BOOK REVIEW – MacKenzie Fire (Shine Not Burn #2) by Elle CaseyMacKenzie Fire (Shine Not Burn #2)
by Elle Casey
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Still bitter about his failed engagement and life on the family ranch, Ian MacKenzie has been cranky for nearly three years. His brother Mack’s married bliss hasn’t helped, and now his pregnant sister-in-law’s airhead best friend is coming for a visit.

Candice arrives to help with the new baby, even though it means swapping her Louboutins for snow boots and her flat irons for flannel. She’s far from prepared for the freezing cold and she certainly wasn’t expecting the sizzling heat of her attraction to a certain green-eyed cowboy. Ian may be rude and infuriating, but he looks sinfully good in those jeans of his.

The two clash at every turn, but there’s one thing they can both agree on—if they do give in to their undeniable chemistry, then it’s just a fling…because he’s a country boy and she’s a city girl, and their zip codes are on opposite sides of the map.


I laughed so much while reading this book that my husband kept asking me, “Are you ok?”, “Can you breathe?” and “What are you laughing at?!”. Elle Casey has this ability to write books that make me laugh hysterically one moment and before I can even catch my breath then I’m all antsy, hot and bothered….but in a reallllly good way! The males are HOT, the females are endearingly hilarious and the chemistry between the two of them is searing. Yet another book I love that she has written!

This time we get to hear what’s happening in the MacKenzie’s world from Candice’s point of view. No one can forget her from Shine Not Burn. Between the collagen (thin lips sink ships), holding in your gas (you spontaneously combust) and abhorring practicality she was one of my favorite people in that book. The girl is extremely loyal but she is a little crazy and her thoughts are sometimes all over the place. I loved being in her head and listening to her rationalization for her word and phrase choices and listening to her internal babble! It was SO entertaining and silly at the same time! Ohhh and I love that Google is her best friend lol!

“Just show me the guns. Which one is good for protection?”
Henry looks down into the case. “From lions? Well…I suppose any of these could work if you hit the lion between the eyes. Do you think you’re a good shot?” He looks up at me, hopeful, possibly a little stressed too.
I nod enthusiastically. “I’m sure I will be. I’m a hair dresser.”

So we start out with Candice flying to visit her best friend Andie for a few weeks. When Andie picks up Candice at the airport she brings in tow Ian, who is Mack’s younger brother. From the start, Ian gets under Candice’s skin. He knows how to push all of her buttons and she knows how to drive him absolutely insane. One thing leads to another and Candice ends up being on Ian’s I-will-get-you-back-if-it-kills-me-list. Ian trying to get Candice back and Candice trying to get Ian back is so high school BUT so funny! I couldn’t wait to see what was going to happen next. I think I lost brain cells during some of the pages because I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe! Fav partView Spoiler ».  But during all of their interactions Candice is realizing how much she likes Ian. But she is from a bottom right state (Florida) and he is from a top left state (Oregon), so how can it ever work?

I have lots of friends, both men and woman. I don’t really need any more, my funeral’s going to be standing room only as it is. But none of them have been able to make my blood boil one second and my panties get all twisted up the next. Not like Ian.

So many things were right about this book. The banter was hot and hilarious. The nicknames, which can be done soooo wrong, were perfect. He calls her City and she calls him Country and I absolutely adored that! Ian was a hot, broken, scheming, passionate mess and I loved every minute of him. And the ending was exactly what I wanted it to be. I’m so sad this is the end of the MacKenzie’s journey but I loved everything about it!

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