone you could look up to. So even though she drowned in her grief, she still fought fiercely and he watched her succeed. She made moves, plans, and alliances that would help her people. She surrounded herself with those that would fight beside her. And I loved how blood thirsty she could be at times. She was fierce and showed us time and again what a true queen should be!

I screamed and screamed. The horror was torn from my lungs, burning up my throat.

If you haven’t heard me say this before, know that Lorian was the ultimate book boyfriend. He stood by Prisca’s side. He wanted what was best for her. Not only would he help her fight every step of the way. But at the same point, he knew she had to make her own waves. And as he watched her do just that, his love sihned bright. So the relationship and love between Prisca and Lorian is one of my favorites. I love that they are adults. That yes they fight and struggle, but they also know how to talk and work it out. I have so much respect for them. And I loved that their moments together were steamy, seductive and beautifully intimate. Also when something was revealed, it explained so much back to that first book, I couldn’t stop smiling and screaming with joy!

I couldn’t fall apart here. I had to lead. We had to make plans.
Lorian tightened his arms around me, and I took a deep breath. Then another.

We also got other people’s POVs again. And as someone who usually only wants to hear from the hero and heroine, I was obsessed with the other POV’s we got! Here are some of my thoughts on those…..


The amusement drained from his face. It wasn’t real amusement anyway. “What do you want?”
It was my turn to smile. “I want chaos.”

She became my favorite side character. She made me laugh. She was so cunning and smart. And I loved that she pushed herself to try her hardest. To accomplish what goal was set in front of her. Yet, she didn’t think she had any friends. She never did. Yet as she worked with this group that surrounded Lorian and Prisca, it was impossible not for anything to be formed. Even if it was just plain old respect. But I loved watching her and Prisca interact and it always warmed my heart.


Demos had only ever seen me as yet another person to keep alive. I was a promise he’d made to his sister.
And most days, I was fine with that.
Today…today, it ached.

I was obsessed with her relationship with Demos, Prisca’s brother. Since she was first locked in the cell next to his back in the first book. They have come so far. And I loved how we got to share moments like Demos remembering what Asinia had told him. They became so much more than just Prisca’s best friend and brother. I was rooting for them! So out of all the side character’s POV’s, I was most emotional with them. Not only did they go through horrific battles, but there were times when it felt like I couldn’t breathe until I was back with them. Just like my scenes with Priscan and Lorian. Asinia and Demos also made me sob. For pages I couldn’t stop the tears from falling. And my lips are zipped for why!


*The Queen

She was so tricky and played her part so beautifully. I never thought she could be this woman, underneath the facade she wore. Not only was I beyond fascinated by her, but I was also terrified with what she could want down the road. Because she let us in. We got to know her all of her thoughts and plans. But even still, she was someone that will leave you guessing and always thinking about in the back of your mind.

I couldn’t speak. The tears I couldn’t shed were drowning me, and I was gasping for breath.
But there was something I had to say. A promise I had to keep.

I know I haven’t talked about what happens as this story unfolds, but I can’t say much since there are way too many spoilers. Just know that there were scenes that created guilt that festered in those we love. It was impossible not to shed tears when truths were told. And also tears for those we love that were put in horrific situations. So the pain at times was gut wrenching, when death seeped into the pages. There was also emotional and beautiful sacrifices. And battles that will rob you of your breath. Yet there was also so many moments filled laughter and love. The friendships were everything. The romance was sensual and steamy. And this book had the perfect mix of heart and angst! And be emotionally prepared because this book ends on a cliffhanger! If you thought the last one was challenging, you haven’t seen anything yet! A Crown This Cold and Heavy has a heart stopping ending that will leave you gasping for more!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty (Kingdom of Lies #2) by Stacia Stark

BOOK REVIEW: A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty (Kingdom of Lies #2) by Stacia StarkA Kingdom This Cursed and Empty (Kingdom of Lies #2)
by Stacia Stark
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Risk everything for your kingdom...Or be destroyed by it.

In a world darkened by deceit, the truth is a light that won't be dimmed. Even when it illuminates Lorian's betrayals more starkly than I could ever want to see.

They call him the Bloodthirsty Prince.

His reign of terror has left a trail of blood across this continent. A trail that intertwines with my own past-not even my parents were spared from his merciless slaughter.

To save my brother's life, I agreed to another bargain with the fae prince. Now, I'm forced to work with him. Forced to travel to the fae lands. Forced to spend my every waking moment with the man who betrayed me. All because King Sabium has woven a deadly tapestry of manipulation, using those we least suspect for his wicked schemes.

There are no lines I won't cross to protect the people I love. So I'll work with former enemies. I'll manipulate, blackmail, and deceive potential allies. I'll swallow my pride, bury my shattered heart, and cooperate with the fae to prepare for the coming war.

Because there are creatures far more monstrous than the fae.

And some of them masquerade as men.


His lies had hurt the most.

With secrets swirling, danger on the horizon, and perilous journeys, A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty was a fabulous continuation of the Kingdom of Lies Series!  There were scenes that will have you on the edge of your seat.  Steamy moments that will tug at your heart.  And an addictive storyline and world that continues to build and grow.  Fans of romantasy definitely need to have this series in their life!

“Why would you do this?” she asked.
The question burrowed deep into my chest. I clenched my teeth. “Figure it out.”

Prisca was a heroine we could easily love and respect.  She was smart, had grown so much and her strength and courage gave her a backbone of steel.  Yet Prisca was struggling.  Not only with learning that she was fated to become the queen.  Since she didn’t see herself being worthy enough to rule the hybrids.  But also with accepting what Lorian was.  She was raised to see the Fae as the nightmares and monsters of the world.  He was supposed to have been the one who killed her biological parents.  And she had been falling for him all along, none the wiser.  But as their journey progressed, she still confided in him.  Trained with him.  And she saw how much he cared and wanted her to be the best she could be.  She just needed to learn to accept what he was.

He’d asked if I remembered how he’d made me feel.
Some days, it was the only thing I could think about.
“Please,” I said quietly.

Lorian was protective, lethal, deadly and would do anything to keep Prisca safe.  He would hand her the world if he could, yet he lied to her.  And according to her, destroyed her past.  Yet as a skeptic I kept hoping there was more to the story, because I am ever so hopeful and can only be positive when it comes to Lorian haha.  He may be the villain to others, but he could never be that to Prisca.  So I loved as we watched him let her grow.  That he stood by her as she figured out how to rule and deal with powerful people.  And the words he would say to Prisca *screaming while jumping up and down*?!  Lorian’s words to Prisca were beautiful, powerful and elicited so much emotion! Lorian was the ultimate book boyfriend! 

“This is never going to work. You and I. We’re doomed. You know that.”
He sighed, and I closed my eyes, basking in the feel of his breath against my neck.
“I know.” He slowly drew back. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t wish for you with every fucking breath for the rest of my life.”

While the odds were continually stacked higher against them, they fought with everything they had. I cried tears for Lorian. I was terrified for some of the situations Prisca was put in. And through it all, Lorian and Prisca had the most fabulous banter!   It was laced with even more emotion now! They were from opposite ends, even if they were fighting a common enemy. They could never be together, so my heart cried trying to figure out how it’ll all work out in the end. So I loved their steamy moments and that they were detailed, explicit, and absolutely fabulous! And when you get to the part where Lorian lists things, try not to have your heart explode!

He smiled, as if he’d expected nothing less.
I smiled back. One day, I would make him pay for everything I suspected he had done to Lorian.

We got so many answers to questions, yet we were also left with many more questions.  And as the world expanded and we met others, I was completely enthralled. I was happily surprised to see that we got this story in a few different point of views.  Prisca was still the main one, and of course Lorian too.  But we also got some moments with the Queen.  Those moments made me contemplate everything I knew.  I did not expect to feel compassion towards her or learn all that we did.  There were quite a few times where my mouth was left hanging open.  And there was even one moment I cried tears for the Queen, I am still shocked.  So where this story ended with her left me terrified.  With political intrigue, and dangerous ploys, I can’t wait to see what happens next with the Queen!

The war had barely begun. And we were already losing.

A Kingdom This Cursed and Empty was laced with friendship, love, quests, forgiveness, battles, death and it was so easy to devour! With a star-crossed lovers romance, forced proximity and a found family, just know that this story ended with a fabulous cliffhanger. Don’t mind me over here panicking until that next book is in my hands! I absolutely love this world and these characters and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

I just wanted her to be mine.

PS My favorite new character we met was Drakoryx, by far!

PPS Is anyone else keeping their fingers crossed that Asinia & Demos become a couple?

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Demon & Demon’s Advocate (Deals With Demons #4 & #5) by Staica Stark

BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Demon & Demon’s Advocate (Deals With Demons #4 & #5) by Staica StarkLuck of the Demon (Deals With Demons #4)
by Stacia Stark
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Within a matter of days, Samael will turn to ash.
And there’s a high chance I’ll die with him.

To save both our lives, I’m calling in every favor and debt owed to me.

I’ll travel through realms.

I’ll tussle with mythical creatures.

And I’ll hand over the things I value most– even if it means playing right into Lucifer’s hands.

I never could have imagined I’d risk everything for a demon. But what Samael and I have will always be worth fighting for. Even if it means ending treaties, severing friendships, and alienating our allies.

Because Samael is mine now.

And I protect what’s mine.


I was Alice, and I’d fallen down the wrong damn rabbit hole.

Luck of the Demon was an emotional book about sacrifice and love. Debts were called in and traded. Prophecies graced the pages. We saw lots of familiar faces from the previous books. Friendships formed I didn’t see coming. And there were new alliances made that had me on the edge of my seat having to know what happened next! This series continues to keep me entertained, obsessed and needing to know what happens next!

Lucifer had known exactly where to strike. I was the chink in Samael’s armor. His blind spot. The weakness Lucifer had been searching for.

Luck of the Demon hurt. I had so much anxiety for Samael. What he was going through was horrific. And his fate fell completely on Danica’s shoulders. Her tasks were unfathomable. The deals she made just seemed to dig her even deeper into what had to be done. I was so nervous for her, yet love drove her to never give up! And play some very dangerous games with those in great power. Yet Danica also sacrificed more than we could ever imagine. I cried for her. For what she had to lose. And then her emotional moment with Scylla, I just couldn’t. I was a blubbering mess. This book definitely held me in the palm of its hands!

Whatever it took. I’d do whatever it took to make sure he lived.

With time running out, the intensity of this book felt through the roof. And with enemies at every turn, I just wanted them to have some type of break. One that didn’t exist. Danica traveled through realms, was given tasks that seemed impossible and met creatures she didn’t even know existed. All the while Samael’s life was on the line. So I was beyond terrified and sometimes didn’t want to turn the page because I needed those I loved to be okay. And that definitely wasn’t guaranteed. But there was an addition of a new character who I loved! We also got some answers to questions back from that first book! But there was also tears, I had so many tears! Even happy ones. Then those last few pages left us again on another epic cliffhanger and I started that next book asap!

PS When she said MY people! OMG, I got chills!


BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Demon & Demon’s Advocate (Deals With Demons #4 & #5) by Staica StarkDemon's Advocate by Stacia Stark
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Lucifer Morningstar took everything from me.

My memories. My freedom. My powers.

Now it’s my turn to take everything from him.

I’ll make alliances with former enemies. I’ll hunt those who betrayed me. And I’ll make my grandfather regret ever learning of my existence.

As Samael prepares for war, I’m learning there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect those I love. And this is our chance to free the underworld from Lucifer’s evil.

The underking thinks he can hold me prisoner in his castle. But he’s about to learn why he should have guarded his world from me.

Because I’m going to burn that world down.

Even if I burn with it.


My breaths sawed in and out of lungs that felt like they were filled with cement.
I threw my head back and roared.

Demon’s Advocate pulled out all the stops. We got answers that went back to the first book and also ones in between. And we were given the most beautiful happily ever at the end of this story! Plus we were setup for Vas and Mer’s book and her sister’s spinoff. There is so much going on in this world and I’m so thankful we don’t have to say goodbye, yet! But again, it was such a rough road to get to that happily ever after.

“Tell me then,” she eyed me. At least she was curious.
I smiled. But my hands were shaking with the effort it took not to touch her. “Well, witchling, the first thing you should know is that our love? It is the stuff of legends.”

This story was filled with lies and deceit. The extent that her Grandfather would go to, to get what he wanted. Wow. No lines existed for Lucifer. He stole her memories and put false ones in there instead. So I kept waiting for it all to click in place! And for Danica to punch and kill someone and for Samael to get them back. I couldn’t wait until he would make the skies rain with the blood shed he would bring to their realm and to those that stood by Lucifer’s side. But as the story unfolded, there were those characters that I didn’t know where they stood. Whose side they belonged to. So even when I thought I knew where this book was going, there were still surprises that kept me on my toes and turning those pages faster and faster!

“You likely shouldn’t join this battle. You have younglings to protect.”
He grinned at me, his sharp teeth flashing in the light. “I’ve named you and Danica as godparents.”
I stared at him, speechless. His grin widened. “Yeah. She had the same reaction. Guess you better keep me alive.”

Hannah, Finvarra, Gary, and so many more from the previous books graced these pages. I loved it! It was so fabulous seeing everyone come together and play there part. But there were also moments with betrayal and scenes that made me scream and jump. And death bled through the pages. I wasn’t prepared for all of those that died. I cried tears for those we lost. Even if the battle was epically vicious and I loved all of its twists and turns. But those last few pages. Sigh. This series took us on a beautiful journey filled with tons of heart and soul. I loved the morally grey love interest, the kickass female, the fond family, the sacrifices that were made. Love and friendship were such intricate elements in this well crafted series. And Stacia has definitely created a fan for life with this series. I’m excited to binge the rest of her books and read whatever she releases next!

BOOK REVIEW: Inner Demons (Deals with Demons #3) by Stacia Stark

BOOK REVIEW: Inner Demons (Deals with Demons #3) by Stacia StarkInner Demons (Deals with Demons #3)
by Stacia Stark
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He’s an arrogant control freak.
I’m a stubborn, loose cannon.
We’re a match made in hell.
Luckily, that’s Samael's home town.

After the Mage Council publicly excised me, I've finally got my first real case. And I've even taken on a brand-new employee: a werewolf with impulse control issues.

But my sister just lost everyone she loves, and she’s begging me to ask Samael for help.

Whether I like it or not, I need Samael's resources. Because anyone who can kill that many witches has the kind of power we can't afford to ignore. And there's no point dodging the demon who manages to involve himself in all of my problems.

But the more I work with Samael, the more I'm realizing just who he is beneath the mask he wears for everyone else.

And the demon I never wanted?

He may just be the love I never knew I needed.


Have you ever heard a song playing in your head while reading a book?  I usually don’t, but listening to this book I kept hearing Sucker for Pain haha. Okay, but seriously, this series completely stole all of my attention. Murder blazed through the pages, there were unfathomable tasks, shocking alliances, help from unlikely sources and revelations that were horrifically brutal made this book impossible to put down! I know I keep saying it, but if you love urban fantasy you definitely need to binge this series!

He looked endlessly amused, and it pissed me off. His wings were hidden away, his clothes covered almost every inch of his hard body, but whenever I looked at him, all I saw was that hard body covering mine, the wicked lust on his face as he thrust into me.

Danica finally started her own business and I loved her new hire, Kyla. She was a werewolf that fit right in and it was impossible not to like her. Danica showed us time and again how smart and tricky she was as we got even more pieces of the puzzle put together. We still have a ways to go, but the picture is definitely getting much clearer! I don’t necessarily like some of the things. Such as the new things we learned about *side eyes while trying to keep away the anxiety*. Creepy and eerie doesn’t explain the situation enough. And I don’t even know what that means for the spinoff series. It left me feeling nervous for how that’s all going to unfold!

“And if you didn’t know I’m already yours, you haven’t been paying close enough attention.”

But here’s my favorite part of this book….there is a spoiler ahead eeps. I love when a slow burn finally, finally turns into something more and amazing.  While I absolutely love slow burn romances, I love those pivotal moments when they admit to each other how they feel.  So this book made my heart so happy. I loved those scenes so much! But still, the world kept going around them. So we got to watch as Samael proved that he would do anything to protect Danica. Plus his thoughtful gift, awww, he gets her. Truly gets her! It was impossible not to fall head over heels in love with Samael, if you hadn’t already. Through it all, they still had fabulous banter. It was so much fun and smile inducing! And their intimate moments together were steamy hot!

A shiver ran up my spine as a warning siren rang out in my brain. There was something I wasn’t seeing. Some bigger part of this plan that I’d missed.

I’m so thankful this series is complete because that ending, wow.  The cliffhanger was brutal, my mind was blown and I was left reeling and just wanted to curl into a ball. Be thankful the next book is out! There was blood, creatures, betrayal and mysteries. But there was also humor and love laced into this story too. It was the perfect mixture of fun and intense. And I definitely cried happy and sad tears. But I will end with this…..I can’t wait for you to meet Nuri! My lips are zipped for who or what that is eeps! But you’ll love it!

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