BOOK REVIEW: Crown of Darkness (Dark Court Rising #2) by Bec McMaster

BOOK REVIEW: Crown of Darkness (Dark Court Rising #2) by Bec McMasterCrown of Darkness (Dark Court Rising #2)
by Bec McMaster
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Thiago and Iskvien survived a dangerous curse, but will they survive the coming war?

Princess Iskvien made a dangerous bargain with an ancient goddess in order to break her mother’s curse. Now she must find the Crown of Shadows within a year, or the goddess will take her firstborn child.

Thiago—her heart and soul—stands at her side, but their love has never been tested like this.

Enemies surround them, but in the game of love and war, does her mother, Queen Adaia, hold the ultimate weapon up her sleeve? Or can their love defeat all?

True love will face the ultimate challenge when a dark goddess rises, secrets threaten to tear two lovers apart, and a queen will stop at nothing to gain revenge. Read this epic fantasy filled with magic and breathtaking romance today!

Warning: Cliffhanger ending.


This time, I’m not prey. This time, I’m the hunter.

Crown of Darkness was an exhilarating continuation of the Dark Court Rising Trilogy!  This story was filled with twists, love, friendship, sacrifice and so much heart. With heart pounding action and unfathomable peril, Crown of Darkness became an instant favorite!  If you love fantasy and adult romance then you definitely need this series in your life!

In this moment, he’s no longer merely my husband.
He’s the Prince of Evernight. The Lord of Whispers and Lies. The Master of Darkness. And the most dangerous male in the south.

Vi and Thiago’s love was forbidden, yet it was fated and written in the stars.  And while they were now together, there was still no peace or rest.  Vi was tasked with finding a crown or their first born child was to be given to Mother of the Night.  And while that was impossible enough, war was brewing.  With so much at play, I was terrified.  Especially since three chapters in, we got Andraste’s view.  My feelings were twisted and confused when it came to her, and after following along with her part of the journey my head was left spinning.  Just like so many other moments in this serious did to me. So hold on, because this book was a wild ride!

I cut him off with a kiss, painting it across his lips.
“You were my salvation,” I whisper against his mouth, because I know what my life was like before I met him.

I loved seeing Vi and Thiago finally together. We got to learn more about Thiago’s childhood and his secrets.  And that broke my heart.  But I loved that throughout the chaos and struggles, Vi and Thiago got to spend beautiful moments together. Creating new memories. And ones that burned brightly with passion. With Vi now in his life, Thiago could hold off not destroying the world with his darkness, and that always left me breathless. But at the same time I was nervous, because it felt like their fate was tainted. Or too much was against them and I didn’t know how it would play out.

“Nothing will take you away from me again. Not your mother. Not Angharad’s fetch. Not the Mother of Fucking Night. I will drown this world in Darkness before I ever let you go again.”

The twists in this story were phenomenal! As more pieces of the puzzle came together, I was left gasping and surrounded by so much emotion.  Looking back, for some of the twists I could see those tiny crumbs of clues, but my mind was still blown.  For others I was absolutely shocked.  It made complete sense, I just never thought that the story would play out that way. This book will definitely keep you on your toes! So much was revealed, but also so much is unknown. And I had so much fun reading this story!

They will all die for him and give their lives gladly, and my mother doesn’t understand that.

Friendships within these pages added the much needed lightness to this story. I loved how they could make us laugh, even during times of peril. I loved their antics with one another and how much it made me smile. They were a true found family and one that I adore with my whole heart. Vi, Thiago, Eris, Finn, Baylor and more were the heart of this story and their friendships warmed my heart!

We are all capable of becoming monsters for the ones we love, little queen. Even you.”
“I am no monster.”
“If you want to destroy your mother, then you must become the thing she fears,” she says in a merciless voice.

With dire consequences, impossible choices and help from unlikely sources this book ended with a bang! Crown of Darkness was a dark, mesmerizing, epic fantasy! And while I rarely agree with others that a book ends on a cliffhanger, this book…..oh my heart! It ended on the most epic of cliffhangers. I’m so glad the final book is out or else I’d be a puddle of emotions.  So make sure you have Curse of Darkness available, because you’ll desperately need it! This story elicited so much emotion from me, I cried three different times and at one point I thought my heart would literally shatter into a billion pieces. But with friendships and love within these pages, it rounded out the hardships so fabulously!

Tears stream down my face, but it’s the rage in my heart that can’t be hidden. I always thought my mother had taken everything she could from me.
But I was wrong.
“I will kill her.”

PS I loved the Princess Bride references!

PPS I loved the addition of a new character!

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  1. Theresa Hernandez

    This series sounds soooooo good!

    • Jen

      Yesssss! You most definitely need this series in your life!

  2. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    It sounds like Via and Thiago had some really great and tender moments in the midst of all the chaos and danger. And major points for referencing The Princess Bride!! 🙂
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…WWW Wednesday #111 | March 13, 2022My Profile

    • Jen

      YES! The Princess Bride is one of my favorites ♥, it made my heart so happy! And it was such a wonderful blend of action and emotional moments, it was everything I wanted and more!

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