BOOK REVIEW: Crown of Wings and Thorns by Mary Ting

BOOK REVIEW: Crown of Wings and Thorns by Mary TingCrown of Wings and Thorns by Mary Ting
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A fight for a throne that will rewrite history

The demon King Asmodeus has taken over the mortal world. The Order of Angel warriors have a mission to take him down, but many have died or joined the enemy. When Evangeline’s team is ensnared in a web of deception, she has no choice but to form an alliance with King Victus, a vampire ruler with a reputation for killing angels. Can the two set aside the past and take down Asmodeus? Or will they turn on each other first?

Michael is a half-breed angel who wants no part of the nonhuman world. However, his immense power makes him a target. King Asmodeus wants him to join his army, and so does Order of Angels, but Michael dreams of settling down, not going to war. He may not have a choice. When his family’s lives are at stake, he’ll have to pick a side or lose everything.


Crown of Wings and Thorns was a fast paced romantasy, that swirled together angels, demons and vampires.  Within the pages there was a lot of mystery, we got introduced to a new world, and the story was told from multiple points of view.  With characters that were unique, and an ending that left us at a great stopping point till the next book releases, this story was such a quick read!

“I loathe your kind,” he hissed, baring his teeth.
“And I despise everything about you.” I clenched my jaw.

My favorite character in this story was the demon, King Victus.  He was fair, yet could be ruthless. And I loved how multifaceted he was!  The secrets he kept were intriguing, and as the story went by I guessed everything correctly about him.  I loved seeing how he reacted to things, and the decisions he made.  He was someone that was so easy to fall for.

“And I’m debating if I should snap your neck or rip out your heart.”
“What kind of angel are you?”

The story was also told from Evangeline’s view, who was an angel.  She seemed like a true warrior that was destined for greatness.  She was smart, kind, and fought for what was right.  Plus she loved her friends.  Yet I could never connect to her.  I thought it was because she was with Zander.  I never swooned over him, even when they were intimate together.  So when King Victus stepped on the pages, I hoped that was a path Evangeline took.  Because he intrigued me, and made my heart race!

My job is to either bring in or kill Asmodeus. I prefer the latter … We’re stronger together. Eva’s words filtered through his mind.
Victus might regret his decision, but a deal was a deal. And he needed the feather being to recover fast.
“Take the cuffs off her, now.”

We also got the story in Michael’s POV.  He was a fighter who would go to the ends of the world to protect you.  I can see readers falling in love with Michael, and wanting to read more about him!  I haven’t read it yet, but he was from the Crossroads SagaI again wasn’t able to connect to him, but I enjoyed listening to his journey to save those he loved!

Bite me harder. Take me. Break me. I was all his, and at this moment, he was mine.
As my pulse drummed faster, my world turned. My present faded and my past came crashing through.

There were more characters we got to hear from, yet these three were who we spent the most time with.  And I loved how all of the different stories wove in and out together, it was masterfully done.  While there was heartbreak, death, and betrayal, there was also hope, love and watching those work together for the greater good.  I definitely don’t want to touch on the story here, because it’s better for you to discover it on your own.   If you have fallen for any of Mary Ting’s previous books, I think you’ll fall head over heels in love with this one too!

*I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book, provided by the author. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

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  1. Lisa+Mandina+(Lisa+Loves+Literature)

    Beautiful cover and I’ve enjoyed other books by this author, I’ll have to check this one out too. Great review!

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