BOOK REVIEW – Collision Course by S.C. StephensCollision Course by S.C. Stephens
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This was a hard book to rate for many reasons. The beginning started off so strongly and S.C. Stephens, I’ve come to find, is a magnificent author. However, I do agree with past reviews. It could have been cut in half and had a MUCH stronger impact.

Now, when I say that, it does not in ANY way mean this story was not a strong one.

I am a sap for romances, love stories, movies, etc., but I have rarely been known to cry on many books. I am pretty proud of that fact. But S.C. Stephens is one of the FEW authors who truly brings welling tears to my eyes…sometimes a steady stream. She writes in a way that is truly beautiful and reaches into your heart and to the depths of your soul. That sounds corny, but she continually makes me cry-and I rarely cry for books. Thoughtless was the same way; no matter how angry the main character(s) made me during the climax and revelation period of that novel, I couldn’t help but to cry and I attribute that to the skillful writing of Stephens. But, and this is a heavy but, I really felt that the book lagged after a certain point; thus the 3.5-4 rating. Had she cut some longer scenes or dream periods, I feel it would have been a 5 star rating-a strong 5.

I hope Stephens continues to write these heart-wrenching novels that have characters with such depth, because they are amazing and fun to read. I cannot wait until another one of her expertly written novels comes out so I can admire her writing once again.

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