BOOK REVIEW: One Night with a Nutcracker (Reindeer Falls #5) by Jana Aston

BOOK REVIEW: One Night with a Nutcracker (Reindeer Falls #5) by Jana AstonOne Night with a Nutcracker (Reindeer Falls #5)
by Jana Aston
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My name is Jake Sheppard and I’m ambivalent about Christmas and the Christmas-themed town I grew up in. But when I find out my late uncle left me an old barn and acres of land, the decision to return home to build my dream golf course is an easy one.

Imagine my surprise when I arrive and find out I have a squatter.

An incredibly sexy squatter, with wavy blonde hair, green eyes, a free spirit… and a herd of goats.

Sutton hates my guts. Apparently evicting a non-paying non-tenant and her goats weeks before Christmas is grounds for war.

Except Sutton’s version of war includes flinging her clothing at me and, as it turns out, I might be in way over my head with this girl…

Warning: Christmas in Reindeer Falls is more naughty than nice. These stories are over-the-top festive with merrily-ever-afters guaranteed. Novella length for quick holiday binge reading. Enjoy!


With eccentric characters, lovable goats and Christmas in the air, One Night with a Nutcracker was a little crazy and a lot festive!  If you’re looking for a quick Christmas story that is sexy and also has some quirky characters, then you definitely need this book in your life!

Jake Sheppard might be my mortal enemy, but he’s also the hottest example of male perfection I’ve seen in Reindeer Falls in years. And right now, he’s naked in my shower.

Sutton was squatting on someone else’s land with a barn, that she deemed abandoned, and ran her goat business.  Oh my Santa, now I get why Maggie from Elves with Benefits and Sutton were friends.  They were both nutty as a fruitcake lol!  But low and behold the now owner of the land stopped by, Jake Sheppard.  And when he informed Sutton what his plans were for the property, and that she had a week to vacate, it set off their enemy to lovers romance with a bang!

How is it plausible or even legal for him to kiss like that?
It’s ridiculous.
Yet here I am. Living in a snow globe of sexy times with Jake freaking Sheppard.

Sutton definitely had a hippy vibe, loved her goats as though they were her children and was sometimes a spacey friend, even though she loved her friends deeply.   I wasn’t the hugest fan of Sutton.  But by the end of the book, it was like Sutton was sprinkled with Santa’s magic, because I ended up liking her.  And then there was Jake, who I loved!  Jake was sexy and easily captured my attention.  He stood out in the best of ways.  Jake was definitely my favorite in this book!

Is he just enjoying all the Christmas vacation sex? Or does he actually care?
It’s going to take a Christmas miracle for me to figure it out.

Jake and Sutton had the most wonderful chemistry with a strong enemy’s vibe.  But the more time they spent around one another, it didn’t matter how much they didn’t want to like the other, they couldn’t not touch.  Or kiss.  Or do more.  The passion between them was oh so hot and I ended their story ready to dive into the next book!  One Night with a Nutcracker was an entertaining enemy to lovers Christmas story that was filled with craziness and a whole lot of fun!

And look, I don’t speak goat, but I’m pretty sure we’re about to live HAAAAAAppily ever after.
And maybe Christmas wasn’t my favorite holiday before.
But with the snow coming down around us and the bells on Sharon’s collar jingling, I have to admit, anything is possible.

 Spoiler alert….book 6 is definitely my favorite out of the Sheppard brothers’ stories 4-6.

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  1. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    “Both nutty as a fruitcake.” LOL I love that. 🙂 I love when an author can really make me change my mind about a character. When I’m just not gelling with them but by the end I’m a total fan and want all the good things for them. Sounds like that was Sutton for you.
    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books recently posted…The Sunday Post #272 | December 19, 2021My Profile

    • Jen

      I actually group texted Chelsea, Arielle and Cassie on the blog and was like this popped into my head describing this book, is that okay to write in my review?! LOL!!! Completely agree, I was absolutely shocked she got me to like Sutton, I didn’t think it would happen eeps.

  2. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    Book 6 in the series was my favorite out of these last three as well! But this one was fun with all the goats too. Great review!
    Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature) recently posted…Review: Homecoming King (Three Kings #1) by Penny ReidMy Profile

    • Jen

      I wish I could have watched this as a movie, the goats sounded so absolutely adorable! Thank you!

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