BOOK REVIEW: Turn to Me (Kathleen Turner #2) by Tiffany SnowTurn to Me (Kathleen Turner #2)
by Tiffany Snow
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When Kathleen Turner, office runner for the prestigious Indianapolis law firm of Kirk & Trent, started dating the boss she knew the risks. Senior Partner Blane Kirk is known for being a notorious player - the Baskin Robbins of dating with a different flavor every month. Kathleen is the happiest she’s been in a long time, especially as Christmas approaches, but she’s always known there was a termination date on her relationship with Blane.

She just didn’t expect that termination to be her funeral.

A festive afternoon of Christmas tree shopping turns life-threatening when Kathleen and Blane become targets for an unknown gunman. They make it home alive, but Kathleen realizes her boyfriend has been keeping secrets. The deadly kind.

Blane’s current case is drawing heated debate and stirring the pot of public fury. Kathleen is horrified by the threats – and worse – being directed at him. A former Navy SEAL stands accused of the wrongful death of an American citizen during a military operation overseas. The case has far-reaching political and military implications. Someone with a lot of money, and even more clout, wants Blane to lose.

As dead bodies of people connected to the defense start piling up, it becomes painfully obvious that disappearing witnesses and altered testimony are no longer enough for whoever is intent on guaranteeing the SEAL gets convicted. Kathleen and Kade, Blane’s brother and ex-FBI-agent-turned-assassin-for-hire, are on the trail of the killer.

Unfortunately for Kathleen, he’s already moved for the end-game – by painting a target on her...and pulling the trigger.


“Someone watched us have sex?” I asked in disbelief, my voice a high screech that I immediately regretted as my head throbbed. I felt violated and humiliated. What sick pervert would do that?
“I don’t think you’re focusing on the important part,” Blane said, his voice flat. “Someone tried to kill you.”

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Gahd, these books will be the end of me. I mean…there are just so many wonderful things and ideas, but then for every wonderful thing or idea there’s a retarded counterpart you just can’t help but to scoff at-and then it totally ruins EVERYTHING. So then why, you must be asking, would I choose to continue to book three? And my answer would be…

I have No. Fucking. Idea.

But then like most of my harebrained ideas, I never make much sense. I’m sure y’all are used to it by now, right? Welp, if not, get used to it. This series has 5 books-I’ve read two-and I still am all over the place on my feels. I’ve always tried to not be a total fickle piece of work, but some series just bring out your inner brat, ya know?

“I lied, you know,” he said casually.
My hand froze and my entire body went still beneath his.
“I did look.”

Speaking of brats…no, no I’m just kidding. But really….Kathleen is a total brat. How many times, for real, HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES must someone ask you to Just. Stay. Put?!

“Stay, Kathleen. Stay! Good girl, Kat. Good girl. You’re a good girl, aren’t you widdle, Kathleen? Who’s a good girl? Stay, Kat. Just…stay. Okay, I’m leaving now so why don’t you just totally disobey my wishes for you to live past the night and go start investigating this highly dangerous case?? Aw. That’s my girl. But really…stay.”

I mean….someone is stalking your ass and you choose to disobey not only your own personal protector, Kade, and your damned boyfriend, Blane…..but your own personal sense of preservation!!!! Why would you choose to walk out the door when you damn well know that you’ve found cigarette butts from your stalker outside your apartment???

Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
Bet you don’t see me,
But I can see you.

And oh man, guys, I am not naïve-I realize people make stupid mistakes and I know that I read books to escape reality, but when does unbelievability during Every. Damn. Scene. become too much? Well that’s subjective, ain’t it? So I’ll just tell you when enough is enough for me-When you almost:

-Get mugged
-Sliced and diced
-Shot at (more than once, I might add)

and omg that’s just off the top of my head!!! I swear to god this totally happened more than once:

 photo tumblr_lfwpm0h7861qzr2th_zpstarnhinp.gif

I. Swear. To. God. And it’s so fucking funny, honestly, I’m sitting here giggling like a loser because the sickest damn part is that I am actually STILL thinking about this stupid, infuriating, annoying book because in a deep, deep, deep, dark and even darker place…I love this series. Kind of. Maybe?? God I don’t even know!!! I read it, I roll my eyes, and then I long to read more about Kade after I put it down. I long to see Blane and he go head to head for her-for what fucking reason, I’ve no clue-She’s just….ugh!!!!! This chick WORKS that nine lives shit. I mean, something is ALWAYS happening to this clumsy bitch!!

“Enough,” he ordered.
“Fuck you,” I snarled.
His lips twitched at my defiance. He moved his face even nearer to mine, our lips inches apart.
“You feel that?” he nearly whispered, his voice low and intent. “You feel that rage inside? Burning hot in the pit of your stomach?”
Confused, I hesitantly nodded. What was he doing?
“That’s what’s going to keep you alive,” he said. “Hold on to it. Fear will only sign your death warrant. Stay mad, princess.”

And don’t even get me started on the writing-‘I walked to my car. I saw that a window was cracked so I assumed that I had left it open. I gently cracked open the door and peered inside-I wanted to be sure I was right and that my stalker hadn’t been in my car. It looked safe.’ Dudes….I wrote that myself, but I swear on my life that is what the writing is like (SOMETIMES). When we are stuck in her head for extended periods of time, it’s all ‘I I I I I’ and it breaks down everything. But when we actually have a conversation going with Kade or Blane? It’s perfection. I mean, okay, it’s cheesy as fuck, but that’s beside the point. Those parts are actually interesting.

“Protecting Blane,” I said softly, a rueful smile on my lips. “You’re a good brother, Kade.”
He studied me for a moment before murmuring, “I don’t know if that’s true anymore.”

Hmmm…but while we’re on the dialogue subject? Cheese. Total cheese. And with the boys, it’s the best kind of cheese. I would totally snort it like Chester the cheetah does with his Cheetos. But then other times? Pick a cheese, any cheese-Swiss, Gouda, American, Bleu (should the cheeses be capitalized? Errr)…oh, and is there a motherfucking cheating cheese? Because there is certainly some, ahem, cheating cheese in this one-Oops.

 photo 9zWXDR6_zpsxvdy8bbb.gif

Perhaps I am biased, but I knew who I liked in book one. Yes, my girls had me already thinking of the dark knight before I even started-The boy who seems to always be there for in the shadows. Shhh. Don’t judge, just love, accept.

”Sometimes knights wear black.”

And I guess part of my anger with this series is that I didn’t get why 90% of my friends loved Mr. K over beautiful B. Like…why? But now I see why everyone began to switch-if they weren’t already leaning that way already. And it makes me sad because how fucking manipulative-I don’t know. I just don’t. I love both dudes and they are clearly the only reason I’m reading this series (duh). But don’t insult my intelligence-if I hadn’t known who she ended up with already, I sure as shit would have figured it out with this one. How manipulative.

And the tree farm. Okay, I’ll admit it-I’m an Indiana chick and omg it is SO badass that they went to my tree farm! We go EVERY YEAR. But then…hmm….did I mention that…like…nothing was right? Lmao, how in the hell did that bitch get lost? No, for real, come on-How did she get lost in the woods? WHAT WOODS?! Oh gosh, just…no, I’ll stop there-it was ALL wrong. Don’t even get me started.

I smiled tiredly. “You have to tell him ‘Go toodles, Bits. Go toodles for Momma,’I said, pitching my voice high in imitation. “Or else he won’t go.”
-I mean…I just. I can’t even.

So yeah. I love the boys. I love the sexy. I love the turmoil. I do. Otherwise I wouldn’t be reading it. I do enjoy it-but at times it becomes too much. I love it in bits and pieces (namely, every time the boys are involved). It makes me happy, for whatever GD reason. I do think people could love this. My friends do. Hell, I even do for most parts (Kathleen notwithstanding). In the end? It’s:

Manipulative, moronic, and utterly pushy on who we should love…..

And I’m starting book three next week.

The irony isn’t lost on me.

Shut up.

 photo crazy-bitch-whore-horrible-bosses-gif1_zpsszvuupwg.gif

AGH. THAT FELT GOOOOOD (To quote Dale in Horrible Bosses…)



Soooooo yeah. Here we are. Again I am sucked in by Kade and Blane and their tsunami like love for Kathleen (which I STILL don’t get, by the way). And it’s still just as unbelievable and hilarious in it’s attempts to be clever. Yet..I will go on >.< lol

Sigh. Review to come tomorrow 😀

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