BOOK REVIEW: Silk (The Princess & The Spy #3) by Lisette MarshallSilk (The Princess & The Spy #3)
by Lisette Marshall
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They escaped the darkness of foreign lands. But now the familiar faces at home hide the deepest shadows of all…

The Princess…

Back in Rock Hall, with the horrors of the Floating Castle weeks behind her, Viviette is finally safe from the man she was supposed to marry. But here at home, the danger is coming from within… Just when happiness lies at her fingertips, a brutal murder rips all her hopes and dreams apart, leaving her reeling in a world that will never be the same again.

The Spy…

Rock Hall has never held secrets for Jaghar. His masked service has always traced every word, every look, every footstep. But the king’s violent death is a menacing mystery even to him – a mystery that puts the future of an entire kingdom on the line. If he cannot solve it soon enough, not Velvet but her uncle will be crowned the next ruler of the Peaks.

A fight for the crown…

With the wrong man about to take the throne and Trystan’s murderer still on the loose, the princess and the spy find themselves tangled in a web of political deceit and deadly revenge. They must play the game well, and play it fast. Because if they fail, they may not only lose their kingdom – but each other too.

Silk is the riveting finale of The Princess & The Spy, a steamy fantasy romance trilogy taking place in the dangerous, passionate world of the Five Kingdoms. Perfect for readers of enemies to lovers fantasy and adult fairy tale romances, it tells a story of deadly intrigue, dark secrets and sizzling forbidden love.


Silk was a wonderful conclusion to The Princess & the Spy Trilogy!  Fantasy lovers that are a fan of tortured heroes, fearless heroines, and steamy moments may fall hard for this book!  With a fabulous HEA and tons of heart, this story was a lot of fun!

‘You’ll stay with me, won’t you? Whatever happens?’ 
‘Velvet…’ The joyless smile on his lips nearly made her burst out in tears again. ‘I’ll never not be on your side. I promise.’

Viviette and Jaghar were back home, but again mystery was laced throughout the pages.  With a murder to solve and their enemy unknown, they had to work harder than ever to find out what was going on.  Trials tested and pushed them to their limits, but Viviette and Jaghar kept proving themselves worthy.  They were both so clever and smart, and while I was nervous a future between them wouldn’t work, I kept the hope alive!  

‘It’ll be alright. Stay with me. I don’t want to let go of you tonight.’  
He pulled her back against his chest, wrapping the blankets around them with trembling arms. ‘But tomorrow…’ 
‘Tomorrow,’ Viviette said, nestling herself against him and closing her eyes, ‘we fight.

With this story, I guessed one of the huge twists.  But I definitely didn’t guess the next part of it or what one of our favorite characters would do eeps!  So much was more than meets the eye and this story kept me on my toes and turning those pages faster.  As the story unfolded, I loved how so many questions were answered and that we were given a fabulous ending to this trilogy!  But at the same point, so much is still going on in the Five Kingdoms and I can’t wait to see other series set in this world!  If you’re looking for a completed fantasy series to binge and are a fan of star crossed lovers, then definitely check this one out!

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