BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Demon & Demon’s Advocate (Deals With Demons #4 & #5) by Staica Stark

BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Demon & Demon’s Advocate (Deals With Demons #4 & #5) by Staica StarkLuck of the Demon (Deals With Demons #4)
by Stacia Stark
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Within a matter of days, Samael will turn to ash.
And there’s a high chance I’ll die with him.

To save both our lives, I’m calling in every favor and debt owed to me.

I’ll travel through realms.

I’ll tussle with mythical creatures.

And I’ll hand over the things I value most– even if it means playing right into Lucifer’s hands.

I never could have imagined I’d risk everything for a demon. But what Samael and I have will always be worth fighting for. Even if it means ending treaties, severing friendships, and alienating our allies.

Because Samael is mine now.

And I protect what’s mine.


I was Alice, and I’d fallen down the wrong damn rabbit hole.

Luck of the Demon was an emotional book about sacrifice and love. Debts were called in and traded. Prophecies graced the pages. We saw lots of familiar faces from the previous books. Friendships formed I didn’t see coming. And there were new alliances made that had me on the edge of my seat having to know what happened next! This series continues to keep me entertained, obsessed and needing to know what happens next!

Lucifer had known exactly where to strike. I was the chink in Samael’s armor. His blind spot. The weakness Lucifer had been searching for.

Luck of the Demon hurt. I had so much anxiety for Samael. What he was going through was horrific. And his fate fell completely on Danica’s shoulders. Her tasks were unfathomable. The deals she made just seemed to dig her even deeper into what had to be done. I was so nervous for her, yet love drove her to never give up! And play some very dangerous games with those in great power. Yet Danica also sacrificed more than we could ever imagine. I cried for her. For what she had to lose. And then her emotional moment with Scylla, I just couldn’t. I was a blubbering mess. This book definitely held me in the palm of its hands!

Whatever it took. I’d do whatever it took to make sure he lived.

With time running out, the intensity of this book felt through the roof. And with enemies at every turn, I just wanted them to have some type of break. One that didn’t exist. Danica traveled through realms, was given tasks that seemed impossible and met creatures she didn’t even know existed. All the while Samael’s life was on the line. So I was beyond terrified and sometimes didn’t want to turn the page because I needed those I loved to be okay. And that definitely wasn’t guaranteed. But there was an addition of a new character who I loved! We also got some answers to questions back from that first book! But there was also tears, I had so many tears! Even happy ones. Then those last few pages left us again on another epic cliffhanger and I started that next book asap!

PS When she said MY people! OMG, I got chills!


BOOK REVIEW: Luck of the Demon & Demon’s Advocate (Deals With Demons #4 & #5) by Staica StarkDemon's Advocate by Stacia Stark
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Lucifer Morningstar took everything from me.

My memories. My freedom. My powers.

Now it’s my turn to take everything from him.

I’ll make alliances with former enemies. I’ll hunt those who betrayed me. And I’ll make my grandfather regret ever learning of my existence.

As Samael prepares for war, I’m learning there’s nothing I wouldn’t do to protect those I love. And this is our chance to free the underworld from Lucifer’s evil.

The underking thinks he can hold me prisoner in his castle. But he’s about to learn why he should have guarded his world from me.

Because I’m going to burn that world down.

Even if I burn with it.


My breaths sawed in and out of lungs that felt like they were filled with cement.
I threw my head back and roared.

Demon’s Advocate pulled out all the stops. We got answers that went back to the first book and also ones in between. And we were given the most beautiful happily ever at the end of this story! Plus we were setup for Vas and Mer’s book and her sister’s spinoff. There is so much going on in this world and I’m so thankful we don’t have to say goodbye, yet! But again, it was such a rough road to get to that happily ever after.

“Tell me then,” she eyed me. At least she was curious.
I smiled. But my hands were shaking with the effort it took not to touch her. “Well, witchling, the first thing you should know is that our love? It is the stuff of legends.”

This story was filled with lies and deceit. The extent that her Grandfather would go to, to get what he wanted. Wow. No lines existed for Lucifer. He stole her memories and put false ones in there instead. So I kept waiting for it all to click in place! And for Danica to punch and kill someone and for Samael to get them back. I couldn’t wait until he would make the skies rain with the blood shed he would bring to their realm and to those that stood by Lucifer’s side. But as the story unfolded, there were those characters that I didn’t know where they stood. Whose side they belonged to. So even when I thought I knew where this book was going, there were still surprises that kept me on my toes and turning those pages faster and faster!

“You likely shouldn’t join this battle. You have younglings to protect.”
He grinned at me, his sharp teeth flashing in the light. “I’ve named you and Danica as godparents.”
I stared at him, speechless. His grin widened. “Yeah. She had the same reaction. Guess you better keep me alive.”

Hannah, Finvarra, Gary, and so many more from the previous books graced these pages. I loved it! It was so fabulous seeing everyone come together and play there part. But there were also moments with betrayal and scenes that made me scream and jump. And death bled through the pages. I wasn’t prepared for all of those that died. I cried tears for those we lost. Even if the battle was epically vicious and I loved all of its twists and turns. But those last few pages. Sigh. This series took us on a beautiful journey filled with tons of heart and soul. I loved the morally grey love interest, the kickass female, the fond family, the sacrifices that were made. Love and friendship were such intricate elements in this well crafted series. And Stacia has definitely created a fan for life with this series. I’m excited to binge the rest of her books and read whatever she releases next!

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  1. Lindsi

    I haven’t ready anything by Stacia Stark before but these sound delightful!
    Lindsi recently posted…Bonded by Thorns (Beasts of the Briar, #1) by Elizabeth HelenMy Profile

    • Jen

      They are so much fun! I still can’t believe I binged this series in a week lol! They were impossible to stop reading.

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