BOOK REVIEW – Hallowed (Unearthly #2) by Cynthia HandHallowed (Unearthly #2)
by Cynthia Hand
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Oh my gosh (Don’t imagine a happy, shrill-scream inducing omg. Imagine a forlone, shaky, teary-eyed sigh of an omg). I know that based on all of my reviews that I must seem like the mushiest person ever, ceaselessly crying all the time. But I swear, I rarely cry that often for a book. This was such a tear jerker of an ending for so many different reasons, that my eyes couldn’t help but to become red-rimmed with tears. I just feel drained..a good drained, I suppose, but Hallowed was just such an emotional read, and I guess I never thought the ending could be so sad (maybe hopeful to some readers) even though the whole book implied and pushed that, hey!, buckle up because you’re going to cry sucker. That was probably a run-on sentence. But whatever.

I have so many thoughts that are itching to be thrown into writing all at once. My mind is still in a fog after an hour of being finished, and I have so many conflicting emotions. I guess that’s the mark of a good author-possession of my mind.

Clara. What to say about Clara. Aside from the fact that I don’t believe she completely understands that truth in a relationship is essential for the other party to feel comforted and loved wholeheartedly, becuase hey, he already knows you are otherwordly anyway so, she is one of the few lead female characters that I actually have a little ounce of respect for. Why this teenager? While a lot of times it is frustrating when a girl won’t just succumb to a beautiful boy’s charm, I didn’t feel that way with Clara. She stands her ground on many issues that are a large part of her world, and no one really tells her what to do and how to be, not really, and that is a breath of fresh air. She fights for what she believes in, even with a foreboding sense of inevitability.

For the record-I LOVE Tucker, and I love Christian. I really am thrown by how sweet and caring both of these guys are. I never feel like both guys deserve the main girl like I do with these characters. Sure, Christian did run off to get Kay after the dance the year before, but she was mourning the end of their relationship, and he felt it was his fault so he went after her. That is all. It’s old news and there isn’t a thing that can be done about the past. I continually keep rationalizing why she should be with each guy, and I feel a stab of guilt each time her path shifts. I inwardly flinch when every obstacle is thrown her way. I was saddened by the fact that Tucker really wasn’t in this book much. He was in it, but just not as much as one would hope. I hated that and it was very noticeable. These books truly are playing with my mind and tugging on my heartstrings.

So with all of this being said, I must also clarify that I liked the layout of this book much better than the first installment. I still do not like Angela much, sorry to whoever cares, I find her to be pushy and self-serving, so I didn’t care for the fact that she was in it buttloads more than the almost non-existent Wendy (she almost just seems like a vacant character, even in Unearthly, with not much more than a bland personality and very little stage presence-so different than her amazing brother), but I still liked Hallowed a lot. I felt this story on a very deep level, even more so at the end, and I can’t wait to start Boundless. What a mess. I just hope my fragile state of mind can handle this frustrating love triangle.

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