BOOK REVIEW: The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder by Cookie O’Gorman

BOOK REVIEW: The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder by Cookie O’GormanThe Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder by Cookie O'Gorman
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In the south, everyone has a secret--and murder is served with sweet tea.

The word's out: Ethan Wilder’s coming back to town, and the people of Bowie, Georgia are in a southern tizzy. Everyone knows the story. He shot and killed his sister four years ago, and people say his father, Jim Wilder, the biggest holy roller this side of the Mississippi, sent him packing for just that reason. Even if her death was unofficially ruled a suicide, Ethan’s return has everybody talking.

Seventeen-year-old Delilah Doherty can’t go anywhere without hearing his name. Born and raised in Bowie, Delilah knows firsthand about the gossipmongers and how they love a good scandal. The daughter of a wild child and niece of the local psychic, she’s also the only one who doubts Ethan’s guilt.

After Ethan saves her life, the two start a slow and steady burn neither can deny. But when Bowie's spiritual leader is nearly murdered, it rocks the small southern town to its core. Delilah and Ethan are caught in the crossfire, their relationship threatened before it's even begun. Someone has it out for Ethan's family. With everyone convinced of Ethan's guilt, it's up to Delilah to unravel the mystery before someone else gets hurt or worse...dead.


The Unbelievable, Inconceivable, Unforeseeable Truth About Ethan Wilder was quirky, adorable and completely entertaining.  While this had some of my favorite aspects of Cookie’s writing, a heroine I adored, a male I lusted after and a storyline that had me flipping through the pages, this book had a unique feel to it.  So if you’re a fan of books that are filled with friendships, a sweet love story and some mystery in the pages then definitely give this book a chance.

“What good does lying do?” he added. “People believe what they want to believe, no matter what the truth is.”

With a mom who was rumored to have a provocative past, to her Aunt being a psychic, Delilah had it rough at times.  She was not only bullied by another classmate, but also by a teacher at her high school. Thankfully she had two best friends, a mom and an aunt who loved her with their whole hearts.  But one day, a boy showed up and saved Delilah’s life while she was drowning, and then he disappeared. Until the next day at school, and he was the new student.

I couldn’t stay away from Wilder if I tried. I was in too deep to give him up now.

I adored Delilah, she was fierce, brave and she didn’t have a problem speaking her mind or standing up for those she loved.  She was such a good friend, daughter and niece. So when Ethan Wilder came waltzing into her life, of course she was interested.  The boy was beyond gorgeous, even if he seemed to have a ton of baggage.  The rumors said he killed his sister, but Delilah knew first hand how untrue rumors could be.  But Wilder could be such a jerk to Delilah. And it didn’t help that he was cold and distant at times.  

“You know who I am, what I’m capable of.” A beat passed as he let the threat sink in. “Only assholes talk about girls that way. Don’t speak to her like that again.”
“You can’t tell me what to do,” Grant said—then took a step back as Ethan suddenly leaned forward.
“I think I just did,” Ethan said.

With Wilder at her school, he watched what Delilah experienced.  And things slowly started to shift. He stood up for her. He protected her.  And even though he had more walls than anyone his age ever should, every once in a while he let her have a look in.  And what I saw blew me away. Ethan Wilder was a fun mystery to unravel and he was beyond intoxicating.  I loved how he didn’t even have to try and he oozed sex appeal.  But I was desperate to get into Wilder’s head! I needed to know his thoughts since he could run hot and cold.

My heart was still his even if he didn’t want it.

I’m not going to say any more than that….just know that all of the characters were breathtakingly real and the story covered everything from love, friendship, bullying, family to standing up for yourself.  There was a few mysteries and while I guessed them all correctly, it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of this book.  And the only thing I was left wishing for was that Delilah and Wilder had more moments together. But regardless, this ends with a wonderful hfn.  So I recommend this book to everyone that loves ya romance that has some mystery and quirkiness in the pages.

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  1. T.H. Hernandez

    I haven’t read this one yet, but I need to!

    • Jen

      I can’t wait to hear your thoughts when you read this book! It’s definitely very quirky, I don’t know how else to describe it. But it has so much of what we adore with Cookie’s stories. ♥

  2. Raven

    I have this book on my TBR list but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed it. It really sounds like an entertaining read! I’m bumping it up in my list. Great review btw! 🙂
    Raven recently posted…The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein By Kiersten White [Review]My Profile

    • Jen

      It has some really unique aspects and it feels at times unlike anything I’ve ever read before. But at the same time it has so much of what we love and adore about Cookie’s stories. I can’t wait to see what your thoughts are on this book!

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