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Perfect for fans of Christina Lauren and Katherine Center, Phishing for Love is a swoony, laugh-out-loud, enemies-to-lovers, workplace romance.

Phishing: When hackers send malicious emails designed to trick people into falling for a scam.

Phishing test: When organizations send deceptive emails to their own staff to test their response to phishing attacks.

It all started with a cat video.

A video that Tess Miller, a sassy and talented greeting card writer, shouldn’t have clicked on. But cat videos are her kryptonite. And how was she to know the video embedded in the email was a phishing test designed to take down the company she works for?

The infuriating man who tricked and humiliated her? Aaron Sinclair, cybersecurity consultant brought on by her paranoid boss to whip their company into peak security shape. A dark-haired man with a dark past, and an unrelenting thorn in her side.

Buried beneath their mutual animosity, however, is an attraction they both have reasons to fight. Thanks to Aaron, Tess’s boss has labeled her a high security risk and her professional reputation is at stake. A fierce battle of wits ensues as Tess uses every trick not to fall for Aaron’s random phishing tests.

With the end of Aaron’s six-month contract fast approaching, Tess is faced with the looming risk of losing not only her job but also her heart to the man who has tested her in every way possible.


Phishing for Love was a workplace, enemies to lovers that was an instant favorite!  With banter that will make you laugh and sigh, and so many memorable moments, this book was so easy to fall in love with.  The characters leapt from the pages and I didn’t want to put this book down.  This story was so effortless to love and I can’t recommend it enough if you love grumpy/sunshine adult romance that has the most fabulous slow burn!

This is the moment my ploy backfires dramatically because… those eyes. They seem to see right through me, stripping me bare.

Tess Miller was so relatable, kind, and made me laugh.  She worked at a greeting card company along with her two best friends.  And from the first moment she met Aaron Sinclair, I was laughing and screaming.  Her comment was heard throughout the conference room and I wanted to hide away because of the embarrassment level.  So while she definitely put her foot in her mouth, I loved watching Aaron dish it right back!

I turn to see my current nightmare exiting the elevators. My stomach doesn’t know what to do with itself, getting all quivery at the sight of Aaron.

Aaron’s looks had me melting into a puddle on the floor.  He was the silent, grumpy type who you just wanted to steal from the pages.  So I desperately wanted to know everything he was thinking!  In the moments where he would be kind and thoughtful, like thinking picnics weren’t weird, I fell that much harder for him.  But I  also loved that he could be so tricky.  There were moments, like the bet, where I was gasping out loud afterwards and I couldn’t stop the smile on my face!  Aaron was a protective, good guy, who pulled on my emotions.

“What happened to ‘sharing is caring?’” he asks, quoting my words back to me.
“It doesn’t apply to my mom. Besides, you don’t seem the kind of man who shares.”
He nods slowly. “You’re right, I’m not.”
For an arrested moment, his eyes hold mine. In their depths, it feels as though there’s a message there for me, a message that sends a shiver through my whole body.

From that first moment they met, I was glued to the pages.  Aaron and Tess didn’t seem to like each other, so the tension and banter between them was delicious.  I loved how the sparks flew anytime they were near each other.  Whether he caught her drawing him as the devil and I was cracking up, to her teasing him with her sexy boots, the chemistry between them simmered!  And while some of their banter was laced with barbs, we got to watch as these two souls shared the emotions that were within them.  And that they needed to work through.  I loved them both so much!

Surrounded by his thoughtfulness, I fall just a little bit more. 

But I have to say….I had some horrible thoughts.  The moment Nathan popped up on the pages, I was not a fan.  I mean, who doesn’t laugh at Friends?  That’s a deal breaker for me right there haha.  But there were so many other characters I adored!  Mevia was hilarious with her ability to find out all the gossip.  And I loved Tess’s best friends and their vending machine moments and texts.  They made me laugh and I wanted to be besties with all of them!  I also adored the close relationship she had with her parents and grandma.  And while I struggled with her sister and some of her choices, I’m excited that she is getting her own book!  I feel like she has so much room to grow and I can’t wait to watch it unfold!

My lips part and my head tilts back as his fingers skim the base of my throat and glide up my neck to cradle my jaw. I hear his breathing quicken.

This book made me laugh so much!  But it also had an emotional side that cut so deep.  I cried multiple times.  So with characters that you’ll fall in love with and an epilogue that was everything, I can’t recommend this closed door romance enough!  If you adore the feelings you’ve gotten while reading a Christina Lauren, Melanie Harlow, Lauren Layne or Livy Hart book, you desperately need this story in your life!

PS, I just loved this quote and wanted to share this one too…

I think, this is what everyone deserves to have. And I’m so very, very grateful I have it, because when that giant tidal wave comes out of nowhere and breaks over you, threatening to drag you under, friends and family are who you cling to. People with deep, strong roots.
I close my eyes and take comfort in two truths: I am strong. I am loved.

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